Lost in Space 2

by Stevew

Copyright© 2018 by Stevew

Fiction Story: The crew visit another town.

Caution: This Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   .

The new town they were near was a little farther away than the last one, about two miles. This time Captain Jason three of the other men to go explore the town. Oren; the navigator, Reginald or Reg as he was called by everyone; the medical officer, and Lynn; the security officer began the long trek to the town. Having been told of some of the habits of dress in the previous town (but not the sexual part) watched from a hidden spot outside of the town for an hour or two before entering the town.

Like the previous town, there seemed to be a dress code, for this town it was different than the other however. This town the women dressed about the same as in the other town. The men on the other hand were almost naked with just a cloth over their privates. Some of the men also had a band around their necks. Not wanting to make the same mistake the other team had when they had visited the previous town, they skirted around the edge of the town until they found a wash line with some of the cloths the men all seemed to be wearing. They took them from the line. Going behind some bushes, they stripped and put on the cloths.

Now that they were dressed more or less the same as the other men in the town, they walked through the streets to explore the town. One thing they had failed to notice was that no man they had seen was alone, all had had women with them. Three men walking by themselves was unusual. Several women walked up to them. “What are you doing?” One woman asked. The men looked at her strangely. Reg said “we are just walking through town. Have we done anything wrong?” “Where are your mistresses?” Another woman asked. “I don’t know what you mean” said Oren. With that all three of them were escorted to a jail, and locked up.

Two hours later the men were taken to another building. One by one they were put on a stage. Lynn was outraged, when half a dozen women began to bid on him. He continued to protest over and over that he could not be sold like this, but sold he was. All three of them were sold in this manner and to different women at that.

Luckily for the men, three of the women who bought them were sisters, who lived in the same household. Once they had been brought to the house, the three women put callers around their necks and chained them to walls, so that the women could try their new acquisitions. The woman who had bought Lynn, after removing his cloth, began to suck his cock. No matter much he protested, his cock had other ideas. After all, what man’s cock doesn’t get hard when it is being sucked by a woman. Once she had his cock as hard as she wanted it. She turned around and lifted her skirt and plunged herself onto it. She fucked herself on his cock for several minutes. He finally unloaded his spunk in her, giving herself an orgasm more powerful than she had ever had before. “That is better.” she said as she walked away.

The woman who bought Oren started to suck him off. He was less reluctant Lynn had been, when she had gotten him hard she also turned around backed up to him and put his cock into her pussy. Unlike the other woman who had bought Lynn, she only gave him 4 or 5 strokes before she pulled off of his cock and pushed it into her own ass. Her pussy had been somewhat loose but her ass was tight, very tight. It wasn’t long before he came in her ass. She almost screamed with a climax as he came in her ass.

The one who bought Reg, unlike the other two, just sucked him off with her mouth. She being the youngest of the three women was still a virgin in both her pussy and her ass.

The women took all three of the men and sat them down at a table. All three of the women sat with them, while servants brought food and drinks out. They were served before the men of course. They allowed the men to talk to them.

One of the women asked Lynn “ why did you protest so much at the auction?” “Surely you know that no free man walks the streets of this city.” “Not where we come from. Where we come from all people are free man or woman.” He said. “This must be a strange place you come from.” She said. “Where do you come from?” “That would be hard to explain. We are from a different world. We traveled here on a starship.” He told her.

All three women’s mouths dropped open. A little skeptical one of the other women asked “where is this starship?” “About two miles that way,” he said. “We could show you if you like.” The next day they all set out for the ship. The women were surprised when they got to the ship, they had expected the men to be lying, but were giving them the benefit of the doubt.

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