Jiggling Japanese Jugs

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Exchange students put out in order to find housing to continue their college studies.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Sharing   Interracial   Oriental Female   First   Pregnancy   Nudism   .

She was concerned. One more year to go to finish her degree as an exchange student in the United States but when she projected her scholarship money it would not last nearly that long. As a problem solver she looked at where the money had gone and realized that too much of it had been eaten up by rent higher than she had expected. Aimi must find a less expensive place to live so she would have funds for the essential expenses.

When asking other students where they were living, she got quite a list of suggestions. Many of them she could tell were at least as expensive as her current situation but a couple looked like they had potential and she began checking them out.

She came to see me and said she’d been referred by another student whose name she gave. I remembered Betsy well who was now living with a young man she was engaged to. Her time with me had been good for both of us so I was not surprised by the recommendation.

I showed Aimi the cozy but comfortable upstairs room that I was renting. The bathroom was right next door and shared with another bedroom that I used as an office so there should be little conflict. It had been empty since Betsy left since I’d not found a suitable person to rent it to.

Her English was excellent with just a hint of accent as Aimi explained her situation which I wanted to know before I would answer her question about the cost. I found out she was an only child of parents of modest means. Her scholarship was the only way she could get the education she needed to be successful back home. I asked if she had a boyfriend and she said that her studies consumed most of her time and energy.

Now was the time to describe the rental agreement. I told her that I did not rent the room for the income, since I had plenty of that. It was for companionship since I lived alone and had for many years. When I explained that she could live in the room at no cost and that assisting with cooking and cleaning would cover her food expenses as well, she was incredulous. A smart girl, she asked, “All that just for companionship? And what do you mean by that word?”

I smiled and adopted my kindliest tone of voice, “You can ask Becky about the details if you wish but she was happy here for a year under exactly the same conditions I am proposing to you. I would expect you to behave towards me as you would a husband and I would treat you as a wife.”

I could see her mind churning as she absorbed it. “Does that mean sex to?”

“That is usually what a husband and wife do. Are you a virgin?”

She was taken aback by such a blunt and personal question but pulled herself together enough to nod her head. I was not surprised considering the other information I’d gotten from her. I added, “Becky was also when she came here and I’ve had enough experience teaching women about sex to make it quite enjoyable for all concerned.”

She stood up, her face inscrutable, and said, “I must think about this. I will talk to Becky to see how it was for her.”

The next day I got a text from Aimi asking to meet with me again and giving me a time which I okayed. I offered her some sake that I had bought and she smiled at my thoughtfulness.

Unsure how to start the discussion we sipped our drinks for a little bit and then I asked, “Tell me your feelings.”

“Becky was very open with me and said that her time here was quite ‘interesting’ as she put it. She appreciated very much that she could have a normal college social life and you accepted her bringing boyfriends to her room. Her fiancé was not told about the arrangement and apparently never suspected. She thinks highly of you and that was quite reassuring.”

“I think you have come to a decision to accept my offer, or you would not be here.” She nodded shyly. “When would you like to move in? I would be happy to transport your belongings here.”

She gave notice at the place she was staying which required two weeks but it only took a few hours to move her limited possessions, many of which were schoolbooks and supplies. We took care of that over the weekend and she got settled in before classes started on Monday.

Things were pretty platonic between us while she got used to the situation and got to know me better. I told her that I often didn’t wear much clothing around the house and she was free to do that if she was comfortable with it. After two days I appeared at the breakfast table naked and her eyes were continuously drawn to my crotch. She may have never seen a naked man considering the culture she grew up in.

She was too shy to strip just yet and I did not want to push her at all. I did gently remind her that I was looking forward to her companionship and we would hug and even have little kisses before we went to bed, separately for now, and in the morning when she left for class. I knew that being affectionate to her would make her relaxed and more open to greater intimacy. I wanted her to want our joinings for themselves, not just because of external pressure. I’d been through that with Becky and a few other women in my life. By the way, I’m in my early 50s but take pretty good care of myself.

The next weekend I had her out doing yard work with me and it was warm and we both perspired. When we came in I offered a beer and pretzels and we enjoyed them for a little bit. With that done, I suggested we take a shower together before fixing supper. Her eyes widened with such a novel idea, for her at least. It was one of my favorite things to do with a woman. I had an oversize shower in my private bath for that very reason.

She could tell I was serious and realized that to object would be rude so she came to my bathroom in her little red silk robe. When she turned around to take it off and hang it on the hook behind the door, my cock started filling looking at her slender shape and tight buns. I was surprised as she turned around to see the size of her breasts. They were beautifully shaped with slightly up tilted nipples and jiggled with their softness whenever she moved. She saw my eyes drop to them and blushed.

Opening the door to the shower I started it up and adjusted the temperature before gesturing that she should enter. I set an example by using a washrag and soap to start scrubbing her from the neck down, not missing any part of her. Turning over the washrag and soap to her, I watched to see how she would handle it. When she was too tentative, I told her to scrub a little harder because it felt good. She was fine with my back and the top part of my front but when she got down to my crotch and my rod was projecting straight out from my body and well filled, she stopped. I said quietly, “It needs to be clean too.” She was careful that only the washrag and not her fingers came in contact with that mysterious male organ and succeeded in washing it without incident.

We toweled each other and I suggested that since we were now both naked and it was warm, we should just cook dinner that way. I poured more sake and she asked for a couple of refills before we sat down to eat.

“My dear young lady,” I addressed before we began eating, “I want to tell you how lovely you are and how blessed I am to be in your presence. Our shower together was very delightful and I hope a good precursor of other things that we will do as a couple.” You can see a blush in an Asian person’s darker skin.

Although my pecker went down while we ate, when we cleaned the table and were washing dishes it popped right back up and I came up behind her as she was leaning over the sink and pressed it against her back, my balls against her buns since I was that much taller. She squeaked a little but stood still as I put my hands on her hips and began rubbing down her outer legs then moving up and towards her belly so that my hands cupped the undersides of her breasts. In her ear I said, “These may be the nicest ones I have ever held and I hope they are enjoying my touch.” She nodded almost imperceptibly and I reached up to lightly pinch and stroke her nipples.

I felt her body shiver as sensations that she might be unfamiliar with raced through her. Her head fell back on my shoulder as I kept up the caresses that I knew most women found very stimulating. All of a sudden she began to shake vigorously and dropped the pan she was holding into the sink and grabbed the counter to stabilize herself. I stopped moving and just enjoyed holding her.

When she called she turned around, pressing those nice tits against me and feeling my cock against her belly. Wide-eyed she said, “I’ve never had anything like that before. I didn’t know men could do that to you.”

“In English we call that an orgasm and there are several other ways to trigger them as well,” was my reply.

She looked me straight in the face and said, “I feel I must return the favor but you’ll have to show me how.”

Taking her hand down to my erection, I showed her how to move it, saying that this was somewhat like the stimulation that a man gets inside a woman but she would be able to see the result. I was pretty horny, not having been laid since Becky left, and it didn’t take long for my pecker to pulse out some streamers of white stuff and splash them on her belly. She was awestruck as I explained what that was.

“This will not get me pregnant will it?” she asked with a concerned voice.

“First of all it must be up inside your vagina and secondly I have had an operation so there are no sperms which are the seeds that fertilize your egg to make a baby.”

She smiled as she rubbed the man lotion into her belly, “I learned about the basics but that is all. It was very clinical and I didn’t know it could be so interesting.” I told her that’s why sex was so popular, because it felt awfully damn good when done properly. I was realizing that this was the most innocent girl I had ever been naked with. Becky was a virgin but she knew a lot of other things to do with sex parts besides intercourse.

“That’s enough for today, I think. You have studying to do and I’ve got something to get ready for a customer tomorrow.” I work from home over the Internet which gives me a lot of flexibility my personal life and I make a good living.

Aimi seemed to be in quite good spirits the next morning as she gave me a kiss before she went off to class. When she got back in late afternoon she said, “I feel kind of sweaty and a shower would be a good idea.” I’d been indoors all day and didn’t really need one but damned if I would turn that down!

This time she didn’t use the washrag, spreading the soap all over my body and giving my erection a good rubdown. I returned the favor and she wiggled as I stimulated her erogenous zones. After we dried we had some time before we needed to start fixing dinner and she seemed a bit restless.

I asked, “What are you thinking?”

That relaxed her a bit, “I’m wanting that big pleasure you called orgasm. It’s like I am hungry for it. What can I do?”

I explained that sex was an appetite like thirst and hunger and just needed to be satisfied regularly like them. “Do you remember I said there are different ways to meet that need?” She nodded, eager to know more. Taking her to her bed. I laid her on her back. She said she didn’t know if she was ready for “fucking” yet and I reassured her that is not what I planned.

As my tongue tickled her pussy, she clamped her thighs on my head and then relaxed. Her hips moved and her breasts shook as I drove her up the wall of passion and she squealed loudly as she reached the top. Then she was embarrassed that she was so noisy. I reassured her that it was a compliment to me.

When she asked if she could reciprocate I explained that a woman’s mouth could make a man feel good too. We spent a while in study and I came on her tits like the first time. She reached with a fingertip to take a taste and said it was ok and she would take it in her mouth the next time. She was getting braver!

That night she came to my bed and asked if she could just sleep with me. No sex, just closeness. She missed her family and was lonely. I told her that I got lonely too and was happy she was in my life and house. She kept on her nightshirt and we snuggled. I slept well but she was gone in the morning. I barely got a goodbye kiss as she hurried to class.

Once again, when she returned she announced that her body was needy for sex. I told her we called it “being horny” but couldn’t explain how that saying came about. This time she kept her word and got the full experience of my ejaculation on her tongue. She made a funny face but swallowed and I praised her which got a smile.

That night, she wanted to get and give oral sex in bed before we snuggled. I awoke before her and was sitting looking out the window with my morning coffee when she came up and kissed me before getting dressed.

The next night went much the same but then her period arrived and so she did not want my mouth down there but kept hers busy. We were both sleeping naked now and it was very important to her to be close to me.

With her monthly done, she said, “I’ve been studying about virginity. I know there is that little barrier in me that must break and it will hurt a bit. In my country it is very important for the husband to do that. Do you know why that is?”

I looked thoughtful and said, “In this country it seems to be of little consequence and I actually know men who say they would not marry a virgin because they want her to know what she is doing already without having to be a teacher. Perhaps some men want a virgin because they don’t know what they are doing and are afraid they won’t be good enough for a woman with experience.”

It was her turn to be thoughtful and then she asked, “Was your wife a virgin?” I shook my head. Next she asked, “Would I be your first one?” I shook my head again and she had one more question, “Why would you want to have sex with me if I am a virgin?”

I smiled and said, “That is easy. I like teaching you very much and you are becoming special to me.” That got me a big naked hug and a good round of oral sex both ways.

The next day was Saturday and she usually studied in the mornings, now naked, at the kitchen table so I had frequent opportunities to see her. I was impressed how she could focus on whatever she was doing. Her studying seemed to be just as involved and intense as her blow jobs.

After lunch she cleaned up the kitchen and then found me reading in my lounger. Sitting on my lap she gave me a deep kiss and announced, “I’m ready to become a full woman now. Is this a good time for you?” I told her that any time was good for that and I followed her to my bed.

We touched and caressed and all the other things you do to get warmed up for the final act. She laid back in the traditional position and simply said, “now”. I positioned myself between her tented legs and she guided the penis she was well acquainted with to her opening. She was wet and I popped in and up against her hymen easily. She stared up at me bravely and said, “Push!” I was bracing myself to do that when she thrust her hips upward and gave a little yelp of pain as I popped through. I didn’t move, savoring the sensations and letting hers settle a bit. Once again, when she was ready she began thrusting her hips and I began moving in deeper and deeper with each thrust.

When I bottomed I stop and held it there. Her arms were wrapped around me so tight I had to push back to let her relax and I began nibbling on her luscious nipples to build her arousal even more. She let me know once again with instinctive hip thrusts and I began taking long and slow strokes. She began moaning and panting as it built and finally her orgasm overtook her.

When she calmed down a little she looked up at me and said, “You have not done yours yet. I want to feel it.” She lay quietly observing the sensations as I moved. She felt my cock pulse inside her and she squealed as the hot fluid coated her insides for the very first time.

I gently rolled us on our sides into a scissors position so I could stay embedded in that wonderful place and she told me she appreciated that closeness. We kissed and stroked each other until I grew hard again. We both reached our peaks once more and then laid together silently, half-asleep in our satisfaction.

We showered together and I took her out for a congratulatory dinner. She seemed self-conscious so I asked her why and had to reassure her that nobody could tell that she had just had full sex, let alone for the first time. That opened a lively discussion about a future husband. I reassured her that, except for the missing hymen which had been explained in many other ways by women pretending to be virgins, a boyfriend or husband would have no way of telling how many times she’d had intercourse whether once or thousands of times. When I asked if she could tell how many times or women I had done it with, she had to admit she couldn’t. I thought that I might get questions about that in the future.

Of course once that door was open, like oral sex, she wanted lots more and we coupled after dinner and then again at bedtime and first thing the next morning. I laughingly thought to myself I’d unleashed a sex monster. Lucky me!

When we had our first argument about something trivial and then enjoyed making up, I laughingly told her that we were acting like a husband and wife now. She blushed but admitted she liked the feelings. That was another layer off of the onion, so to speak. With her feminine consciousness and confidence raised, she began telling me about the male students who spoke to her more frequently and were even asking her about doing things with them. She thought she could tell that some of the things they wanted to do were like what she was getting in my bed.

My response so that was I believed women who are getting well sexed have an aura which attracts other males so I was not surprised. And most certainly, at their age probably any of them who were not gay would love to get naked with her. It was just a natural instinct but she must always retain control of her own body.

When she asked me about attending an event with a fellow student I told her it was a very normal thing for someone her age to do and I wanted her to have the same experiences as other young women. The first few were not really called dates but were, more or less. She would come home a bit giddy from the attention she was receiving and probably was picking up on male pheromones. I know I sure got vigorously fucked.

After the third one, she asked shyly if she could share a feeling with me as we got into bed. I’d always encourage that so I nodded. She said she felt a little guilty when being with this companion who, at our front door, had put his arms around her and given her a little bit more than friendly kiss. She wondered how he would feel if he knew that she was very shortly going have sex with another man. I thought that was pretty perceptive of her and offered to forgo our coupling if that would help.

“Oh no! You are the most important to me and I always want our closeness. It just made me wonder what would happen if I wanted sex with someone else too.” I could tell that some normal urges were rising as she matured as a woman and told her we could talk about it tomorrow. Our joining was quite vigorous and her orgasms most intense.

Her desires were equally intense in the morning and I made sure she was well satisfied so that emotions didn’t color the discussion any more than could be helped. Naturally I didn’t want to share this treasure but I knew it was probably going to happen someday. Our relationship was much deeper than the mostly sexual one I’d had with Betsy. When she dated other guys and eventually found her fiancé it had been pretty easy to deal with. Something was different with this young woman and I wasn’t sure I understood myself yet either.

It was still cool so I suggested we put robes on and take our coffee and breakfast out on the back porch where the sunshine would make it quite pleasant. I started out with, “As you know, I’ve had other companions living here as you are. You have not asked but you probably figured that I was having sex with them since that was one of the conditions. Most of them I did not connect with other than the sex and as basic friends. I must admit that the last one, Betsy, reminded me of one of my first girlfriends who I’d never had sex with and so it brought back many memories when we coupled. Like the other women, I didn’t really mind if they had sex with others as long as they were careful and considerate and I got what I needed. By the time Betsy met the man she is now living with, I was feeling a bit possessive of her and her growing feelings for him did affect a little bit the way she was with me.”

Aimi reached over and took my hand then said, “When I talked about the men I was dating, it was hypothetical. Right now I have no interest in sex with anybody but you. I heard that there are stronger connections with me than you had with even Betsy and I know that I have some with you, much more than just the sex. I like doing things and going places with other people and am glad that you support that. My plan is to keep those platonic.” I reminded her that things can change and she should just talk to me if she thought that they were.

Within the limits of her study time, my resident student joined a club and attended some events and concerts with fellow students both male and female. I was always pleased that she was becoming more than just a bookworm. Our lovemaking matured, and I use that word to specifically refer to our sexual interactions.

Speaking of Betsy, I got a call from her when her fiance was going to be away for two weeks. She’d gotten his begrudging approval to see if I could “meet her needs” while he couldn’t. Since Aimi knew her and our previous connection, she was very gracious about the accommodation, knowing it was short lived. I was almost glad it was not long-term because at my age keeping up with two young women was daunting. I heard no complaints from either woman though and my housemate and I carried on as before. We would be invited to the wedding.

Aimi had been living with me for almost six months by the time that she came home from an evening outing close to tears. She’d gone to a concert with a fellow student who she had accompanied a number of times previously. I heard her shower after she undressed which was unusual since she usually did that in the morning. As she got into bed and just snuggled against me I heard little sobs and rolled over to hold her close.

“You will not want me now because I am not pure,” was all she said before breaking into louder sobs. I figured out immediately what happened so I did what she did not expect. I began kissing her all over and when I reached her crotch she did not separate her thighs as she always eagerly did. I heard, “No! I am not clean!” I’d eaten fucked pussy before so I just pushed her knees apart and dove in and she orgasmed almost immediately. There wasn’t much to taste since she had just showered. Before her orgasm finished, I had filled her with my erection and began moving in the way she was used to.

I ordered, “Kiss me, my sweetheart. Don’t ever say you’re not pure. You feel as good to me as always so enjoy.” She fucked me back and cried again after we orgasmed and fell promptly to sleep.

In the morning she came to breakfast in a robe and wouldn’t look directly at me. I had to take the lead, “Tell me why you are so upset?”

Still looking down at the table she said softly, “The concert was very good and really stirred me and my friend somehow knew how to build on that and when we went to his place I had sex with him.”

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