Helping Others Can Go a Long Way

by Steve August

Copyright© 2018 by Steve August

Drama Sex Story: A man helps to find a lost girl.

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   .

I work in the oil field, actually what I do for a living is take care of wells oil and gas after they have been completed. Therefore l have to drive from well to well taking care of each. I average nearly 150 miles a day. One day while I was on my way from one well to another, there are 10 wells on this 500 acre ranch, I saw two young kids riding towards me on horses. I waited as they approached. I had figured they were looking for the cattle I had seen earlier.

When they got to where I was I noticed that they were actually younger than I had first thought, barely teenagers. I asked if I could help them. They said that they hoped so. They could not find their sister and was hoping I had seen her. I immediately I had not and asked how I could help, growing up in the country myself I would drop whatever I was doing to help. I knew that if we didn’t find her something bad might happen to her, this area had lots of cougars and wolves that could kill her. While they continued looking for her on horse back through the pasture, I began to look for her as I drove my truck between wells. About an hour later I spotted a horse tied to a tree near a creek I had to cross so I stopped and got out of the trunk. When I got to the edge of the creek bank. I saw her in the water. She was up to her neck in the water and thrashing about. I called out to her to see if I could help her. She said my foot is stuck between a couple of rocks and I can’t get loose. I told her I would come out to help her. She said you can’t, turning pink she said I am naked. If I didn’t you could drown, I said. Tell you what I have a jacket in the truck, I will get your foot loose then you can wrap yourself in the jacket. I won’t look, I promise. I dove into the water to get her foot loose. I had to come back up for air twice before I got her foot loose. I help her to the shore, trying to keep my eyes from straying to her naked form ( I wasn’t completely successful). I wrapped her up in my jacket, and went to the bushes were she said she had left her clothes. When I got there her clothes were there but had been torn by something. I brought what was left of her clothes to her. Her panties were completely gone as was her bra. The shirt had been torn to the point that it would not close over her breast and shorts had been reduced to a very short skirt that barely covered her privates.

What am I going to do? She asked. I can’t walk on my foot, and these won’t cover me, if I put an arm around your neck to support myself. Let me take you home I will call your parents and tell them what happened. I called her parents and told them what had happened and that I was bringing her home. Her parents in turn called her two sisters, told them that I had found her, and asked them to go get her horse. Which was still tied to the tree. After I drop her off at her house, I went on to finish my wells.

Two or three days later I stopped by the house to make sure she was alright. I spoke with her and her mother for half an hour or so. Then I finished my well route. Two weeks later I saw her riding near the creek where I had found her. I stopped to talk to her. She asked if I would do her a favor. If I can yes. She said can I run the route with you sometime, as a contact pumper I can let someone go with me were a company pumper can’t, I will open gates for you and save you some time. It is my way of paying you back for saving me. I quickly told her she didn’t have to do that and that always tried to help people whenever I could. She insisted that she wanted to. So I agreed, little did I know what that would open the floodgates.

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