Elle and Maira

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: The early lives and loves of two sexy young women friends.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Interracial   Prostitution   .

It was a lovely sight. Two attractive recent high school grads getting an all-over tan in Elle’s back yard. She had been named for a grandmother. It was old fashioned but unique enough nowadays to be cool. It was also a palindrome. She liked playing with words almost as much as with cocks.

I’m Elle, a tall brunette with short light brown hair, a slim body, and nice b-cup tits and was sipping some of dad’s beer with my best friend Maira. Quite a contrast, the short, slightly pudgy Hispanic girl had the same size tits as mine which looked big on her. Both of us sported occasionally trimmed muffs because shaving was a nuisance and we didn’t give a shit what guys preferred. “If they don’t like it we just won’t fuck ‘em”, was the motto.

When some empties had piled up the talk got earthier. Maira asked, “When did you start fucking?”

I replied that my mom started me on birth control at 16 and an older boy who lived near our summer cottage screwed the hell out of me all that summer.

“What about you?” I asked in return.

Maira swigged her beer and said, “I have a cousin that got in my pants at a family reunion about that same time. The next day his two brothers showed me how different guys have different cocks. I’m Catholic so we used condoms until I could get a prescription from the school nurse. Mom sure as hell wouldn’t get it for her oh-so-pure daughter. Bareback is SOOO much better.”

I continued, “Yeah! I make guys use wrappers until I’m sure that they’re OK and will stick around for a while. Getting the hot stuff sprayed inside is what makes it real sex though. Helps me get off when I feel it.”

Maira nodded and added, “That’s the problem. You’d think a couple of good looking girls like us who love to screw wouldn’t have any problems. But it’s been a challenge for me. The real good guys usually have girlfriends that guard them like momma tigers. The others often can’t tell the difference between my pussy and their right hand.”

I was puzzled.

Maira grinned, “Either way it’s all about their pleasure and not mine.” Laughter and nodding. “And some guys are SOOO shy I won’t even try them. I like my guys to have some balls.” More laughter.

That was the start of a quest by our horny duo to find some quality cock to meet our needs. The first thing was to define some parameters. My first guy was about four years older and in college. He had quite a bit of experience which I reaped the benefits of. So older was probably better. Maira had a family reunion coming up very soon and she had lots of cousins. She’d try out some of the older ones. There was a favorite uncle who always flirted with her. Maybe she’d make his dreams come true ... for research purposes of course.

I was starting a summer job with a friend of my dad’s. He was about 60 and a widower. I mused, “I wonder if guys that old even think about sex, let alone do it?” Well, that could be a research project too.

Two weeks later we were naked in my bed, playing with each other’s’ twats. “So how did the reunion research go?” I asked Maira.

“That place you are fondling gathered lots of information as well as male cum. My main finding is that if you want quantity, then go younger. If you want quality, go older. I fucked my three young cousins again, also a thirty-year-old single one, and that fifty-year-old divorced uncle, my father’s brother. I spent the first night with the older cousin. We did it three times by morning and it was good each time. That afternoon I went with the three young ones. Damn if they weren’t like rabbits. Even though they didn’t last long, the first one was reloaded already when the third one finished so I was screwed continuously three times three. My cunt was a mess and kind of tender so I stayed in my own bed that night to recover! The last day I surprised my uncle by seriously returning his flirting, and just told him I wanted what he was offering. He did me that evening and in the morning but each time lasted an hour. I came and came and came before he did. He is talking about airline tickets so I can visit him later this summer.”

I said, “My turn! I found out that sixty-year-old men not only think about sex a lot but can do it pretty often and pretty well too. My boss keeps a bottle of bourbon in his office and after closing he offered me some. You know how I can’t refuse a free drink. After a bit I just asked him our big question. He was pretty cool and asked how much I wanted to find out. I told him to show me what he had to offer so he opened his pants and the biggest and thickest soft dick I’ve ever seen came out. He said I should touch it to see if it still liked girls. I started caressing it and it grew but not as long as my first boyfriend. Thicker though. I couldn’t resist tasting it and he groped my tits through my clothes.

“My motor was running so I took off my top and bra and he sucked them better than anyone ever has. It kept going from there. He fucked me forever, at least that’s what it seemed like compared to the others I’ve done, before he came. There wasn’t much sperm but he explained that older men don’t make as much and admitted he’d jacked off at lunch thinking of me. I told him to save it for a better place from now on. Now I get to work early so we can screw before we open and then again after we close. He’s already trying to get me to stay all night with him sometime. I’ll bet that would be fun!”

Maira asked what the next step should be.

I summarized that older guys were the right choice and now we needed to find a good local and regular partner for her. “What work skills do you have”, I inquired.

“I wasn’t a business major like you,” Maira said sadly, “I’ve mostly helped my mom at home with the house and kids.” She grinned and said, “Maybe I could be an escort?”

I ignored that and then brightened, “I’d bet my boss knows other single older guys that need help at home. Bachelors are notorious for poor housekeeping. That’s a great way to check them out and decide if you want to offer ‘special’ services.”

Maira’s eyes widened, “Yeah! I could take care of five guys a week and still have a boyfriend on weekends!”

I laughed, “You’d better have a real open-minded boyfriend!”

They met with Glen, my boss, who admired Maira’s entrepreneurship and offered to help. He inquired about a commission and Maira wiggled her boobs and said she’d show her gratitude. They developed a simple business plan and pricing structure. She would work four hours, usually from 2 until 6pm, doing whatever household tasks were needed including fixing supper. The basic fee was $100 cash. For $25 more she’d be topless, and lose the bottoms for $25 more. No groping allowed but they could do whatever they wanted to themselves. Glen would put the word out about her basic service, but not the extras, in exchange for a weekly visit at his place in the rotation until all days were scheduled for paying customers. Her practice session could start in two days when he would take the afternoon off to do her training.

After her first day at Glen’s, Maira called me and said that housekeeping had never been so interesting. During the last hour Glen had pulled out his pecker and stroked it hard just watching the show. Maira told me, “I see why you like him. I was so horny I just had to give him a blow job and he fingered me off. I hope you’re not mad.”

I laughed, “I’m not surprised at either of you. Maira, you’re going to ‘blow’ your profits!”

The enterprising young woman soon had a full schedule and a rapidly growing bank account. With my income we could afford our own apartment which, with my car, gave us some independence. The place was small so we opted for a single king size bed. We half-kiddingly said that if either brought a boyfriend for the night he’d have to be shared.

All of Maira’s customers wanted to see her boobs wiggle as she worked and three wanted the rest visible. Two of those were attractive physically and personality wise so she let them know that another c-note would get them more intimate services for the last hour. They both accepted the offer and she found out, as had I, that senior schlongs can do a pussy right. They were her Tuesday and Friday clients.

One weekend we were sitting home alone drinking beer that a client had bought for her when I said, “You know, things are better but just not right yet. We are getting banged during the week but we’re not having any fun on weekends. You were right about needing boyfriends to do other stuff with. Let’s call Glen for more advice.” His response surprised us. He told us to get dressed up and he’d be there to get us in an hour. We went to a nice restaurant for dinner and dancing and had a fun evening.

When he returned to the apartment I said, “Park this car and follow us.” As he entered our place we two girls turned on him and started to take his clothes off. Ours quickly followed and a delighted naked man was led to the big bed.

Maira announced, “Time for the thank you I promised,” and began work on his pecker. Between two horny teenage girls, he got little sleep but wasn’t heard to complain, except when he had to pee, and even then he had a female helper to make sure it was aimed properly. We were impressed with his pharmaceutically enhanced capabilities. So was he.

Maira began taking care of Glen’s household on Saturdays at the basic rate. He got a free “show” that day but no more. They began dating one weekend night a week. Then he became a boyfriend and he now had two teen cunts to bang. Me during the week and Maira on weekends.

When they went out a Friday the first time, she reminded him as they got in bed that it had been a “extra special” work day for her. He said that would make her pussy even more fun, and indeed it did. She didn’t realize that a “sloppy” pussy could be a turn on for a guy. Not all guys, Glen explained, just the more secure ones. Feeling his shaft sliding and squirting in what her client had left earlier made her feel very sexy so she loved pulling “double duty” on Fridays after that.

I got fixed up with a couple of guys he knew who treated and fucked me quite well. Many weekends I had dates both nights. My pussy was happy.

Glen surprised us with an invitation to a weekend in Branson. He had invited his 72-year-old brother to accompany us as well. I figured I was the brother’s date since he and Maira were becoming a “couple”. Tony met us there. He was trim and looked much younger than I expected. Acted that way too, I later found out.

We had arrived late so had a quick dinner and then to the room with a box of wine. I’d had a chance to visit with Tony who was a great conversationalist, well educated, and polite. After drinks at dinner, and some more wine now, I hoped he wasn’t TOO polite. The room had two kings so I chose one and Tony slipped in with me as the other couple got in theirs and turned down the lights. I noticed that Tony wasn’t hard yet. He moved closer and whispered, “It will need a little help if you choose to enjoy it. It’s your option.”

I’ve never liked wasting an opportunity for sex so I did what an experienced girl knows how to do and his peter did respond. Tony was working on my erogenous zones just fine and my arousal was building. When he was finally barely hard enough for insertion I got on top so he could see and touch me. I got off twice but he finally had to concede defeat for his own climax. Now that was a first for me so I said, “Let’s get some rest and we’ll try again in the morning.”

After breakfast we sent the other couple off shopping and I took Tony back to bed. He explained that it had been years since he’d even been in a pussy. His wife (he was still married) had lost interest many years ago and he’d never had another opportunity.

I held him close, kissed him, and said “I want to feel you cum in me. What will help get you off?”

He thought for a moment and said, “You are so young and pretty and sexy that I’m almost overwhelmed. I haven’t been with a woman other than my wife for over 25 years. But I really do want to make good love with you. My sex life has been reading erotic stories while I stroke myself so maybe if you told me stories about what you’ve done with this (cupping my cunt), your vagina would be able to stroke me off. Could we try that?”

I kissed him and replied, “That seems pretty easy even though I’ve only told Maira about my sex adventures. Should I start at the beginning?” He nodded and I described my first fuck and the summer of sex that followed. That really helped and he got much harder so I guided him into my pussy missionary style as I talked. It was stimulating to me too as I relived those memories out loud. As I told about trying out various high school cocks Tony’s breathing and thrusting changed then I felt the familiar hot fluid rush inside.

I was not quite there so said “Eat me” and he did a great job, getting me off one very long time.

I snuggled with him, telling him how good he felt. He was sobbing, saying that he felt like a man again. We had just done something he was afraid was finished in his life. I rocked him and kissed him. I guess I hadn’t realized at my young age that sex could ever be such a serious emotional issue. For me it had just been fun and to scratch an itch.

We went out to see the sights of the tourist town for a while then after lunch I offered my pussy to him again. He wasn’t sure he could recover that fast even though he’d gotten an ED pill from his brother that morning. I suggested later in the afternoon and he smiled. He was a lot of fun to be with as a person so we were in a good mood when we returned to the hotel room. Maira and Glen were sitting in bed naked, drinking a beer and obviously post coitus. The bed was a mess.

I stripped too and Tony took the hint. He didn’t yet know all the aspects of the “work” I did for his brother so I had an idea. I took Maira to the bathroom and told her my plan. She was always ready for an adventure, especially if it involved erections.

I opened some more beer and Maira took one to Tony, facing him and straddling his lap. He was sitting in a chair so her pussy was just inches from his pecker and her tits in his face. I climbed in beside Glen and started to fondle his half hard noodle. The opportunity for fresh pussy will revive most guys quickly, I’d learned.

I called out, “Hey Tony, want to see a live sex show?”

“Hell yes,” he said and stood up as Maira got out of the way. She dragged the chair over to a better vantage point, pushed Tony down in it and got back on his lap, her back to him so they could both watch.

As Glen and I made out, Tony’s dick began rising and Maira kept repositioning it between her legs. Finally, as Glen was thrusting in me, she raised up and then sank her semen-slippery snatch onto Tony’s rod. She squeezed it with her muscles in time with our fuck strokes. Tony was so entranced watching his brother’s cock pumping into me that he only partly noticed what was happening to his own.

I made a point of announcing Glen’s ejaculation and somewhat exaggerated my own climax, all for the benefit of the audience. Maira began moving up and down more vigorously and I came over to kiss each of them. She was talking sex, asking Tony if he liked sliding in his brother’s cum, if her pussy was as good as mine, and so forth. I held his balls as he shot a small load. Glen and Maira showered and left the room.

Tony and I got in a comfortable scissors position and he was still firm enough to embed in my loosened and slippery cunt. He didn’t bother moving since he knew it would be quite a while before his prostate refilled. He was just amazed at how this trip had turned out so far. He was hoping to get laid, but hadn’t even dreamed of being in the pussies of TWO young women only a few minutes apart, both of whom were lubed with his brother’s cum. He’d read about “sloppy” seconds but said it felt more like “silky” to him. As he talked I felt his cock expanding inside me. I told him I was honored to be with a man of his maturity. I’d also never done brothers before. It was great that my best girlfriend had given him a treat to remember. One thing I’ll always remember is he said that being with me was like giving up his virginity a second time, something he’d never forget either.

We had a nice dinner and a slow fuck that night and in the morning before we left. He promised to visit his brother a lot more often. I said that my body would like that.

Maira was screwing Glen pretty regularly so I cut back to the before work banging. I’d met a guy at Glen’s church. The Unitarians were a lot more open minded than other churches I’d been to, and I could have some serious discussions about spiritual topics rather than just being told what to believe. I had spoken with Robbie a few times before he asked me to have lunch after church with him. Having no other pressing plans, I accepted and we spent the next two hours really having a very interesting conversation about the origins of the universe.

The wait staff wanted our table so we stopped to get a bottle of wine and went to a riverside park where we sat on a blanket and kept on talking. We went behind some bushes together to pee and laughed about it.

I found out he was 32, divorced for five years with no kids and with no serious girlfriend, just a couple of casual ones. He was a tekkie, a computer engineer who travelled about 10 days a month. We were pretty tipsy and having a great time when I reached over and took his hand. I was damned horny at this point and said, “I’ve been known to fuck on the first date, how about you?”

His eyes got real big and he sort of stuttered, “I’ve never been that fortunate!”

I added, “Well, I like having ‘first times’ because then I get remembered.” We packed up quickly and went to his apartment where he got his first, and second, and third “first date fucks”.

We dated and screwed two or three times a week. After a month, when I sensed he was starting to get serious, I knew we needed to talk. He was resting with his cock soaking in my cum-filled cunt when I asked if he was still dating anyone else.

“No, you are enough,” was his answer.

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