The Perfect Erotic Romance Story

by Charlie for now

Copyright© 2018 by Charlie for now

Romantic Sex Story: I remember the country song about the perfect country song. "I was drunk the day my mom got out of prison..." I thought, what would be the perfect erotic romance? It has to have everything, at least a little. So... Here goes!

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Teenagers   Romantic   Lesbian   Heterosexual   TransGender   Incest   Sister   Spanking   Polygamy/Polyamory   Anal Sex   Analingus   Enema   First   Oral Sex   Squirting   Water Sports   Leg Fetish   .

“I want to write the perfect erotic romance story.”

“There is no perfect erotic story, Charlie. Romantic or otherwise. It doesn’t exist. If there is sex, it will turn off the puritans. If there is interracial sex, it will turn off the racists. If there is familial sex, that turns off a big group of people who have been told it is taboo, for whatever reason. If there is sex involving two men, it will turn off the homophobes. If there is sex between a man and a trans woman, it will turn off the transphobes, which are mostly the same people. They think a trans girl is a guy, so the guy with them must be gay. Anyway, continuing, if there is sex between two women, it will turn off ... Hey! That may work! Hahahaha. Just kidding. My point, Charlie, is that no matter what you write, someone won’t like it. On a counterpoint, someone will. I mean, if you spell correctly and make sense and have a plot and stuff.”

“Will you help me write it?”

“Charlie, are you trying to get into my pants?”

“No, Jill, I’m not. I’m really wanting to write this and having someone giving me ideas, keeping me going on the right track, and such ... Well, I’d enjoy it if that person was you.”

“I’d be glad to. OK, where do we start?”

“Let’s see ... Where did we meet?”

“OH MY, GOD! CHARLIE THORNTON! You are such a flirt. What am I going to do with you?”

“I’d say, ‘Love me’, but from your earlier words, I’d think that ship has sailed.”

“You’re a cad. I do love you so much. I really do. Cad! How about this? ‘It was a dark and stormy night.’ No, too cliché. Or, ‘It was the best of times, it was the worst... ‘“

“Used. Maybe just closer to the truth. ‘I looked over at the cute redhead and yelled, ‘Watch this’.’”

“No. Definitely not. You didn’t sound like that much of a ‘Redneck’. Ooops. Now we’re turning off the Rednecks. Anyway, if I remember correctly, you said, ‘Try it like this’.”

“Jill, I’ve never had this much fun. Ever. I don’t want it to end.”

“Are you sure?”

“Positive. I’ve never felt this way. I thought I was in love once, but I wasn’t. I couldn’t have been. It didn’t feel like this. Nowhere near this good. I know we’ve only been seeing each other for a couple months, but I’m smitten.”

“Smitten? Rhymes with bitten. Bitten by the love bug. Me, too, Charlie, but...”

“But what, Jill?”

“Nothing, Charlie. You just need to be really, really, sure. If you don’t want it to end, and you’re really, really sure, sure, just tell me what to do.”

“I’m sure, Jill, I really am.”

“No, Charlie. I mean tell me. If you are really sure, the way for it not to end is to tell me what you want. If you want me, Charlie. If you want me forever, tell me what to do. Starting now. Take control and tell me. Be really, really, sure, though, because I’ve wanted this since a little after we met, and if you do this, you will have my undying devotion. If you change your mind, you’ll have a mess on your hands. I’ve really fallen for you.”

“Kiss me, Jill.”

“Mmmm. God, Charlie, you kiss so nicely. You melt me when you do that.”

“I want you to move in with me.”

“You want me to?”

“You are to take me home, then go to yours and pack two bags. One casual and one dressy. I’m taking you away from here for a week, so you can help me learn. Tell your sister you probably won’t be back to live. I want you, but I ... Just do what you’re told. Come on, sweetheart. There aren’t any fish in this lake anyway.” She smiled at me. We both knew for damn sure there were trophy bass, crappie, AND flathead in this lake.

And that is how the most wonderful love story ever got started. And, that ‘redneck incident’ was how we met. We were going fishing, her sister dating a friend of mine. She tagged along, the little sister at loose ends, and I, who was not seeing anyone just then, blurted out, “Come fishing with us.” Out on the boat, she was having problems casting, so I showed her how I do it, and she tried it. It worked for her, too. We talked and got to enjoy each other’s company. Next thing I know, I’m asking her if she’s seeing anyone, and she’s accepting a date for dinner and a movie. Then things got a little hinky.

“Jill, you know Charlie’s older than me, right?” She shook her head. “He, my dear, may look like a sweet innocent boy, but he’s like in his thirties, and he’s a really old and decrepit man. He’ll be dying shortly and leaving you with nothing.” Her sister, Cindy, laughed as did Ron, my ‘friend’, her boyfriend.

“Jill, I’m not decrepit. Much. I’m not proposing marriage, just dinner and a movie. I am, I admit, very, very old. Older than some dirt. I’ll admit to being thirty-two. Less than half way to Social Security, but yet I’ve spent over two thirds of my life in or before school. See, not that old, at all.” Jill laughed.

“Yes, Charlie, I’d love to go out with you. She can tell me no, but I don’t think she will. She’s been trying to get rid of me since Mom and Dad ... Since she won me in life’s little lottery, as she says.”

We dated, a lot, for a couple months, and then I made a decision. I didn’t want it to end. I really felt like I loved her. She must’ve felt the same. She told me to take control. I did. I sent her home in my car, had her pack a couple bags, and return. We hadn’t been intimate, yet. She was seventeen. Nine years younger than her sister, actually, and just graduated high school. Some of this I learned through the dating process. You know the drill. What are your plans? Graduate. Your major? High school diploma. SHIT. She looked twenty when I met her. She acted twenty-five. More mature than her sister, truthfully. Then to be invited to her graduation after dating for a month and a half. Then making the decision at around the two month, no, really at the two-and-a-half-month point, to tell her it was her. She was the one I wanted. So, I told her, not using those words, and she accepted, again, not using those words.

Anyway, she brought my car and her bags back to the house. I had her put them in the guest room. “You’ll be sleeping here until we ... Until I decide exactly how we’re going to handle this. I want you, Jill. I want you with me. I’ve never been in a position to tell anyone who wasn’t an employee of ours what to do. I’m afraid I’ll mess this up and lose you. While you were in town, I thought about that. If I show fear, you’ll probably lose respect for me as your boyfriend. If I boss you around, you’ll probably think of me as a dick head and you’ll lose respect for me as your boyfriend.”

“Charlie, what would you tell me to do if you loved me and that was the only thought on your mind?”

“Unpack and decide where you ... Unpack. I’m looking for a place to take you to get away from everything for a few days. Cabo. I’m thinking Cabo. Do you have a passport?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Oh, and there’s one other thing. Kiss me like I was the only man in the world.”

“That won’t be hard, sir. You are.” Her kiss was full of fire. Hot. Passionate. Her hand rubbed my chest. It’s going to be so hard to do this right, when all I want to do is drop to my knees and kiss hers.

“You’re wonderful, Jill. Wonderful. Put your clothes away. Take a nice long, hot, relaxing bath. There’s bath oils and bubbles in there if you want to use them. Wait. Put your clothes away and call me when you’re done.” I walked out. Well, Charlie, old buddy, this is it. Today you are going to see your love in all her splendor. Hope you can stand it, because you’re not getting any of that tonight.

“Charlie? Sir? I’m done.” I was in the office when she called out.

I went back to the guest room. She was looking at some of the pictures. Mostly of me and my parents from years and years ago. “Jill. Honey. Undress for me. I’m putting you in the bath. Lavender and chamomile OK? No allergies?”

“That’s fine, Charlie, and no, I don’t believe so.” I had the water running, looking away from her when she walked in. She placed her hand on my shoulder, causing me to shiver. I knew, when her leg went over the side of the tub to touch her toe to the water, testing the temperature, that she was naked. Her leg was, up close, the most beautiful one I had ever seen. And I’d seen a few. In person and in print, both paper and digital. I’m what they call a leg man. High heels, stockings, garters, panty hose when needed, hot pants, miniskirts. Those are my Kryptonite. Her leg was tanned, smooth, and almost shiny with her texture.

She was facing me then, as I was crouched down on the bath rug, and turning my head put me at eye level with the prettiest female genital area I had ever seen. Hairless. Smooth. Tight. Just a hint of her inner labia peeking. Then I saw the glisten. The moisture along the edges of her little lips. She was in as much trouble here as I was. It made it so much easier, knowing that she was aroused at what she was doing for me as well. I placed my hand on her right thigh as her left foot entered the water.

“Baby girl,” I felt her shiver under my hand when I spoke, “get in slowly so you aren’t uncomfortable.” She raised her right foot. “Stop.” She had her legs spread, the left one in the tub, the right one coming over, but I stopped her, and she put her foot down on the side of the tub. I put my nose right to her mound, put my tongue out and curled it along her slit, dragging it toward the front, picking up any moisture that I could. I could feel her take a quick breath. A gasp. A shudder. A slight moan. Then I kissed just at the hood where her little clitoris was trying to peek out. “You taste wonderful. Thank you. Go ahead and get in. I want to wash your back when you’re done soaking.” I set the heat control to circulate the water and keep it heated. “Lean back and relax. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

I came back in with a glass of wine for her and a whiskey for me. She was lying in the bubbles, covered, except her face. She accepted the glass from me. “Thank you, sir.” She sipped and put it on the side of the tub, then used her hand to drip water and bubbles across her upper chest, shoulder to shoulder. It was a very pretty display. A very alluring, feminine display. “I’m going to tell you how I feel. What I want. Please do with it what you will. I love you, Charlie. I want to give myself to you, completely. Not just my body. Myself. All of it. Mind, body, soul. I love you so much, in fact, and it has hit me so hard, that I want to be your everything. Whatever you can imagine a girl to be, in your wildest dreams, that is who I want to be for you. I am yours. Your anything. Test that and be prepared. If you accept me as your everything, the everything that I want to be for you, there will be nothing you can tell me that I won’t do, short of hurting you. If I know that something you tell me to do would hurt you, I won’t do it. Physically or emotionally. I won’t do it.”

She took a sip of her wine. “That’s good. Moscato, and a good one, for sure. Charlie, you don’t need to tell me to cook or to do the dishes, or to bathe, but when we shop for a dress, it will be to please you, so you’ll help pick it out. If it makes me look slutty, I’ll be your slut. If it makes me look like a soccer mom, I’ll be your soccer mom. If you ever have me do something for someone else, another man, you’ll break my heart, but as of today, you have that power. My heart is yours. To love or break as you see fit.

“If you want me, physically, tell me. Tell me what to do and if I need coaching, how to do it. Tell me what you want of me. Any way, anywhere, anytime. I will experiment, as well. I want to play with your body and find out what makes you tick, but if you want something else, tell me.

“I have some requests. This is already permanent. I have given myself to you already, so these are not demands. I no longer have that capability. These are requests. I want to go to school. Finish school. Truth be told, I want to work for you. With you. Help you with whatever I can do. I do want that. I want to give you a son. I want to give you a daughter. That’s what I meant when I said make really, really, sure this is what you want. When I graduate from school and you decide it’s time to use me in the company, THEN I want to discuss with you the possibility of providing you heirs.

“Honestly, if you told me you wanted me barefoot and pregnant, I would do it now. I would give you my virginity and do nothing else but try to have your children, starting when I get out of the tub. I’m busy now, though, performing your second command, and thank you, this feels good, it’s relaxing, and making it very easy to discuss what you have now. Do you have anything to say about all this?”

“Yes, Jill, I do. I’m in love with a crazy, wonderful, beautiful little woman, and I plan on doing everything I can to make her next seventy years on this rock the best they can be. I do have a question, though. I’ve seen women change after they have been with a guy for a while. After you say, ‘I do’, are you going to start saying, ‘I won’t’?”

“Good question, but not necessary. I have no intention of refusing you anything, ever. Another request I have, is a prenup. Whatever you want to make it, but make it so that if I leave you, I get little to nothing and the children stay with you. I’m not leaving, and I’m not putting my knees together after I get a ring, should you decide to marry me. Something you might consider. A matching ring and collar set, or maybe just a collar and no ring, wedding, or otherwise. I don’t require one to be the person I will be for you. It would be nice to be your wife while I’m cleaning your baby’s shit off the walls behind the crib, but not a showstopper. I have my Prince. I don’t need to be the Queen.”

“Baby shit on the walls?”

“Yeah. I’ve been babysitting since I was eleven. You wouldn’t believe some things babies get up to when they can stand, and they want attention. No matter. That’s my job, not yours.”

“Wow. Yuck. May I wash your hair?”

“Charlie, it’s your hair.”

“Yeah. Got it. Did you bring your own shampoo and things?”

“Yeah, that bottle there with the avocado and the pear on it.”

I started at the top and worked the scalp first. “Oh, God, Charlie, that feels good. You have wonderful hands. I hope I can make you feel this good. If so, you might keep me. This is divine.”

“No worries, hon. I’m thinking I’d be a fool to set aside a woman I loved so much and obviously loves me as well.”

“Completely, from my standpoint, yes, that’s true. I want you to keep me. I’ll make you happy you did. I can and will guarantee that. I can’t prove it now, but as we go, you’ll be glad you own me.” I guess I gasped, or something, but she knew. Even with her eyes shut and looking down. “Yes, Charlie, that’s what I said. You own me now. I said make really, really, sure. And now you are the proud owner of one little tiny redheaded virgin girl who will quite literally do anything and everything you say for the next seventy years.”

“I should have something important to ask, or say, but ... Do you use conditioner? Your hair is gorgeous.”

“No, Charlie. Not a separate one. It’s all in that one bottle. Don’t say or ask anything important for a while, OK? Just let it sink in and we’ll talk later.” She finished her wine. I took the glass and placed it on the vanity. “Still want to wash my back? I need to rinse and keep my hair out of the bubbles. I also need to wash my face. And the rest of me, unless you...”

“Yes, baby girl. I’d be glad to do it. All of it.” So, I did. Then I rinsed her, and dried her, and carried her to the guest bed. I pulled the covers down and back and laid her down. “Roll over. Jeez, you have a pretty butt, Jill. I could just eat you up.” She giggled. Cute sound. I liked it. “Just lay there for a bit.” I got some of what I thought was her body lotion, put some on my hands and rubbed it into every inch of skin I could reach. She shook and gasped when I got to her inner thighs and her ass crack, but I just moved her ankles apart and did what I wanted to do. Running my finger around her anus was most interesting. She’s obviously very sensitive there. Also, the backs of her knees. She fell asleep after I worked on her feet. Not a problem. It was nine at night. I’d let her sleep a while, then check on her in a bit.

I fell asleep watching the news in my room and was woken by movement. It was about two in the morning when Jill climbed into bed with me, pulling my arm over her, snuggling her back up to my chest and went back to sleep. I followed.

In the morning, I was awoken by a kiss. The tongue moving across my lips was the part that woke me, I think. That’s a feeling, there. Especially coming out of a deep sleep. I smelled coffee.

“Good morning, handsome prince, ruler of all the land. Your serving wench requires input.” She held her hand up. “I already know. One sugar. A few weeks ago, at Denny’s. Got that. I need to know if you want sausage or bacon and if you want your eggs over medium or scrambled this morning. Or, you can take cook’s choice, which pretty much leaves you in the dark until I bring it in here. One way or the other, I’d like you to stay in bed this morning, so we can eat and talk. You can direct breakfast, or you can defer. Up to you.”

“Sausage, three over medium, sourdough toast, if there is any in the bread box. I was thinking there was. You’ll need to know I like it, so it should be on the shopping list, usually.”

“Thank you, babe. That makes it easier. Charlie, I want you happy. I swear to you that is my only goal here.” She leaned over me, kissed me and walked out to the kitchen. She was wearing a satin chemise and high heels. Four-inch mules with puffs on them. I was in awe. I sipped my coffee. Perfect. Just how I like it, and I hadn’t told her how much to use.

She came back in a few minutes to get and freshen my coffee. It came back fine. Three fourths of a cup added, and just the right amount of sugar. She really did pay attention. I’m not this picky, but it was all perfect anyway. Then she came back with a plate and handed it to me. Napkin and silverware were included. She went back and got a little plate for herself. It had an egg sandwich on it. When I looked at her, she said, “Babe, I’m five feet tall and weigh a hundred pounds. Sometimes. I don’t have anywhere to put food like you eat. Don’t worry about me. I’m as healthy as a really small ox. When I grow up and I’m six two and weigh two twenty, I’ll eat the same breakfast I make for you. Until then, not so much. Now, my prince, let’s talk. Are you OK? Just nod or something but eat while it’s hot.” I nodded. “Have you spent any time thinking about our situation?” I nodded. “You said you’re OK, so I guess you’re somewhat happy with it?” I nodded and smiled. “Good.”

“Jill. I love you. I think ... I’m pretty sure I know where we’re going. I can be your guide. I can’t hurt you, though. Same as you, that would be a show stopper. Can’t go there. Can’t do that.”

“Well, Prince of all I know and desire, that sucks, ‘cause I was hoping you’d hurt me really badly pretty soon, then kiss it better and we could move on living the rest of our lives.” She grinned at me.

“Oh, that. Crap. OK. I guess I’ll have to do that, but I want to try to make it as painless or at least as comfortable as possible, OK?” She nodded. “We’re going to work at that carefully, I’m not going to use alcohol to ply you into submission, ‘cause you’re already there, but I may ask you to share a drink and some really intense, long, and avid oral sex beforehand.”

“Oh, goodie!!” she cried out, then she clapped her hands. “The bath last night was the first time anyone has ever touched my privates besides me, and it was so nice. Just that little bit. I wanted to beg for more, but it’s not my place.”

“Nice to know. Now, here’s the deal. We need to get you here. Full time. We’re done. You and I. Cooked. Stick a fork in us. Holding you in my arms this morning proved to me, as well as you fit, that you are mine, and I’m not letting go. Please, I know what you are doing, and saying, and planning, but if we need to talk, we talk. I fix it, or I spank you, but we talk.” She giggled.

I continued, “Promise me that, right now. Not a request. A minor demand.”

“I promise. I want you happy, Charlie. I need to be happy, too, to make that happen. You don’t want a grumpy old withered up hateful wench bringing you coffee in the morning. We both know that. We’ll talk. Promise. You done?” I nodded. I had one corner of toast left. She ate it, kissed me, and took the plates to the kitchen. I heard her holler from in there. “Can you start the shower, babe? I’ll be there in a bit. We have a few things to do unless you have other plans today.”

It was Sunday, so I didn’t, really. “Church?”

“Maybe next weekend, Charlie, but today and this week, we need to work on us. My recent prayers, for the most part have been answered, but we need to make sure to keep up and stay connected. We may need Reverend Scott’s assistance someday. Never hurts to stay on good terms.” I started the shower and slowly let it run over me. She was quick with the dishes, entering the shower.

“OK. You have enough clothes to last a week? You have something to go out to dinner in?”

“Yes, Sir. I did what I was told.” Lord she was gorgeous. Cute. Redhead. Freckles, breasts slightly large for her frame, thin waisted. It flared out to hips, not wide yet, but noticeable. Very noticeable. Her legs were long for her height. She really was a small girl, and she wasn’t getting much bigger. If she hit five one, I’d be surprised. Her sister was twenty-six or seven and only five one or two. I didn’t care. To me she was the ultimate in pretty. And cute. And beautiful. She had it all.

“Good. Tomorrow, we’re going to Mexico. Baja California. Cabo San Lucas. If we need anything we’ll worry about it there. I want to be away from anything that reminds me of me, and anything that reminds me of any negatives, while we deal with setting up the next ... What did you say, seventy years?” She nodded, then smiled, and kissed me again, while the water ran over both of us. She grabbed a washrag and my bar of soap and went to town. She did to me what I did to her. Handing me the rag, she told me to wash my face and ears, then got a squirt of my white and blue bottle of shampoo and went to work. She had a point. It feels a heck of a lot better when someone else does it. “What you said last night, Jillian, about shampooing. If it felt this good? I understand. It’s nice when someone you love washes your hair.”

I reached in front of me and held her hips while she worked my hair and when she was done, she guided me into the spray and patted me on the butt. “Rinse, my prince! OK, not funny. What’s up for the day? Packing for your little jaunt.”

“OUR little jaunt, sweetheart. Yes, tonight. But today, let’s get the yard mowed and talk about making another trip to your house to get some stuff for you. As long as you’re happy with me, I want you here. You need to make sure you have everything you want, or need, from home. I don’t think I want to let you go.”

“I’m not going to try to escape, handsome.” She kissed me and hugged me to her. Her small, soft, body against mine got me a touch excited, so I grew a little between us. “Here. Let me take care of that. I think I can do this without much problem.” She took her hand, held as much of me as she could, with her other arm around my waist, and pumped a couple times. That was all it took. I squirted all over both of us, up onto her breasts and my hip. Jeez, it was a strong one, too. “You OK now, Charlie?”

“I was OK before. I’m excellent now. Thank you for that, Jill. You’re a peach.” I kissed her again, we rinsed off and moved out to do some yard work. “I need to return the favor.”

“It’s yours, Charlie. Whatever you want. Whenever you want it.” She slipped on some cute little shorts and trainers and a tank top with a built-in bra. Cuter than a button.

I took her out to the shed and checked her out on the mower. I had a big zero turn mower with the steering levers, and after showing her how it worked, she took off on a test drive and mowing was underway. She’s a bright girl. When she pulled up to the back door and ran inside, I thought maybe she was thirsty, but she came out with her phone and earbuds, walking over to where I was running the weed whacker and told me if I needed her, to call. A little peck on the lips, and she was gone. We were done in less than an hour.

“You have a big yard, sweetie, but that thing’s quick. A lot nicer than Cindy’s little tractor, that’s for sure.”

“I have one of those, too. It will be nice knowing you can drive one.” She looked at me questioningly. “I’ll show you tomorrow.”

We finished, cleaned the tools and sidewalks up, then showered again. This time, I decided to help her, so when we were nice and clean, I went to my knees and proceeded to lick, suck, and bite her until she had an orgasm of her own. It felt good, her holding my head to her center while I enjoyed myself. And I did enjoy myself. Her grunt when she came was low, strong, and visceral. She held my head for balance until she regained her own and her breathing slowed. She took care of me, too, coming down to my level, holding me around my neck, and jerking me slowly with her hand, my erection pointed at her sternum, until I came on her, shooting a few jets onto her abdomen, then the rest dribbling over her hand.

“Charlie, I’ve never come that hard. Really. Again, this is yours. All of it. Do what you want, when you want. If that was any indication, I’ve made the right decision. I belong with you.”

“Stand up and turn around.” Not even a hesitation. She stood up and turned away from me. “Bend over.” She did, placing her hands on the wall. The water was running down her back, some of it between her butt cheeks and down over her rosebud. I licked it. She mewled. I moved her so I wouldn’t drown myself. I twiddled it with my tongue. She moaned. Again, more rimming, then I pressed the tip of my tongue against her pucker, just easing the tip into the closed muscle ring. Reaching up and putting my thumb on her clitoris while driving my tongue into her anus caused her to orgasm again, this time with a muted scream. And a collapse. I caught her with my hand up to her groin, holding her from falling. I stood, rinsed us both, then turned the water off. Turning her around and pulling her to me, I held her and whispered to her, “Thank you. I loved that. I love you. I’m sorry for being selfish, but I really, really, enjoyed that. You taste fantastic.”

“You’re apologizing for giving me the biggest orgasm I’ve ever had, then showing me something I’ve never even considered, and giving me an even bigger one. I swear, I’ve never felt anything close to that. You’re apologizing? Seriously?”

“I’m selfish. I did that for me. I wanted to eat you all up, but then I figured I’d save some for later tonight. And later in the week.”

“I fell in love with a selfish bastard. Woe is me. Poor Jillian. How will she ever make it under these conditions? Again, I repeat. It’s yours. I feel guilty now, because I think I’m enjoying your selfishness more than you are.” She giggled. She’s so cute when she giggles. I reached for a towel, wrapped her up in it and carried her to bed. Getting a couple more, I threw her one for her gorgeous long red hair, and dried myself with the other.

“Lay back. I want just a little more, then we’ll leave for your sister’s house.” I licked and sucked just enough to get her to come for me, her thighs trying to squish my head like a bug.

“Oh, GOD, CHARLIEEEEEEE! Unnnggghhh. Damn. No more. Please. I’m a waste. Oh, you, wonderful, selfish man. Let me up. I need water.”

“Stay.” I went to the bar in the living room got her a bottle of water, handing it to her with a kiss on the knuckles. “OK. Rest up and then get dressed. We’re going in a bit. Lunch on the way. Fast food. Favorite?”

She shook her head. “They all have something I can eat. I’m not picky.” I cocked my head. “Really. No martyr syndrome or anything. Seriously. They all have something I like.”

She combed her hair out then brushed it a bit but left it damp and loose, saying she’d put a ponytail band on it when it was dry. I thought about telling her to leave it alone, but it might be best to keep it out of the way.

At their house, Cindy and Ron were both there, watching something on TV. We knocked. Cindy let us in. “Why did you knock, Jilly? You live here.”

“Uhmmm. Not so much anymore. I came back for the rest of my stuff, or at least what we can get into his truck. Cindy, I’m moving in with Charlie. It’s time. We’re ready. We’re taking off somewhere tomorrow to finalize things, but it’s time. I love him. He says he loves me. He didn’t have his fingers crossed and we both promised no take backs, so it’s all good.” All four of us laughed at her making fun of her age and the seriousness of the decision.

“You’re sure, huh?”

“Yeah, sis. I’m sure.”

“Where y’all going?”

I spoke up. “Cabo. A friend has a place there he said I could use anytime, and I’m taking him up on it.”

“You guys need a ride to the airport? Which one are you flying out of?” Cindy asked.

“This one.” All three of them looked funny at me. “We’ll be fine.”

“Cape Air coming in or something?” Ron asked.

“No, they don’t come in here. We’ll take mine. Five hours. A touch longer than commercial, but we don’t have to go through security or wait in the airport.”

Ron piped up, “I didn’t know you had a plane, Charlie.”

“Not something I talk much about. It’s mostly for work, but I use it once in a while to just go.”

My fiancée slash thrall slash girlfriend slash wife-to-be was still standing there with her mouth open.

“Jill. Bedroom. Now.” I told her. She obeyed me immediately and walked back to her room. “Back in a sec, guys.” I got back to the room and closed the door. “Yes, soon to be Jill Thornton, you have a plane now. You have lots of things you don’t know about. The reason I don’t talk about this stuff is because I don’t want people to know about it. Obvious reasons.” She looked at me questioningly. “Jill, do you love me for my money?”

“No. I didn’t know you had money. Most people with a boat have some, but, that’s not...” I jumped in.

“My point. You don’t love me for my money. Enough said. Let’s pack some stuff and get you out of here.”

Meekly, she replied, “Yes, sir.”

“Jill, this changes nothing. You gave yourself to me. I’m doing much the same. We love each other, right?”

“Yes, Charlie. I was just surprised. I’ll be OK. I’m still yours. Your girl. I’m fine.”

“OK. We’ll talk once we get out of here and we’re on the way home. Our home. Got it?”

She looked at me and grinned. Walking over, she wrapped her arms around me and looked up. “Yes, Sir. Sorry. Kiss me? Please?” I kissed her and licked her nose. “Ewwww.” She rubbed her nose.

“That’s my nose. I’ll lick it any time I want. I love you, Jill, darling. Come on, let’s throw this stuff in bags and run. Oh, my Lord, sweetie. Nice shoes. You know I love high heels. Take all of these if they’re yours.”

“Cindy can’t wear them. They were Mom’s, mostly. My feet are the same as Mom’s. Cindy’s are a bit bigger. They’re all mine. All those boxes, too.”

She must’ve had twenty shoe boxes, with shoes in them, and about twenty pairs just lying there, lined up on the closet floor. All high heels of some type or another. I was in heaven. Again. I packed all the boxes into a trash bag and she took all the loose ones and did the same. Clothes, the same way, some hang up stuff, nice looking things, too. We got it all out to the truck, then went back in to say goodbye.

Thankfully Cindy and Ron didn’t bring up the plane or anything else that would have gotten me going. I really dislike people that use people for what they have. One reason I never talk about it. I kind of screwed up that time. I could have talked around it, but Cindy would have found out sooner or later and Ron would probably still be around when she did.

We went home, got her stuff inside, and I looked at the damage to my closet. None. It was full of high heels on the shoe racks and shoe boxes on top of that, but I loved just looking at them there, knowing I was going to see my honey in them at some point.

I mentioned we’d probably come back next Saturday but pack enough for Sunday, just in case. She asked how much to pack. I told her as much as she wanted, but we did have to carry the stuff from the plane to the taxi and from the taxi to the house, so keep that in mind. She laughed.

“I can live with a limitation like that. My two bags have wheels!” I watched her pack a couple of slinky dresses, high heels, some sandals. And handfuls of lingerie. YES! Then in the other one she packed tops, shorts, toiletries. “No security then, right?”

“Nope. We don’t want to get caught smuggling anything through customs, but you can have nail clippers in your pocket if you like.” She put her hand on her hip and gave me... ‘The Look’. I laughed. “Just kidding. I know what you meant. Toiletries, liquids, all that, no problem. Just kiss the pilot, and he’ll let you put anything on board.” She kissed me.

“Charlie, what do you want for dinner? I’ll put something together if you’ll let me know. We should get rid of the sandwich and salad stuff since we’re going to be gone all week.”

“That’ll be fine, sweetie. Good point. Everything needs dumped and such.” She fed us and proceeded to clean the fridge out like she owned the joint. Made me happy. She did now. Afterwards, it was getting later, and I knew I needed sleep, so I wanted to start early on my last project before we left for Cabo. “Jill? Honey. Can you come here, please?” She came in from the kitchen. She stopped at the door and looked at me. She smiled.

“You have that look. Tonight?” I nodded. “Let me finish in here and clean up a bit. I’ll be right there. I love you, Sir.” She left, then came back, stripping as she walked by me. I heard some noises I didn’t recognize at first, then the toilet flushed a couple times, then the shower ran. She came out looking the part of the innocent fairy with her hair tied up in a high ponytail. She climbed onto the bed, put a hand on each of my ankles and slowly hand and knee walked up until she could lean down and take me in her mouth. No hands, no help, she sucked, nibbled, and teased me until I came. I thought about stopping her, but then I realized this was her night. She was giving me her personal gift. I let her lead.

After she swallowed all I had, she used her hands, as well as her mouth, teeth and lips, to get me back up and hard again. It took a bit, but she was a trooper, and did all the right things to make it happen. Once she had, she climbed up on me, held a finger to her lips to silence me, then she lowered herself so that I was right there at her entrance. I was supposed to have eaten her to wetness and slickness to help, but I told myself, ‘let her do it’, and I did. She smiled at me, rubbed the head of my member against her lower lips, lubricating them more, then eased it inside. She was hot, wet, ‘UMMPPHHHH’, down she went with a “YIP! Shit, that hurt!” She was all the way down, taking it in one fell swoop. My initial reaction, and I’m glad, was to reach out, doing a crunch, and hug her to me. That had to hurt. A lot. “Oh, Damn, Charlie, that hurt, but it’s OK now, I think. The stinging is going away. Hold me for a bit. Oh, God. That was it, sir. That was all I have to offer you. That and my college fund.” She took the sheet and wiped her eyes. “Lay back, sir. I want you to enjoy this, but we have things to do.” I lay back and she began to grind her mound against my pelvis. Circles, side to side, then finally, front to back. “Oh, much better. The sting is gone and now I feel like I’m loving you inside out. Oh, yes. Yes, Charlie, YES!”

She pulled her feet up to where they were just by my hip bones, squatting over my shaft, totally in control of the movement, and getting me closer and closer. Two orgasms this soon together? Never. No way I could do this. That’s what I was thinking, as she screamed a release, ground down into me and clenched her little pussy around my cock. She leaned forward and with her hands on my chest, over my nipples, clenched her hands. I came like a rocket. Lifting her off the bed, arching my back and shooting over and over into her. Amazing. That quick. Wow. I eased back down, pulling her to me. She resisted until I caught on. She wanted me up, so that I wouldn’t slide out of her.

Another crunch, then sitting up, she used her PC muscles to tease me, once again, back to life. It took twenty minutes. Kissing, feeling, licking, our fingers everywhere. She guided my hand to her bottom and whispered in my ear. “Use your fingers in my butt, Sir. One, then two, then three. Oh, you like that don’t you? I feel your cock growing, pulsing while you have your finger in there. Oh, God, Charlie, Sir, that feels so good. Another one, Charlie. Yes. So good. Yes. One more. Love my asshole, Sir. Fuck me with your fingers. I feel you. Your cock. Growing for me. For my ass. You’re close, so close. Love me, sir. OK. Pull your fingers out. Let me.” She pulled up, held my cock to her gaping anus and lowered herself onto it. It slid right in. She had lubed herself up in the bathroom before coming to bed. This was the most amazing feeling in the world. Much different than her pussy. Tight, restrictive, constrictive. She was flexing her ass muscles, causing me to harden even more.

“Can you lift me, love? Lift me. Yes. Lay me back. Like that. Yes. Put my feet on your shoulders. Now fuck me, lover. Take my ass. Take all of me. My soul is yours. Come in my ass and make me yours, Master. FUCK ME, MASTER! FUCK ME NOW!!! COMMMMINGGGGG! FUCKKKKKKKK!”

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