Nudist Beach Surprise

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Older couple get feeling sexy again at the beach with the help of some much younger siblings.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Sharing   Wife Watching   Water Sports   Nudism   .

In all of her 47 years, Melba had never felt sexy. She wasn’t pretty, she didn’t have big tits or shapely ass, and she was too introverted to make a lot of friends. Her husband of 27 years, Roy, had never made a big deal out of sex. It was more a routine satisfaction of a basic need, like eating.

Because of this, she was pretty surprised when her husband announced that he had won a week stay at a lakeside resort. That was cause for celebration, since they hardly ever took any interesting trips.

In the week before they left she was going through what clothes might be appropriate and all the ones she had were pretty dated or worn. She went to a modestly priced store and picked out some shorts and tops and even a new swimsuit. The lady at the store encouraged her to buy something a bit more revealing than what she ever had. What clinched the sale was when she heard, “You’ve got a decent body for your age. I hope I look as good as you when I reach that point. It’s fun to show yourself off so give it a try.”

Melba was almost giggling when they drove into the resort and found they were in a little duplex by the beach. She could hardly wait to get her swimsuit and beach clogs on and wade in the water, something she hadn’t done since she was a little kid. Her new swimsuit was more revealing than anything she’d ever had. When she saw what the other women were wearing, or not, that fear evaporated. She also noticed that some guys of different ages let their eyes linger on her too. That gave her a little flush of excitement.

She had a good lunch with her husband and he was off to check out some things and she went back to the beach. She’d never been a good swimmer so she kind of tiptoed around up to her waist until a young man came over to her and said, “I don’t see you swimming. Don’t you know how?”

“Oh my gosh!” She thought, “what should I say?” But then the truth blurted out, “I’m not very good and it’s been a long time so I’m kind of scared.”

The young man introduced himself as Adam and said that he taught swimming to adults and would be glad to see what she needed. She brightened up and told him that would be wonderful, thrilled with the attention.

The wonderful part that she hadn’t expected was that he frequently touched her and even put his arms around her in different ways as he showed her what to do. Only her husband had ever held her anything like that and she got tingly inside which distracted her from her lessons. When she said she was getting tired, she offered to buy him a drink and he accepted that for a Thank You.

They sat under a beach umbrella and visited. The tingling continued as this nice-looking and polite young man gave her so much personal attention. He was twenty and here with his parents and sister. It was his first time also and he didn’t know anybody. After the drink was gone he asked her if she had been to the “clothing optional” beach.

“What is that?” she asked, puzzled.

Adam smiled, “It’s a code phrase for nudist. Have you ever done that?”

Melba just looked at him and turned pink. After a bit she said, “Um, no. Have you?”

“Nope, but I’d like to try it just out of curiosity. Why don’t you come with me?”

She really turned red and stuttered as she answered, “Oh my God, no! They wouldn’t want an ugly old woman like me there!”

He reached out and touched her hand, “I don’t think it’s about being pretty or skinny or anything like that. It’s just about being your natural self and enjoying the sun and water all over your body. At least that’s what I’ve heard. It’s not supposed to be sexual at all and you get used to it pretty quickly from what I’ve been told. Then you love it.”

“Get me another drink before we try it and then I’ll be braver than I ever have been in my whole life.”

Adam went and told the bartender to make it strong.

Melba held his hand as they went down the beach and around the rocky point which shielded that part from the regular resort. All of a sudden there they were, naked people of all sizes shapes and ages swimming, sunning, walking around, and other normal things people do except that their parts were hanging out and swinging and swaying.

Adam said, “Well here goes!” and dropped his suit then picked it up and held it in his hand. She kept her eyes averted, trying to decide what to do herself. Adam said gently, “Maybe start by just taking your top off.”

After a few minutes of observing all the other women, many of whom didn’t look as good as she did, she unsnapped her top and took it off. When she turned around to face Adam, her eyes dropped to his semi-hard penis and hanging balls. She quickly looked away but there was a twinge in her crotch.

He looked her over and remarked, “You’ve got a really nice set, Melba. Nothing to be ashamed of so I’m glad that you’re showing them.”

They walked down the beach and found a little place where they could leave their suits. By now she was feeling almost a little embarrassed that she still had her bottoms on so she gathered up her courage and peeled them off. She had noticed that older women often didn’t have bald crotches so her nice fur was not out of place.

“Let’s go swimming like this,” suggested Adam. This time when he helped her swim his hands and arms rubbed against her breasts and buns directly and she got numerous twinges even though this wasn’t supposed to be sexual. When she felt his penis rub on her, that was terribly wicked for a married woman she thought. But secretly she loved it.

Finally, she decided she’d better go find her husband. The drinks were wearing off and she needed to go pee so she asked Adam what to do about that. He said the easiest thing was just to wade out into the water and let it go. Another new and wicked thing!

Adam said he wanted to stay a little longer but he would look for them at dinner. Surprising herself, she leaned over and gave him a little kiss along with “Thank you for all your help today.”

Her husband had been drinking and playing cards and some other games and hadn’t even put his swimsuit on. At dinner she told the basics of her day and how she’d had swimming lessons from a young man. Just then Adam came up and was introduced and asked to sit with them. He was a good conversationalist and her husband seem to enjoy his company and gave no hint of any concerned about Melba spending time with him.

As they parted, Adam suggested that her husband join them on the beach the next day. There were some paddle boards and other things that he’d show them how to use. They would meet at breakfast and go from there.

That night Melba was horny. Her husband was the one who usually initiated sex so she had to give him a hint somehow. The only thing she could think of was to incite a little jealousy, “Honey, I wish you could’ve seen me on the beach today in my new swimsuit. I liked it that quite a few guys looked at me. That makes a girl, especially an older woman like me, feel pretty good. I don’t think you’ve seen it so would you like me to model it for you?”

He did sense that this was important to her and so he said yes and she went in the bathroom to change. When she came out the urge struck her to do a little dance and, to her delight, it seemed to stir some interest. So she danced a little more over to the bed where he was sitting up and wiggled her breasts, still in the swimsuit, in front of his face. When he reached for them, she pulled back teasingly. She danced a little more as she reached up to the front hooks and popped it loose. Then when she shook them in his face she let him catch the nipples in her mouth. He quickly got two hands full and she leaned down to give him a wet kiss.

Things went quickly then and she fucked him back more strongly than usual. When they tired, he commented, “Being on vacation seems to be good for your libido.”

“Yours too my dear. It takes two to tango.” And then she gave him a good solid kiss good night.

The next morning at breakfast she had a chance to tell Adam that her husband did not know about the nude beach yet and he nodded. He guided them to some of the water activities and then asked about the nude beach as if it was the first time for Melba. Her husband’s feelings were usually pretty transparent and she could tell he was interested but was concerned about hers. She acted coy and cautious but agreed to give it a try. Her husband had about as innocent a background as she did, so she wondered if his pecker would stay soft with all the female flesh that would be displayed. It was a good thing she’d emptied it last night although this morning would have been better and she would have enjoyed it too.

Roy’s head swiveled a lot but his pecker never got more than partially inflated and soon that settled down as well. Melba was a little bit miffed that he didn’t say anything about her being naked in the presence of an attractive younger man. She thought, “Maybe I’d have to fuck Adam in front of my husband to get his attention. Or maybe he wouldn’t mind? Wouldn’t that be something?” She paused, “Where are these thoughts coming from?”

The afternoon passed swiftly and Adam had a wrap up drink with them but said that he had plans for the evening. Melba was having such a good time being au natural that she hated getting dressed to go back to the cabin. When she got there she quickly disrobed and Roy was all over her. She giggled as he squeezed her breasts and guided her to the bed, his rampant dick clearly indicating what was on his mind. “My oh my! Somebody enjoyed looking at naked women today. I don’t mind if this is the result. You will find that I am pretty well lubricated and ready for you.”

This was possibly the first before dinner fuck they had since their honeymoon. She teased him with questions about what he had seen that turned him on. He didn’t answer, focusing on pounding himself into her. She herself came quickly, not what usually happened, and she pulled on his buns urging him deep when his cock began squirting.

They put clothes on for dinner and then took a walk on the beach as the sun was going down. They held hands and he was a lot more romantic than she could remember. They coupled again before falling asleep. No night clothes needed or wanted now.

Sex happened again in the morning and it was obvious they both wanted to go back to the nude beach. They were settled in on a blanket with a cooler of assorted drinks when Adam found them. “Hey Melba, let’s go look for shells.” He’d brought a couple small buckets and away they went. When they got out of her husband’s vision, he stopped and said, “I want you to know that I had a ‘hard’ time sleeping last night thinking about yesterday. I was thinking that you were probably getting laid and I wish it was me doing it. There, I’ve said it. I think you’re very attractive and I would love to get it on with you.”

Melba took his hand and said sweetly, “I am terribly flattered but I’m not a cheating wife.”

Adam squeezed her hand and continued, “I didn’t think you were so I’ve been working on a plan to enjoy your charms without anybody getting hurt, I hope. Are you interested in at least hearing my idea?” She nodded so he outlined what he had prepared. First she smiled, then she laughed and nodded her head. She would have to work to keep a straight face when they returned to her husband.

Roy seemed a little agitated as she rejoined him on the blanket, telling Adam that they would see him later. “Are you okay honey?” He quickly replied that something had happened in her absence that he needed to talk to her about. She reassured him that she would be a good listener.

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