Interview With the Esper

by Krosis of the Collective

Copyright© 2018 by Krosis of the Collective

Mind Control Sex Story: "My name is Jake -- no, I'm not telling you my last name -- and I control minds."

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Mind Control   NonConsensual   Gay   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Humor   Extra Sensory Perception   Incest   Father   Daughter   Group Sex   Interracial   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   First   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   .

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This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who “dips his wick” or “rides the rod” without protection.

The video starts. The camera is pointing at the floor, but then it quickly pans up to show a rather normal looking twentysomething caucasian man with brown hair looking directly at it.

“Is it on?” The man looks past the lens to the operator, and then back to the lens. “Okay, then! Okaaayyy...” The man looks pensive, and then suddenly anxious. “Um ... cut!”

The screen goes black but then comes back a moment later. It is again showing the same man, but now he is seated and looking more confident. The auburn hair of a woman’s head can be seen just at the corner of the screen, bobbing up and down in the man’s lap.

The man looks down, clearly amused, and then back at the camera. “Nothing like a blowjob to get you focused, huh? Okay!”

The camera zooms in on the man’s face. “My name is Jake -- no, I’m not telling you my last name -- and I control minds.” A pause. “No, not like a hypnotist.”

He looks down again. “Use your tongue some more, baby. Yeah, just like that...” He closes his eyes for a moment, savoring the oral pleasure, and then focuses back on the camera. “As you can see, your producer is doing whatever I tell her to, even though she started off our meeting acting like a cold hard bitch. She straight out said no to this interview, although I had approached it as a suggestion rather than a command.” He looks sheepish. “I didn’t want to skew her honest opinion.”

The camera shifts to show more of the late thirtysomething producer in her tight blouse and pencil skirt, kneeling in front of Jake and continuing to suck his cock with seemingly no notice that he’s talking about her or that she’s being filmed.

“Does she treat you like you’re nothing, too, camera guy?” The camera shifts up back to Jake’s face. Jake pauses for a moment, and then says, “Yeah she does. Okay then...”

Jake looks down at the woman. “Go suck that guy’s cock, and take off your skirt and underwear while you’re at it.”

The woman complies, and her pretty (if severe) face fills the screen as she adjusts her position. She pauses for a moment, baring her lower half, before she moves down to the cameraman’s lap, unzipping him and pulling out his hard cock. As the cameraman’s dickflesh appears the camera flashes back up to show Jake coming up behind her bent over form.

Jake sidles his dick up under the woman’s butt and lines himself up. Within a few moments he’s inside her pussy and she grunts into the cameraman’s dick. The cameraman’s heavy breathing is loud on the video.

“Ah yeah! Nothing like pussy...” Jake starts pounding the older woman, making it difficult for her to keep a proper rhythm going with her sucking, but by the sounds of it the cameraman isn’t complaining.

“Hey lady!” Jake says. “You safe?” He doesn’t slow his thrusts down while he waits for her response.

She grunts.

“What does that mean? Heh ... oh, right ... okay then, if you think you might get pregnant if I cum in you, make worried noises but don’t stop what you’re doing.”

She starts to gasp and wail.

“Sweeeett!” Jake grabs the woman’s hips and starts to ram as hard as he can while she continues to whine.

This is too much for the cameraman, who groans loudly. His producer makes a startled noise but then she starts to slurp and gulp. Her whimper of despair continues, though muffled, and then sharply rises to a loud moan as Jake groans from behind her. He is clearly in ecstasy as he fills her unprotected pussy with hot baby juice.

After a few seconds Jake pulls out and the woman gasps.

“Clean this off, would’ya?” Jake says, pointing his softening dick at her now available mouth. She quickly follows his command and the camera captures it all.

Soon Jake is pulling his pants back up. “Okay, babe, do you have a husband?” He pauses, concentrating on her. “No ... lover? Yes ... okay...” He takes her hands. “So if you do get pregnant just tell him it’s his, okay? Never tell anyone what happened here.” He nods, satisfied, and then lets go of her hands.

He faces the camera again. “Okay, camera guy ... put yer willy away and let’s hit the bricks!” The screen fades to black.

“Nothing to see here ... nothing to see here...” Jake’s back is to the camera as they walk through an office area. Following his command, everyone around him turns away, distracted by other things. Soon the men are on the street.

The camera continues to follow Jake as he walks down the sidewalk. Jake waves to people as they pass and they all wave back, smiling as if they know him.

Jake stops at a bus stop. The bench is full so he stands there, waiting. He looks at the camera as it views the bench and then back to him.

“What? Oh, no, I’m a young guy ... I can take standing here for a few minutes.”

They wait. Jake seems to be nodding his head to a beat only he can hear. After a few more minutes he looks back at the bench. “Still...”

After a cut the camera shows Jake lying across the bench, seemingly having a nap. Everyone else, including an elderly woman, is now standing as they wait for the bus.

Now they’re on the bus, the cameraman sitting next to Jake in the back. Jake, in profile, looks forward intently.

“Buses are great because you encounter so many interesting people. Take that woman there...” he gestures and the camera follows, showing an attractive Asian woman not much older than Jake. “ ... I think she’s a tourist.”

Sure enough, the woman takes out her phone and starts taking pictures of some of the landmarks they pass. The man in the seat behind her asks her a question but she just smiles and nods at him. He doesn’t continue the conversation.

“Watch this,” Jake says, and he gets up. She is surprised when he plops himself down next to her.

The cameraman stays where he is and we can see Jake talking to the woman but they are too far away to hear. She smiles uncertainly and nods. Finally Jake holds out his hand and the woman takes it. Her face relaxes. Jake looks at her intently, not releasing her hand. The woman’s eyes get unfocused.

Jake pulls the stop cord and the bus slows. He gets up but brings the lady to her feet as well, still holding her hand. They head to the exit and the cameraman follows.

They are sitting in a restaurant now, waiting for food. The decor is Eastern. The woman is now draped onto Jake’s shoulder, looking adoringly at him as she strokes his chest.

Jake addresses the cameraman: “I didn’t know if this would work but if I touch someone I can get into their head better, like I did when I gave your producer her baby orders before we left. In this case I was able to project emotions for this cutie to feel ... now she’s going to buy us dinner and then we’ll head to her hotel for ... dessert.” He leers at the petite woman.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” There is the sound of the woman gasping in pleasure as the camera starts back up, showing her lying back on the hotel bed as Jake plows into her in the missionary position. The cameraman is seated in the corner of the room.

The woman tries to kiss Jake but he turns his face away. Then he pulls out and turns her over, ramming his cock back inside. Within a few minutes he groans and the woman gives a final cry as he sperms her.

After a cut, Jake, in a hotel robe, addresses the camera. The cameraman is now on the bed. The lady is still lying on her front, breathing heavily but otherwise unmoving.

“You want a go? I know you do...”

The camera shakes side to side.

“Liar. Your dick’s tenting your pants. Let me see...” Jake takes the woman’s hand and concentrates again.

She rears up onto her knees and some semen drips out of her pussy onto the bed covers. She seems confused.

“Come on...” Jake murmurs. He concentrates harder and she gasps. “There!”

The woman looks at the cameraman lovingly. The camera shifts as Jake takes it and now the slightly pudgy form of the cameraman is shown.

“Um ... um...” the cameraman stammers, but the woman is on him, tearing off his clothes. Soon she’s riding his cock, Jake’s cum squishing out of her as she gasps in pleasure. It doesn’t take long for the comparatively inexperienced cameraman to add his load to the sperm partying deep inside her body.

The camera follows Jake out of the hotel. It is now morning.

“I don’t have a home, but I’m not homeless!” Jake says, switching to a Southern drawl. “I depend on the kindness of strangers.”

Jake scans the street. “Time for a wardrobe change, I think.” He crosses with the light and they head into a swanky clothing store. A well dressed man crosses to meet them before they get too far in.

“Can I ... help you?” he asks haughtily, looking down his nose at them.

“Yes you can,” Jake says pleasantly, scanning the store, “I need...”

“ ... her.” He is pointing at a gorgeous blonde in a skin-tight beige dress who is helping an older man with picking out shoes.

Click! The well dressed man snaps his fingers and the sexy salesperson hurries over.

“You will help this man with whatever he needs.”

“But...” she looks back at her original customer.

“Now.” The manager walks away.

The salesperson looks at Jake and the cameraman dubiously. “Um ... what can I do for you?”

Jake smiles.

Jake looks at himself in a full length mirror. A nice dark burgundy velvet blazer completes the ensemble she picked out for him of dark slacks and a cream colored dress shirt. “Very nice,” he says, “Okay, I’ll take it.”

The woman heads to the door of their private fitting room, which is about the size of an average bedroom.

“Stay; close and lock the door,” Jake commands.

The woman does so, and then waits for additional instructions.

“Let’s get naked,” he says, “I don’t want to mess up these nice new clothes.”

The woman starts undressing robotically but Jake stops her.

“Slowly, like you’re doing a strip tease.”

She does as he commands. As Jake carefully removes his new clothing she eyes him sultrily. She unbuttons her dress, giving him peek-a-boos of her tanned flesh as she does so. Finally they’re both naked and Jake leans back on a table.

“Get over here and ride me.”

She climbs astride him and lines his cock up with her well groomed pussy. She seems to be having some trouble but Jake looks at her for a few seconds and then the woman gasps. Suddenly she has no trouble getting her now wet pussy lips around his cock, and she sinks down a few inches onto him. Both of them groan. Then she starts to move. Jake lies back, grinning.

The camera circles them like in an adult film. The woman manages to get all of Jake’s cock inside her and starts to bounce, making “ee” sounds as she bottoms out: “Ee ... ee ... ee...”

“Goddamn, look at these knockers!” Jake says, and the camera zooms in as he grabs them. They are larger than his hands and the flesh squishes a little between his fingers. Then he starts pinching her nipples.

“Nn! Nn!” The woman gasps at the harsh treatment but it doesn’t stop her movements atop him.

“You protected?” he asks her.

“I use condoms,” she replies.

He smiles. “Not this time. You ever had anyone cum inside you before?”

She shakes her head.

“You’re in for a treat! Best feeling in the world ... well, it is now, for you.” Jake concentrates.

“Yes ... yes...” The woman bounces harder on his cock.

“Here ... it ... cums...” Jake closes his eyes.

“Oh ... ohh ... oooohhh... !” The woman stops with Jake’s dick buried deep inside her. Her mouth hangs open and it is clear that she is orgasming as her defenseless reproductive system is blasted full of his dangerous sperm.

Jake makes her clean him up with her mouth and then he dresses. As Jake and the cameraman leave the manager moves to intercept again but Jake tells him the new clothes are on the house. The man happily agrees and then they’re back outside again.

Jake has taken them to a baseball game. “My dad used to take me to games.” He looks wistful. “He died when I was still a teenager. Well, I killed him, really. Didn’t actually mean to ... when you’re full of teenage hormones you get angry, y’know?”

As Jake pauses in his storytelling the camera pans to show the batter managing to get a good hit in. The crowd cheers as he starts to run the bases.

“I don’t even remember what the argument was about. One moment I’m angry and telling him to go jump off a bridge and the next he’s out the door. I figured he was pissed and would come back when he calmed down, but a few hours later Mom and I get the call.”

The batter gets tagged out just as he’s about to touch home plate.

The camera goes back to Jake, who is looking directly at it. “I don’t want to talk anymore. Turn it off.”

Jake is wearing a new track suit as he strolls down the empty hallway of a school. Lockers line the walls. “Now where is ... aha.” He turns and heads toward double doors. As they open it shows they are in the gymnasium and a couple dozen high school seniors are seen doing gymnastics.

“Everyone over here, please!” Jake calls out. Some people are hesitant but the closer students follow his commands so the rest approach after a few seconds.

“Okay, kids, time to learn about the human body. Everyone take off their clothes.” All of them do as he says, and he turns to the camera. “I have trouble with groups so I like to push my limits. It’s like exercising your muscles,” He points to his head and winks, “And where better to do that than gym class?”

Once all the students and the pudgy male gym teacher are naked, Jake continues, “Girls, bend over those bleachers over there. Boys, find the closest free girl and get behind her.” Soon the bizarre setup is ready. One boy, though, has a flaccid penis and looks uncomfortable as he eyes his partner.

“What’s up buddy?” Jake asks. “Performance anxiety?” He concentrates. “Oh! Oh, I’m sorry man. Why don’t you do your coach then? Coach, bend over like the girls.” The older man does as instructed, as does the boy, whose penis is becoming hard now.

Jake pulls down his pants and underwear and gets behind the now-unpaired girl, a slim redhead. “Girls, this is the hottest thing you’ve ever experienced. You really want some hard cock in you, to learn about the birds and the bees.”

There are some murmurs from the girls as they look back at their partners. The grunting of the homosexual boy and his coach can be heard off camera.

“And ... go!” Jake lines his cock up with the girl’s pussy and with a little work manages to get about half of it inside her. The camera pans across the line of girls and the boys who are experiencing various levels of success in their attempts to couple.

One boy seems to have somehow stuck his skinny penis into a cute blonde girl’s butthole and she yells at him that he’s doing it wrong. He doesn’t slow down, however, and she can’t do anything but stay bent over, as commanded.

A couple of the girls cry out as their virginities are taken by rough, inexperienced poking. Their boys likewise don’t slow down to make it easier on them and the girls cry, even as they push their butts back to get greater penetration.

Jake has managed to get all of his cock inside the redheaded senior and he watches the erotic scene around them as he thrusts into her.

The camera catches the coach, sweating and grunting as his student rogers him. It’s obviously awkward, probably because the boy is inexperienced and they didn’t have any lube.

“Unhh! Ahh!” One skinny boy cries out as he thrusts home and blasts the insides of his cheerleader-looking partner with teenaged spunk. She gasps and shakes as she feels the dweeb possibly impregnating her.

This sets off some of the other students, and the camera pans about as cries of passion fill the gymnasium. One short boy cums inside the skinny tall girl ... the good looking guy fills up the short curvy girl ... the Asian boy inseminates the black girl with the big boobs.

“If you’re done, have a seat on the bleachers, gang.” Jake calls out. He’s really ramming it into the redhead now, and her cries are reaching a fever pitch.

“Guh!” That was the boy doing the coach. The man grunts as his bowels are inundated with hot spunk.

“Aieee!” A blonde with big boobs cums as the East Indian boy behind her gasps and thrusts home, firing his swimmers deep inside her.

Jake grunts and his teenage partner gasps, “Oooh! I can feel it! Oh shit!” And she cums as her teenaged reproductive system gets what it needs to fulfill its purpose.

As Jake pulls out and gets her to clean him up he looks about. The last few couples are just finishing. The rest of the students are sitting on the bleachers, cum dripping from inexperienced vaginas and penises alike.

Jake looks at the camera. “Now THAT’S physical education!”

He addresses the crowd as he gets his clothes back on. “Okay, everyone, good job. Your coach is proud of you. It was also his idea and you went with it because he said he’d flunk you if you didn’t. Also, if any of you get pregnant you won’t be able to even consider getting an abortion.” He looks back at the camera. “I’m pro-life, y’know.”

They’re leaving the school now. “I went to a school like this. Only up until I was 16 though ... once I figured out my gift I wasn’t going to waste my time with this bullshit.”

Jake stops. “I’m hungry. You hungry?”

They’re eating in a swanky restaurant. Between mouthfuls of steak Jake addresses the cameraman. “I gotta be careful not to do my stuff in some place where there’re more than one or two people in charge. I can tell the boss to do what I want, but if there are more people who can figure out that I’m not supposed to be there and I lose my focus then I’ll be in real trouble.” He waves and the camera shows what appears to be the restaurant manager waving back, smiling.

“So I can’t just walk into the White House, of course. I’d just get shot because I’m obviously not supposed to be there. Same for places like hotels when there might be a shift change and all of a sudden I have the night manager showing up at my room with security asking why I haven’t paid. I could handle it, but I need my beauty sleep, y’know?” He gives the camera a vogue pose.

It’s now getting dark and they’re walking up to a nice house. “I saw the lady that lives here sunbathing the other day and she’s a knockout,” Jake says. He knocks on the door.

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