The Thief

by Harry Bolo

Copyright© 2018 by Harry Bolo

Drama Story: A local thief learns a lesson the hard way.

Caution: This Drama Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Crime   Rough   Revenge   .

It was a restless night for me. Hi I’m James, A retired, single, restless man who lives in a quiet street. In fact a cul de sac. It is generally quiet, but it does have a walk way to the next street. We have had a few car break in lately and the police seem to do nothing.

This night, I was sitting outside, in the dark, when I saw the thick set person come through the lane way. What struck me odd was, he had on black gloves. I got my phone camera out and started to film him. He was trying all of the cars in the street to see if any were open. Bingo he found one. I immediately called out to him. He did not see me but ran towards the lane way to escape. I followed and saw him get into a trade’s ute. He speed off. I got his face and the rego number.

Calling the police. They took two, yes two days, to appear. I had uploaded the film to u-tube. They told me to take it down as if was not proof of thief. We had reported some 7 instances to police of cars being broken into in the last month and they did nothing. So I refused.

I got a summons to go to court, lucky they did it under an incorrect name spelling, but I went. Who was before me but the thief I filmed. He admitted to one car break in. The lousy court gave him a $100 fine and was free to go. The young female, who caught him, screamed out I lost $2000 in goods and you give it a fine of $100. Piss poor court action. And she stormed out angry.

I was called up and ask why I did not remove the recording. I explained it was the same person you just gave a $100 fine and he admitted to being a thief so why am I needing to remove the truth.

He responded by dismissing the charge and called next. I was pissed off with the police and courts.

Some two weeks later Stella moved into the rental house across the road. She was a single mum around 35. She had her daughter age 12, for two weeks and her ex had the other two weeks. We got on very well and flirted a lot. Her job was a day surgery nurse. She looked like some one I knew.

Again I was back to restless evenings. I had started to keep a baby sledge hammer with me in case that thief returned. He did. He went to Stella car and found the passenger door unlocked. He put his head and started to search the car. I came up very quietly and slammed the car door on his head. This knocked him out. Pulling the bastard out of the car and closing the door. I used my hammer, I hit his right hand wrist hard. Not one not twice but three times hard. Then I smashed his elbow.

Stella came out and saw what occurred. She recognised him. Taking the hammer from me she started on his right leg. Breaking the ankle, top of the foot. Knee and knee cap then pelvis. Man was she angry. I then realised where I has seen her before. In the court house. Finally she used the hammer to really break the pelvis in a few parts. Especially between the legs. I grabbed the hammer off her. Wiped any prints off using his shirt and threw it to the side.

I took Stella back to my place. Closing the door quietly I took her to my bedroom. I instructed to to disrobe. She looked at me. I was starting to undress. She undressed. Pulling back the bed covers I pulled her onto the bed. I then instructed her, we need an alibi. I was hard, she was wet, we just had sex, not love just pure sex. I soon shot into her. Stella came loudly as I pumped spunk for a while.

Relaxing she asked why? I explained you were lonely and wanted some company so you came over around 9.30, things progressed and we ended up made love together. She looked at me with a smile. I kissed her and mucked up her makeup.

Just then there was a knock on my front door. I told Stella put on your undies. We went to the door. A policeman asked to come in. I mentioned let us dress then we will open the door. I gave Stella a towelling robe and I put on my dressing gown. We opened the door. Police were all over the street.

I asked what occurred. He explained a late night walker has found someone near a car and they have been assaulted. We looked surprised. He asked if we both lived here. I confirmed I lived here and Stella lives across the road. Stella advised she came over around 9.30ish for some company and I have just moved in across the road. Pointing out the house. The policeman explained the assault took place outside of her place could she come over? I excused ourselves and got dressed. I gave Stella my long tee-shirt, just in case something was on her dress. We walked over.

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