Fer Health Reasons Only

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Incest Sex Story: Hillbilly wife is convinced to help family with her twitchet. She is very pleased how it helps her too.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Romantic   Sharing   Slut Wife   Incest   .

Author’s note: Some of the dialogue must be read phonetically since I have tried to give the story the flavor of where it occurs. Say it out loud if necessary. Just think of the Beverly Hillbillies and you will catch on. If you can’t appreciate this then exit right now, please.

Ah’m a lucky SOB cause Ah’ve got an older sister. She keeps mah nuts drained every day. Use ter be more then once but she be married now and her husband gits a lot of her pussy and gits it first.

A course she’s keepin her other two brothers, younger then me, drained too and thet keeps her kinda busy. Since she got hitched we ain’t allowed to play with her nice titties like we used to. She says we gotta find a girlfriend to have that kinda fun and to get hot kissin too.

Ah’m thinkin about thet but ain’t seen no available girl as nice as Sis. She’s raht there handy and Ah kin choose to shoot in the mornin or later on but if’n Ah waits too long her husband will be home and she’ll be filled up fer a while. That dude sure likes to fuck which is why she married him.

Ah remembers when Ah first knew Ah could stick mine in her. We wuz livin with Maw then who were takin men to her bedroom all the time and there were moans and thumpins and they’d leave. Sometime the same ones went there but lots of diffrent ones too.

Ah knows now she were whorin but back then she splained to me and Sis thet she were helpin their health. She tole us thet men’s balls gits filled up with juice and need draining reglar to keep healthy. Ah had jest started gitting stiffies when Ah woke up and a boy had showed me how to make it thet white stuff shoot out so Ah tole Maw it were happenin to me.

She said to Sis, “See whut Ah mean. It’s better if a woman does it fer them though and thet’s why Ah helps men out.”

Sis said, “So how does it work? Will you do whatever to Jimmy Jack so Ah kin see? Then mebby Ah kin help out too.” Maw thought that were a good idea so we went to her bed. It were still messed up cause she had helped out a man a little while ago.

She said to Sis, “Pull off his overalls and rub his tallywhacker and it will go from soft and floppy to hard.” Maw used the old-timey words fer cock and pussy.

Sure enough it got longer and stood right up and Sis were fascinated. Maw got on the bed on her hands and knees and tole me, “Yew have seen the dogs in the yard git on each other so yew git on me like thet.” She reached down and aimed my stiffy into a real pink and hairy place under her asshole. Damn! It felt all wet and slippery and hot on my stiffie and so good!

She tole me to move in and out but not all the way out and mah stiffie got to feelin better and better. It felt like when Ah rubbed it only better and then Ah knew Ah were shootin thet white stuff inside her. It were so strong a feelin Ah pulled out and fell on the bed when it finished squirtin.

Sis’s eyes were wide and she reached fer my stiffie which weren’t so stiff any more but it were messy with juices. She watched it shrink back down. She looked at Maw and said, “Kin Ah do thet?”

Maw said, “Ah hope so cause Ah got enough men to care fer so you need to help fambly. Yer other brothers will be gitting thet way in a while and yew kin help all of them when they needs it. That is a daughter’s duty. Ah have brothers too and still help them sometimes.” We knew some uncles thet even stayed all night with her once in a while.

Mah stiffie came back while we wuz a talkin and Sis ast if she could do it now. She had bin wondrin whut thet hole under her pee-pee wuz fer. Maw said it might hurt the first time a stiffie went in but Sis said she’d bin puttin things in it fer a while now.

Maw said the only rule wuz thet fambly had to put their tallywhackers in from behind. Doin it from the front were just fer special boyfriends and husbands. Since we had shared a bed for a long time with the younger boys sleepin in another one, she showed us how we could do it layin down on our sides. Ah got behind Sis and Maw showed her how to reach down and aim my stiffie at the right place. Sis rubbed her little button till she got wet and pointed me in.

She were tighter than Maw and Ah went slow till Ah were all the way. Sis were whimperin and said it felt so good. Ah moved like Ah done before and Maw moved mah hands around to hold Sis’s titties and showed me how to squeeze them and her whimpering got louder till she shook all over so much Ah almost popped out. Maw said thet were a “climax” and it didn’t happen every time. When Ah shot mah stuff in Sis she tole me thank-yew and she wanted to do it agin tonight. Yew bet! Mah nuts were very happy!

We usely waited til the younger boys were asleep afore we commenced to fukin but when we couldn’t wait Ah slipped in from behind and just moved slow. She’d reach down and rub her little button too.

We had a fambley gatherin and two cuzins stayed with us. The girl cuzin were older and liked to help out too and she didn’t like it just frum behind so Ah got to try the other ways which she said she done with lots of guys. The boy cuzin were Sis’s age and were happy to git it any way he could. Our younger brothers slept on pallets in the front room so we cud fuk whenever we wanted. A bunch of uncles and older cuzzins were in Maw’s bed too. Ah hated to see them all leave but still had Sis. It were great to see the cuzzin stickin his stiffie in her so Ah knowed how it looked when Ah did it.

Sis started “datin”. Ah figgered it meant thet some boy took her places to do things and then fuked her. Thet is whet happened most of the times she tole me about when she got in bed with me afterwards. Her pussy, (girl cuzzin tole me thet is whut people called girl parts nowdays) would be real slippery cause they shot lots of stuff in there. She said many of the boys didn’t have sisters to take care of their nut health so she was real happy to do it. There were a bunch she dated at different times but none were speshul enuf to do it from the front. She said none of her date boys complained about that.

Then one boy got real good about getting her pleasure and said he loved her. He wanted her only fer his pecker but she said thet wouldn’t be fair to the others who needed her. He could kiss her and do her from the front though. That made him a lot happier.

Ah were old enuf to start datin now and she tole me about girls who liked to date. She would “fix me up”. That met she would pick out ones she knew would fuk me. Girls talk and she tole them about my pecker and they wuz interested.

Ah were kind of worried but she tole me thet they didn’t have the same rules as our Maw had made and if Ah were polite and did nice things fer them like buy hamburgers and shakes and go fer walks or whutever they wanted, Ah could fuk them from the front and Ah would really like that.

She were sooo right! When Ah got in bed my pecker had recovered and Ah wanted to stick it in her. She hadn’t had a date fer a change so was real eager. My next brother was fuking her every day and the last one was showin some interest. Her pussy would be busy but she didn’t mind.

Anyways she ast me about my date and said she liked it so much from the front thet we should do it thet way once in a while. Wow, two times from the front in one night!

The girl Ah dated were real popular and Ah couldn’t get a date agin fer a while so Sis fixed me up with another one. She were pregnant already and just loved peckers. Her titties were even makin milk!

Ah fuked her a couple of times a week and her belly grew. She were popler and sometimes Ah had to wait till another guy finished if’n Ah got there too early fer our date.

My pecker kept growin and Sis told a married woman about me so Ah went to visit her after school. She tole me she couldn’t wait fer her husband to get off work to fuk cause he worked late. She were a big one with huge titties and a belly thet stuck out a bit over the hairiest pussy Ah’d ever seen. She liked to be on top of me and lower herself down on my stiffie. This was fun cause her titties hung down and swung around like no others Ah’d had ever seen. She loved me to squeeze and bite them and she shook like jelly when she got her fun.

One day we wuz really fukin and her husband came home cause he got sick at work. He just sat in a chair and watched us fer a while then stood by the bed and stuck his boner in her mouth! Ah were amazed cause no girl ever did thet to me. He even shot his stuff in her mouth and she swallered it.

Ah ast Sis and she said she’d rather have it in her pussy but had sucked a few boys to git em ready fer fukin. Ah’d never needed no gittin ready but she did it after Ah’d already shot once and it got me back up quicker to do it agin. Ah liked thet!

Freddie, the boy Ah menshuned earlier, ast her to marry him cuz he gradyewated high school and got a job but didn’t have no place fer them to live yet. She stopped her other boyfriends except on older man who she took care of, including his nuts, cuz she got paid. He promised her a spechul wedding present too.

When Freddie couldn’t make enuf money fer a place after a few months this nice man, his name were Wilbur, said they could come live in his house cause there were plenty of room and she could take care of him easier.

They were delighted and made weddin plans. The night before the weddin, Sis stayed at Wilber’s house and fuked him fer the last night as a single woman. Freddie’s buddies took him out and got him drunk and a stripper teased and finally fuked him in front of them all. Some of them had fuked Sis and would miss her pussy but maybe he wouldn’t be selfish, they tole him.

So they spent two nights at a motel and Freddie got so drunk at the weddin party two of the buddies had to almost carry him there and they fuked Sis as a thank-yew fer helpin. She were glad to keep them healthy and said maybe more if’n they weren’t datin anyone. She got Freddie’s cock stuff the next mornin and he never knew the difference.

Wilber had come to the weddin in a wheel chair and was real happy to have them around cause he got lonely. Sis knew thet being around people were just as important as fukin so she happily did both fer this nice man. Freddie were working long hours at the tractor dealership so when one of the weddin guys called her up she ast him over and Wilber recognized him from the weddin.

After the guy left Wilber were curious how a new bride would be fukin someone else right away. Usually they waited fer a while. Sis explained how he needed to keep his parts healthy like she did fer him and her brothers. Wilber had wondered why they stopped by every day. He could certainly see the wisdom in that and said it proved what a good woman she was. He could see the pride move into Sis’s face. She gave him a bonus fuk cause he’d made her feel so good and he understood why her pussy was so slippery so often.

Sis fell pregnant after a while cause she fergot to renew thet bump under her arm but Freddie were happy. Six differnt kinds of seed had been frequently sown in the garden with a few others occasionally. Ah thought it would be interesting to see whose had sprouted, if we could even tell.

We all had healthy nuts from how much Sis wanted to empty them as she swelled up. Freddie admitted he was glad he had help cause even then he couldn’t sleep the whole night through without fuking her one way or another. He’d wouldn’t mind if Ah slept in their bed and she could just use me so he could sleep. That didn’t work cause when she finished with me she woke him up anyway.

Ah were still fuking the older lady pretty often and she knew about Sis so she offered to come over and fuk all of us every day after the baby came. She tole her husband that it was to help Sis and that would be the truth more or less.

The little boy were cute and no one could tell who started it yet. The married woman were thrilled to fuk all of us one after another cuz she hadn’t done that since school days. She never wore out even when us younger guys got stiffies agin by the time the others finished up, so she offered another turn. It were real messy by then, but what the hell and she loved it. She said her husband got all he wanted so couldn’t complain if he knew.

She were a big help to Sis takin care of the new little one and when Sis were OKed fer fukin agin we still wanted to fuk the older woman too when she came over. They kinda split up and took different turns so it were nice fer everybody to have changes and not be in any rush cuz someone were waitin with a hard-on.

Ah might find me a girlfriend one of these days. She has to like sex and be interested in bein shared like Sis is or else she won’t fit into our fambly. The married lady says she has a daughter Ah might like to date. Ah heerd she is interested cause her mom has said whut a good fuker Ah am and thet’s whut she likes. She’s off at college right now but will be home for a vacation soon. Ah hope Ah’m not too dumb fer her but her ma says she’s more interested with what’s between mah legs then anythang and mine is real good. Her ma ought ter know by now!

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