A Skinny Guy Who Fucks Big Black Women

by mysteria27

Copyright© 2018 by mysteria27

Erotica Sex Story: A college guy has a fetish for bigger women. He goes to a buffet restaurant to find one.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   Anal Sex   Fisting   Oral Sex   Squirting   BBW   Big Breasts   .

Robert Delaney wasn’t like most college guys. Robert liked women who were on the bigger side. The term is called “BBW.” He would pretend to like hot blondes with his buddies. He never wanted his friends to really know what really turned him on. They’d probably tease him. He just wanted to fit in with his friends.

On campus, he would take out girls that had blonde hair and firm bodies. He’d let them suck his dick and occasionally he’d fuck them for appearance sake. The kind of women that really turned him on were “fat girls.” He liked them on the heavier side. A woman who was three-hundred pounds made his dick hard like steel.

He liked his women sloppy fat. He really didn’t know why it made him hard. Robert was a skinny guy with a big dick. Most girls couldn’t handle his big rod. The fatties could because they didn’t usually have as many opportunities. Most guys want thin girls. Robert hardly ever saw a woman who was tipping the scales at three-hundred or four-hundred pounds with guys falling all over them. Women who were fat always put out and usually loved to get fucked. They’d even take it up their ass. In fact, they’d probably beg you to. Sometimes it’s hard getting into a heavier girl’s vagina because of all their belly rolls. They often will tell you to fuck them anally.

Surprisingly, their pussies are usually very tight. It’s just trying to get into their snatches that can be a little difficult. Robert was going to be visiting his family. On the way, he stopped at a popular buffet. He had noticed the last time he was there, that a lot of big women hung out there. They usually go alone and eat till their hearts content. Sometimes they were thrown out for eating too much.

Robert wanted to find a hot one and take her to a motel that was also on the way. He didn’t want to just fuck in the bathroom of the establishment. He wanted to take her somewhere nice and fuck her brains out. He loved everything about a bigger woman. To Robert the fatter the better.

Robert also liked breasts. Bigger woman usually always had big jugs. They usually had to get their bras custom made. These fun ladies usually had bra sizes that were in the (H, I, J and K sizes.) Robert also liked when his ladies wore black stretch pants. Since they’re so heavy the material always stretches around their heavy thighs. He also liked his ladies with nice booties. Bigger women love their asses. Some of them even get butt injections to have them bigger.

Bigger women like to wear revealing neck lines to show off their nice cleavage. Robert especially liked African American women. Chocolate brown women really make him hot. He was hoping to find the woman of his dreams at the buffet. Somebody that turned him on.

Robert left school and was traveling to a buffet that he’d been to the last time he went home. It was about thirty miles away from his college. He got there around seven and noticed that the restaurant would be closing around nine. He parked his car and went into the establishment. At buffets, you pay before you eat. Robert was told to pick a seat anywhere in the restaurant.

Robert looked around and saw a beautiful woman sitting alone. He sat down next to her and smiled at her. He ordered a drink and went to get his food. He noticed that she was totally his type. She was a black woman who was probably about three-hundred pounds. She had a beautiful face that was nicely made up. She had curly black hair that was in a nice weave. She was wearing tight black stretch pants and sexy heels. She had a tight purple shirt on which showed her beautiful round breasts. Her arms were very fat and hung down. She had on lots of jewelry and had long orange nails. Her nails were extremely sexy. He imagined them grabbing on his dick while she sucked on his cock. The thought of her made his dick get hard.

She wore gold hoop earrings and red glossy lipstick. She had her head down while she shoveled the food into her mouth. She looked down at her plate. Robert sat down and ate his food. He couldn’t believe how hard his boner was in his pants. He knew the restaurant was closing around nine o’clock. It was important that he started to flirt with her. He wanted to fuck her brains out and continue home to his parents’ house.

The woman stood up and Robert dropped his fork and made sure it hit her sexy shoe. She bent down to pick the fork up.

“I think you dropped this. You probably should get another one.”

“Thanks a lot. The five second rule only works at your own house. I’ll get another fork. I see you’re alone. Would you mind if I sat with you?”

“Sure. That would be nice. I’m just going to get some dessert.”

“I’ll move over to your table.”

The woman went and got some dessert. She filled her plate high with assorted cakes and cookies. She even filled a bowl with ice cream. Robert continued to eat his steak and veggies. He wasn’t really that hungry. He was hungry for her. She just didn’t know it yet.

“My name is Robert. Who might you be?”

“Marlene. Nice to meet you Robert.”

“The pleasure is all mine.”

Marlene smiled and continued to eat. She liked the attention Robert was giving to her.

“I really like your perfume. You smell so pretty. I love your outfit too.”

“You’re very kind. You’re not so bad yourself. I haven’t gotten a lot of attention from such a handsome man. I’m wondering why you like me? I’m not skinny and blonde. Why would such a handsome guy like yourself want to be with such a fat girl like me?”

“Marlene you’re beautiful. I cannot express to you how sexy you are. You’re my kind of a lady. I really want to kiss you. I’m very attracted to you. Would you like to get a drink? I really want to get to know you.”

“If you want, we could go to my apartment and have a drink there. I don’t live far from here. You could follow me.”

“Great! I’d really like that.”

Marlene finished her food and excused herself. She went into the restroom to wash her hands and to pretty herself up. When she came back her and Robert walked out together.

“I’d really like to kiss you.”

Marlene liked Robert and they embraced and shared a kiss. Marlene was a great kisser. Their tongues danced in each other’s mouths. Robert placed his hands on Marlene’s ass and felt her up. She had a nice butt.

“My car is over there. You can follow me.”

“Great. I’ll follow you baby!”

Marlene hurried to her car. Robert followed Marlene and they arrived at her apartment. Robert parked right next to her. He got out of his car and walked to her car and opened the door for her. When she got out, he grabbed her into a bear hug and placed another kiss on her lips. They sucked face for a little while, he groped at her big body. She made him so horny.

He was so horny and wanted to get busy with her. She took his hand and they walked into her apartment door. She had a nice apartment. It was very neat inside. She started to show Robert around but again held her in an embrace and planted another kiss onto her lips.

“Baby, you make me so hot. I want to make love to you. Let’s go to your bedroom.”

Marlene smiled and took Robert’s hand and they walked into her room. She had a king-size bed.

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