by The Heartbreak Kid

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Fiction Story: For most people the majority of their existences are humdrum and eminently forgettable. However, there are some days when exceptional things happen to us and these are the days that we remember for the rest of our lives. This is a story about such a time. British English, places and idiom are used throughout. Please note that some codes have been omitted in order to aid narrative development and so hopefully the readers' overall appreciation.

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It’s supposed to be the case that every father would like at least one male heir to carry on his line and every mother would like at least one daughter, I suppose just to have an ally in the household. One of my parents, Miles and Elsa Siddons, struck out as far as that was concerned, as I, Richard Charles Siddons, only have two older brothers, Thomas and Edward. However, if it is any consolation for my poor, beleaguered mother (yeah, right!), at least she had a gap of almost three years between me and Eddie being born, unlike the seventeen months between my two other siblings; she has also subsequently gained two daughters-in-law which must have sugared the pill somewhat. She may yet gain a third, although I have no such plans in the near future.

As a family I would say that we are close, although we don’t live in each others pockets. I get on well with Rebecca and Lauren, Tom and Eddie’s respective wives, and there is a slightly smaller age difference between me and my two older sisters-in-law. Another thing about my brothers is that they chose to marry quite late, so I was twenty-one when Tom married Becky and then Eddie and Lauren only tied the knot just over a year ago; this being the case, Mum is still waiting for news of her eagerly awaited grandchildren. Now that you have some of the background details, this story can begin.

The basic scenario is that my brother Tom was promoted into a fairly important and much better paying job by his multi-national employers; the downside of which, however, was that the job was in Edinburgh and he, like the rest of our immediate family live in Hampshire, quite near to Southampton. My mother wasn’t best pleased by this news, as she saw it mainly in terms of the distance involved in relocating, which would affect her access to the aforementioned grandchild/children when it/they finally arrived. We managed to pour oil on these troubled waters somewhat, by pointing out that by shopping around on the internet she could fly from Southampton to Edinburgh in less time than it takes to drive to London, which is approximately a sixth of the distance, and for much less than a return train ticket would cost.

Anyway, with Tom and Becky’s acceptance of the move, the logistical planning could begin, a process which was greatly expedited by Tom’s employers’ wish to see him settled in as soon as possible. To this end they even arranged to buy Tom and Becky’s house and to offer them a very generous relocation package as well. Several family meetings were convened and the final plan was settled upon. Most of the larger items from the family home would go into storage as they would initially be renting furnished accommodation until they could find a new property to buy, but all of the smaller day-to-day household objects, the immediate necessities, would be taken up to Scotland by road in a suitable vehicle. This last condition was where I featured personally.

We worked out that a large van would be needed for the trip, but that rather than pay a haulage company to make the journey of about 450 miles, we could do it ourselves for much cheaper. All that was to be decided was exactly who the ‘we’ in question would be. Unfortunately it wouldn’t be brother Tom who had been a bit of a naughty boy and was currently banned from driving. Becky could chauffeur him around once they got to Scotland, but she didn’t fancy driving all that way in a vehicle she wasn’t used to. This became immaterial, however, when enquiries were made and it was discovered that none of the local or national hire companies would rent a large van to someone under thirty. That included my other brother, Eddie, who is about the same age as Becky. Of course, yours truly, little brother Ricky, was excluded for the same reason. Heads were duly scratched, as we grappled with this seemingly insuperable problem, until good old dad thought that he might have a possible solution. He ended the ensuing phone call enquiry with a big smile on his handsome face—yeah, you’d probably notice the resemblance if you saw us together!

“It’s sorted! I know a man who knows a man who’ll loan us his Mercedes Sprinter van, which should be ample. As long as we get some temporary insurance and put the fuel in it’s ours for a couple of days.”

“Seems ideal, Pa; are those the only conditions?” Eddie asked him.

“Not quite, Son; whoever does the outward journey has to pick up a load on the way back and deliver it to this guy. He reckons that saving the cost of paying someone to drive there and back makes it worth his while. So, who’s it to be?”

“Sorry, Pa, I can’t spare a couple of days at the moment with all the work that we’ve got on at the moment, so it looks like you, Ricky boy!” Eddie stated. I shrugged my shoulders: I knew that as far as the family were concerned it was already a done deal.

“You’d really be doing us a biggie, Rick, and of course I’ll be going up there with you; it’s not fair to ask you to go on your own,” Becky added.

“Yes, and I’ve already agreed to help Becks get settled in up there, so I’ll be going with you as well,” Lauren said.

“Seems like that’s settled, then!” my mother pronounced, closing the discussion.

I’m too young to remember how people organised things like this before they had smart phones and the Internet, but by going online it didn’t take me long to get together a workable itinerary. In the theoretical but unlikely event that I was able to stay awake and drive non-stop, I could do the whole trip in about eight and a half hours. However, being practical, I chose a route that would let me split the journey into three stages with breaks in between for food, fuel, rest and other necessities. The three of us would leave Southampton in the early hours and I would drive until we got to Leicester. If I was feeling okay we could take a short break and then push on for Darlington, which according to Google Maps would leave us about three hours and some hundred and sixty miles shy of our destination.

I picked the Mercedes van up the afternoon before we planned to leave and with the help of anyone who was available, we got it loaded and ready for an early start the next morning. Tom was already up in Edinburgh, so Becky said a quick farewell to her neighbours and then spent the night with Mum and Dad, which is where I left the van overnight.

It wasn’t that far from my compact one bedroom flat to my parents’ house, so instead of driving and leaving my car in front of their place, I got my pushbike out and pedalled through the quiet streets. Mum and dad have always been early risers and Becky was sitting with them at the kitchen table sipping tea when I arrived.

She is almost three years older than me and she is very attractive, in an adult way. Her long hair is currently mostly blonde, but the colour is not quite the right shade for it to look totally natural, although it is always well looked after. She is slim and leggy, and has fairly slender hips and a narrow waist. Her boobs aren’t the biggest, but are in proportion to the rest of her body. I’d say that she was more handsome than pretty-pretty, but on her it looks good. For the journey up she was wearing a pair of aerosols, as I call them: you know, jeans that look like they’re sprayed on; they do make her legs look even longer, though, especially when worn with high boots, and her pert bum even nicer.

“Are you ready for the off, Becks?”

“Mmm, just about! I’ll send Lauren a text to let her know we’re on our way.” She gave Mum and Dad a hug and a kiss. “We’ll ring you as soon as we get there, Ma. Cheer up, and don’t forget we’re only a plane ride away and as soon as Tom and me get settled we’ll be expecting you to visit.” She waved as we drove away.

About fifteen minutes later we were pulling up outside Eddie and Lauren’s home. Becky jumped out and went to the front door, but I stayed in the van, hoping that that would gee them up a bit. Lauren stood on the doorstep and kissed her husband like she was going off to war and then she and Becky climbed into the front next to me.

Lauren is quite different to Becky in some significant ways: she is, if anything, even slimmer than our other sister-in-law, but she has a much rounder and pronounced bum. Whereas Becky is handsome, Lauren is perhaps more cute, in a kind of tomboyish way. Not that she looks like a boy, with her mop of slightly unruly reddish-brown hair and a pair of boobs that are on the disproportionately large size for her more petite frame. She is one of those young women that doesn’t appear to be overly-fastidious about her appearance, but who will usually swap her everyday glasses for contact lenses whenever she goes out to socialise. It could be argued as well, that her personality is much more bubbly and excitable than Becky’s cool, calm and collected demeanour. She, too, was wearing a pair of tight fitting stretch jeans, except with training shoes instead of boots.

The journey to Leicester was uneventful and the only thing that I really took notice of was how much Lauren and Becky could talk about things that I had little or no interest in. Oh, they tried to include me in their conversation out of politeness, but after a while I found out I could zone them out most of the time.

“Either of you ladies need anything while we’re here?” I asked, as we drove into the services parking area.

“Well, maybe I could just get a coffee and stretch my legs,” Lauren replied. “I’ll join you, Love!” Becky added.

It was still only mid-morning by this time, but I’d already been up for some hours so a caffeine infusion seemed like a good idea. I also took the opportunity to evacuate my bladder again, and as I left the gents bathroom I spotted my sisters-in-law deep in thought evaluating the contents of the service station shops. The coffee and a walk around the car park cleared the cobwebs away, and we were soon ready to head north again.

The journey from the East Midlands to County Durham in North East England got us about another one hundred and fifty miles closer to our goal, but even with breaks I’d been on the road for over six hours and I was definitely feeling it.

“Ladies, we have a decision to make: to be honest, I’m getting to the point where all this driving is becoming a chore and I’m tired, and that is a downright dangerous combination! I need to sleep, and I don’t mean just close my eyes and rest, I mean real sleep. The problem is that we are still at least three hours away from Edinburgh, but even if I only sleep for two hours on top of that, we are talking about getting there about ten o’clock. Any suggestions?” Becky nodded in acknowledgement.

“We are all a bit travel weary, Ricky, so my vote would be to see if we can get accommodation somewhere and start out fresh tomorrow.”

“Well, if you both wanted to push on I’d go along with that,” Lauren offered, “but to be honest, if I was voting with my bum I’d say stay here; as long as we tell people what we are doing.” Becky nodded again.

“Ricky, I think we know how you’d vote. Let me just see if I can find a motel or something around here. If I can, you can have a nice rest, and if you feel up to it we can maybe go out and get a meal later.”

Another latte provided my flagging energy with the extra oomph it needed, while Becky used her phone to see what was available. I was still drinking my coffee when she got off the phone.

“There’s a Premier Inn not far from here and I’ve reserved a room there. There’s even a restaurant on the site so we won’t have to go far to eat.”

A room, as in one?” Lauren questioned. Becky nodded.

“Yes, a room. It’s only for one night, Lauren, and it’s a twin room with a king-size bed and a sofa-bed. Come on, girl, we’re all family and I don’t suppose anyone’s got anything the others haven’t seen before!” Lauren smiled, albeit weakly: “Okay, Becky, if we can’t trust Ricky who can we trust!”

Lauren and Becky didn’t have overnight bags, as such, because they were both staying in Edinburgh, but I’d brought a couple of changes of clothes and my toiletries with me. A visit to an on-site shop near the motel secured a couple of tooth brushes and we could share my stuff, as needed. I wondered if the staff at the Premier Inn would query the fact that two young women and a man were checking in to one room, but they just smiled throughout the short process and debited Becky’s bank card without question. Once in the room I took off my shoes and stretched out on the sofa-bed and I was asleep in short order.

I awoke to the sound of a television with the volume turned low but still audible. My sisters-in-law were propped up on the bed watching whatever it was that was showing. I looked at my watch: it was just after eight o’clock.

“Feeling better for that, Ricky, Love?” Becky asked me.

“Mmm, tons, thanks! If you still want to eat I’ll just quickly freshen up?”

“You go right ahead. All my clothes are out in the van but they are packed away in boxes. The only other clothes I have available are what I wore yesterday, so I’m not going to bother to change out of what I’ve got on.”

A quick sluice and a squirt of deodorant and I was ready to face the world again—or at least the staff in the nearby Beefeater restaurant!

We were done eating by ten, which included a nice cold beer to wash it down with, and all of our spirits were once again generally high.

“Anyone mind if I take the first shower?” Becky asked when we got back to our room, “Even if I don’t have a change of clothes for the morning I can still wash my smalls out and they’ll dry overnight. Do you want me to do yours, Love?” Lauren looked at me coyly then nodded: “If you wouldn’t mind!” As soon as she started to unbutton and unzip her jeans and wiggle out of them I turned my back on the pair of them. Lauren giggled.

“it’s okay, Ricky, I’m decent—kind of!” she said after a couple of minutes. What she classed as decent was sitting cross-legged on the bed with her shirt pulled down as far as it would go at the front, so that it just about covered her embarrassment; although by so doing it was also stretched tautly over those breasts of hers which, believe me, left absolutely nothing to the imagination!

When Becky came out of the bathroom she was wearing just a towel around her body. Lauren got up off the bed and as she did so her meagre covering naturally rose up and I got my first proper look at her body, naked from the waist down—wow! That changed to a triple wow when she pulled her shirt over her head and I then got to see those glorious boobs, if only for a few moments. Becky grinned at me.

“They look great on her, but I’m not sure that I’d want any that big. Men don’t think about the disadvantages of having big tits, just what it would be like to play with them.”

“But yours are really nice, too, Becks!” I said without thinking. Becky chuckled and then cupped them over the towel and pushed them together, provocatively, which emphasised her cleavage.

“Thanks, Rick, your brother seems to agree with you on that one!”

“—Becks, now that we’re alone, what do you really think about Tom’s promotion and having to move up to Scotland?” She sighed.

“Mixed feelings, I suppose, Ricky: the promotion should be very good for us, and what with the extra money and all, it could be the right time to make your mum happy! We haven’t said anything to her, but we’ve already taken the first steps. As for actually moving north—well—” I nodded.

“Yeah, that’s one big upheaval in your lives, right enough!”

“Rick, big don’t even begin to describe it—it’s bloody massive!” she exclaimed, ‘To be honest, Love, I hope that we only have to stay there for maybe, say, five years, or perhaps a bit longer, then we can move south again. That’s not a criticism of Scotland, just the way that I feel at the moment, and I suppose that once I’ve been there for a while I might see things differently.” I nodded: “Maybe!” Becky sat on the edge of the bed and dried her hair with the hairdryer that was part of the room’s amenities.

I heard the shower being turned off in the bathroom and then Lauren’s voice saying: “It’s all yours, Ricky!” I looked towards the bathroom and just gaped at my other sister-in-law, who was standing in the doorway completely bare-arsed naked. It looked like she was blushing, but that could have just been because she’d just got out of a hot shower; but, anyway, she wasn’t even trying to cover up her nudity. I mouthed the word ‘wow’ and she just looked down at the floor and grinned: “No big deal, we’re family, right!” I nodded. I could her Becky chuckling, but I didn’t turn to look in her direction.

Of course, what was the first thing that I saw when I entered the compact bathroom: women’s wet underwear arranged on the heated drying rail. I couldn’t resist taking a peek at the label in Lauren’s bra: 32E. I wasn’t sure exactly what that meant, but having just seen her boobs with their large areolas up close, I knew that that was probably bigger than average. I also remembered what Becky had said about boobs and, yes, I wanted to touch them, and worse!

Since the shower had just been used twice, there was a lot of condensation on just about every surface, so I had to be careful about where I put my Hugo Boss kecks, which I intended to sleep in. The shower felt great, especially after the events of the day, and doubly so as I slowly soaped my cock and balls, bringing them to life with my slippery caress. Fortunately for me, the motel provided enough towels for all of our needs, so following the lead of Lauren and Becky I wrapped one around my waist and walked out of the bathroom, where another pleasant surprise awaited me: my two relatives by marriage were once again sitting up in bed watching TV, but this time their bottom halves were under the covers but their upper bodies were in plain view.

“We’ve been talking, Ricky, and we’ve decided that you need to sleep in a proper bed if you are going to get enough rest, and there’s plenty of room for all three of us in here,” Becky declared.

If I was going to object then that would have been the time, but I didn’t; instead I climbed onto the bed and while up on my knees I unwrapped the towel and casually tossed it across the room. Both ladies looked at me and grinned, although Lauren tried to mask her expression with her hand in front of her mouth.

“Jeezus, Ricky!” Becky exclaimed, “You might be the youngest brother but you certainly aren’t the littlest!”

Now I’m not going to claim that I’ve got some freakishly large, porn star type equipment, but you could say that I definitely wasn’t short-changed in that department, and seeing those two lovely women reclining topless in bed only served to enhance that impression, if you know what I mean. The TV was turned off and so were the reading lights behind the bed and we snuggled up together under the covers.

Well, for one reason or another, we left later than planned the next morning. In fact we just about had time to each grab a quick shower and dress before check out time. We didn’t even stop for breakfast but bought coffee and something we could eat while on the road—yeah, I know, a bit irresponsible of me as I was driving, but the coffee smelled so nice and Lauren who was sitting nearest to me was able to feed me as we drove along.

We made good time during the last part of the journey, arriving in Edinburgh some three and a quarter hours later. My brother Tom was at work when we arrived, but he had given Becky instructions about where she could get a key to their newly rented apartment. None of us knew the area, but it looked very nice; quite old but quiet, and we found a parking space outside the three storey building with no problem. To be honest, first impressions were kind of mixed: the flat itself was obviously not as spacious as the house Becky had left behind, but it was fully furnished with decent furniture, unlike a lot of rented properties, and overall my sister-in-law liked the décor and furnishings. It would do, she pronounced, until they could look round for a home of their own. An important added bonus was that Tom’s employers were paying the rent for up to a year until they found somewhere. The disadvantages? Only one really: it was on the top floor of a building without a lift. All three of us worked up a healthy sweat as we made umpteen trips up and down the stairs carrying the things that we’d brought from Southampton. I made the last journey, as I had to lock up the now empty van, which appeared to sit several inches higher now.

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