Moving Mammaries

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Man loves the way his girlfriend's firm and pendulous tits move when she is being fucked by him or watching another do her.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Sharing   Wife Watching   Big Breasts   .

Nancy has the most gorgeous tits I’ve ever had my hands or lips on. No question! They are full and firm and move around in delightful ways when she’s doing almost anything but I especially like to watch them when we fuck. Of course, being a horny guy, that’s something I want a lot of and appreciate that she enjoys it just as much is I do. She comes after me as often as I put a make on her.

When she’s laying under me and I get a good rhythm going, those babies move up and down her chest like a pair of melons. If I get into short strokes, they just lay there and kind of have little waves in the flesh as they shiver all over. She doesn’t have to ask me very often to suck on them and nip on her nipples because I like that a lot too and it makes her squeal and shake her booty.

When she’s on top she can get them swinging and pop me alongside the head each time she goes back and forth. Sometimes I grab me a couple of handfuls and I let my mouth play on one nipple, then the other, and then back again. Like I said, they’re real sensitive and I can feel her pussy twitch when she makes certain sounds.

I’ve had me some skinnier girls whose tits just stay put even when I’m fucking them hard. When I look back, that just wasn’t near as interesting as what is happening now.

When we first started dating it was pretty obvious her cherry got gone a while back because she already knew how to suck and fuck real good. I even knew another guy she was dating but didn’t say nothing because it really weren’t none of my business yet. We’d just get together for a good time and nobody expected anything more. I was still dipping into one of those skinny chicks but, like I said, that got old pretty fast once I was tapping Nancy. So I kept asking her out every night that I could and this other guy I knew, who didn’t know I was dating her, was complaining because it was harder to get time to be with her. Good!

Then one time, when we just finished a good fuck, Nancy asked me something, “You sure do like my titties! Probably better than anybody I can think of. I really enjoy that, I want you to know. Maybe you like them, and me, enough to do something I’ve wanted to for a long time but never found the right situation.”

I answered, “Well, tell me about it and let’s see if I can do it.”

She put her arms and legs around me so I couldn’t get away as she said softly, “I know that you know Billy and that he’s fucking me too. Since you haven’t complained about that I was wondering if you might get together with him and both fuck me together, you know, what they call a threesome. I’ve had one guy after another plenty of times but never two at the same time. Would you do that for me?”

I told her I’d have to think about it but my pecker was hard again and we had a pretty powerful fuck for the second one in a row. I’m sure she figured that showed I was interested, or at least not repulsed by the idea. I had thought about it from time to time but here it was right in front of me so I said I would let her know the next day if we could fuck again.

“I’ve got a date with Billy tomorrow night but how about if I come over here after we’re done?” The implications were obvious. I thought that I’d gotten seconds a few times but was never sure. I told her I was okay with that.

Right on time Nancy came trotting into my apartment and peeled off her clothes. Her pussy was still pink and swollen and oozing stuff. She smiled as she announced, “We finished only 20 minutes ago and I was really horny thinking about coming over here so let’s get to it”. She laid back and opened the gates and I entered triumphantly only moments later. She was hot and slick, just like when I had already dumped in her, but I knew this wasn’t my sperm coating her cunt. I made her tits jiggle several different ways as I pounded and finally let go my load deep in that horny slut.

I told her that Billy didn’t know that we were fucking and she said she’d take care of informing him as part of the invitation. If I was supposed to pretend it was our first time she’d let me know that too. We set a night for that to happen and we’d bring toothbrushes!

It was going to happen at Billy’s place because he had a king-size bed. He greeted me at the door and took the 12 pack of beer and the munchies that I brought for the party. He smiled at me and said, “Man, you are about to get some of the best pussy ever. I hope you realize what a gift she talked me into including you in on.” I glanced over at Nancy and smiled very briefly. He didn’t know and we’d keep it that way.

We got to drinking and munching but not so much that it would keep our peckers from working their very best. Nancy turned on some music and did a nice little strip tease for us, especially enhanced by shaking her tits in our faces and slapping our cheeks with them. She let us get little mouthfuls and nipple nips and then pull away and keep on teasing. We were told to drop our drawers and she would come by and give us little titty fucks on our standing up shafts and little kisses on the drooling heads. I could smell her pussy ready for cock.

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