Memories of Corrine (Kor'-in) Wherever She May Be

by Pettybox

Copyright© 2018 by Pettybox

Erotica Sex Story: A look at an old picture brings back memories of a night with a cute little vixen who worked right under my nose. For just one night she sought some relief of life's pressures with me, someone she had a silent crush on.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Petting   Safe Sex   .

Some 36 years ago I was a merchandise manager for a record and tape distributor that supplied 75% of the Northeastern United States and New England with product. Except for Record Store chains, of which there were few, who bought directly from the record labels themselves, if you purchased a Record, 8-Track or Cassette in that era, in that locale, it came from our warehouse and originated at my pen. The music industry was much different then, much more creative, and much more profitable. People actually purchased product you could hold in your hand, not in a file on your phone or computer. But that is neither here nor there.

The son of the man who owned this massive distributorship, who took over the reins eventually, called a few of us former “executives” of his for a little lunch and get-together to reminisce and catch up. When the four of us got there, Barry, the son who called us had pictures and old order sheets and memorabilia that we all mused over. One of the photos was a group picture from one of our Summer Company Picnics.

We were all amused as we tried to put names to the faces in the pic and in the first row, in the corner, second from the right was Corrine. (pronounced Kor’-in) She was a cute native of Ireland who worked in the back of the warehouse as a go-fer of sorts. One thing I always admired about her was the fact you could give her a task, and always completed it flawlessly without question. If she had any doubt of how I might have told her how to finish a task, she always found a way to complete it.

Any special task that came up, I would ask Leon, my stock coordinator for Corrine. He would joke, “If you’re trying to get in her pants, about 6 other guys back here have tried and she acts like they don’t exist.”

“Leon, I’m at least 15 years older than she, and have barely spoken to her except to say thank you when she hands me the “task card”. (it was a simple way to keep track of things I needed done. Leon would give the card with instructions and I’d get it returned, initialed by the tasker)

Seeing Corrine in the photo brought back a memory I, for a long time, I was not proud of. Before I rose to be the head of the operation, I had bedded a few of the girls that worked with me, but once I became the “BOSS”, I promised myself it would never happen again making sure I never used my position as leverage. In Corrine’s case my position had really nothing to do with HOW we got together, and I hadn’t leveraged my position at all. However, seeing her face brought back a memory I won’t soon forget.

On occasion the company would receive tickets or passes from the record labels for advance movie showings or concerts and if none of the executive staff (Myself, the owner, the controller, and the sales manager) wanted to use them, I asked my supervisors, or we would reward people in the warehouse for good work, or sometimes just put names in a hat of those interested in those particular shows.

In about August of 1982 the CBS rep came in and asked if we could use some passes for the sneak advance of Pink Floyd The Wall motion picture. I told him I certainly could and called a gal I saw on occasions who loved Pink Floyd. We set up a date for that evening. After a phone call he came back to say he had 3 more I could give away (each was for two admissions) After asking around I still had one left. After a check of the warehouse, Leon told me Corrine would be interested in a pass if she could get a girlfriend to go and drive (Corrine didn’t have a car).

I went to get my date that night and she had a small family emergency (her Mom had fallen and was in the ER) and had to beg off, thanking me. Undeterred, I was off to the movie. In the lobby of the theater they were handing out t-shirts and souvenir booklets, as well as a cassette of The Wall. CBS did it 1st Class for their customers and radio people. As I mingled with other “record people” Corrine came up to me and asked if she could have a moment.

“I took a cab here because Jenna, an order picker, cancelled at the last minute, but I really wanted to see this. The cab cost me almost $7, more than I thought. Can I bum a ride home with you? I see you drive by every day when I wait for the bus.”

I smiled at her request, she was so cute in the way she almost feared asking me. “Sure, my date had to cancel with me as well. You know if you show me where you get the bus, I can give you a ride in every day.”

She blushed, saying, “I thought of that but the gossips would have stories, but thanks for the offer.”

“Well, have it your way, my offer stands.”

I showed her where to meet me after the show and we went in.

At one point there was an intermission to get everyone out and talking about the movie and passing out promo pins for the movie. I saw Corrine and asked her how she liked it so far.

“It’s pretty “out there”, but I love Pink Floyd and it’s great to see how they’ve done it.”

We talked a bit and I asked her to come sit with me in a special row set aside for the local record store and distributor folks. She came along and we chatted. I found she was going to school 3 nights a week as well as working 40-50 hours with us. She lived close enough to campus to walk but was saving for a car. She was going to graduate in September and was looking for a better job after that. I asked her if she would like to work in the record and tape business if the right opportunity came along. I was always looking for new merchandisers for our chain accounts. Our accounts supervisor was a woman and she had expressed dismay that we hadn’t hired another woman as merchandiser. I explained the job and told her she would have to be on the road for a few months as a sales rep/inventory taker to learn the merchandiser job, but if she did a good job and could handle the work, a merchandiser made 26K (a decent sum in ‘82). A merchandiser looked at an inventory, checked their previous sales with stubs mailed in for each sale, and filled the orders. You easily learned trends and a good merchandiser could increase yearly sales at each account assigned.

(She had great interest in the music and the sales trends and became my best employee in that department and eventually took it over)

After the show we continued talking as we walked to my car. Out of the blue I asked as I opened her door, “Do you mean to say that with all the guys working in the back, not one wanted to take you to the movie tonight?”

“Oh God, I’ve been asked out by 5 or 6 guys, just not the one I want to ask me.”

“Just who might that be? Maybe I can put a bug in his ear.” I said as I closed her door. I went to my side of the car and got in to find her kneeling up on the seat saying with an embarrassed look, “You!”

She leaned in and kissed me deeply and convincingly. I cut the kiss short and quickly asked “Me? For Christs sake, I’m 15 or more years older than you, I don’t need a girlfriend right now, especially one who works with me.”

She backed away but put a determined look on her face. “I don’t want a boyfriend either, I don’t have the time. I just want some alone time with someone I admire and think will be good to me.”

“Corrine, you have to be kidding me. You yourself just told me 5 or 6 guys have asked you out.”

“Steve, (did I mention that was my name) I see the way a few of the women in the warehouse look at you when you come in the back, and the looks you give back. Girls talk, and I know the ones you’ve been with when you were in the warehouse. I don’t want a boy, I want a man. I’ll never say a word and I’m safe.”

I chuckled at the situation and she began to tear up.

“I didn’t expect you to laugh at me, I always thought I was nice looking.”

“Good Lord Corrine, I’m laughing at the situation, not you. You’re such a little sweetheart, if I were 15 years younger I would be in line waiting to date you.”

“You don’t have to wait, you’re who I want. Don’t turn me down and think I’m silly.”

“I don’t think you’re silly at all. You’re a beautiful woman.” I said, adding, “and certainly one I never thought I would have a chance with.”

“Well, this is your chance.” She said leaning in to kiss me again.

“Corrine, do you know what you’re saying, what you’re doing?”

“I’m not as innocent as I look. I’ve been with a few men and want to feel that release, that fulfillment. My life is work and school, don’t make me beg you. I do myself every night to, uh ... smooth out the edges, but lately, it’s not enough.” She said, exasperated.

“You don’t have to beg me, I should be begging you! I just want you to know what you’re getting yourself into.”

She sat back on her legs and brought her hands up to caress her breasts through her peasant blouse saying, “I do. I ache for this.”

I started the car and put it in gear. “Where do you want to go, my place or yours?”

She settled back into the seat relieved that she might get what she wanted. “I don’t care, just you’ll have to park on the street at my flat. Everyone at work knows your car.”

“We can go to my house. I have contractors working on it, but I have a furnished apartment I rent that’s vacant, it’s where I’ve been living.” To which she just softly said, “Great, we don’t need to ... well, you know.”

“Never a word, and always deny. I had a reputation and when I was promoted it was brought up.” I said, almost wishing I hadn’t.

“Don’t worry I’ll never say, and I pursued you anyway.”

“No one will ever believe that, Corrine.” I said wondering if I should just bring her home but when I looked to her for reaction to my statement, her little smile made my cock jump in my pants.

When we got to my house I pulled my car to the back of the house where the tenant would park. When I turned out the lights it was pitch dark, the canopy of trees blocked any ambient light. I heard her beginning to gather her purse and get out and I reached and took her arm.

“Come here.” I said tugging a bit at her arm.

She moved to me and my eyes adjusted just enough to see her scared little face. I drew my face close to hers and we kissed, and then necked, voraciously. She was quite the kisser and the way her tongue moved told me she enjoyed it, a lot! As we kissed I pulled her closer and soon she was back on her knees facing me as my hands went around her. Eventually they went down to hold her little ass in my hands before they ran up under her blouse to feel the bare skin of her back. I could feel the chicken skin rise on her back. She was truly getting excited, and I found by her next words, ... impatient.

“Why don’t we go inside?” She panted.

“Shhhh, I’m doing the seduction here.” I said before I found her mouth again as my right hand slid round her back across her belly and over her loose fitting capri-like jeans to cup her hot pussy. She groaned in my mouth and she put a hand right over my crotch. I felt her fiddling to find my zipper and I was surprised at her aggressiveness. I reached and undid the button my jeans. Soon I had a sleeping type bra covered breast in one hand and was scissoring the length of her pussy, through her jeans, with my index finger and thumb. She was breathing heavy and jerking a bit at my hand. Her other hand had my cock out, fingering at the head with the same two fingers I was working on her.

“Ahhhh, maybe now is the time to move inside.” I said moving back from her to open my door and make that move.

Before I could lift myself from the seat her head went down and took the head of my cock in her mouth. She lolled her tongue around the tip a few times and simple sucked at just the head, and then ran her tongue around the tip again before sitting up and looking at me as if she had been punched in the gut.

“Are you alright?” I asked.

“Oh, yes, yes, let’s go inside.” She said backing out of the car while I held my jeans from falling down and getting her door. I held her close to me as we went to the slider that I unlocked to let us in. There was a wide sofa right there and she sat and laid back on it, exhaling deeply.

I moved over her and kissed and necked with her once again letting her feel my hardness against her. I sat back and asked her, “Can you take off your top?”

She almost didn’t seem to hear me as he looked at my dick out of pants. The ambient moonlight lit up the part of the room near the slider just enough for her to see me, and me to see her eyes.

“What is it?” I asked with a grin waiting to hear perhaps a compliment on my erection (which was totally average for sure).

“I never did that before, but it just seemed right.” She uttered almost as if to cry. “I’m not a slut who does that to every guy.”

“Does what?” I asked confused.

“Putting you in my mouth. I’m sorry.”

“Sorry? It was fantastic. All women do it, some lie about it, but all...”

“Not all, that was my first, but it was sexy, I had to do it. Been asked before but you had me so, so, ... on fire. Did I do it right?”

“Corrine there’s no right or wrong way for anything, just be happy and don’t do anything you don’t want to do. We’re here for each other.” I said as I extended my arms for hers and I helped her sit up.

She stared at my cock again and bent forward to take it in her mouth again. She said something low and unintelligible as she just took the head in her lips again, lolling the head with her tongue. I asked her “What was that?”

She sat back and said, “It was exciting, hearing you groan.”

I smiled at her and stood and I think she thought I was going to let her go for it again, but I pulled her to her feet and walked her to the bedroom.

There was a nightlight to guide us in and I turned to her and took off my shirt and let my pants fall.

She undid a stay at the back of her blouse and pulled it over her head. She turned her back to me and I undid her thin bra. It fell but she didn’t turn to me as she unbuttoned her jeans and let them fall, standing in her panty. She turned to me as if embarrassed.

“You’re gorgeous, so beautiful. Finish.” I whispered.

She lowered her panty and turned to me and I hugged her nude body to mine, she felt better than any woman I ever touched.

I backed her to the bed and she lay back and I laid right onto her. We necked a moment and I slid down to her breasts, caressing them I thought I might almost cum, they were so perfect in an indescribable combination of pliancy and firmness. They squish in your hand so easily but easily popped back to their picture-perfect beauty. She sighed when I put one her nipples in my mouth and suckled her, teasing the erectile flesh, as I switched to the other I said, almost to myself, “the most perfect breasts I’ve seen”.

She asked me to repeat it and when I did she sucked in a big breath saying, “Maybe you haven’t seen enough.”

I stopped my tongue tease enough to say, “I’ve seen plenty, and you are perfect.”

I couldn’t get enough of suckling her, she reacted so much in her breath and moans and then she said something unintelligible under her breath. I stopped my adoration to ask what she said and she cleared her throat.

“No one ever has EVER done that, made me so crazy. So good!”

I didn’t want to ask her if she meant that she had never been suckled, or just done so well, as I moved down her belly with kisses as I adjusted to go to my knees and pull her hips to edge of the bed. As I ate her little belly button she realized where I was going and stiffened.

“No, I’m all wet, I’ve never...” she started to say until my tongue found her clit and she reacted like a fish on a hook almost pushing me off her.

I redoubled my effort and began to massage her clit with my tongue and she gave in to the pleasure I was bringing her.

“Oh fuck, Oh God, Oh God.” She moaned as I felt her hands grip the edge of the mattress.

“Use your hands on your perfect breasts and let me take you away.” I said to her as she heeded my words and I wiped her slit with my tongue, tasting her cream.

“No one’s ever touched me there with their mouth. GOD, I’m cumming!”

I let her finish her spasm and paused just kissing the little bare spot she had shaved just over her pussy. (This was before the days when women shaved completely)

“Corrine, no man you’ve been with ever tasted you, made you happy this way?”

She just shook her head side to side, still enjoying her orgasm.

“No man ever tasted you from belly button to asshole? I’ll make you happy before I make love to you.”

“What do you do to me?” She moaned as I dove back into her sweet pussy.

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