by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: An older lusty woman restarts a dormant sex life. After all "she wasn't dead yet".

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Sharing   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   Cream Pie   .

Carrie was 70 years old this month. She’d been married to Andy for 45 years. They hadn’t had sex for far too long.

Physically, they both looked pretty darned good. He was active and kept his muscles while she was blessed with a good metabolism and genes and her big tits didn’t sag an unusual amount. Her hair was still noticeably red too.

Thinking it might be her, she consulted with her gerontologist who prescribed a vaginal estrogen cream and a progesterone patch. Her pussy felt fine and she was having horny thoughts again but Andy wasn’t “up” to his part yet. She got her hair and toenails done, got new makeup, and even bought a sheer nighty. She fondled and sucked on it but Andy’s schlong wouldn’t rise to the occasion.

She consulted with a senior sex counselor about what to do. One suggestion was to talk to Andrew about what they had enjoyed doing when they were having sex and remind him how enjoyable it was. Mental stimulation was always important. The counselor asked, “Was there anything that really turned him on?”

Carrie replied, “Yes, when we would fuck other people and especially when it was other men doing me. He’d get excited whether he watched or I just told him about it, and he’d be eager to get his cock in me.”

The counselor paused and then said, “Did that happen very often?”

“Quite a bit when we were dating and at different times after we were married but that faded away like all our other sex. I miss it a lot though. It was such fun and we screwed like crazy after each happening”

The counselor composed herself and said, “Well, if just talking about the stuff you did doesn’t work then I suppose you could tell him you wanted to do it with another guy now.”

Carrie looked at her and replied, “Honey, I won’t just tell him like a threat, I’d really do it. I’m so horny I’m going to plan on it. He’s handled it before so he can handle it again. If it gets his motor going, then great. If not, then I’m at least getting laid.”

The counselor nodded, kind of amazed at this determined older gal.

Carrie brought breakfast to bed the next Sunday. She started talking...

“Honey, do you remember our first time together? You asked me to go on Spring Break with you. We hadn’t even dated but you were the first one to ask and I liked you so I said yes. Then you told me that we would be riding with Phil because you didn’t have a car. When we found a campsite I also found out you didn’t have a tent either and so I was bunking with two guys. I was so horny after the drive that we fucked as soon as the tent was set up. You didn’t last long so I asked Phil to finish me up and he did. You guys took turns all afternoon and I loved it.

“I remember that night there were big bonfires and everybody got naked. We stayed naked for the rest of the time there until we packed up to go home. We had some whiskey and both got pretty drunk. I went to pee and got lost. I got in a tent I thought was ours and there were three guys I didn’t know. They grabbed at me and pretty soon I was fucking all of them, I think twice each. When they got done I looked for our tent again, but got another wrong one. This time the guys brought in their buddies after they fucked me and I had cock after cock in me for a long time. I don’t know how many there were. When I woke up, I was more sober and finally found our tent.”

Andy said, “Yes, I remember very well. Phil and I were worried and looked for you. When you finally came to our tent you were a mess and it was obvious you’d been laid a lot. We let you sleep then cleaned you up. You didn’t want to fuck us until the next evening.”

Carrie continued, “I knew that you were fucking the girls in the next tent but that was only fair. Did you know that I set that up for you?”

“What? They came to us and told us that while you were out cruising for cock they wanted to try ours out. You were gone three afternoons and Phil and I would go to their tent and fuck for a while then switch partners. We would see them at night with other guys and they would wave. We could hear them fucking later on because the tents were so close. There were different guys each night too. They loved to fuck, that’s for sure. I guess all you girls on vacation were horny.”

“I felt real bad about being such a slut so when I saw them in the shower after my wild night I told them that you guys thought they were cute. I also told them that your dick was the biggest I’d ever seen and Phil was good too and said to tell you that story about cruising. I walked around and sunbathed and swam and visited with people. I gave one young guy a hand job and blew another one. Guys are fascinated with my big tits so I got lots of suntan oil applied to them by volunteers. I gave a few titty fucks but no pussy fucks to anybody but you two until the last night.

“Do you remember the big bonfire and the loud music? We were all dancing and I kept dancing with a cute guy with a dick almost as big as yours. You were dancing with the girls from the next tent. I kept rubbing my tits on him and his dick kept getting harder. Finally, he took my hand and we went to his tent. He was amazing. He would shoot some sperm in me about every ten minutes but he never got soft. He just kept fucking the hell out of me in every position we could get into. After a long, long time of that constant fucking even my well lubed pussy was getting sore so I kissed him goodbye. When I got to our tent I could hear you two fucking those girls and I smiled. When you came back to our tent we all just slept.”

Andy took over, “I had never realized that girls could be at least as horny as guys until then. We fucked those girls in the afternoon, then at night, and when we went back to our tent they went out looking for more guys to fuck. We heard them later and it sounded like more than two guys with them. You were such a horny thing too. On the trip home you would be in the back seat with whoever wasn’t driving. Under a blanket in the daytime and just plain naked at night. Whenever the guy in back couldn’t get hard any more we’d trade places.”

Carrie sighed, “That sure was fun. I’ll never forget those adventures. We never did get together with Phil again. I think I was too much for him. I wonder where he is now.”

“Oh, I don’t think you missed him too much. When we got back home you had lots of boyfriends who were wanting your pussy. I had to book dates a week in advance to get in your pants even after all we had shared.”

“Only for a little while. You and your big pecker were my favorites and I started letting go of my other boyfriends who weren’t good enough. Pretty soon you were getting more of me than anyone else. You didn’t have a car or much money so I kept dating a few guys who did and they expected pussy for showing me a good time. I guess that made me an amateur whore, eh?”

Andy continued, “I mostly didn’t like sharing you because then we couldn’t spend as much time together. I knew your pussy wouldn’t wear out after that Spring Break trip, and it got me hard thinking of you with other guys even though you never talked about it.”

Carrie asked, “Do you remember the time my sister came to visit? I already had a date and fixed you up with her and we all went to a concert. My date didn’t know you were my boyfriend too and we went to his apartment to spend the night like he and I usually did. You and my sister were bedded down on the living room floor and I remember hearing her squealing about how big your dick was. You were really turned on hearing me being fucked in the next room and gave her a ride she still remembers. We met in the bathroom later and I slid my cummy pussy down on your pecker as you sat on the stool. You told me how good I felt and that’s when I fell in love with you. You never criticized or complained or said anything negative about all the other screwing I did. You just accepted me as I was and enjoyed being with me.”

Andy replied, “Well, I knew I wasn’t going to change you and you were the best girl I had ever found. You just liked to fuck a lot and that wasn’t a bad thing. I got lots of loving from you and you even made sure I got some extra now and then. What more could a guy want?

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