Her Flock Trilogy

by RejectReality

Copyright© 2018 by RejectReality

BDSM Sex Story: Kayla has just started her new job, far away from the familiar environs of home and college. Already missing her many sexual playmates from college, she's delighted when she encounters an attractive older woman named Mary at a bar, and there's an instant attraction. She soon learns that Mary has a flock of attractive little lambs, and wants Kayla to help tend them. Three shorts collecting the beginning of Kayla's journey to Mistress.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   BDSM   DomSub   FemaleDom   Light Bond   Spanking   Cream Pie   Oral Sex   .

Her Flock

Kayla moaned into Mary’s folds, her tongue driving the older woman into even more intense throes of climax. Mary’s hands were entwined in Kayla’s short blonde locks, alternately pulling her against, and shoving her away from her climaxing pussy. Kayla’s face was smeared with the older woman’s juices, and she was still lapping for every drop she could get.

Ever so slowly, she let Mary settle down from her orgasm, and then cat-crawled over her. Their breasts touched as they shared a long, passionate kiss - though Mary’s was a bit breathless.

Kayla snuggled in next to the panting brunette on the satin sheets, and toyed with Mary’s long ponytail, while looking at her flushed face. She could scarcely believe the whirlwind that had brought her here.

Only this morning, she had started her new job, so far away from the familiar environs of home or college. Though she had cultivated some acquaintances at work, none were what she would call friends, after only one day. She had still felt the need to celebrate, and on the recommendation of the Uber driver she called, settled on a bar that served the purpose well.

It wasn’t long after when she and Mary had made eye contact from opposite ends of the bar. Already missing her college playmates - guys and girls - she felt a spark of attraction almost instantly. Before she knew it, they were in a booth talking, then riding in Mary’s expensive sports car out to the suburbs, where they pulled into the older woman’s big, magnificent house, and almost immediately tumbled into bed.

Not even seven o’clock, and she had just had some of the best sex she could remember for months.

She smiled when she noticed that the massive wooden headboard was decorated with reliefs of sheep and shepherdesses. A small bronze sculpture standing in the corner depicted the same. She’d noticed similar decoration in the rapid passage from the car to the bedroom, even though she had other things on her mind at the time. Mary obviously associated her name with the nursery rhyme, and took the connection to heart.

“Oh, darling, that was wonderful,” Mary said, and then stretched while letting out a languid moan.

Kayla caressed the older woman’s leg and agreed, “Uh huh.”

Mary chuckled. “Should you really be starting that again, when you have to go in to work tomorrow morning?”

“Well, I didn’t plan to go to bed until nine,” Kayla suggested, feeling the tingle of fresh wetness between her legs.

Mary moaned again. Then she said, “I want to show you something.”

Kayla licked her lips when the brunette rolled over and stretched toward the bedside table, because she did indeed show her something - her perfect, beautiful butt. The look was hardly lost on Mary, because she twitched her eyebrows and smiled as she sat up with her tablet. Kayla wasn’t surprised when she saw that the wallpaper on the device was artwork that depicted a shepherdess with her flock.

Mary tapped and swiped a few times, bringing up a picture, which she turned for the younger woman to look at.

Kayla gasped in surprised delight at the nude image of a man. He was young, handsome, with shoulder-length brown hair, a lean, muscular build, and a very nice - very hard - cock.

“What do you think?” Mary asked.

“Delicious,” Kayla answered.

“Would you like to play with him?”

Kayla nodded.

“He’s right downstairs. All I need to do is call.”

Mary’s eyes widened. She gasped, and asked, “Really?” Her arousal, which was already rising, spiked.

“His tongue, his cock ... They can be your playthings, right now. All you need to do is say, yes.”

Kayla barely contemplated it before doing exactly that. “Yes.”

Mary closed the picture, brought up an app, and tapped a couple of times. She then put down her tablet and beckoned Kayla in for a kiss.

The two women kissed and caressed each other, further stoking Kayla’s fires. She let out a small sound of excitement when a knock sounded on the door.

Mary called out, “Enter.”

The door opened, and there he was. He looked exactly as he had in the picture - right down to his complete nudity and erection.

“Come, Joshua,” the older woman ordered.

“Yes, Mistress Mary.”

That caught Kayla off guard. She knew of such relationships, and had even play acted them on occasion. There was little doubt in her mind that this was the real thing, however.

Mary said, “I know what you’re thinking. No need to worry. Joshua is here because he chooses to be. He was overjoyed when I called him this afternoon, weren’t you, my little lamb?”

He smiled and said, “Yes, Mistress Mary.”

Mary continued, “We have a safe word, and that is the one situation in which I will obey him absolutely. In all other things, he is my little lamb, and enjoys pleasing me.”

The way he looked at Mary was fascinating - and arousing. His eyes were full of excitement and adoration. Never one to shy away from new sexual experiences, Kayla’s anticipation soared as she imagined the possibilities.

Mary then asked, “Do you mind if he looks at you? I can tell he’s dying to ogle that beautiful body of yours.”

“It’s okay,” Kayla answered.

“You may look at her, Joshua.”

Immediately, his eyes roved over her. His cock bounced, indicating that he liked what he saw. It was a little disconcerting at first, but he was handsome, naked, and making her wet, so she got over her unease within moments.

“What do you think?” Mary asked.

He answered, “She’s beautiful. Sexy, Mistress Mary.”

“It would please me to watch you pleasure her. Would you like to pleasure her?”

“Very much, Mistress Mary.” His cock went into an even more energetic series of bounces.

Mary then said to Kayla, “And he is so very good at that. Would you like him to show you?”

Her building arousal made her answer a foregone conclusion. Still, Kayla hesitated for a moment before she answered, wondering if the older woman expected her to use the same form of address. She said, “Yes,” and left an obvious pause.

Mary waved a hand and said, “You’re here with me. Not for me. I don’t expect you to call me Mistress, though I would hardly mind if you did. Can I suggest something?”

Kayla gave a little shrug, and then nodded.

The older woman moaned, let her hand glide over Kayla’s butt in a feather-light touch, and said, “Then get up on your hands and knees. Come, Joshua.”

Seeing the gorgeous man climbing into the bed with his erection bobbing, and the twin expressions of excitement on his face and Mary’s encouraged Kayla to do as the brunette had suggested.

Mary knelt on the bed next to the blonde, and guided Joshua with her hands, saying, “You know what to do, my little lamb.”

“Yes, Mistress Mary.”

Looking back over her shoulder, Kayla’s blood raced as Joshua dropped down onto his forearms, and then moved in. “Oh, yeah,” she exclaimed as his tongue washed over her folds.

“There’s a good little lamb. Show her what a talented tongue you have,” Mary instructed while putting one hand on the back of his head, and squeezing Kayla’s ass with the other.

He was good - especially considering he was tonguing her from such an awkward angle - but it was nothing particularly special. Nevertheless, as aroused as she was, his swirling tongue stoked her fires.

She was completely unprepared when his tongue slipped upward to the puckered iris of her ass. “Oh!” she cried out in surprise.

Kayla had been rimmed before, but never with such fervor as Joshua was exhibiting. His tongue swirled, circled, and probed. It never quite penetrated, but it was oh-so tantalizingly close to doing so. Meanwhile, one of his hands moved between her legs to frig her clit.

He tickled her pleasure bud with surprising skill, despite balancing on one forearm with his face buried in her ass. She bent her arms, lowering herself down, and whimpered when it did exactly what she’d hoped - gave him easier access.

“Is he doing well?” Mary asked.

Kayla moaned, “Mmm hmm!”

The brunette moaned and purred for a minute, keeping Joshua’s nose firmly in the cleft between Kayla’s buttocks. Then she said, “I enjoy watching him give pleasure almost as much as I enjoy receiving it. Is he making you ache for that hard, young cock?”

“Oh yes,” Kayla answered, and then shuddered from a surge of fresh wetness flooding her pussy.

“I would love to watch you sit on that big cock and ride it until you’re coming so hard you nearly pass out. Do you want it?”

Joshua hadn’t eased off in the slightest as the two women talked. His darting tongue and talented fingers had combined with Mary’s sultry suggestions to drive her to a fever pitch. “Yes,” she cried out.

“You heard her, my little lamb,” Mary instructed.

He gave Kayla’s ass one final swipe of his tongue and responded, “Yes, Mistress Mary.”

The king-sized bed left plenty of room for Kayla to move to the side once he stopped rimming her. Joshua was quick to lie down, and Mary took his big cock in hand as soon as he settled.

“Let me get it nice and wet for you,” Mary suggested. She then leaned in and began to lap the head of Joshua’s cock, while looking into his eyes. Between licks, she said, “You know not to come until given permission.”

“Yes, Mistress Mary.”

The brunette took him between her lips and sucked in about half of his twitching shaft. She pulled back to the tip slowly, and then let it pop from her lips. “Tell Kayla what happens if you come before I give you permission.”

He turned his head toward Kayla and said, “I have to clean up after myself, and wear my pretty pink panties until Mistress Mary says I’m forgiven.”

Mary stopped lapping his shaft once he finished and elaborated. “He has to lick up every drop of cum that I haven’t given him permission to spend, and wear his pink panties everywhere until I feel he’s redeemed himself. I check, don’t I, my little lamb?”

“Yes, Mistress Mary.”

Kayla shivered from the thought of him eating his own cum. It had always been a fantasy, but none of her college playmates had been willing to try it. She had to reach between her legs to tease her need.

Mary took him in her mouth again, and this time, swallowed his cock whole. Joshua’s hands fisted in the bedclothes, and he shuddered. The older woman kept him in her throat, croaking around him, and then suddenly jerked away. His cock was coated in thick saliva, and tendrils of it stretched to her lips as she gasped for air.

After a swallow, Mary said, “He’s ready for you. Come sit on this hard young cock.”

Kayla pulled her slippery fingers from her folds and straddled him. He watched her with a smile tugging at the corners of his lips and his eyes alight with anticipation. Mary stood his cock up straight, helped wriggle it between the blonde’s nether lips, looked up at her, and nodded.

A long, low moan escaped her as Kayla slowly engulfed him in her needy pussy.

“There we are,” Mary said when Kayla’s pussy lips kissed the base of his shaft.

The older woman moved in behind the blonde and straddled Joshua’s legs as well. She pressed her body against Kayla’s back, and reached around her. Kayla moaned again as she wiggled her hips, stirring his big cock inside her. One of Mary’s hands centered over Kayla’s hood, while the other caressed her firm breasts, adding to the sensation.

“He fills you so full, doesn’t he?” Mary asked.

“Oh yes,” Kayla answered.

Mary kissed her just behind the ear and said, “So hard. So big. All yours.”

Kayla moved her hips a little faster, responding to the first gentle teasing of her clit. “God yes.”

Her breath hot on Kayla’s neck, Mary kissed it again and said, “Take what you need. He’s here to serve your pleasure.”

Kayla rocked and swivelled her hips, reveling in the big cock buried inside her. Mary’s knowing hands and soft lips kept pace. Only a few hours before, she had been wondering how long it would be until she found her first new playmate, and she already had two.

Mary leaned her head around Kayla’s shoulder and asked, “Does she feel good, my little lamb?”

“So good, Mistress Mary,” he answered.

“Tell her,” Mary prompted.

“You’re so sexy,” Joshua said. “Your pussy is so tight and wet.”

Kayla let out a little yelp when the brunette’s fingers went into an unexpected flurry of motion over her clit, and then said, “Oh, I love your cock.”

“It’s your cock,” Mary corrected. “Yours to use as you want. No need to be gentle. Take what you need. He wants to give you all the pleasure you could ever want, don’t you, my little lamb?”

“Yes, Mistress Mary. I want her to come. I want her to use her cock.”

Mary suckled Kayla’s earlobe, and then whispered directly into her ear, “Make him happy. Ride that big cock. Ride it hard.”

Spurred by the older woman’s words and her mounting pleasure, Kayla did exactly that. She rocked her hips faster, making his hard organ slide against her walls. Mary skillfully kept her fingers on the blonde’s clit, and squeezed her right breast, using her arm to hold Kayla’s upper body in place.

“There you go. Use your toy. Take your pleasure. Come on your cock,” Mary encouraged her.

A hot itch swelled in Kayla’s clit, traveled up the shaft, spread through her pussy, and behind her mound. At the same time, chills shot through the rest of her, making her shiver and break out into goose bumps. Her need turned ravenous, and she reacted, slamming her hips forward and back. She could see Joshua wince every time her ass bumped into Mary behind her, yanking on the root of his cock. Yet, he was still smiling - his gaze alternating between her and his Mistress.

Primal, feral sounds tumbled from her lips as she rode him like a woman possessed. Mary’s fingers thrummed over her clit, and the hand squeezing her breast also pinched her nipple - hard. The older woman continued to encourage her in sultry, authoritative tones, but the words were lost in Kayla’s screams and the thundering of her heartbeat in her ears. She was caught in the white-hot moment of painful pleasure just before orgasm, clawing her way inch by inch toward the cusp.

Mary’s flashing fingers paused for a moment, and the older woman slapped Kayla’s clit. The shock forced Kayla’s consciousness to surface above the roiling sea of bittersweet torment. For the space of a single heartbeat the only sensation she felt was the tiny sting of that slap on the overwhelmed center of her pleasure. Then the brunette’s slippery fingers returned to their task, and Kayla’s orgasm claimed her.

Kayla screamed in beautiful agony - lurching on the hard cock buried in her depths. Mary released her breast, and the moment the brunette’s arm slipped away, Kayla’s head lashed forward, carrying her with it. Pure animal instinct drew her arms beneath her, preventing her from crashing into Joshua’s chest full force. She had only a moment to twitch and tremble through the ebb of the first climactic shockwave before the next ripped through her.

Joshua’s hard organ thrust up into her, driving her to relentless peaks of ecstasy. She came and came until she was light-headed, hoarse, and on the verge of a faint. She had absolutely no sense of when Joshua stopped thrusting into her clenched canal until her orgasm mercifully began to wane. She could feel and hear him panting for breath as his cock throbbed powerfully in her depths. Her own breaths came in ragged gasps.

Mary’s voice sounded distant and tinny when she said, “Well done, my little lamb. You’re so very close, aren’t you?”

His voice growling and strained, Joshua said, “Yes, Mistress Mary.”

“She’s so tight around you. Squeezing you. Milking you. You want to come so badly, don’t you, my little lamb?”

“Y-yes, Mistress Mary.”

“Not yet,” Mary said, and then punctuated it with a wicked chuckle.

Kayla jerked from an aftershock that bordered on a fresh wave of climax, and she felt Joshua’s pitiful groan vibrating in his chest, mingling with her weepy yelp. The throbbing of his cock inside her was too much, and a desperate burst of strength allowed her to lift up her hips. His cock slid out of her with a slurping sound, and out of the corner of her eye, she saw him gather up fistfuls of the satin sheets in his clawed fingers.

“Hold it. Hold it, my little lamb,” Mary warned.

Joshua breathed noisily through clenched teeth for a few seconds as he fought to hold back his semen. Kayla lay on his chest, trying to catch her breath. His pussy-slick cock beat a fast tattoo on her butt.

The mattress dipped, and then Kayla felt Mary stroking her hair. “Did you have a good come?” the brunette asked.

Unable to summon up much breath - or coherent thought - Kayla muttered, “Ohmigod.”

Mary chuckled and switched to caressing the younger woman’s back. “Considering the state you’re in, darling, I’ll take that as a yes.” She then asked Joshua, “You’re still close, aren’t you, my little lamb?”

He responded as expected. “Yes, Mistress Mary.”

“There you are with those firm, beautiful breasts pressed against you. Her hot, wet, little pussy dripping on you. It must be so hard to hold back, but you’re being a good little lamb.”

Kayla found the strength to turn her head and tilt it back, letting her see the young man’s face. Sweat beaded on his forehead, and the muscles in his face were tight with strain. The heat building where their skin touched was reaching uncomfortable levels as well. Though only a few steps down the road toward recovery from her orgasm, she slid off him and rolled onto her back. She sighed in bliss as the cool air kissed her hot breasts.

“Let’s clean you up,” Mary said.

Thinking at first that the brunette meant her, Kayla tensed up and gasped. She was far from ready to have Mary’s talented tongue anywhere near her. Thankfully, the older woman was talking about Joshua. Mary leaned over him and lapped up the juices Kayla had dribbled onto his abdomen. She then looked up into his eyes and smiled. He stiffened and groaned. Mary cut her eyes toward Kayla, twitched her eyebrows, and then scooted back to give Joshua’s cock a slow, broad-tongued lap.

“Mmm, darling, you taste so good,” Mary said, and then gave his cock another lick. “I’m going to have to clean all this up.”

Joshua clenched his fists, breathed hard, and gritted his teeth as Mary licked his bouncing cock. His toes even curled. The brunette lapped him up and down, slathered her tongue over his balls, and then finally, took him deep in her throat again. His back arched up from the bed and he growled as her lips slid ever so slowly back to the tip.

Mary gave the head of his cock a peck of her lips and then asked, “Should I let him come now, darling? Did you come hard enough for him to deserve it?”

Kayla turned toward the young man next to her and saw him pleading with his eyes. Some wicked part of her almost said to make him wait a little longer. Her hesitation must have made him think she was going to refuse, because his jaw began to quiver ever so slightly. His puppy-dog eyes won her over.

“Yes,” Kayla answered. His expression instantly filled with gratitude.

“You may come, my little lamb,” Mary said, and then snaked out her tongue. She tickled his frenulum with the tip, barely touching it. He squirmed on the bed, grunting with every flick of her tongue. His grunts grew louder. His cock bounced faster. Finally, his back arched, pressing his cock against her tongue, and an explosive barking sound burst from his lips.

Mary moaned and Kayla gasped when he erupted, shooting thick ropes of cum high up on his chest. The spurt that followed was even harder, reaching his neck. Mary kept tonguing him, and he kept spurting. Kayla was fascinated with how hard he was coming, and how much of it there was.

When he began to dribble, Mary gathered up the last fitful ooze on her tongue with a deeply satisfied moan. She patted his leg and said, “Well done, my little lamb. Go wash up. You’ve earned a special reward.”

“T-thank you...” He had to pause to suck in a deep breath. “Mistress Mary.”

Though his arms were trembling, he pushed himself toward the edge of the bed, trying to prevent the cum spattered all over him from staining the sheets any more than the eruptions already had. Once there, he slid out onto even wobblier legs, cupped his arm just above his softening cock to catch any dribbles, and shuffled to the door.

Mary patted Kayla’s foot and said, “I’ll go draw you a nice warm bath.”

After her bath - a luxurious affair of scented oils and bubbles in an enormous tub - Mary had driven Kayla home. They had parted with a kiss, and exchanged numbers. After her eye-opening, unexpected experience, Kayla had found it somewhat difficult to fall asleep. She was also distracted for the first half hour at work the next day, but that had passed when she knuckled down and concentrated.

With a second day at work under her belt, she was contemplating a call to Mary while waiting for her Uber to arrive. While the sexual experience was encouraging her, she suspected that the brunette woman wanted her to join the flock, and that wasn’t at all appealing.

Her Uber arrived, and she was surprised to see the same good-looking driver who had picked her up the previous day. She hadn’t paid much attention either time to the information on her phone, beyond the strong favorable rating.

As soon as she climbed in the car, he turned around and held out a letter. “Mistress Mary would like you to have this.”

Kayla took the letter with a certain amount of trepidation. She unfolded it to find it was handwritten in beautiful, flowing script.

“Kayla, from the moment our eyes met yesterday, I was certain you were the one I have been searching for. I’m not as young as I used to be, and I have quite a large flock. I wouldn’t want any of them to stray for lack of attention. Thus, I have been searching for someone to help me tend them. After last night, I’m convinced that is you.

“Think on it as long as you wish, darling. Robert is one of my flock, and he has a gift for you. No strings attached.

“Mistress Kayla has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?”

When she looked up from the letter, Robert was holding a jewelry box. Kayla took it, opened it, and gasped at what was inside - a gold necklace with a small, diamond studded shepherds crook.

After giving her a few seconds to admire it, Robert asked, “Should I take you home, or to Mistress Mary’s? Either way, the ride is another gift.”

While the idea of becoming one of Mary’s submissive flock wasn’t appealing, the thought of having them at her beck and call was. If Robert and Joshua were representative of the flock, it was doubly intriguing. Arousal swelled within her, making her shiver from its intensity.

“Mary’s,” she answered, knowing she would be in a fit of frustrated arousal all night if she didn’t.

As he turned his attention back to the wheel, he said, “Right away, Mistress Kayla.”

Kayla moaned and thought, It does have a very nice ring to it, indeed.

Feeding Her Flock

Robert put the car in park when they arrived at Mary’s huge suburban home. Excited and aroused, Kayla was ready for her next sexual adventure, and she wondered if Robert might be part of that.

“Will you be staying?” she asked the handsome Uber driver.

“No, Mistress Kayla,” he answered. “I am serving penance.”

“Oh?” she asked. “Did you come without permission?”

“Yes, Mistress Kayla.”

“Are you... ?” she trailed off and glanced in the direction of his crotch.

He answered, “Yes, Mistress Kayla.” As soon as he said it, he went to work on the fastenings of his pants. Kayla leaned into the front of the car as he parted his zipper into a V.

The panties he was wearing were pink, frilly, and so very feminine. Seeing them with the significant bulge of his cock beneath caused her to shiver. What’s more, she knew that the first element of his punishment would have been to lick up all the cum he had spurted without permission, and she could almost see it in her mind’s eye. She couldn’t resist, and reached out to run her fingers over the cotton. His cock immediately began to swell.

“They’re very pretty,” she said.

“Thank you, Mistress Kayla.”

“I hope Mistress Mary will let you come play soon.”

“I would like that, Mistress Kayla.”

She gave his swelling erection a final pat, and then sat back to climb out of the car. The interaction left her feeling empowered, as well as aroused. Already riding high, she strutted up the walk toward the front door. It opened as she approached to reveal Mary waiting with a wide smile.

“I’m so glad you decided to come, darling,” Mary said as she stepped aside, letting the younger woman in. She then glanced at the diamond studded shepherd’s crook around the blonde’s neck and asked, “You like your gift?”

Kayla touched her fingers to the necklace’s charm and said, “I love it.”

Mary closed the door, and their eyes met. Without a word passing between them, they stepped together, embraced, and engaged in a long, passionate kiss.

The brunette caressed Kayla’s cheek when their lips parted and she said, “I have another gift for you that I think will please you. Would you like to see?”

Kayla nodded enthusiastically.

Mary took the younger woman’s hand and led her to the stairs. At the top, they turned left instead of right, moving away from the door to Mary’s bedroom. A few steps down the hall, the brunette opened a door, and gestured for Kayla to look inside.

A large, low table stood in the center of the room. Atop it was a gorgeous man, more than six feet tall, held in an X position with coils of red rope tied around his limbs.

“This is my little lamb, Gregory,” Mary revealed.

Kayla’s eyes roved over him. He was anything but little. Gregory had a sculpted, muscular body. His smooth-shaven, broad chest, six-pack abs, and V line were impressive enough, but they all seemed to be pointing to the feature that caught her gaze and held it. His cock was huge. She guessed it was closer to ten inches than nine, but more important, it was thick. A shiver rippled through her as she thought about it stretching her pussy.

Her feet were moving before her brain caught up, carrying her into the room. Two sets of heels clicked on the hardwood floor as she and Mary moved to the side of the table. He was bound at the wrists, thighs, and ankles, holding him firmly in place on the cushioned pad set upon the table. He was blindfolded, but that didn’t stop his cock from twitching as he heard them approach.

Mary ran her fingers through his short, brown hair, and then down his devastatingly handsome face, which was adorned with a close-cropped beard and mustache. She said, “Tell Mistress Kayla your safe word, my little lamb.”

“My safe word is antipode, Mistress Kayla,” he said in a deep, resonant voice.

“And show Mistress Kayla your hand signal, in the event you are unable to say your safe word,” Mary prompted.

Gregory curled his pointer and middle fingers down, trapping them with his thumbs, leaving the other fingers pointing upward and spread into a V.

Mary went to work on the buttons of her top, which Kayla noticed out of the corner of her eye while she drank in the sight of the prime specimen of manhood in front of her. Still admiring him, Kayla began to undress as well.

“A safe word is a sacred bond between a shepherdess and her flock,” Mary explained. “It must always be respected - immediately - and never held against your lamb. A good shepherdess will never hear it, because she will push her lamb’s boundaries carefully, learning their limits.”

“I understand,” Kayla responded.

Mary continued, “Your decision to join me is still in your hands. Today, you can begin to explore your own limits.”

Glancing at his huge, twitching cock, Kayla knew it was certainly going to push her limits.

Following the older woman’s lead, Kayla deposited her clothing on an end table behind her, which was next to a large, comfortable couch that faced the table. She finally took her eyes off Gregory to look around the room. An identical arrangement of furniture faced the table on the opposite side. Paintings in Mary’s ever-present shepherdess theme adorned the walls. A large cabinet stood against the wall, facing the head of the table, decorated with carved reliefs, much like the headboard of the brunette’s bed.

Mary stretched her arms over her head and arched her back after depositing her panties on the table, showing off her body. The display wasn’t lost on Kayla, and she licked her lips in response. Mary offered a sensual chuckle and licked her lips as well when Kayla straightened from sliding down her own panties. The older woman then put a finger to her lips, requesting silence, and stretched her hand over the table. Gregory drew in a sharp breath through his nose when Mary’s fingertips brushed his balls.

“How many days has it been since your last orgasm, my little lamb?” Mary asked.

“Five days, Mistress Mary.”

“So full. Ready to burst,” Mary said while caressing his balls. “Come feel.”

Kayla stepped in and replaced the brunette’s fingers with hers. His cock bounced in response. She couldn’t resist, and curled her fingers around the impressive organ. She had been with men as long as him before, but his girth outstripped any man she’d ever touched.

Mary moved in behind her, and whispered in her ear while squeezing her butt. “He’s yours to play with, darling. There’s lubricant in the cabinet. Feel free to use anything that strikes your fancy. Have a look, if you’d like.”

Curiosity welled up within her, and after a final squeeze of his throbbing erection, Kayla walked toward the cabinet. Mary no doubt knew from experience that taking such a massive cock without a generous slathering of lube would be less than pleasant at first - no matter how wet she was. She grasped the brass handles, and opened the double doors.

Shelves on one side provided storage for a large amount of rope in varying thicknesses and colors. On the opposite side, the shelves held vibrators of every imaginable description, from fingertip teasers to a vibrating strap-on - as well as a large bottle of lube. The middle of the cabinet was devoted to riding crops, leather flails, shackles, and a few things she couldn’t even identify, all hanging from hooks that displayed them artfully. Several drawers at the base promised other curiosities, but it was all a little more than she was ready for.

She was intrigued, however.

Kayla took the bottle of lube, closed the cabinet, and turned around. Mary was lounging on the couch - her fingers teasing between her legs. She didn’t seem disappointed that Kayla had chosen to forego any of the other toys in the cabinet. Kayla sat the bottle down between Gregory’s splayed feet, and noticed he looked tense. Blindfolded as he was, he couldn’t possibly know what she had taken from the cabinet, though he had surely heard her walk toward it and open it.

A wicked notion came over her, and she reached out to drag a finger up his muscled chest. He started and sucked in a deep breath from her touch, but then let it out in a grunt when he realized it was only her finger. She moved her hand away, waited a few seconds, and then brushed the head of his cock, causing his muscles to stiffen again. It was thrilling to watch his powerful body react, so she continued to tease him with random touches for a few seconds, letting him wonder if there would be more.

The feeling of control was absolutely delicious, and she briefly flirted with the idea of returning to the cabinet for the riding crop. Though he reacted with apparent apprehension to her unannounced touches, his cock told a completely different story. It bounced and throbbed energetically. The sight of it was making her ache - and making her wonder.

She leaned over, carefully placing one hand on the table, outside the boundaries of the mat he rested on. After waiting a few moments to see if he reacted, indicating that he knew what she was doing, she darted in and lapped his thick cock. He let out a grunt, and his erection tapped against her lips.

As she had before, she waited, letting him settle, and then moved in for a broad-tongued lap of his shaft, up to the rim of his cockhead. That drew a groan, and she saw a clear droplet well up from the slit.

Mary rose from the couch and moved in to whisper in Kayla’s ear, “Talk to him, darling. Tease him with your voice. Call him your little lamb.”

Kayla tongued his smooth-shaven balls, and then asked, “Does that feel good, my little lamb?”

“Yes, Mistress Kayla.”

“Would you like more?” she asked, letting her hot breath wash over his cock.

“Yes, Mistress Kayla.”

Kayla tickled his frenulum with darting swipes of her tongue, and then asked, “What do you want, my little lamb?”

“I want to see you. To feel you. To please you, Mistress Kayla,” he answered.

Another drop of pre-cum welled up when she tongued the head of his cock.

“Remind him that he has to clean up his mess if he comes before you give him permission,” Mary whispered. “All tied up as he is, with five days of cum begging for release...”

Kayla shivered at the thought of him tasting his own cum. After days of abstinence, he would probably go off like a volcano. With such a limited range of movement, his ability to hold back would have to come entirely from willpower.

She lapped his shaft and watched his expression change with every slippery caress of her tongue. The blindfold would have to come off soon, because she wanted to see his eyes. First, she took Mary’s advice.

“My rules are the same as Mistress Mary’s. Tell me what happens if you come before I give you permission.”

He answered, “I have to clean up my mess and wear my pretty pink panties until I have redeemed myself, Mistress Kayla.”

Untouched, his cock bobbed and oozed another drop of pre-cum. So much had welled up that a drop was hanging precariously from the ridge of his cock helmet. Before it could fall, Kayla turned her head, opened her mouth wide, and closed her lips around him.

He groaned and the ropes creaked. The bindings served their purpose, keeping him from pushing any more of his cock into her mouth. The flavor was exhilarating. She’d never let a man seep so much before. She massaged him with her lips and circled her tongue around the head, making sure she didn’t miss a single drop. In less than a minute, her jaw ached from opening so wide to accommodate him.

Her pussy ached as well, because she could already imagine how good it would feel stretching her.

Kayla let him slip from her lips and moaned. Mary must have been able to read the need in her face, because the older woman patted her butt. When Kayla glanced back, Mary nodded toward the table and twitched her eyebrows.

The low-lying table was easy to mount. No doubt, it had been designed for exactly that purpose. Gregory drew in a long, slow breath through his nose when he felt her skin touch his. He let it out as a quiet gasp when she straddled his chest. Kayla ground her pussy against his smooth-shaven, muscled chest, smearing him with her juices, and assuaging the ache between her legs - slightly.

Once again, she wanted to see his eyes. She focused on the blindfold, and then quickly glanced at Mary, the blindfold, and back to Mary again.

“Do as you wish, darling,” the older woman said.

Kayla leaned forward, and slipped off the blindfold. After blinking against the sudden burst of light, his brown eyes widened and sparkled at the sight of her astride him. Kayla shivered as she beheld them. The deep brown pools and the excitement within them drew her in for a few seconds.

Gregory kept his gaze locked with hers as she sat up over his chest. She ran her hands up and down her waist, and could see the tiny flickers of movement in his eyes, as though he was struggling not to watch what she was doing.

“You can look,” she said, and after a moment, remembered to add, “My little lamb.”

Look he did - enthusiastically. A smile spread across his face as her hands glided up her body, and cupped her breasts.

“What do you think, my little lamb?” she asked, still cupping her breasts.

“You are so beautiful and sexy, Mistress Kayla,” he answered.

Kayla heard the top of the lube bottle pop open, and looked over her shoulder at Mary. The older woman held up the bottle with a question in her eyes, and a chill ran through Kayla. She nodded.

Gregory groaned and his muscles tightened when the cool lubricant drizzled over his hard organ. Kayla sat atop his chest, running her hands over his body, watching him strain against the ropes holding him down. It was exquisite to see him completely at her mercy. He grunted when she once again rubbed her pussy against his skin, making it even more slippery.

The click of the bottle closing preceded Mary saying, “Your toy is ready for you, Mistress Kayla.”

“Thank you, Mistress Mary,” Kayla responded, and then scooted back. When she felt his slippery organ press against her butt, she shuddered.

Mary leaned in to whisper, “Take your pleasure. All that you desire. As deep as you wish.”

Kayla dropped down onto her hands, but before she could reach between their bodies to slide his cock inside her, Mary took the thick organ in hand. She guided it to the entrance of the blonde’s canal, and held it there. Kayla took a deep breath, mastering the moment of fearful anticipation caused by his huge cockhead poised at her entrance. She pushed back against it, and despite her desire, her intimate muscles clenched tight, resisting the massive invader.

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