A Crazy Night With the Folks

by DDMarshall

Copyright© 2018 by DDMarshall

Erotica Sex Story: My future in-laws come over for dinner and a few drinks. What could possibly happen to turn the evening into one of the craziest night of my life? Maybe it was the drinks, maybe it was my mom's sense of humor, Maybe I didn't know my family and fiancé's family as well as I thought.

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It all started at a get-together at my parent’s house. My girlfriend Pam and her parents had come for dinner around 6:00 that night. Pam is twenty and I am twenty-one and we have been dating for over a year. My parents, Greg and Doris Worthington, and Pam’s parents John and Betty Sweet had formed a close friendship after they met and knew Pam and I were serious about each other.

Dinner went fine with a lot of talk about current events and politics. Then the expected teasing of Pam and me for not setting a date to get married, although we already told them we would think about that once we both had our degrees. There were plenty of compliments on my mother’s cooking and much laughter at dad’s off-color jokes. After dinner we went into the living room, my father mixed drinks for Mr. and Mrs. Sweet, my mother and himself. I sat in one of the lounge chairs with Pam on my lap. Pam is a little fanatical about what she eats and drinks and I didn’t drink except for a glass of wine on holidays. When I was in my teens, I had snuck a beer and a little whiskey when my parents were not home. I did not really get a taste for alcohol.

My dad collected vinyl 33 RPM albums from the seventies and eighties and he liked to put them on when we had company. He did not play them so loudly you could not hold a conversation, rather just as background music. This often got people on their feet to dance and this was one of those nights. Our parents all had at least four drinks and we were all dancing. I had a feeling the Sweets would be staying over tonight. I was actually hoping they did. Pam’s parents would take the guest room and Pam would sleep with me. It wasn’t any secret that Pam and I were having sex and it was allowed in both homes when one of us stayed with the other.

We switched partners a lot. I was dancing with Mrs. Sweet. Pam was dancing with my dad and my mom was dancing with Mr. Sweet. As far as I was concerned it gave our two families a chance to talk and bond with our future in-laws.

A couple of drinks later our parents were feeling pretty good. I was dancing with Pam and my mother was dancing with Mr. Sweet and my dad and Mrs. Sweet were sitting on the couch talking and drinking.

Mrs. Sweet looked over to her husband and my mother and teased “Don’t dance too closely Doris. My husband thinks you are hot and he might get excited.” Our two families had grown close enough that a little off-color teasing was acceptable.

“Oh, you mean if I do this?” My mother pushed her hips forward and ground herself against Mr. Sweet’s groin. My mother quickly pulled back and laughed.

I even smiled. My mother could be quite the cut-up when she had a few drinks. I took it as harmless fun with friends.

“Now you have done it, Doris.” Mr. Sweet said in jest as he undid his belt and said, “I am going to have to let this out a few notches.”

Of course, my mother had to add her two cents’ worth. “Let me help you with that John. It must be soooo uncomfortable.” She undid the button and his zipper on his pants before he could react. I’m sure my mom was expecting that Mr. Sweet would be wearing underwear. But he wasn’t. His cock popped out in all its erect glory much to everyone’s surprise including Mr. John Sweet’s. All my mother could say as she blushed and stared at it was “Oh my.” Then she put her hand over her mouth and started to giggle.

Betty would not let up teasing my mom. “What are you going to do now Doris?” as she fell in to her own fit of laughter over my mother’s embarrassing dilemma.

My father was laughing so hard he had to put his drink down before he spilled it as he joined in teasing his wife. “So honey, what are you going to do with it?” I could tell by the look on my mother’s face that that was the wrong thing to say to her. She did not like being challenged without responding. And respond she did.

My mother looked at my dad defiantly, “How about this?” My mother took John’s cock in her hand and started jerking him off. Then she looked at Doris who had stopped laughing and was staring with her mouth open. “Is this good enough Betty or should I get on my knees and suck it?”

“Yeah, I guess that’s good, unless...” Betty mumbled.

My mother continued to taunt Mrs. Sweet, “Unless what Betty? Unless maybe you want to suck his cock?” Mom turned back to Mr. Sweet, “What do you say, John, do you want me or your wife to suck your cock?” She even looked mischievous when she asked my dad, “How about you honey, want to see me suck John’s cock? Because right now I would love to suck this hard cock if you have no objections.”

Pam’s dad looked to be in shock. He was just looking down and watching my mother’s hand jerking him off. I don’t think he knew whether to enjoy it or run. My dad and Mrs. Sweet were speechless.

Since Pam and I were the only two sober people in the room. I decided it was up to us to put an end to this before someone regretted their actions and our families became enemies. I started to get up but Pam pushed me back. I looked at her, questioning her reluctance to end this teasing that seemed to be getting way out of control.

Pam was staring wide-eyed at my mother and her dad. “Don’t honey, let it play out a little longer. I want to see what they will do.”

Again, my father said the wrong thing. “You wouldn’t, would you?”

With that remark, my mother dropped to her knees and took Pam’s dad’s cock in her mouth and proceeded to give him a blow job. Mr. Sweet grabbed my mother’s head and held her in place. He was not about to push her away. That’s when everyone else went crazy. My dad grabbed Mrs. Sweet and pushed her down on the couch and started kissing her and had his hand up her skirt.

It didn’t take long before Mrs. Sweet’s skirt was up around her waist and my father was pulling down her pantyhose and panties. When he had them off he serviced Mrs. Sweet’s pussy like his wife was servicing Mr. Sweet’s cock. Betty Sweet was not protesting. As a matter of fact she was encouraging him as she spread her legs wide and crooned, “That’s it baby, lick my cunt.”

I was hard as a rock watching the show our parents were putting on. It was like they forgot we were even in the room. With John’s cock still in her mouth, my mother was pushing Mr. Sweet’s pants further down. Watching my mother suck a cock had to be the most erotic sight I have ever seen in my life. Her five foot seven frame on her knees, sucking a cock that was not her husband’s, as Mr. Sweet buried his fingers in her shoulder-length auburn hair. I expected that she would stop now that she had proved her point, but she didn’t.

Pam said something that changed our relationship from monogamous to swinger and much more. “Let’s join them.”

Just for a second, I thought I should throw a bucket of cold water on everyone and save them from themselves. But as I watched Pam strip, I figured why not? My mother was happily sucking a cock. Mr. Sweet’s pants were around his ankles fucking my mother’s face. Mrs. Sweet was naked below the waist encouraging my father as he licked her pussy and he was trying desperately to get his own pants down.

My cock was already hard and my fiancée was getting naked to join the party. Any thought of stopping this sexual free-for-all vanished. We quickly shed our clothes. I did not know what to do next until Pam said, “Let’s go help your dad and my mom.” My dad was still fumbling with his belt but reluctant to stop licking between Betty Sweet’s legs. We walked over and Pam got on her knees by the couch and said, “Let me.” And pushed my father’s hands away as she worked on his belt and zipper.

Still unsure of what I should do to help, I just stood near Pam’s mom and watched. Pam’s mom seemed surprised to see me but smiled, winked and handed me her empty drink glass as she stared at my hard cock. “My daughter is a lucky girl Billy boy.”

I really did not know how to respond to that so I just said, “Thank you, Mrs. Sweet.”

“You can call me Betty.” She reached out and wrapped her hand around my cock, Yes Bill, a very lucky girl.”

I looked at Pam and all she did was smile and giggle. I took the empty glass and put it on the end table. Pam had my father’s pants undone and was working on his shoes. Betty was trying to unbutton her blouse. I figured I could help with that. I got the buttons undone and was trying to figure out the mechanics of her bra. My dad’s pants came off and then his boxer shorts.

I unhooked Betty’s bra in the front and pushed it aside. I could not stop staring at her breasts with their dark brown areolas and nipples. They were so unlike Pam’s B cup breasts with pink areolas and nipples. They flopped to the side a little but not much. Light blue veins showing through the pale skin of her breasts that I estimated would more than fill a C-cup bra.

Betty had not let go of my cock and was still slowly masturbating me as my father continued to lick her pussy. I saw him reach down and take his cock in his hand and start to masturbate. That didn’t last long. Pam pushed his hand away and did it for him. My father put a hand behind Pam’s head. I’m not sure if my father even knew it was Pam. Pam knew what he wanted and leaned forward and took his cock in her mouth.

I was surprised and almost shot my load right there. For some reason, it did not bother me and I knew that was going to be the least of what she would do tonight if given the opportunity. I reached out and cupped Betty’s breasts. I got on my knees and started sucking and licking her nipples. Now that my dad had Pam sucking his cock he sat up and groaned and said, “Oh shit yeah baby girl suck me.” That left me with Betty all to myself.

“Get over here Bill. Your mom and my daughter are not the only ones who know how to suck a cock.” Betty sat up and I stood between her legs as she swallowed my cock to demonstrate that even tipsy, she knew what she was doing.

I heard John Sweet say in a loud voice behind me, “Damn Doris, I am going to cum.” I turned my head and sure enough, John’s back was arched and my mother never stopped sucking as he had his orgasm. My mom sat back, wiped her mouth with her arm, leaned in and kissed his cock and licked his balls. I watched John help my mother get up. John put his arm around her and kissed her passionately and started working on the top buttons of my mother’s blouse as she worked on the bottom buttons. Her blouse and bra were off in less than a minute. They walked over to us and watched Pam suck my dad as Mrs. Sweet sucked her future son-in-law.

I got a little nervous as Mr. Sweet watched his wife suck my cock. I smiled at my mom and hoped for the best as I scanned her breasts. Betty stopped sucking me but did not let go of my cock as she looked up guiltily at her husband.

Mr. Sweet kissed his wife’s cheek and said in her ear. “Make sure you don’t stop until you get him off.” Betty nodded and with her husband’s permission took my cock back into her mouth and started licking and sucking with renewed enthusiasm. My mom added her thoughts. “Thanks, Betty. I hope you enjoy my son’s cock as much as I enjoyed sucking off your husband.”

I was surprised by Betty’s response. She took my cock out of her mouth, “You’re welcome. Now, why don’t you go watch my daughter suck off your husband and let me finish this without any further interruptions.”

My mom put her hand on my back and leaned in with her breasts against my arm and gave me a kiss on the cheek “Having fun honey?”

I wanted to grab those tits but instead, I grabbed Betty’s as I replied, “The best. You?”

Mom grinned and replied, “The best.”

My mom complied with Betty’s wishes and went and sat on the couch next to my dad and put her arm around him as she watched her future daughter-in-law suck on her husband’s cock.

It was not more than a minute later I heard my dad warn Pam, “I’m going to cum honey.” I looked over and Pam had the head of my dad’s cock in her mouth vigorously jerking him off. She was not going to heed his warning. She was determined to swallow his cum just like she does mine. I saw my mom kiss and hug my dad as he had his orgasm. His hips bucked a few times before he settled back to the couch and Pam sat up and smiled at me with shiny cum-covered lips.

I was starting to feel a little self-conscious now that everyone was watching me. Damn, my mom, my dad, my girlfriend and her dad watching my future mother-in-law blow me as I played with her tits. Betty is a handsome brunette in her forties and an expert at what she was doing so there was little chance of my dick shriveling from embarrassment. I could feel it coming on. I let go of Betty’s tits and put my hands in her soft curly hair as I started to fuck her mouth with little movements of my hips. Betty wrapped her hand around the base of my cock so I would not go too deep. She licked. She sucked. I fucked her mouth and shot my load. Betty kept licking even after I was done. When she was satisfied that my cock was not going to leak any more cum she sat back and wiped cum and spit from her lips.

I looked around the room and it was a sight. My mom sitting on the couch naked above the waist with those lovely breasts on display. My girlfriend sitting on the floor between my father’s legs naked with her chin on his knee still holding his cock and smiling at me and her mom. My dad and Mr. Sweet with just their shirts on and their dicks hanging out. Then there was Betty with her blouse undone and her bra hanging loose and her skirt up around her waist and her nicely trimmed pubic hair and pussy for all to see. Three guys just got their dicks sucked and not one of them by their wife or girlfriend.

Everyone was grinning sheepishly but no one said a word. Then Betty started to giggle and that got everyone laughing. My dad went over and turned off the stereo and asked if anyone wanted a drink. Three hands went up. I went to the kitchen and got two bottles of spring water. A few minutes later my dad was handing out margaritas to his wife and guests.

Pam came over to me and confessed as I handed her the bottle of water. “I can’t believe I sucked off your dad.”

“I know, it was insane. What about my mother doing your dad and your mom doing me? What a crazy night.”

Pam put a hand on my arm and I could see a bit of concern in her eyes, “You’re not upset that I did that for your dad?”

“How could I be after your mom gave me a fantastic blow job and let me play with her tits?”

“Good, because I really enjoyed doing it. How would you feel about me fucking your dad?” Now there was a twinkle of mischief as she looked at me.

That question caught me off guard. “You want to fuck my dad?”

“Nobody is running for their clothes so I don’t think this is over. Your dad had my mom going but did not get her off. I don’t think she is going to be happy until someone does. Look how your mom keeps checking out my dad’s cock. Now watch my mother and how she keeps glancing over here at you.”

Pam was right. It was subtle but noticeable when you knew what to look for. My mother had her arm around my dad but her eyes were definitely looking down at John’s cock every time she took a sip of her drink. Pam’s mom was standing next to her husband but looking our way as they conversed with my mom and dad.

I thought I better clarify what Pam was telling me, “So you are saying your mom wants to fuck me and my mom wants to fuck your dad and you are going to fuck my dad just too even things out?”

“No. I am going to fuck your dad because I want to fuck your dad just as much as you want to fuck my mother right now. I love your dad and tonight may be the only chance I ever get.”

I had to agree with Pam, “You’re right honey, this may be our only chance. As soon as you said your mom wanted me I knew I wanted to fuck her. I always thought your mom was hot. Look, now that your dad has an erection my mother is not even pretending anymore. Damn, every time I look at her I can’t get the picture of her sucking off your dad out of my head.”

“Your mother doing that was unexpected and sexy as hell. Look what it started. And now I am getting wet thinking of my mom sucking you off and your dad’s fat cock cumming in my mouth. Come on, let’s go and join the party.”

My dad was telling Mr. and Mrs. Sweet a little family history, “Doris and I fooled around with other couples in college before we were married and a few times after we were married before Bill was born. How about you two?”

Mr. Sweet replied, “No we never did, although we have fantasized about how it would be if we did. If it wasn’t for your gorgeous wife here I don’t think we would ever have considered really doing something like this. And the kids seem to be into it too. Do you know this is the first time I have seen my daughter naked since she was five. And to watch what she did for you ... Wow, what a crazy night.”

My dad laughed and teased, “Now I know my son will be well taken care of by your daughter.”

My mom was filling in more of their history as we stopped and listened. “We stopped after Bill was born and we moved to this area. We never met another couple that we felt comfortable sharing ourselves with. Well, at least not until tonight when I went a little crazy.”

The things you learn when your parents are practically naked and have had a few drinks. My parents are swingers!

My mom put an arm around Pam and me and asked, “Does anyone have a problem with continuing the fun for at least tonight? Tomorrow you can feel guilty and have regrets if you want but I know I won’t. I love everyone in this room so why not?”

My mom was unzipping her skirt and said to Doris, “How about it? Want to try my husband on for size while I fuck yours?” Her skirt dropped to the floor and she stood there in her pantyhose and panties.

Doris pushed her skirt down and it dropped to the floor. Her pantyhose and panties were already on the other side of the room on the couch. She shed her blouse and bra as she reached over to my dad, took his hand and led him to the couch. Over her shoulder, she said, “Go ahead and fuck her all you want honey. I have one more cock to suck and two to fuck before the night is over. Come on Greg, we don’t need to wait for them.”

Clothes started flying everywhere. My dad’s shirt, my mother’s pantyhose, shoes and panties. Mr. Sweet’s shirt and socks. Suddenly everyone was naked.

Doris got to the couch first and knelt down in front of it with her upper body on the couch. It was almost like it was well-practiced choreography. My father was on his knees behind Pam’s mother with his hands on her ass fucking her pussy. Pam’s dad sat on the couch and my mother was immediately climbed on to his lap and fucking him like she had done it a hundred times before, which was totally blowing my mind.

Pam grabbed my arm and giggled, “I guess we will have to wait our turn.”

I watched and enjoyed the show as I explored Pam’s ass and she played with my cock. We could have joined our parents on the couch but we were both saving it for one of our future in-laws.

For a bunch of old farts, they sure could fuck. It must have been almost 20 minutes before my father announced he was cumming for the second time tonight. Once he unloaded in Betty he flipped Betty around and finished her with his tongue. I thought Betty was going to rip his head off as she clamped her thighs around his head and took a handful of hair in her hands. Two minutes later she climaxed and squirmed around as aftershocks shook her body. My dad, to his credit, rode her with his tongue until she relaxed and they collapsed in a pile with my dad on the bottom as they kissed in between trying to catch their breath.

My mother and John were not far behind. I could not take my eyes off them as I watched my mother slide John’s cock in and out of her pussy as she fucked him like she was a cowgirl riding the saddle horn. Mom had her head tucked tightly in the crook of his neck and her arms around his back. John had his hands on her ass spreading her ass cheeks so I could see my mom’s brown hole too. I had to push Pam’s hand away before I shot my load watching my mother fuck Pam’s dad.

Pam whispered as she hugged me, “Pretty good show. I think my mom really liked fucking your dad.”

“My mom looks like she is really enjoying herself too.”

“You really like watching your mom don’t you?” Pam asked.

I had to admit Pam was right, “Yeah. It’s so, you know, so unexpected, totally crazy and so fucking sexy.”

All of a sudden my mother was practically screaming, “That’s it John, fuck me, make me cum.” My mother had stopped fucking John and held still as John rammed his cock into her over and over. Then he stopped and held still with his cock buried deep in my mom. My mother looked like she was cold as she shivered and moaned from her orgasm as cum leaked down the inside of her thighs.

I could not take it any longer. I pulled away from Pam, went over and unlocked the sliding glass doors that led to the backyard. I opened them and ran to the pool and jumped in and let the cool water wash over me and cool my body down. I floated on my back with my eyes closed with erotic scenes from tonight running through my mind.

A couple of minutes later I heard splashing. When I opened my eyes five naked and laughing people were in the pool happily splashing each other and frolicking about. I figured the night was over. Our parents had all been well fucked and would be going to bed soon and I would take Pam to bed and fuck my sweetheart as I kissed the lips that sucked my dad’s cock. I was afraid I was going to walk around for a week with a hard-on thinking about that and our oversexed, sexy moms sucking cock and fucking.

I had been floating on my back for about 10 minutes when I felt a hand touch me and I opened my eyes. It was Pam. I tried to stand up and found that my feet could touch the bottom. I was chest deep in the water and Pam put her arm around me and kissed my cheek. I turned and kissed her lips.

Our parents were sitting on the steps in the shallow end drinking. My dad had rolled the portable bar out onto the patio. This party was not over. I swear my mom was playing with my dad’s cock while she talked to John and Betty. Betty put her empty glass on the apron of the pool and waded out knee deep and started swimming out to Pam and me. My mom now had a cock in each hand.

Pam whispered in my ear, “Get ready, here she comes.”

I reached down and grabbed my hard cock, “Honey, I could not be more ready. Are you sure it’s okay with you?”

“Totally honey. Make my mom’s day or should I say night.”

Mrs. Sweet stood up in front of us, “Well guys, quite the crazy night. Who would have thought I would get to know my future in-laws and son-in-law this well?”

Pam didn’t even stick around for a minute. “Have fun mom,” And off she went swimming toward my dad and leaving me staring at her mom’s boobs.

Mrs. Sweet turned her head to watch her daughter swim toward the shallow end of the pool. “Well, it looks like my daughter abandoned you to play with your daddy and left you all alone here with me.”

I felt Betty’s hand wrap around my cock, “I think my Pamela is going to fuck your daddy before the night is over.”

“Yeah, she told me she wanted to.”

Betty had a concerned look on her face as she asked, “Are you okay with that sweetheart?”

“I know it sounds crazy, but yeah, I am okay with it.”

“How would you feel about fucking her mommy?” Mrs. Sweet moved closer and rubbed my cock on her pussy.

I put my arms around Mrs. Sweet and pulled her into a tight embrace and kissed her. “I think it’s only fair that we get to know each other a little better.” I kissed her again and slid my hands down to her ass and pulled her tight against my cock.

Along with an affectionate squeeze of my privates she responded. “Yes, I think that is a very good idea.”

We swam and then walked hand-in-hand to the shallow end of the pool. Then up the steps past Pam making out with my dad and my mom playing with Mr. Sweet’s cock as they kissed and Mr. Sweet felt my mom up.

There were four large chaise lounge chairs with well-padded cushions placed around the pool. Mrs. Sweet led me to the one everyone could see from where they were sitting in the pool.

“That one over in the corner is a little more private.” I pointed out.

“Honey, my husband is over there feeling up your mother and I am sure he is going to fuck her again before the night is over. My daughter is making out with your dad and we are sure she has plans for him that includes more than a blow job. Do you really think I care if they see me fucking my handsome future son-in-law?”

Mrs. Sweet lay on the chaise lounge. Now get over here Bill and show me what my daughter has been bragging about for the last year.”

“She brags about our sex life?”

“You think mother and daughter don’t talk about what’s important in a marriage?”

“I never thought she would share something like that with her mother.”

Betty shared her parenting philosophy “Well she does. I always encouraged her to talk to me about anything. I try not to judge, I just advise.”

I looked around and Pam true to her word was mounting my dad in the chaise lounge closest to us and my mom and Mr. Sweet were laying on towels. My mom had his cock in her mouth and he had his head between her legs licking her pussy.

Mrs. Sweet followed my gaze, “Now quit gawking and stick that cock of yours in me or they will be done before we even get started.”

It didn’t take any more convincing as I mounted my future mother-in-law. I got between her legs and grabbed my cock and aimed it at her love hole. Mrs. Sweet is a little thick around the middle and thighs. Minor flaws that were easily overlooked when you were presented with her full breasts and the strong handsome features of her face. I had admired her ass even when she was dressed. The sight of her ass cheeks with the two dimples just above her crack was enough to keep any man hard for a week.

I buried my cock in Mrs. Sweet and looked over at Pam. I caught her eyes and she blew me a kiss. My dad was groping her tits as she bounced on top of him. I smiled and waved. Apparently me fucking her mother was of no concern to her.

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