Can I Put It Inside You?

by lastone

Copyright© 2018 by lastone

Young Adult Sex Story: A short narrative about two teenagers in bed naked. The boy try's to convince the girl to have sex with him

Caution: This Young Adult Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Vignettes   Incest   Brother   Sister   Cream Pie   First   .

“Can I put it in?”

“No way!”

“Pleeease. I’ll be careful, I promise not to do it inside you.”

“Do what?”

“You know, spill any.”

“The answer is still no. Spill any what?”

“Spill any sperm inside you. I can pull out if you let me do it.”

“Sperm will get me pregnant; no you can’t put it inside me.”

“Only if I cum inside you, I’ll pull out in time, promise.”

“Come? What are you talking about.”

“No not that come, cum c-u-m that’s what’s it’s called when I squirt.”

“Squirt what?”

“Are you dense? Cum, sperm the stuff that gets you pregnant! But I won’t do it inside you”

“I don’t think it’s a good idea. I can feel your thing between my legs, it’s too big, it might hurt me if you put inside me.”

“No it’s not that big, it’s supposed to fit inside a girl.”

“Maybe but I’m too young, an older girl but I’m not grown enough, your way to big.”

“Let me turn the light on and you can see how big it isn’t.”

“NO! I don’t want to see it. I can feel it pushing between my thighs. We shouldn’t even be doing this. This is the last time I let you talk me into getting naked. I think it’s perverted.”

“It’s not perverted, it’s what boys and girls do.”

“Maybe when they are older. We aren’t old enough yet.”

“Yes we are. Please can I put it in, just the head of it that’s all.”

“It has a head? It doesn’t have eyes and a nose too?”

“No, but it does have a little hole that looks like a mouth that my cum shoots out off. You need to look at it.”

“I said I didn’t want to look at it.”

“At least spread you legs like last time.”


“Thank you, doesn’t that feel a lot better?”

“A little, why is all wet down there now? You didn’t spill any of your cum or sperm did you?”

“No I can’t cum until I rub it on you for awhile, or better if I slide in and out of you.”

“No you’re not sliding it in and out of me, I’ll get pregnant.”

“Only if I cum inside you which I won’t, I promise.”

“I feel you thingy pushing against my pookie.”

“Does it feel good?”


“It would feel better if it was inside you.”

“No it wouldn’t, it would hurt, and it’s too big to fit so you’re still not putting inside me.”

“I would never hurt you, I love you.”

“How do I know you love me?”

“I can prove it by making love to you, if you let me.

“You need to be careful. I think the head of your thingy is between my pookie. Do not push it any further, if you do I’m leaving.”

“Does it still feel good?”

“Yes but that’s beside the point.”

“How good does it feel, just OK or real good?”

“Real good I guess.”

“Let me put just a wee bit more in. It might feel even better”

“No, I might get pregnant when you squirt your sperm inside me.”

“I told you before I won’t squirt inside you!”

“Then where would squirt it?”

“I’ll pull out before I do it.”


“Does it feel any better, I think just the head is inside you, it’s not hurting is it?”

“No. And don’t put it in any further.”

“I promise.”

“Why do you keep pushing and pulling back?”

“That’s what you do when you love someone except it’s supposed to be all the way inside while I push in and out.”

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