Helles Belles

by Johann von Staubig

Copyright© 2018 by Johann von Staubig

Erotica Sex Story: As payment for a debt, I was given a six day cruise on the Adriatic Sea on a sailing boat with eight eager woman who catered for all my desires.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Black Female   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Oral Sex   Tit-Fucking   Nudism   Prostitution   .

Author’s Note:

This is a work of fiction. Names, places, characters and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to any actual persons, living or dead, organizations, events or locales is entirely coincidental. All sexually active characters in this work are 18 years of age or older.

This book is for sale to ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY. It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers. Please store your files where they cannot be access by minors.

Another note for my American readers: In the civilised world, a Fanny is a cunt and NOT an arse or ass as you spell it.

Écu is Parisian street slang for the triangular patch of pubic hair on a woman and is the reason why the European Currency Unit’s name was changed to the Euro when it was first released The French were not happy with shop keepers saying “That will be four hairy beavers when they paid for goods!.

Isn’t lovemaking as good a way as any to pass the time for the rest of your life? It tones the body, and it’s acceptable exercise, and it makes two people feel good.

John D. MacDonald.

A Tan and Sandy Silence

Rent Crisis

Roger, my housemate and tenant was, yet again, behind with his rent. This was partly because he had spent most of his income from working at his father’s chicken farm a couple of villages away in the pub near the farm and gambling on the one arm bandit in the rugby club in that village. He had frittering away his money on things that he couldn’t afford such as taking Tracy, his long-term girlfriend, to Ibiza for a holiday with TwentiesAction Holidays.

He now owed me several months rent. When he couldn’t pay me, two months ago, I told him that unless he paid within four weeks, I would have to replace him with somebody who could pay the rent because I couldn’t afford the council charges on my own. He had been aghast when he realised that I was serious and he would have to find several hundred pounds otherwise he would need to find a new home away from his parents, work and friends.

I was not surprised when Tracy came back downstairs not long after they had gone to bed. She was only wearing an almost see-through baby doll nightie with her blonde hair cascading over her neck and the tops of her smallish breasts.

“I love Roger, and if this will keep him here till next month, you can have me instead of money.”

“If Roger agrees, yes please. But only for the rent. He’ll have to pay his share of the bills. Electricity, gas, internet and phone. And just for one month.”

“We just discussed it and it was Roger’s idea. It’s not as if we didn’t fuck other people on holiday and you know that I do fancy you.”

Tracy took hold of the miniscule hem with each hand and pulled it over her head. I took her tight little bum in my hands and pulled her panties down past her knees exposing her blonde furred écu. When I say it was furred, it was like a pubescent teenager’s. Moist and ready for me. She had obviously shaved it ready for her holiday and the pubes were growing out. Maybe half a centimetre long.

“Do you want me here or in your room? She asked as her stepped out of her panties.

“It’s a lovely evening. How about In the garden? The only window anywhere that can look into the garden is Roger’s.”

In the garden, the cool night-time air caused goose bumps to form all over her body as I could feel when she stood on tiptoe and kissed me firmly. Tracy’s firm little breasts jutted into the lower part of my chest and both hard nipples made themselves obvious.

She undid my belt, unzipped the fly and eased my trousers down. One of my hands caressed her taut bum while the other flicked a nipple. I had been wanting this woman for months. It looked as though I would only have to wait a few more seconds.

“Take your sweatshirt off, Hans.” Off it came. She bent at her knees, pulling my trousers and underpants down then head forward and gobbled my rampant dong.

While she covered my member with saliva, I sighed heavily with pleasure.

“Nice?” she asked. I nodded. “Well, my pussy is so much nicer.” She tipped herself back so her arse was now sitting on the lawn. She squealed when the cold dew on the lawn wetted her hot body. Her legs straightened in front of her and she parted them enough to give me access to my target.

I slipped straight in. I was obviously not the only bloke who had fucked Tracy this evening. Sloppy seconds. It didn’t put me off at all. It just made her nice and slippery. What mattered were the spasms of the muscles when I made her nearly cum.

I pounded my cock into her while Tracy’s tongue did things in my mouth that I had only imagined in my most erotic dreams. The pants, groans and mewling from her reached a crescendo then quickly went silent. I knew from her nights in Roger’s back bedroom that Tracy wasn’t a screamer but her body’s reaction to her orgasm was In contrast to her squeak of the big ‘O’ arriving. Every muscle tensed then simultaneously relaxed. Twenty seconds later, she rolled me over. Now she was on top and the cold dew on my back was made bearable by the sight of the twenty two year old who was riding me.

As my cock was driven in and out of her, her firm little titties bounced up and down. My hands reached up and cupped them. The nipples were amazing. Aroused and cold. So, so erect. In spite of the cloudless sky, I thought I could see occasional flashes of lightning. “Is that thunder?” I asked.

“No it’s just Roger using the flash on his camera.” She couldn’t continue speaking because she was too close to a climax. The orgasm hit her when I was driving my dick into her lubricious folds. This time, I didn’t hold off and spurted the entire contents of my gonads into the further reaches of the receptacle it was currently enjoying.

“I’m cold, Hans. Take me indoors.”

I did as she asked. Found a dry towel and rubbed her warm and dry.

“I enjoyed that, Hans. Was it worth £300 to you?”

“So you’re a £300 a screw prostitute?”

“Prostitute? Fuck you, Hans.”

“You just did, Tracy. Just go back to your pimp ... and yes. It was wonderful even if it did cost me £300.”

She stuck her tongue out at me when I patted her on the bottom as she turned to go back upstairs.

This month, Roger didn’t have enough money in his bank account to pay me again although he’d paid off half the arrears and gave me a dozen photos of me rollicking on the lawn with his girlfriend the previous month. A couple were definitely worth putting in my secret private photo album.

This month. I had to have ‘the talk’ with Roger yet again. He told me that he’d suggested to Tracy that she paid me in the same manner that she had last month. “Go to hell.” was her immediate response. “It made me feel like a prozzy. It was fun at the time – I may even let Hans screw me again if he wants to but never for money. What about selling him the raffle prize you won at the rugby club last week?”

Roger had won the first prize in a raffle at the rugby club where the prizes had been donations. They had been everything from a case of malt whisky to a Quad hi-fi setup including a pair of Quad Electrostatic speakers.

The prize that Roger had won was a male-only cruise round the Adriatic sea for a week in a fully crewed sailing ship.

It had been donated because the wife of the guy who’d won it in a competition couldn’t go on it as well because it was a stag do only. Apparently, the ticket had originally cost nearly two thousand pounds. The wife had insisted that either she went as well or he didn’t go so they put the ticket in the raffle. “You will only need to pay for a return flight to Venice. I couldn’t go. It’s much more than I can afford and you remember how seasick I got on the ferry to Boulogne for the booze-cruise.

A two thousand quid cruise. I’ll let you have it for four months rent and everything that I currently owe you.”

First day of the cruise

The day after I’d registered my booking on their web site, I phoned a number in Italy, as instructed.

A pleasant lady answered who answered the phone as Captain Kelly. I was asked many questions about myself including my sexual orientation and experience. It was as if it was a job interview. That thorough. I was told to get myself checked for STIs with a certificate that I was free of them. (why?????). Before she said goodbye, she told me that she checked everybody before their first cruise because what she would not accept were certain kinds of clients. Prudes. Sniggerers. Ugly drunks. Slobs. Sleazeballs. People of inadequate personal hygiene or deficient manners. Bigots. Those who confuse their personal tastes with morality. People who don’t respect working girls and what they do. You know: shitheads. Apparently I passed the tests.

A week before the cruise was due to depart, after fulfilling all the obligations including, getting myself checked out for STDs at the clinic in Hatfield and receiving a certificate that I was completely infection free. I received an email of instructions telling me that I would be met at Venice airport and transported to the ‘Helle’s Belles’ which was the name of the yacht that we would be cruising on.

It was sent by the Captain Mickey Kelly who had interviewed me on the phone.

At Venice, behind a sign saying ‘Helle’s Belles’ A good looking but tarty MILF in her early thirties with long peroxided hair was standing with five guys about my age. I introduced myself. “We just need to wait for a few minutes while the Air France flight gets in from Paris. The ‘rep’ introduced herself. For those who don’t know me, I’m Captain Mickey Kelly.

Right guys ... and you are?”

“I’m Hans von Staubig. I’m an audio engineer from near London. I’m here for a relaxed holiday – I sincerely hope that my amorous requirements will be catered for.”

“I’m Daffyd Williams. As you can tell from my accent, I’m Welsh and I work in Swansea. Looking forward to a week of sex. Call me David, it’s easier. Divorced IT director here for nubile wenches with a wet fanny”

“Steve Young. I’m an IT engineer from Bedford. Trying to get over my divorce.”

“Muhammed Khan, Live in Paddington, I gamble. Here because I had a wonderful time on my last two cruises on the Helles Belles Especially with the Belles themselves”

“Welcome back Muhammed.”

“Franco Garricaldi. I’ve driven here from Milan in my Lamborghini.”

“Welcome back Franco, I can’t wait for you to get ‘in the mood’ on the yacht.”

“I’m already in the mood and can’t wait to get you back in my bunk, Mickey”

“Don’t worry, lover, you’re first on my list.

A tall, smart elegant guy came out of the customs gate and scanned the waiting horde. He came over

“Christophe Pentoville, are you the rep from Helles Belles?”

“No, I’m the owner of Helles Belles. That’s all six of us. The car’s not far. Follow me.”

We all followed Mickey to her Mitsubishi people carrier. After the cases had been stored In the back, the trip from the airport was only a few miles, although we had to cross a very long bridge alongside the railway that led into the medieval Venice but skirted round the shoreline until we reached the Marina.

“Here we are.” Said Mickey. “The Helles Belles.”

All of a sudden, as soon as the people carrier had been noticed, some very pretty girls appeared on deck dressed in different coloured T-shirts. The enchantresses moved back a little, looking down at us in speculation. They were all in little sleeveless blouses in bright colours, no two alike, all in little white shorts. Obviously no bras and identical shorts, all with a graphic of Satan with horns (as on the cover of this book) covering where their pudenda would be. “Gals, these are your guests for the next week as soon as we’ve left harbour. Let’s all go below and introduce one another.

They said hello in smiling musical chorus. “Clockwise around you, starting with Julia in the yellow shirt, meet Teddie, Louise, Hester, Janie, Joyce, and Valerie.

Julia was posh English sounding as if she came from one of the English home counties. Her hair was shoulder length dark blonde with firm breasts that I estimated were about 34C

Annette (Teddie), had a drawl from the southern states. She had a skintone that was milk chocolate with slightly smaller breasts than Julia.

Louise, was introduced as the new girl. She looked as if she was in her late teens. She said she was from Canada though her facial structure made it look as if she was s Native American. Tall, about 34B with long dark hair.

Hester, Black from Jamaica. Huge knockers about 36DD that peeked from under her long black hair.

Janie, Scottish. Red hair, freckles and what appeared to be perky tiny titties.

Joyce, Mulato. Slim with pronounced nipples that couldn’t be ignored.

Valerie. Australian, deep tan with very long blonde hair. Probably a dress size larger than the others but incredibly pretty.

Lastly, of course, Captain Mickey.

Right girls, there’s been a last minute cancellation. Jason from Yorkshire has had to cancel so there’ll be one spare cabin. I’ve arranged it so that the huge bunk in cabin two is available if anyone needs it. Usual vacant/occupied rules apply.

Let’s introduce the men on this trip

First the new guys.

“Christophe from Paris

My wife is having an affair, so I thought I’d get my own back.”

“David from Swansea.

Divorced and sexually frustrated. I’ve never been paid for sex before so I thought I’d try it while I’m young enough and a friend recommended Helles Belles.

Hans from London

“I won you in a raffle”

“Steve from Bedford

My wife recently divorced me after she caught Chlamydia from me and I was feeling very glum”

“Now those who are here for more of our services.”


Some of you may remember me from two years ago, I Iive in Paddington, London, am a professional gambler, a non-practising Muslim and have several wives I just have to get away from them”.


I’m from Milan I just love the loving you girls give me. This is my fourth cruise with you. I especially enjoyed Elizabeth. Where is she?”

Mickey told him “We had to dump Liz. She was hustling guests for extra the last few times out. We’ve warned them and warned her. After I provision the Belle – with the best booze and best food in the Adriatic - I cut it down the middle, half for the four owners who are all on-board and the boat, half for the gals. So on a six-day run, they make better than a two thousand euros plus any tips. Everyone from golden Valerie all the way to Hester, whose father was a bank official in Jamaica. Everything is included. The girls are allowed to say no if they don’t want to do something you want but they’ll suggest a crewmate who will. At the end of the cruise, you can give the girls tips. These goes entirely to the girl you give it to.

Louise flew in from Montreal last week to replace Liz. Her resume said she’s a cute chum who loves sailing. It’s a way for a certain kind of girl to combine her favourite hobbies and make a nice living. I don’t take hard-case types. I like polite, happy girls from nice backgrounds. Then we have a happy ship

We’re going down the Croatian coast to Dubrovnik to restock ... then across to Pulia in Italy and back here. After five days and nights of debauchery. Every guest gets to enjoy every crew member three or four times. Sometimes more. There’s no limit apart from the physical endurance of the girls.

Remember our moto: It’s on our letterhead. ‘Meet a lot of lovely new lovers every voyage’ Will you enjoy the cruise? - Oh, hell yes. By God, it is different. There are rules, and I, enforce them. None of my gals get very drunk. Any and all screwing is done either in the privacy of your own bunk in your own cabin, curtains drawn or on-deck in the sun if you’re not shy for the first day until we’re relaxed with one another. It’s entirely up to you but don’t be offended by public fucking. There will be no obvious homosexual sex - either amongst the crew or guests unless as part of group sex. There will be party games and an orgy. All guests must be willing to have sex with any crew member. No pairing off with any special gal, even for a whole day. If a gal is wearing anything below the waist, long or short, even the briefest panties, it means hands off. If a girl is working or doesn’t wish to do what you want, she’s allowed to say no. Otherwise, grab whoever is passing by whenever you feel like it. The gals aren’t allowed to make the approach though they may hint. The things you remember are like standing aft with a big rum punch in a fresh wind with me at the helm really sailing that thing, putting on all the sail it’ll take. You’ll get splattered with rum, and those eight great barearse gals scampering around, hauling on those lines, trimming sail. When we are sailing and tacking, the boom will swing unannounced. If you hear If you hear ‘jibe ho’, duck because the boom will be swinging across deck. And like being anchored in a cove in the moonlight, the evening meal done, and those gals singing harmony so sweet it would break your heart right in two. If you feel that you need to tup one of the girls, but you can’t find one to stick it in, one ring of the bell and every unfilled pussy will be there within a minute. Great food and great drinks and the best sex whenever you want it. Everybody laughs a lot aboard the Belle. Between all they got to do, those gals put in a day full of work for a day’s pay. I swear. It’s ... it’s something different If you ever see the Belle coming in here or leaving, you wouldn’t figure it out. Those gals look like some kind of Olympic people training for a race. Nimble and slender and tough and ... fresh faced. Scrubbed. Desirable You know?”

“It’s two in the afternoon,” called Hester “I’m feeling horny. Let’s get out to sea.”

The sight of eight skimpily clad women busily working on deck was something I would never forget. The lines to the dock were untied and coiled neatly on deck while Mickey sat in her captain’s chair on the helm and radioed the port authority. We could all feel the vibration when the two huge diesel engines came to life and we made our way to sea. Once we were all the way through the harbour entrance the girl’s work slowed down and by the time we had reached Ca Savio, a minute down the coast, all the girls were topless with just their Helles Belles briefs hiding their modesty.

Franco went to the cockpit and cupped Mickey’s right breast in his hand. “Not yet, Franco. I’ve still got my panties on. You know the rules. Another fifteen minutes to get out of the shipping lanes. I’ll come and get you when I don’t need to drive. Go and ring the bell and we’ll find a pussy that’s available for you.” He went outside and for the first of many times in our week away the ship’s bell went ‘DOING!!’ As promised, Joyce, Janie and Teddie were soon with him. Joyce led him to the stairs to the cabins while Teddie followed them. I couldn’t help but notice that the Italian was about to receive his oats.

I wanted mine. I went up to Janie and fondled her taut naked bum. She turned towards me.

“Do you want a fuck?”

“Of course.”

“Which cabin?”


Janie led me into cabin eight where my suitcase was still packed on the floor. She put her cold can of drink down and came over and gave me one quick, thorough, and enthusiastic kiss. She flicked a switch so the red pea sized bulb on the outside indicated the room was ‘occupied’. “I’ve been working hard. Would you like to take a shower with me?”

Janie turned the shower on then stripped me of the silk short-sleeved shirt, sandals and shorts. The shower was warm enough. We soaped each other all over. Her concentrating on my balls and dick. I concentrated on Janie’s ginger écu which had been trimmed so the pubes were only three quarters of an inch long and her perky little breasts. Janie’s hands were working on my todger giving it an excellent hand-job. My hands reached down and first my middle finger then my forefinger as well slipped into her slit. The pressure on her G-spot made her gasp. I put my mouth to her cleanly washed minge and licked up over her clit. “There! Now it’s just a case of getting acquainted, huh? Want to start by helping me unpack?”

“I thought we were coming here for a fuck, Hans? Well, don’t waste time. Put it in me. I’m ready and I need to start cooking in half an hour.”

Onto the bunk and into the woman. I was hard and had no problem slipping into her welcoming cunt. This was in spite of all her natural juices being washed out in the shower. I had never had sex with a prostitute before and it was a revelation on how enjoyable it could be. Janie didn’t bother with a fake orgasm. She just gently fucked me. She wasn’t a call girl. She was my first ‘DOING’ girl and there would be another seven to try this week.

“I was hoping you didn’t want anything except a gentle screw, because it would take away that feeling of being on a first date. There’s something funny and scary about it, like being a virgin again.”

We gently fucked, skin against skin. I could feel the ripples going through Janie’s soft pelvic muscles when she came. I was not long after.

“Thank you, Hans. You made me have a Genital Sneeze that was delicious, so gentle. Same time tomorrow?”

“That would be wonderful. Maybe an hour earlier so you didn’t have to rush off to cook dinner?”

“It’s a date. I’ll look forward to it. I hope you enjoyed my favourite speciality as much as I did.”

“What are your specialities?”

Well, that was a Slow Cumfortable Screw which is my absolute favourite. Better known as a Girlfriend Experience.

There’s also, of course, a Standard Fuck in whatever position you like;

A Surprise Quickie in which I make you quickly cum when you’re not expecting it; Oral or Anal, of course; Cum in me where I make you cum while we’re doing something else; Double entry and Three Guys with one in my pussy, one up my arse and a third in my mouth.

We have a week, we could try a different one each day.”

“I’ll think about the options while I dream about you tonight.”

“I’ll see you after lunch tomorrow, darling,” pulled on her uniform bottoms and left me.

I pulled my sandals and shorts back on, went up to the deck to wait a couple of hours for dinner.

Captain Mickey was sitting in the lounge naked reading some paperwork. She looked up at me. “You’ve just had sex, haven’t you. Anyone I know?”

“Well, she was one of your employees.”

“Nice time? Silly question. They’ll all give you a wonderful time. I won’t ask who.”

Franco came along the gangway. “I see that you’ve got your knickers off, Mickey. I’m still waiting for you.”

Wasn’t your threesome with Joyce and Teddie enough for you?”

“Not when Captain Mickey is available.”

“O.K. then. I’ll see you in cabin six in five minutes. Give me time to put this away.”

Franco went towards his cabin.

“He’s such a sleaseball. Wants sex all the time. Tiny prick. He doesn’t even cum every time though when he does, it only takes a minute or two. But he’s a good customer. None of us enjoy ourselves with him so we charge him a lot more.

Excuse me but I’m wanted in cabin six.”

I looked around. David and Julia were talking quietly in a corner. There was a pile of men’s jazz-mag magazines that largely consisted of photos of naked women, a guitar and shelves of paperbacks including a complete series of John D. MacDonald’s Travis McGee novels, one of which ‘A Tan and Sandy Silence’ inspired this story and Spider Robinson’s tales of a New York bordello ‘Calahan’s Lady’ and ‘The Lady Slings the Booze’.

I strolled round the entire deck and sat looking at the distant coast of Croatia as it went past.

‘BOING!!’ Somebody wants a fuck. I was nosey and looked to see who it was and who would respond. It was Christophe. After a couple of minutes, he rang again. Mickey arrived a minute later obviously pleased for an excuse to be free of Franco. I went back to the lounge where David and Julia had disappeared to partake in one of life’s greatest pleasures. I went to the cockpit where Hester was steering the yacht.

“I’m bored.” I told her “I need some intelligent conversation.”

“Tell me about yourself. Hans isn’t it?”

“Yup. No, my life isn’t interesting. Tell me how you got into this game...”

“I had a privileged childhood. My father was rich and I was sent to a private school in England. In the boarding house of the school when I was thirteen, I couldn’t control my hormones so went to bed with every boy I met who asked me.

Ever since I left when I was fifteen, all my male friends have been guys I’ve either just been in bed with or am just about to get into bed with or both. And if it was a guy I’d already had or one I was going to have, if we were alone in a private place, we’d be knocking off a stand-up piece right there. My watch ends in fifteen minutes. When Valerie relieves me, maybe you’d like to try to seduce me then!”

“Absolutely. You were telling me how you got into this game.” “What kind of a big deal did they promise you, Hester?” She pulled the sunglasses off and looked at me with reptilian venom and coldness. “They told me, friend, to sing in the choir, love Jesus, do unto others, pray to God, live a Christian life, and then live in heaven in eternal bliss forevermore. They forgot to explain that the choirmaster would give me free private voice lessons when I was fourteen and by the third lesson he’d have his finger up me. They didn’t tell me that if I didn’t report him, I’d lose out on all that eternal bliss. They didn’t tell me that I wouldn’t want to report him, because then he wouldn’t have a chance to do it again. They didn’t explain about it being the temptation of the flesh and how finally you get to the place where you either make a true confession or you run away. I became addicted to orgasms and couldn’t get enough.

I’m a bit ashamed about it but basically after leaving school, I ended peddling my arse on the streets back in Kingston, Jamaica. My parents died and I inherited the house. I opened the big grand house as a brothel with a couple of other girls. One of them was Mickey. The police frequently pulled us in. A small cruiser came up for sale at a good price and I had a brainwave - why not buy it and work in international waters where nobody would object? My best girls came with me. Between us, we bought and ran it as an off-shore knocking shop. Being in international waters, we weren’t breaking any laws. With three other girls, Teddie, Jools and Joyce we were making so much money and running out of space so when we saw that this vessel was being sold after some south American drug runner had been killed we managed to buy it at a fraction of its value using the money from selling the house as a hotel and from the other girls.

We were afraid that the gang who murdered its previous owner would come looking for us so we crossed the Atlantic with her, changed the name from the ‘Christa Belle’ to ‘Helles Belles’, leased a mooring in Venice and with the assistance of several of our clients, set up business. When we worked out of Honduras, the government pretended we didn’t exist. They liked the money we brought in. The black power types talk about us forcing blacks into prostitution. Bullshit! I’m the only pure black, and there are three less than half. Every girl has freedom of choice, believe me. Any publicity of any kind, any infraction, they’d hit us with a heavy fine. Enough to hurt without driving us out of business. Don’t kill the goose. But don’t let her get fat.

We’re not the only ‘fuck boat’ working this coast. There are another four based in Venice But by god we’re the best. There’s even a boatful of gigolos based in Naples. When we had a good season two years ago, We had a combined cruise. We had a day of servicing them, then a day of them us and so on. All those muscles hoisting their sails was a real turn on. We didn’t do it the next year because it turned out they were controlled by the mafia. If they had control of us, it would be as bad as when we were based in the Caribbean.”

Valerie came onto the helm and while she was putting her shorts back on, Hester took hers off.

“My cabin?” I asked.

“Why not. We have an hour until dinner.”

Without her top on, her massive black tits looked even larger, though they had started to droop with their weight. After Hester had been to her bunk to collect ‘essentials’ We spent the hour doing things that were totally different to what I’d been doing with Janie. Hester’s dark brown body had been shaved of any body hair and was oiled so it shone, reflecting the setting sun as it came through the porthole.

Once I had used my fingers to get her juices flowing and bring gasps to her throat, she lowered herself to give what Janie could never have managed with her tiny titties.

Hester folded her huge hooters around my erection and give me an accomplished tit-wank. When it was obvious to her that I was on the edge, she raised herself up and lowered herself onto my pole, her hooters jiggling as her bum slapped against my thighs.

I came.

It was good.

Hester turned round facing my feet and inched herself backward until she was sitting on my face. “I’ll lick you clean if you lick the juices out of my cunt.”

Her mouth was as agile as her pussy had been. I could taste my own excretions amongst hers.

“I never usually cum with guests but you fill me and are good. Maybe you can make an exception in the next week.”

Her mouth and tongue were working hard and my erection was reasserting itself. “I’ve never cum inside a black working girl’s mouth either.”

Hester swallowed hard and I could feel her gullet massaging the head of my dick. She gagged slightly probably due to the girth of my knob. A few more swallows and a second spasm of semen made her splutter.

My tongue was roaming round the inside of her vagina as I kept my side of the deal.

Hester reversed herself so now we were face to face, mouth to mouth and tongue to tongue. I could taste myself in her mouth. My hands roved over her ample bottom and up over her even larger tits. Both nipples were pressing into my chest.

“Do you need another fuck with this black whore? I’m here if you want me, or shall be both go to dinner?”

“I would like you again, and again. There are eight of you onboard and I’ve only had two so far. It’s up to you. Your choice.”

“First one to cum and we’ll call it a day? I can enjoy that thick cock on any of the other six days or nights.”

We settled down for a slow comfortable screw. Neither of us orgasmed but judging from the sounds she was making, I’m certain that Hester enjoyed it as much as I did. We were disturbed by three rings of the bell and a shout of “Dinner”

“The policy is for each of our guests to sit between two girls he hasn’t had yet for the first few days, then we decide between us which guest we want to sit with. I’ll see you upstairs in a few minutes. Dress code is to be comfortable”

In the lounge, a large table had been set with a place for everybody. I found mine. It was between Julia and Valerie.

The table soon filled up. On the other side of Julia was Franco and next to Valerie, David.

Most of the guys were wearing shorts and T-shirts. All the girls only had their ‘uniform’ briefs.

The meal was light with Linguini and a tomato, basil and garlic sauce along with hot garlic bread. It was followed by a Sicilian lemon flan with ice cream. Janie was a good cook.

I struck up conversations with the girls on each side. Julia seemed to prefer to talk with me rather than with Franco on her other side. I could tell there was some antipathy with the Italian stud. Julia dropped some sauce on her cleavage and being without clothing above her waist, it splattered onto her boobs. “Will you lick that up for me, Hans?”

“Mmmmmmh” she sighed as my flattened tongue licked the spicy sauce from her tit.

After dinner she told me that Franco had ‘had’ her the previous year and was only interested in his own pleasure, not hers.

“We’re not supposed to talk about the other guests, but I know you saw David chatting me up earlier. He was fun and I’ll let him take me to bed me again later if he’s interested. It turns out that he was in my brother’s house at Millfield and knows him well. Public school blokes are often polite and lovely, but have frequently been trained to be alpha males. David is the first kind.”

“Where did you go to school?”

“St. Susannes in Buckinghamshire”

“Good school. I’ve known other girls who went there.”

“ ... and I suppose they’re working in the sex industry. Lots of us are.”

“Not quite, though all their libidos are extremely high.”

“We were taught to be good wives and trained to be good in bed.”

“Are you?”

“Would you like to find out?”

“Don’t lock your door. I promise I’ll be with you when we’ve finished clearing up tonight. You need to pay more attention to Valerie. I have to pay more attention to Frank.”

I turned towards Valerie admiring the way that her long blonde hair cascaded over her tanned shoulders and another six inches further.

“Are you staring at my norks, mate?”

“No, just admiring your hair.”

“Why not. I’m very proud of my jubbly girls. They’re natural 38Ds and very sensitive. When you get round to propositioning me – remember that.”

“I shall. I have commitments tonight and tomorrow afternoon. Sometime soon?”

“I know. The chart in the crew cabin says who, when, where. Notes and scores for performance, but you’re not supposed to know that. Just to let you know that your current average is a nine, our head cook scored you a ten. Can’t wait.”

She tossed her head back which had the combined effect of sweeping her hair back so it went down her back and pushing her chest forward. She continued with her conversation with David.

Dinner was over. “Tomorrow, we’re stopping at an uninhabited island off the coast near Pula.” Announced Mickey. “Can I get anybody a cocktail while the girls clear up? We have the usual wine and spirits plus some special cocktails. These are

Slow Screw Against The Wall

Slow Comfortable Screw against the Wall


Sex On The Beach

Slippery Nipple”

“I’d like a Slippery Nipple please Mick”. Asked Muhammed. “Preferably yours.”

Without even a blink. Mickey walked to him and pushed a nipple into his mouth.

“I’ll have the same please,” requested Christophe “but make mine a double.”

The two girls either side of him promptly each stuck a nipple between his lips.

The tension had been broken and while the girls tidied away the table and chairs, us guys helped ourselves to the drinks from the bar and sat in the comfortable chairs. Although there were enough chairs for all of us, only Louise, Janie, Hester and Julia took one. The others sat on the lap of whichever bloke had chosen them. I was disappointed that Julia hadn’t come to me.

I picked up the guitar. It was only a well worn old Spanish guitar that somebody had strung with steel strings. I tuned it and started picking ‘Alice’s Restaurant’. When I got to the chorus, first Teddie then Joyce sang the words. Hester joined in and on the next verse ‘You can get anything you want’ was followed by Mickey singing ‘at the Belle’s restaurant’.”

“Do you know any Paul Simon songs?” asked Mick.

I started singing The Boxer though on the second verse, Julia started singing the words of Fred Wedlock’s parody of it ‘The Folker’. Soon we were all laughing. I followed it with Fred’s ‘Bristol Talking Blues’ which mentions ‘Doing the ton down the M4 in a horse and cart’. The girls were singing sweetly with their harmonies floating round the room.

“A long day tomorrow.” Mick said. We need to put the sails up. Breakfast at eight. Bedtime I think.” She got off Christophe’s lap and led him down to his cabin.

Julia mouthed something at me. It looked like “soon” but she may have been blowing me a kiss. After picking ‘Anji’ for a while, I put the guitar back in its corner and went off to my cabin. I had only just got into bed when the door opened. Before I had time to put out the light, I could see Julia slipping her panties down. Her neatly trimmed écu shaped like a heart, the same shade as her dark blonde hair. “Move over, or do you want to smother me?”

I swept the covers down and our hands explored each other. “What’s your favourite posish?” I asked her.

“I’m the professional fuckee. You choose.”

“As long as I can look at those fabulous breasts. I don’t mind. Seeing that we’re in the middle of the Adriatic in a boat, what about a boat race?”

“Show me”

I sat with my legs outstretched and showed her how she should sit on my thighs with me inside her. Her arms reached out to my biceps as mine did to hers.

I pulled her towards me brushing her nipples against my chest. “Now pull me.” Every move moved me inside her and her nipples against me. “You may find it better if you raise your legs round my waist.” The pants, groans and mewling told me that I was pleasing her as much as she was me. The noises she was making were soon drowning out those coming from the nearby cabins. By my count, she had cum five times before the pleasures and spasm of Julia’s agile pussy caused me to cum for the first time. We cuddled and kissed and talked.

“How do you know Fred Wedlock’s songs?” I asked her.

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