Slippery Is as Slippery Does

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Ozark hill girl gets a few complaints about the condition of her twitchet. She doesn't care. It is what it is and if you don't like it, don't fuck it.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Romantic   Heterosexual   Sharing   Wife Watching   Incest   Group Sex   Cream Pie   Prostitution   .

The sayin that is the title of this tale ran thru her mind when the boy on top of her began mutterin about her twitchet bein too slippery. He were bitchin about needin better traction fer his tallywhacker. She didn’t know zackly where them words come from but it sounded fine. She squeezed his big shaft a little as she complained right back. “If’n yew don’t like it then put it in someone else. There’s lots of others thet wants to be in there but yer’s feels better’n most of em.”

Of course she was slippery. Ma was on the rag and she had two brothers and a cousin that needed their morning seein-to. Pa liked his fuckin just before sleep. Mebby she shoulda drained it more on the two-holer but Sammy was anxious fer his turn.

He was doin his best to enjoy her bountiful tits, rated the best in the holler by the many who had sampled them. It was tough for this young man as he balanced on the stub of a forearm where he’d lost a hand to a farm machine while his remaining one and his mouth enjoyed her chest treasures.

Melba Mae was often on top fer him but she were a bit weary from fukkin three times already this mornin and it weren’t even lunch time yet. She’d have to give the hired hand a quick one doggy-like this afternoon because there was the big barn dance tonight and a couple of her favorites would be there to take her to the hayloft. She’d see her girlfriends up there too, getting their fun. She knew Pa wouldn’t complain when she got home and got in bed with him and Ma. He almost always got Ma already slippery-like. Thet were just the usual condition of a twitchet around here.

The boy started groaning and thet brought her atteshun back to her crotch. She felt thet hot shootin and it made her glow a little bit too. She grinned at him as he pulled that drippin hose out of her, and asked, “Yew gonna clean thet up since yew don’t like slippery?” He shook his head and wiped them both off with his red bandana. “Ha, ye’re gonna smell like fukkin all day. See yew at the dance but don’t expect no more of this. It’s some other tallywhackers’ turns.” He pulled up his overalls and left without a word.

She did Sammy a lot even though he was younger than her sixteen years. He’d been a neighbor ever since he were born and they had played nekked in the horse trough and the crik many times as youngsters. When she learned about fukkin, of course she would do it with him and marveled how thet little piss hose had grown up into something thet took two hands to hold completely. Her twitchet had been plenty stretched by the time he tried it out but it took a few times before she could feel all of it inside.

It didn’t make sense to have on underwear at the barn dance. Yew might lose it if’n yew took it off in the hayloft or some other girl might grab it to wipe off her crotch. A little towel in your purse was helpful to be a little more presentable on the outside fer the next man who visited there. The first one would have to do a bit extra, like likkin and kissin yer twitchet to make it easier to slide into, but after thet there were plenty of lubrication for the others. Sometime she’d make a half-dozen trips to the hayloft but not tonight. She wanted to have energy fer Pa even though he’d git drained a few times at the dance.

Them Jones brothers were after her tonight and found her when Billy Bob, another favorite neighbor, brought her back to the dance floor. They were such a team that they could keep you filled with man-meat fer a long time without stoppin. She’d done it with them many times and not just at the dance but she begged off tonight thet she was too tired. “Yew give me a call on Sunday afternoon and mebby we can have some fun then.” A little redhead with big tits came up and whispered in Rastus’ ear and they followed her.

In spite of what she’d said earlier, she asked Sammy to dance and he said he hadn’t had any luck so far. She took him to the hayloft and when the girl getting fukked next to them saw his tallywhacker she got her guy to finish up and asked politely if Sammy would do her too. “Ah had him earlier today so you just open wide cause yew’re gonna get real filled up. Git on her Sammy. I’ll go back to the dance.”

They came out of the hayloft quite a while later holding hands. She was a cute little chubby blond with saggy pillow tits and came over to thank her benefactor. “Ah think he’s gonna be mah best boyfriend. Thank yew so much!”

She made one more trip to the hayloft with her best girlfriend’s dad. He was the one who’d showed her how a tallywhacker worked and he would always be speshul. They saw his wife and her Pa bouncin in the hay and she told Pa to save a little fer her. The wife sayed she weren’t gonna leave nothin fer nobody but she was grinnin.

Pa did her right good when they got home and Ma was snorin right next to them. Ma’s monthly ought to be done by mornin and she’d have to take over for her daughter, at least with those guys who minded a little extra and red slippery cuz her curse were starting up.

Melba Mae didn’t see or feel as much of Sammy for the next few weeks cause the blond wuz askin fer a lot of him. Then one day he come over to tell her somethin. She dropped her jeans and laid down, figgerin he missed her and he slid right in, not complainin cause she was slippery. “Whatcha worryin bout?” she asked after he put his usual big load nice and deep.

“Ah made a baby in Sally Sue.” That was the blond’s name.

Melba Mae asked, “How do you know?”

“She peed on this little stick and it turned the color for a baby. Ah ast her if she peed on my stick would it turn color too and she said she’d try it sometime.”

Next question from a young woman who knew mostly how NOT to make babies, “It ain’t bin very long yew bin screwin her. Are yew shur it’s from yew?”

“She said it happened at the barn dance. When Ah said Ah saw her fukkin a guy right before me she said Ah put the most seed in her so it was probly mine.”

Melba Mae thought for a bit while Sammy fucked her again and then said, “This just don’t seem right somehow. You keep on fukkin her while we figger this out but don’t make no promises.” Sammy sayed “OK”.

When she went to talk to Sammy’s Ma, there were fireworks, “Why that little slut. She’s given that story to a bunch of boys anglin to get out of that shitty trailer she lives in with her stepdad and his four bratty boys. Most likely one of em planted her and a while back afore she even met Sammy. The woman next door to them heard it before the barn dance and wouldn’t let her men fuck thet slut no more.”

Relieved, Melba Mae decided to let Sammy enjoy the little cunt some more. She was pudgy enough that her baby wouldn’t show for a while anyway. A few months later she heard that Sally Sue had a stillbirth and it was real dark skinned. Maybe she’d been earning money at the truck stop where some of the drivers were black. Anyway her family moved to another holler after that.

A couple of weeks later Melba Mae was swimmin in the crik and a guy came upon her. She hadn’t seen him before but he was tall and good looking. He introduced himself as James and ast real polite-like if he could join her in the pool. When she nodded, he took of his clothes, being able to see she was skinny-dipping. His body was trim and toned and his love hose looked impressive.

He swam over to her and shook her hand as he said, “This is great! I’ve hardly ever swum naked.” She could tell from his speech he was probly from the city. What was he doin here in the hills?

He answered that right away, “We moved into the house over there,” pointing to where Sally Sue had lived. “My grandparents owned it and we do now. We were waiting for the renters to leave and we want to have this be a vacation getaway.” That was something that needed explaining since Melba Mae had never heard of people owning TWO places.

She was getting water wrinkles so got out on the grass. James followed, the sight of her shapely ass filling his tallywhacker. She shared her towel and dried him all over and he did the same to her. Her furry place tingled at his touch. They sat on the towel and visited. His eyes kept darting to her hard-nippled tits and her lightly furred crotch. She made sure he got good looks at both and he got less shy about his boner. It was worth looking at and she wanted to know a lot more about it.

He was SO polite it was getting frustrating. The local boys would have copped a feel in the water and be all over her by now. She had to take the first step.

Scooting close to him she said, in her best voice, “Ah’d like to give you a real country welcome.” She turned and put a hand under the nearest breast and offered it to him. His mouth got one nipple and a hand got the other. “Mmmmm! That’s whut they likes.”

Soon they were reclining on the ground. Her hand figured he was as long as and a bit thicker than Sammy. He was kissing her a lot more than the locals did and he didn’t just jump on for a ride. His hands explored her all over and when he got between her thighs he bent over and her twitchet got tasted for the first time. His tongue did magical things to her little pleasure bump, things like it usually took her own fingers to do. What she had been missing! He even put his tongue in her like a little wiggly tallywhacker. She was glad she’d only fukked her cousin that morning cause he had the smallest loads. She was feelin slippery from her own juices.

As his circumcised mushroom head, another rarity in that area, was poised to enter he asked if she was on birth control because he didn’t have a condom. “What’s a condom?” she had to ask. “It’s OK to shoot in me. They all do.” That startled him but not to the point of stopping.

This was a real different fuck than she’d ever had. He didn’t just pound away until he squirted. No, he savored each stroke and teased different parts of her body at the same time. He nibbled on her earlobes, which tickled, and even used his fingers to rub her bump some. He rubbed the bone above his tallywhacker on her bump too and it felt real good. When he couldn’t hold back any longer she felt the strong spurts of his ejaculation, something she’d felt almost a thousand times before, but this one set pleasure radiating from her crotch and she shook in his arms.

When she could speak again she murmured, “Wow! Guess yew are mah boyfriend now. Mah other ones don’t make me feel like that! Did a girlfriend teach yew how to fuck so good?”

He first replied to her question, “The one I have now is an older married woman whose husband can’t do it anymore. She’s a good teacher.” Then he asked his, “I’ve never been laid by someone I just met. You said something about boyfriends?”

She kissed him and clutched his still partly firm tallywhacker inside her. “Ah’ve got a bunch of em but none does it like yew just did.” That confirmed what he thought he’d heard, that she was promiscuous. But on the other hand she was lovely and had a body by far the best he’d even seen pictures of and seemed glad to share it with him. Worth pursuing regardless of what else she did with it. He’d deal with that later.

They talked some more and she got him hard without even exiting her twat. His married woman could do that but neither of his two previous lovers could. They had a lovely second fuck and rinsed off in the stream before dressing. She invited him and his family over for dinner the next night.

James and his father, James Senior brought a case of cold local beer to the cabin where Melba Mae lived. That made them instant heroes and the porch was filled with guzzling good ole boys while the womenfolk got the vittles finished.

It was pork jowl and cabbage with cornbread. James Sr remembered such a meal with his grandparents when he was small. Pa and Ma remembered the older folks and had helped bury them. The two city people listened to the way folks talked and tried to fit in.

After dinner the rest of the beer was finished up to a lot of tall tales. Melba Mae took Junior for a walk. “Mah folks likes yew cause yer coming back ter yer roots. She noted yew don’t have no wimmen so she’d like to give yer Pa a welcome like I gave yew. Ah want more of yer luvin too. Go ask him if’n yew two kin stay the night?”

Senior had heard about his son’s welcome and noted that Ma was pretty good lookin too even though missin a few teeth. Her tits would be enjoyable. He hadn’t been laid for months so Junior urged him to take the invitation, only partly to not be rude. One question was, what would Pa be doin?

Melba Mae laughed a bit at thet, “No, he won’t be watchin yew. He’ll go over to his widder sister and keep her company. She needs a man every now and then like anybody else.”

The two siblings and the cousin that lived there had to do without their bedtime pussy but it was promised for the morning after the guests left. Both Ma and Melba Mae made plenty of noise with their horny guests and even more when in the middle of the night they switched beds. Girls get curious too.

As the two Jameses drove home, they had a lot of culture shock to wear off. Neither one knew what to say so they didn’t. They had never experienced that night’s situation even in their imagination. Both of them wondered if it would happen again. This place was REALLY different but they couldn’t complain about the hospitality, could they?

That exact sex romp didn’t recur because Ma introduced Senior to Pa’s sister. She was an earthy hill woman with a stocky but solid body and a sharp wit. Loved to fuck too and he didn’t dwell on how many others, family or not, she got pleasure from. When he wasn’t with at her place Melba Mae was often in Junior’s bed in the next room. If the younger man tired, she had no reluctance about seeing if he had some energy for her twitchet. These city boys were getting most of her leg-spreading because they were so much more satisfying than the locals. Pa’s sis agreed with that and said no to others more often.

When Junior just couldn’t hold back from talking to Melba Mae about how free and easy she was with her body, she smiled and held his hand just so nice like, “A guess they didn’t teach yew that fukkin is just a natural way of being nice to other people. We ain’t got television or other fancy stuff out here so that’s something we kin do for fun or just to make each other feel real good. Do you feel like yew ain’t got good fukking from me because Ah does it with some others? I think you’re special and you’re gettin more times in mah twitchet then anybody else.”

He kissed her and said, “I’m beginning to understand how you think about it and it’s probably a lot nicer than the way city folks deal with sex much of the time. No, I ain’t got no complaints and hope we keep on fucking for a long time.” She gave him a big hug and a deep kiss before she run off to take care of her brothers sayin she’d be back in a little bit.

Sammy was feeling kinda hurt that this new guy was getting most of Melba Mae’s fucking and he let her Ma know. Ma offered some of hers but he had special feelings for Melba Mae and he was getting jealous. Ma passed the word on to her daughter.

She set Junior down and told him, “Ah relized thet Ah bin hurtin the feelins of a boy I knowed a lot longer than yew. Ah just wanted yew to learn from me that Ah will be fukkin him more like Ah used to before yew came here. Ah still like yew just as much so don’t git yer feelins all outa whack. We’s all friends and if yew git too horny jest go see Ma. She really likes yer fukkin too.”

He sat out on the cabin porch that evening with his dad, sharing a bottle of Beam. After listening to what Melba Mae had said, Dad responded, “I learned from my grandmother, and it was reinforced by Pa’s sis, that the women here are very independent. You don’t want to tell them what they can or can’t do with their own bodies. My advice is to just enjoy the ride. We are only going to live here part-time and this is Melba Mae’s whole life. Even if you could get her to marry you, she’d never move to the city to live. She doesn’t belong there. She might come to visit though.”

Junior thunk on that for quite a while but couldn’t argue with his father’s wisdom. He’d just have to adjust and accept what he couldn’t change.

Even though he knew she was welcoming Sammy between her legs more often, her ardor for him was undiminished and maybe even stronger. But the time of their visit was ending and she was unaware of that. When he broke the news she bawled, “Will Ah ever see yew agin?”

“Absolutely! I have to go back to work but will get here as often as I can. I’ve really gotten to like this place and you especially. I’d like to have you visit where I live too.”

That got her eyes open, “Ah’ve never bin to the big city but I’ll go because yew are there to take care of me.”

“Speaking of takin care, I want you to live at our place and take care of it. Maybe Sammy will stay here too and look after you.” She hugged him and said that was a great idea. What she didn’t say was she was tired of fukkin her brothers and cousin. Pa was OK and he could come visit, maybe after church or something.

Melba Mae shuttled between James’ beds the night before they left after Pa’s sis got her goodbye fuck. Plans for her visit to the city were discussed on the trip back.

A month later a country girl got on the Greyhound at the truck stop with her little suitcase, ready to leave her home county for the first time. She didn’t have to change busses and Junior met her at the bus station. It had been a six-hour trip. She was wide eyed the whole time, seeing things that just didn’t exist in her Ozark holler or even the nearby town where she shopped when she had to.

Reaching Junior’s house that he shared with his dad, she couldn’t believe it. So big and pretty and with two bathrooms even. But neighbors were real close up and hardly any trees.

As they walked in the door, she said, “Ah need ter be fukked raht now.” So did Junior and they got naked real fast. He was surprised that her twitchet seemed to be oozing semen and said so.

“Ah wuz too horny thinking about yew and there wuz this boy from home Ah knowed a long time who was on the bus too so we went in the back seat and fucked. He were as good as he used to be but not as good as yew.”

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