A Warm (and Wet) Welcome

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Friend is surprised at the greeting he gets when visiting.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Sharing   Pregnancy   Prostitution   .

I’d become friends with this guy at work mostly because we had similar responsibilities and our paths crossed often. He’d seek me out at lunch and we’d visit. He was a bit older than me, ex-military, and told stories of having lived all around the world, finishing up in Asia before his discharge.

He would refer to his “little woman” or just “his woman” but I never heard her referred to by name or as his wife. I was a little surprised when he invited me over for dinner on Sunday afternoon one weekend. Being a bachelor, I’ll take home cooked food anytime. He did ask if I liked stir-fry and I said I did.

I guess after that request I shouldn’t have been surprised when the door was opened by a small Asian woman in what I guessed was native dress. She said “hello” with a very strong accent, took my hand and brought me inside. I saw Joe in the main room of their place sipping on whiskey which I knew was his favorite. He greeted me and said that his woman wanted to give me a traditional greeting since it was the first time I had visited there. She pulled my hand so I followed and she kept leading me and we went into a bedroom.

I was getting a little uncomfortable and asked, “What are we doing here?”

She looked at me with a smile and said something in her language which I, of course, couldn’t understand a bit of. Then she began removing my clothes. “What the hell?” I thought. “What kind of tradition is this to take someone’s clothes off when they’re visiting?”

When I protested, in very poor English she said, “You do this. Enjoy.” So I decided just to see where this went and I was soon down to my boxers. Then she stepped back and the kimono-like garment she was wearing slipped off her so quickly I didn’t see how she had released it. Standing in front of me was a slim, naked, young woman with firm breasts and a patch of black hair at her crotch. She was smiling. A little more English, “You like?”

I nodded to be polite and because she was attractive. I’d never seen a naked Asian before. Black and Latino yes but not like this. Her smile got bigger and she moved forward to kneel in front of me and take my semi hard penis in her mouth. Her almond eyes glanced up at my face as she began to expertly pleasure it.

As my little head took over, I decided that this was supposed to happen so I’d better just go along for the ride, one that I thought might get pretty interesting.

It sure did as she presented her tight little ass to me on the bed and said, “You take!” No normal man with an erection can resist that order and she wiggled her hips and made little yipping sounds as I enjoyed my first Asian piece. Not having a regular girlfriend, I shot my stuff pretty quickly. She was apparently not into enjoying the afterglow as she pulled away from me, put her kimono back on, and left me to get dressed on my own.

When I walked out into the main room, a bit dazed, Joe stood up and shook my hand and offered me a choice of beverage. I chose bourbon and he quickly gave me an ample glass.

“Now you can see why I brought her back from my last assignment. I found her in a whorehouse and she quickly became my favorite when I learned that she had not been there very long. I also learned that I could buy out her contract and take her home with me.”

I absorbed this and had a million questions. “While that was the best welcome I have ever received to anyone’s home, I am utterly surprised that you would let your wife do that.”

He sipped on his drink and said, “She is not legally my wife. I did get a good forged marriage license to get her into this country easily but she is just my servant for the next two years because of the contract I just mentioned. She was well trained at the whorehouse and surprised me the first time she offered her body to a guest. She thinks that is what she’s supposed to do and I get a kick out of it. Believe me, I get all of her pussy I can handle and if I’m not in it, I figured it was just going to waste. She is a horny one with lots of imagination so it’s not like I’m taking advantage of her or anything. Keep that in mind because the evening is not over yet.”

The meal was excellent, served gracefully by Xi, his “servant/wife”. When I complimented her at the end, he translated and she bowed to me, her kimono giving me a nice view of the breasts I hadn’t gotten acquainted with earlier.

Joe refreshed my drink and announced, “I have some entertainment planned. What you enjoyed with Xi earlier was just an appetizer which took away your built-up tensions and prepared you for the reason I invited you.”

He started some oriental-sounding music and Xi reappeared, clad in a skimpy costume the likes of which I had never seen before. She began a hypnotizing dance which was clearly sexual. My rod responded appropriately. She kept moving towards to her audience and then away but each time was closer, finally brushing our faces with her barely covered breasts.

She unfastened the top and with the music teased our faces with her uncovered bosom. Joe whispered, “Lose your drawers,” and pulled his off. His knarly uncut pecker stood out at right angles to his belly while my younger and snipped one pointed more towards the ceiling.

Dropping the scarflike covering from her waist she resumed her sinuous and sensuous dance, her tight buns and furry place drawing my eyes like a magnet. I sipped my whiskey frequently. Repeating the offering of her breasts, now it was her crotch which was presented to her rampant audience. She made an experience of sampling our little heads with her mouth, giving teasing quick sucks and kisses to be sure they were fully aroused.

My curiosity was soon satisfied as she, without losing synchrony with the music, put her ass over Joe’s lap and dropped only half way onto his shaft, continuing her hip motions for about a minute before rising up and I knew I was next.

I’ve never felt anything like it. No in-and-out but warm, wet, velvet sensations on a whole different axis. My balls were tightening but she rose up and pulled Joe forward, presenting her pussy to his mouth and making those oriental yips as he ate her to an orgasm. Was I next? Could I get her off so quickly?

She took my hands and pulled me on top of her on the carpet. Joe moved to a better vantage point as she guided me back in. Her crotch quickly swallowed me and she made it clear that her tits needed attention. I didn’t even have to move. Her amazing hips began fucking me as I just held myself in position. She rolled us over without missing a thrust, Joe stepped over my head and fed her his thick tube. Her tits were much more accessible and I teased them the best I knew how.

She could obviously tell, probably from much experience, when my pecker was about to burst. She pulled her mouth off Joe and said, “In me!” I let fly the hardest I could ever remember cuming. It hurt a little.

Joe had laid down next to me and she deftly rose, held her pussy over his rod, clearly thicker than mine, for a moment so I could see some of my cream drip on his shaft, and engulfed it. Now it was my turn to see live sex with a woman I had just fucked. She signaled to me to bring my shriveled cock near her face and she cleaned it to my great pleasure, so much so that it began refilling and she kissed it before focusing on Joe. I was watching from their feet as his balls and cock clenched with his painting of her inner parts.

I lay down next to them and she reached for whatever part of me she could. After an interchange in her native language, Joe spoke from the other side of her, “She likes you and hopes you can stay for more.”

I asked him to tell her she was the best woman I’d ever had. After they talked, she turned her head towards me and gave me a hot kiss, then reached for my maleness, caressing it.

We had a dessert and she took me to their bedroom when Joe turned on a ball game to watch. He was a real sports nut which I already knew. We had a slow and tender coupling which she seemed to really like. At the end, she struggled to say, “Like much. Do again?” I nodded and she smiled and kissed me, tears forming in her eyes.

I’d taught English as a second language to Latinos but seized on that as a way to see her often. Joe thought it would be a good idea and I was scheduled to come over after work Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. He would glue himself to the TV and we would retreat to the bedroom. After working for a while, she would insist that we copulate, the nice and loving way we had before although much shortened. She really liked kissing.

Joe often went to ball games on Saturday so I came over and we had much longer joinings to her great delight. Her English was improving quickly, now knowing more than sex words to communicate. She loved to talk as much as fuck so we combined them to make optimal use of the time.

I would feel twinges of jealousy when she happily told me of other dinner guests who were entertained like I was. There were also some of Joe’s male relatives who made it a point to visit regularly for her hospitality. It seemed to be just fine with her, so what could I say?

He had told me as we shared lunchtimes at work how she came to be with him. He was stationed in her country and knew of the better class of brothel. On his first visit he’d been treated to the dance she’d done for me but without the “happy ending”. The girls would take breaks and dance for the waiting clients to get them ready. He chose Xi even though he had to wait a while because she was popular.

From then on he’d get there early a couple times a week to get her more fresh. Unlike the cheaper, lower-class whore houses where the girls were expected to have 30-40 clients a day, these were limited to ten or so, depending on the time spent with each. Since he could speak the language he learned about her contract. Her family was very poor and would send their daughters out to earn money. She had only been there a couple of months but had been a fast learner and quite popular so buying her contract was costly. He sprang for it, having nothing better to do with his accumulated funds. There was a year to go on it, he informed me, and he wasn’t sure what would happen next. He didn’t want to get married, especially not to a whore.

That attitude pissed me off but I didn’t want to make any waves. Checking with a school friend of mine who was an immigration attorney, I found out that such contracts were unenforceable in the States and also learned how she could become a citizen. Her country had a quota and the wait was years long.

I kept my plans all to myself since her situation was stable at the moment and concentrated on her English and teaching her what she needed to pass a citizenship exam. Women got no education where she came from so we started on reading too and she was like a little kid as she went through first-grade texts. Her copulating with me moved towards the lovemaking end of the continuum even as she described interesting screwing of guests and relatives.

When I wondered about birth control, she told me that the brothel had required her to have an operation to prevent pregnancy since one of their marketing things was condom-optional. Not optimistic about ever being a wife and mother, she had accepted it. I thought that right now it was a blessing.

My tutoring went on for several months and I was a fixture at Joe’s place, so much so that when a relative visited I was expected to join in Xi’s hospitality and had to watch as not only Joe but his brother or cousin or uncle banged away at what I now thought of as my special girl.

After one such incident, she asked me what I seemed troubled about. I’d never openly expressed my growing affection for her, even to myself. Her tender caring opened me up and I told her how I was feeling love for her and a growing resentment that others were enjoying her body.

She pulled me into her and kissed my tear-stained cheeks as she said in a soothing voice, “Others will be where your penis is now but none will be in my heart like you are. I love you.”

That just broke the dam and I cried and held her. When the emotions calmed down I told her what I had discovered and my plan to take her away from Joe.

She had one objection, “Joe has been good to me and is the reason I even met you. I will not hurt him so it must be done carefully.” I had to agree.

One Saturday we were having dinner and I asked Xi to sit with us instead of being the servant she usually was. “Joe,” I opened with, “There is something important we need to talk about.”

He looked at me and Xi and interrupted, “It’s about her isn’t it? I’m not blind and have seen your feelings growing the past six months, just so you know.”

“Yes. We are in love and she would like to live with me. I am going to marry her so she can get her citizenship but that is only a secondary reason.”

Xi interrupted me, “Joe, I can never forget or tell you how much you have changed my life for the better. I shall always have special feelings for you and, even when I am a wife, will welcome you as a visitor just like I have done for your friends and relatives.”

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