The Beginning

by Sandy T

Copyright© 2019 by Sandy T

True Sex Story: How the evening changed things

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Sharing   .

We married in the mid 70’s and as newlyweds we sucked and fucked everywhere we could and some places we shouldn’t as well.

My Hubby David had just been given a junior promotion in the engineering company he worked for, he was a hard worker, at work and when he was doing me.

Well the company always had a dinner dance which doubled as a presentation evening every year

This was the first time we had gone to it. The company also provided rooms overnight, which was good; it saved having to drive home afterwards.

It was a posh do, lounge suits for the men and the usual “little” black dress for the ladies.

We were sat with the juniors at a side table and the high performers at the “top” table.

After the presentations which was so boring, we ate, it was a nice meal and drank wine and the men with their usual beers, we talked and laughed and danced, many times I was whisked away to dance as hubby talked shop!. Some of the men were nice and polite and some were the randy sods who pushed up against you as you danced and tried for a crafty arse feel as we danced.

When the slow dances happened I could feel their hard cocks being pushed into my leg and arms, a couple of times they somehow got their hard cocks rubbing against my pussy mound, well me being still newly married I maybe egged some of them on a bit, one older man around 50 about my father’s age I say, I was a sweet 22 year old felt him it sort of shocked me as I estimated him to be about 10 inch judging from where to where I felt him pressing, he was also feeling my arse so I decided to put my hand between us, it was huge and rock hard, as I did he tried to kiss me, I didn’t mind a crafty feel but kissing was not on.

A nice man, Ben was his name, danced with me a fast dance then a slow one I looked for David to do the smoochy dance with but he was across the room talking with Andrew and a few other men.

I agreed to dance the slow dance with Ben, as we danced he held me close, I could smell his aftershave it was so nice after the arse fondling I had earlier, anyway we danced really close well we hardly moved as he was practically making love to me on the dance floor I felt his hardness against me, I was excited I could feel myself getting damp, it was so good he kissed me gently on the lips as the music changed, he said he didn’t like the faster dance.

Well at around 11 the dance was winding down and a lot had gone to bed, there was about 8 or 9 women including me and probably a couple of extra men as well, we all ended up sitting at the same table, just talking and laughing as we all slowly drank more, a few minutes later a man went and said something to a woman (not his wife) and the left the group and went out together, again it happened and again. The others laughed not hubby and me as we didn’t know what the joke was. Anyway we were told that this usually happened as they were “swingers” and they had swapped wives for the night.

The barman said the bar was closing we all awed at that, and Andrew the executive manager, and his wife invited the rest of us up to his suite for a night cap.

It was a massive suite, there was their large round bed in one room and in another was two singles and the third room was a big king size bed, Andrew offered every on a drink and I had a vodka not my usual drink, after a few minutes of talking and laughing and another Vodka or three, I saw David talking with Andrews wife Angie, I was with maybe 4 or 5 other managers and their wives.

Somehow the subject got around to sex, it usually does I found out later. Hubby and I were the youngest there so I was being almost cross examined about what hubby and I did, lots of laughter and innuendoes and I was asked if hubby was good in bed ... Yes I said very good, I looked at David and he was being led to the room with the big round bed in by Angie, as I tried to get up say something one of the wives said quietly its fine it will be good for his promotion prospects.

Andrew took another of the wives by the hand and led her also to the round bedded room.

Another got up and moved to one of the other rooms then another, one woman was with two men.

I looked around and there was only myself and Ben, He offered his hand and I followed him like a sheep, as it turned out the king sized bed was free.

He kissed me tenderly and somehow I was down to my underwear, we kissed some more and I was Naked my lacy white panties and bra were on the floor and I was suddenly faced with Bens hard cock in my face, I just took it and licked all around it and took almost all of him into my mouth. Fast forward al Little and Ben was between my legs sucking on my lips first one then a nibble at my button then some more lip play, I was in heaven I just love David licking and playing with me there.

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