by Uther Pendragon

Copyright© 2009 by Uther Pendragon

Erotica Sex Story: They'd made love before, but George wanted another way. Amelia yielded to him.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Anal Sex   .

“If that’s what you want, George, I’m willing.”

“It’s what I definitely want. You’re so lovely back there. I kiss your butt whenever I can. And, when it’s covered, I like to watch you walk. I’ve caught other guys looking, too. You have a sexy butt.”

“I’ll bet the other guys don’t want it that way, though.”

“How can you tell? It doesn’t come up in conversation. They don’t even admit that they want to fuck you at all. I can tell that they want you; even you can tell that some of them want to fuck you.”

“But everybody before you has wanted into my cunt.”

“Sure. I do, too. You have an attractive face, attractive breasts, smooth kissable neck, and lovely thighs. That I like to kiss your neck doesn’t mean that I don’t want to kiss your thighs or your breasts. That I love to fuck your cunt doesn’t mean that I don’t want to fuck your ass.”

“I said I’d let you.”

“I’m trying to show that it’s part of our love. But I’ll take ‘let.’ I’ve got all sorts of lube; we’ll need it.”

“What do I do?”

“It’s called making love. We start with a kiss.”

“Mmm. This part I like.”

“All parts I like. That’s what I’ve been saying; I like all parts of you. Mmm.”

“Give me your tongue again. Mmmmmm.”

“Your mouth, your ears, your throat. Mmm.”

“Tickles! I like your kisses there, but when you do, I can’t feel your body against mine.”

“Not while we’re standing. Want to lie down?”

“Now, I can feel more of you.”

“And I can kiss more of you. Mmm.”

“Yeah. Suck my nipple.”

“Mmmmmm. As my lady wishes. Or did you mean this one? Mmmm.”

“I liked both. You’re weird, but you’re sweet.”

“And you’re just sweet. Those are sweet, and I’ll have another. Mmm. This is sweet. Furry, and warm, and parting for me, and juicy.”

“Ready for you.”

“Luscious, but not this time. Can you hug your knees close to you?”

“Like this?”

“I like it a lot, even though it blocks my access to your lovely breasts.’

“George! What are you doing?”

“Just one sort of lubrication. This is glycerin. In you, it’ll melt and spread its smoothness where I will go.”

“First you treat me like a princess, and then you lube me up like a fuck toy.”

“Yep. You make a lovely princess, and a damn sexy fuck toy. Anyway, I can get to your breasts now you’ve put your legs down. Mmmmm.”

“I enjoy being a princess. But I wish I could kiss you.”

“Roll on your side, and I’ll meet you skin to skin.”

“Mmmm. I like you against me. I especially like you naked and hard against me.”

“Mmmm. Give me your tongue again.”

“George, I love this, but I’ve got to go.”

“That’s only to be expected. Go on.”

“All your careful lubrication is down the drain, but I wiped carefully.”

“I’m grateful. Here, kiss me again before you get in the bed.”

“Mmmm. Is there room for me on the bed?”

“Kneel down in front of the bolster. I’ll put a pillow on top. Lean across that.”

“It was nice being a princess.”

“You’ll always be a princess in my book. There. But let me kiss your vertebrae before we go on.”

“You’re even sweet when you’re being weird ... What’s that?”

“Another suppository. I want you to have all the lube you need.”

“I’ll just have to take another crap.”

“Nah. The last one emptied out a little space for me. Now this...”

“Is cold.”

“ ... is Vaseline. We want a little slickness on the outside, too.”

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