Desi Daughter's Delight

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Coming of Age Sex Story: Immigrant girl loves USA sexual freedom.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Sharing   Incest   Group Sex   Interracial   Indian Female   .

Talisha lay in her bed, naked as usual in that place, and rubbed the male cream seeping from her vagina on her clit, bringing on another climax. She reflected on how fortunate she was to be here in the US instead of her parent’s home in India.

She was 16 ½ and had been here since she was 11, being adopted by an aunt and uncle who were US citizens, and was working on her own citizenship. Those good people had retired and moved back to India where their modest income would effectively be multiplied several times. That left her residing with two cousins in their early 20s, one male and one female. Both of them had done well in school and were establishing careers. That meant that they were gone many hours of the day so she could be pretty independent.

She went to public school in a racially diverse neighborhood so was accepted without any of the hassles that sometimes took place in the lily-white areas of town. When she came of age a half a year ago, she was eager to try all the sex stuff that she saw everywhere and heard from girlfriends. She could get birth control at the school clinic and a girlfriend’s brother quickly made her a “woman”.

She was a very bright girl and would seriously study any subject of interest, and sex certainly was that. While she practiced her skills, and relieved the itch with her first lover, he was certainly not her only. She was cute; small and slim with coffee brown skin and breasts that were nice handfuls, and she wore her dark hair cut short. Her personality drew guys to her of all colors and her curiosity insisted that she observe penises of varying shades from pink to black entering between her legs.

She knew, of course, that the color made no real difference, but the culture associated with that did provide some interesting variations. Offering sex as a benefit to those who dated her got her to many events and households she would otherwise never visit.

Studying other cultures became a strong interest and she began developing questions and tests for her lovers and their families and friends. She became skilled at probing to the point that they sometimes got uncomfortable with where she was taking their minds. Realizing that only one person’s viewpoint was not representative of a culture, she worked on obtaining several of each including those of her female classmates at school.

She began taking some college level classes as an AP student and one covered sociology. A research paper was required in one class and she had taken many, many notes but had no idea how to organize them. There was a grad student who assisted in the class for exactly such help and they arranged to meet. Ed was Caucasian and about 10 years older than she.

As he began looking over the material she had gathered, and quizzing her about how she had acquired it, he got a little bit flustered. It was hard to believe that this demure young lady had done so much “fieldwork”. She was very objective about it and not at all embarrassed to tell him about her research. Sex in her culture was just a natural thing that people did and the sometimes-strange views that other people had were part of the fascination of the subject for her.

When he realized the magnitude of the task, he suggested that they have a meeting on a weekend when they could devote a good bit of uninterrupted time to organizing and planning. He offered to come to her place but she said that her cousins would be home and they liked music and television so there would be no quiet place to work. His apartment was reachable by public transportation so he gave her the directions.

It was warm and she wore very light and casual clothing. It was apparent she did not need a brassiere and he could see her nipples through the thin cotton blouse. Equally as attractive were her little shorts which were a bit clingy while being loose enough that he got the occasional view of her lower regions, or at least the dark curlies that covered them.

She noticed the bulge in his jeans that the intimate subject caused and was very curious. She’d had relatively few pale-skinned sex partners and none of them as much older as he was.

“I’d like to take a break, if that’s OK,” she asked. When he agreed, she stood up and peeled off her few clothes. He was astounded, having had to work to get the pants off women in his past. He was embarrassed when Talisha said plaintively, “Don’t you think I’m attractive?” Quickly reassuring her that she definitely was, his waving pink prick was soon backing up his statement.

Fifteen minutes later they both had satisfied their lust for the time being. His substantial shaft had an interesting curve and he got so damned excited she had to slow him down to last that long. He’d never had brown pussy before and was very verbal about that. When she commented, “I’d like to stay naked. Going back over this stuff I’ve gathered gets me aroused,” his hopes for more of that exotic pussy rose a lot, like his hose wanted to.

By the end of the afternoon they had fucked two more times, a record for him but certainly not for her. She was utterly delighted with his attention and fucking skills. He took her to dinner and then home with plans to meet after class to continue the project.

Talisha had a great time that day with him. Next time she’d hit him with her questions as a research subject. That brings us back to the opening of this tale.

Being a young female, even three good fucks hadn’t exhausted her interest. She decided to see if her male cousin was in bed yet. He always enjoyed a naked visit from her.

He was still working so she just got in bed and snoozed, knowing he would wake her up when he found her. She was more tired than she thought because his cock had already entered by the time she got fully awake and started humping back at him. He soon painted her depths with his cream and then laid quietly, still embedded. His cum was quite copious since he did not have a regular girlfriend so it had been a few days since he unloaded.

He hardly ever had a chance to talk with her so made the best of this opportunity. He wanted another and more leisurely piece when he recovered. “My dear cousin, I’m a little concerned about your obsession with sex. Someday you will want to take a husband and what will he think of someone who is as well used as you?”

She laughed, but in a gentle way, before she answered, “Dear cousin, men cannot tell after a short time if a woman has fucked, let alone how often in her life and with how many men. Can you tell me if I have been with any others today? Or this week?”

When he admitted that he could not, she told him how many times, and approximately when that very day, she had enjoyed sex with Ed. He was surprised and admitted her point, but her revelation stirred his penis to its rigid state again. Even though it was his second go with her, he seemed to be even more inspired and flooded her with at least as much of his juice as the first time. She hugged him and said that she loved him.

Soon she and Ed were spending several nights a week together. One night when he was in her bed and they were just basking in the afterglow of a fine fuck, she heard her cousin come home. Giving Ed a little kiss she said, “You rest and recover because I’m going to get a treat for you.”

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