Dogging With the Van Man

by Dante

Copyright© 2018 by Dante

Erotica Sex Story: I met The Van Man and Tom, his big black dog, while out dogging one evening. A rich couple turned up in a new Jaguar and the story is about what happened in the van between us 3 guys, Tom the dog and the rich couple.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cuckold   Sharing   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Wimp Husband   DomSub   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Masturbation   Oral Sex   .

This is a story about a guy I met while I was dogging in Clophill on the old A6 the main road from Barton to Bedford. The area is a well known dogging spot and is in a long off road lay-by next to some woods. During the daytime it is a rest area from the busy main road and trucks and cars can pull in for a while. There’s even a catering van and picnic area but after dark it is a great dogging spot.

Cars are parked up in a long line and sometimes big trucks and vans are there as well, with drivers sleeping and some are well aware of the activities in the cars and woods around them so stop over here regularly to have some fun. I’m a 55 yr old guy and one evening while sitting in my car in the darkness, watching various cars pull up and turn off their lights like myself. They then either go for a walk in the woods or stroll past other cars to see if there’s any action going on inside. Mostly it’s single guys but occasionally a couple turn up who like to put on a bit of a show or let a few guys join in. They usually go into the woods for serious action as people crowding around a car is too obvious and draws a big crowd.

Anyway, on this particular evening, I see this big white Mercedes Sprinter long wheelbase van pull up, the driver turns off his lights and just sits in the van like myself in the car waiting for any players to arrive. I was smoking a cigarette and had my window down when I saw the guy from the van get out and start walking towards me. As he passes my car he casually says... “Been here long mate ... not many cars out tonight then”?

I responded by saying, “Only been here for about 20 minutes mate and just a couple of lorries parked up front there and a couple of cars that stopped for a few minutes then left. It’s still early though”.

“Yes”, the guy answered back, “bit too early I suppose. Do you have a spare smoke mate”?

I offered him a cigarette and he lit it up.

“So what you into”? He asks me.

“Well, depends on with who and if female involved”. I answered. “I’m not into the fat ones or the old slags that just want a gang bang with as many guys as possible ... But there was this young girl here last week, fucking hot mate, about 16 I think and her boyfriend let 3 of us finger her and she sucked us all off”.

“So you not into guys then”? He replied.

“Well, done a bit of mutual wanking while watching some couple shagging in their car and this guy started wanking my cock so I did the same for him”.

“Great stuff, I’m into whatever’s going on. Guys, girls couples, dogs and gang bangs” he answered.

“Dogs”! I was a bit shocked he would say that to a stranger.

“Yeh dogs ... you would be surprised how many women are into dogs ... they may not think so at first, but once they get a taste for it, they can’t get enough”.

“You’re having me on aren’t you mate”. I replied.

“What’s yer name mate”? He asks me.

“Dave” I responded “and yourself”?

“They call me “the van man” but to me mate’s it’s Ned”, he answered

“Good to meet you Ned. So you always go dogging in your van then”?

“Yep ... that’s why they call me the van man. Come on I’ll show you inside then you’ll understand”.

I was a bit apprehensive but he seemed harmless and was by himself, unless there was someone else in the van and they were hunting for guys or girls to catch and do whatever in the van! My imagination was getting ahead of me.

I said “Ok mate”, and got out of my car and walked with him towards his van.

From the outside it was just a typical courier drivers white van, high top with side door and back doors but as he opened the side door I was stunned to see how he had transformed the inside ... It was like a small apartment with a carpet on the floor. All the interior sides were paneled in wood. There was a brown leather 2 seater sofa across the bulkhead of the van next to the sliding side door he just opened. The wheel arches inside were boxed in making them like extra seats on either side. There was a very thick double mattress at the back and plenty of room in the center carpeted area and a couple of large bean bags. He could easily have a party with 8 - 10 people in this van and because of the height, you could stand upright and walk around freely. Then he opens a wooden panel over the sofa and there was a 22″ flat screen TV attached to the bulk head.

“It runs on 12 volts so with the engine running we can watch videos via my ipad or any smart phone. I’ve got about 50 sexy movies downloaded from the net. I can also record via a couple of secret cameras. Come and meet Tom in the back”.

We step out and he closes the side door, we walk to the back where he opened one door to reveal a long dog cage. From inside the van it just looked like a long wooden box at the back behind the mattress. Inside the cage was a big black dog with shiny coat and to my surprise was not barking its head off like most dogs you meet for the first time.

“Nice dog” I say

Ned just says, “Yep, this is Tom, He’s well trained and enjoys our trips out most days. I better let him out for a quick run as he can get a bit restless in the cage for too long”.

He opens the cage and the dog jumps out and runs off into the woods, sniffing around and doing what dogs do. As we are standing there having another cigarette another guy walks up and says... “Hey Ned, how you doing mate”?.

“OK Andres ... and you”?

“I just come from Barton hills but nothing going on yet”. Just as we were all standing there, a lovely looking Jaguar XJ40 pulls in and drives past us all and parks up a few cars away up the lay-by.

“Eye eye” Ned says... “I think that’s the old guy with his missus from last Sunday at the Downs. You two get in the van and I’ll go see if their up for some fun tonight”.

Me and Andres walk round to the side door and jump in Ned’s van. We can’t see outside but Andres opens the TV cover and presses a few buttons then we have a split screen appear on the TV showing the front and back view outside the van. Fuck me, this Ned guy had thought of everything.

As we watch on the screen, Ned is standing by the Jag talking to the couple in the car.

I said to Andres, “So you known Ned long then”?

“A couple of years now” he answered. “We do courier work for the same agency”.

“What, he uses this van to do courier work as well”?

“Yeh, it’s his own van and all he does is chuck the bean bags on the sofa, stand the mattress upright and tie it back and the dog cage collapses flat, so it’s just like any other courier van. Most jobs are just small packages or light loads so the sofa and mattress is not in the way”.

As we watched on the Screen an old guy about 65 gets out of his car and then a very sexy looking much younger woman steps out of the side door, probably about 45, slim and wearing a knee length dress. Looks like a new Jag so he must be fairly well off. He holds the woman’s arm and they all start walking towards the van. The dog sees what’s going on and comes bounding back to Ned and is sniffing around. The woman pats him on the head and the dog starts licking her hand.

The side door opens and Ned introduces Andres and me to the couple. They climb in and we let them sit on the sofa while I sat on a wheel arch box seat and Andres sat on the edge of the mattress at the back.

Ned introduced the couple as John and Sue and then told Andres and me,”Sue is new to the dogging game but we met last week at Dunstable downs and I saved them from a group of 4 stupid young Asian guys in a car. They were being harassed and were about to drive away but I managed to get John and Sue to follow me to another quieter car park a few miles down the road in Studham. So we all had some fun in the privacy of the van and Sue had her first real dogging experience”.

Sue looked embarrassed but John said... “Listen guys, I can’t satisfy Sue like I used to, age and all that, but I do like to see Sue having a good time. We met a guy on the internet and he was very well endowed and we let him stay the night where he fucked Sue in our bed all evening and until the early hours”.

Sue was blushing but John hugged her and continued, “We decided to try new things like dogging and luckily last week we met Ned and Tom”.

“Shall we let Tom in now or do you want to chat and have a drink first”? Ned asked the couple.

Sue looked really nervous and said “Can I have a drink please”?

So Ned said to Andres, “Can you go and put Tom back in his cage please while I open a bottle of wine for Sue”?.

Next to the sofa on the floor was another wooden box and once opened from the top, inside was a cooler box with wine, beer and coke with glasses. He poured Sue some wine and I had a can of Budweiser with Ned and John the husband declined saying not when he was driving.

Andres, jumps back in and closes the door. “So how do you feel after last week’s meeting with Tom”? Ned asked Sue.

She looked down and John said. “When we got home last week, Sue was so horny we fucked like crazy and talked about it all evening. We decided we want to learn more and as you were so accommodating with your van and could control Tom, well Sue wants to try more”.

Fucking hell, what’s going on here! Am I in luck tonight or what ... most evening’s I go home bored to death after sitting in car parks for hours and nothing happens and then tonight, I meet the van man and Andres!

Sue was relaxing a bit now and they were all chatting about other dogging spots and the type of guys to avoid, like the cars full of young Asian men. John has his hand on Sue’s knee and was slowly stroking her leg.

Ned asks Sue “If she would like another glass of wine”?

She smiles and says “Yes please. John’s hand is now between Sue’s upper legs and her flowery dress with buttons down the front is rising up her thighs.

“Open your legs a bit darling and show our new friends your knickers and new hold up stockings”.

Sue takes another gulp of wine and let’s John open her legs. Andres and I are just sitting there quietly but Ned knows how to get them to relax. He opens the music player and a sexy techno beat starts to play and he sits on a bean bag on the floor to the side of the couple.

“Shall we show our new friends your newly shaved pussy darling”? John says. “But first, let’s open your dress and un hook your bra so you can show the boys here your lovely 36 b tits”.

He starts unbuttoning her dress and then lets it all fall open revealing a matching black and red bra and knickers set. Then he starts to rub her tits and slides a hand into the top of her bra. Sue must be early 40’s and about size 10 so very fit with nice long legs in flesh colored hold up stockings.

Sue finishes her wine and hands the glass to Ned who places it back in the box. “If you want another drink or anything just ask OK” Ned says.

Sue is laying back and John has pulled one of her tits out and is twirling the nipple. Her legs are slightly open and Andres has already released his cock and is slowly wanking behind me on the mattress. Sue looked amazing and really sexy and was clearly shy with 3 strangers watching as her husband was stroking and parting her legs and exposing her tits.

“Let’s take the dress off daring and we can all get more comfortable”. John said.

Sue stood up briefly and let the dress slip off her shoulders and John said “Now turn around and show our new friends your beautiful sexy arse and long legs”.

Sue did a slow turn and sat back down. John then parted her legs again and slowly run his hand up her inside thigh and brushed her pussy as she lay back and closed her eyes. I am watching in awe as this vision of a woman is letting her husband open her legs and stroke her belly, thighs and pussy in front of us.

“Un-hook your bra darling and expose your tits, there’s a good girl”.

Sue reached for the front clasp and un-hooked her bra to expose her beautiful tits and hardening nipples. Ned moves closer on the floor and starts to run his hand up her leg and inner thigh area.

John looks at Andres wanking on the mattress and says, “Look what your making our friends do Sue ... Are you teasing them”?

He then pulls her panties to one side exposing her shaved pussy that was clearly dripping wet. Ned’s hand was right next to her pussy and he slid a finger inside her as she moaned and lay back with eyes closed again.

I am now rock hard and have to get my cock out so start wanking but John said, “Come over her guys and have a feel of my lovely young wife here”.

Andres was there in a flash and sat on the arm of the sofa and immediately started playing with Sues tits. Sue looked up at him, so he started snogging with Sue. Ned was now kneeling between her parted legs and was fingering her while watching Andres kiss and fondle her tits.

John got up and motioned for me to take his place next to Sue on the Sofa. “I like to watch” he said.

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