You Can't Be Serious

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Romantic Sex Story: An older and lonely woman gets an offer she can't believe.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Romantic   Mother   Polygamy/Polyamory   .

Mildred sat in the corner of the bar, nursing a drink. She came here when her loneliness, and the inability of her fingers and dildo to satisfy her, reached a critical point. She’d been here before but had been pretty much ignored. She just had to try it again.

Most women who are trying to get picked up will make a greater effort to look attractive than she did. She hadn’t got her hair fixed or worked very hard on her makeup or even worn a top that showed off rather nice breasts. Her natural beauty wasn’t very much but she didn’t help it at all. She seemed oblivious to the things that get would make guys notice her.

She was near the end of this drink and about to leave in defeat again when an average looking young man asked if he could sit with her. He gave her another of the drink she had almost finished and proceeded to introduce himself as Howard. This attention was much better than nothing, but not real close to the fantasy of the good-looking guy her age who would take her away and fuck her senseless.

He bought her the drink so she at least owed him some conversation. He seemed amazingly interested in her and he bought another libation. She was getting kind of tight but feeling better than she had in a long time.

Her curiosity finally came to the surface, “Why are you so interested in me? I might be twice your age.”

He reached over and lightly covered her hand, their first touch. Looking into her eyes very intently, he said, “That’s exactly why I’m interested in you. You might be my mother’s twin sister although I know she really didn’t have one. She is gone now but I would have loved for the two of you to meet.”

Mildred was really curious. “So, okay, I look like your mother.” She was pretty inebriated at this point so blurted out the next thing that came to mind, “Do you have an incest thing and want to fuck me because I look like her?”

Howard squeezed her hand so hard it almost hurt as his whole face lit up. “You must be a damn mind reader! How in the hell did you know?”

Mildred smirked, “Because I’m just a dirty old lady who hasn’t been fucked in way too long. Do you have a proposition for an old broad to consider?”

Howard was electrified. He’d expected to be roundly chided for making such a wicked proposal but she was interested! He stuttered a bit and said, “Do you live around here or should I get us a hotel room? I can spend the night if you can.”

“You pay the bar tab and we can go to my place. I have nothing on my schedule.”

They held hands as they silently walked to her small flat. When they arrived she offered him some of the cheap wine that was all she could afford. He declined, saying he had enough alcohol already and didn’t want anything to impair the occasion.

She didn’t know how to start and he took the lead. “My mother’s name was Sandra but I am going to call you Mom from now on. My first memories of desire for my mother occurred when she kept giving me baths until I was 10 years old. I remember her scrubbing me all over and making sure that my little stiffie was all clean. She would wear a floppy housecoat that would hang open all the time. Finally my dad objected and she stopped doing that. Could we start with a bath?”

Mom said she might have that kind of bathrobe and went to put it on as the tub was filling. Howard was very passive as she undressed him like a child. His penis had obviously kept growing like the rest of him and was the nicest one she might have ever seen in her life. There hadn’t been nearly as many as she wanted.

She leaned over and he realized how nice her breasts were. She carefully washed him all over and soaped up her hands when she got to his skyward pointing penis. Unlike when his mother had done this, he shot cum three feet in the air which made her giggle. A lot of it had gotten on her hand and she licked it off saying it was yummy.

After his father put an end to the bathing, his mother seemeg to find excuses to parade naked around him, giving him shots of the place he came out of every now and then. There weren’t too many opportunities but he remembered every one of them. This “Mom” took off her robe and used her imagination to act the role. His eyes were fixed on her swaying full breasts. He’d put shorts on but they were tenting when she gave him views of her furry pussy. He was grinning so wide that she hoped his jaw wouldn’t fall off.

The next thing in the scenario was that she would come and read to him when his father was away. He would fall asleep and awake later to find her snuggled up against him, a breast often out of her robe and her arm over him with a hand sometimes on his nicely developing buns. He thought that she made it a point to press her belly against the erection that was often between them.

There was one time when she and his father had a big fight and his father stormed off. She was drunk and upset and came naked to his bed in the middle of the night. “That son-of-a-bitch has been fucking around on me. I’m not going to stoop to his level no matter how much I might enjoy it.” She stopped talking as her hand wrapped around his hard shaft and she bent down to suck it until he shot in her mouth. She fell asleep just like that but was gone when he awoke in the morning. Nothing was ever said about that or repeated either.

Mildred followed along with the actions this young man was describing and discovered again that his semen was the best tasting she’d ever enjoyed. By then it was getting very late and she said to him, “I don’t think I can stay awake any longer but I’m going to be here when you awake unlike your mom.”

And she was, coming out of sleep feeling her breasts being held and caressed and kissed. This next stage was going to be new territory in his fantasies so she took charge, thinking what she would’ve done if a circumstance like this ever had happened. She had no children so it was going to be her imagination at work.

“Oh son, that feels so good just like when you were an infant. You probably don’t know but doing that to my breasts also connects down to the place you were born and makes it tingle. I have something to ask of you. I have given you pleasure with my mouth and do you know there is a way you can do it with yours to me?”

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