My New Wife and Daughters

by Stevew

Copyright© 2018 by Stevew

Fan Fiction Sex Story: Man meets a woman and they get married.

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Mother   Father   Daughter   .

I had gone into a cafe two weeks ago, when I saw a woman that looked like she had a terrible headache. When I was younger, I was the only one who could relieve my mother’s migraines. I don’t know what made me do it but I walked over to her. I asked her if I could help her, explained that my mom had had several migraines when I had been a teen. I also told her that I could usually help her.

She said that at this point she would try anything. I gently rubbed her temples for about 30 seconds. She was amazed her headache was gone. She asked me how I had done it, because she had tried that herself with no success. I told her I didn’t know that I had just did. I have always been able to for my mom. She asked if I could do that with other areas of the body? Well my wife, before she passed away, had had severe back aches and I had been able to help her.

We talked about our families for a little while, her name was Cindy. It turned out that she had two girls, one was 16 the other was 14. My own children were both in their 20’s and no longer lived in this area, one boy and one girl. She told me that her late husband had died 3 years ago. She invited me over to her house for a cookout the next weekend.

I got there a little early but she said it was okay. I helped her get a fire going in the grill. Both of her daughters joined us and we had a good conversation. Sarah her oldest girl excused herself and went to her room. Janet her younger daughter told us that her sister was not feeling well, and went up stairs to join her. Leaving Cindy and me alone. She told me how her late husband and her had been home schooling the girls, and she still did. We ended up taking for several hours, till I realized it was almost 3 in the morning. She insisted that since it was so late that I use her guest room so I did.

I woke up at 6 the next morning when Sarah came into the room. She was in a nightgown that barely covered unrestricted breast and uncovered bottom. I was sleeping in the nude myself. To my surprise she crawled into bed with me. I looked her straight in the eyes, and told her it wasn’t a good idea for her to be there. She asked why? I told her she was nearly naked and I was naked. She said so I don’t care. Your mom probably will. She let dad teach me all about sex-ed. He has been gone for too long, and I need someone to help me, please. I told her that if her mom wanted me to take over for him, then I would. But I had to hear that from her.

Alright she said and crawled back out of bed. Cindy came into the room after her daughter left. She tried to get you to have sex with her, didn’t she. Yes I told her, and I told her no. Unless you told me other wise. It would have been okay, she misses her father, and you are the first man I have had over since he died. She is only 16 shouldn’t she be with someone her own age. No I have not let her date anyone. Besides until she gets married, that sort of thing should be left in the family.

Since you now know how our family are now I suppose you don’t want to have anything to do with me or my family. On the contrary, I would like to know more. I have never seen a family so open to learning about sexual relationships, it’s intriguing. I would like to know how you and your family started doing these things. My late wife would have been angry at anyone who even thought about touching our daughter that way.

Cindy told me that her and her husband had always tried to be open with their daughters. The same way her parents had been with her. I take it that it is a family tradition. Kinda of like a family that owns and runs a store and passes it down from generation to generation. I suppose you could put it that way, she said. It certainly worked with me, the only man I was ever with before my husband was my dad. He took care of my needs, and mom never minded, she even watched us several times. Let me think about it for a few days.

A week later I called her and asked her to marry me. She said yes. A month later we were married, unlike other people who get remarried, we took the girls with us on our honeymoon. She’d had a ocean liner from her previous marriage, that was as big as any curse ship I had ever seen. We were the only passengers on board, and the crew were paid enough to be quite about anything that went on during the voyage. The first night of course was just me and my new wife. The next night my wife brought Sarah in with her. She was concerned about how I would treat her daughter. Sarah and I began kissing while her mother watched us. I was tender and gentle with her. Again Sarah was wearing a nightdress with nothing under it. After kissing for a few minutes I removed her nightdress. Stroking her breast gently as her breathing because harsher I increased the pressure on her tits a little, but not enough to hurt her. I began to suck her breast as I slid my free hand down to her pussy. I massaged her sex for several minutes, even though she was already ready. She had a mini orgasm before I removed my hand. I got on top of her gently guiding my cock to her opening. It was clear that she was not a virgin because my whole 6 inches went into her, tough she was very tight. She had not had sex often or seldom since her fathers had died. The tightness of her vagina was proof of that. It took a little time but she began to move with me. She began to moon and grunt, though the moon was louder. After several minutes, with her breath getting shorter and shorter she began to climax. As her pussy mussels began to squeeze on my shaft, I came as well, my spunk hitting her cervix and causing a second orgasm. Sarah told me that it was the best she had ever had, even better than her fathers.

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