Spirited Bed & Breakfast

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Fantasy Sex Story: Love can live on in mysterious ways.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Ghost   .

When Abbie and her husband Mel bought an old Victorian mansion on the outskirts of the city, they did so with two goals. The first was to convert the big, run-down house into a bed-and-breakfast. Their plan was to rent out rooms to businessmen tired of cookie-cutter motels, providing a more home-like atmosphere. They were reasonably close to the city’s financial center and since Mel was an executive with a major insurance company, he had the kind of contacts to make this feasible.

Their short-term goal was to have sex in every room in the house.

They made better progress on the second goal than on the first. The afternoon they first looked at the house the real estate agent let them wander through the place on their own. They knew they were going to buy it when, in the basement, they found an old bed neatly covered in tarps. When they uncovered it Abbie said, “Mel, do you recognize this?

“Looks like the bed at that B & B we went to before we were married. The one where we made love for the first time.”

“Made love hell! You fucked my brains out. Wanna do it again?” While their agent took phone calls in the front yard, Abbie climbed onto the bed where her husband pulled her skirt up and her panties down and they pretended they were still dating. It was about the fastest fuck they’d ever had, but also one of the most exciting, given the chance that they’d be discovered at any moment.

The day they closed on the deal, Abbie and Mel headed over to the empty house. Undeterred by the lack of furniture, Abbie took her clothes off and bent over the kitchen cabinet. Mel dropped his trousers and, at his wife’s urging, shoved his dick up her ass.

Progress on the renovation went much slower. The downstairs had been remodeled before they bought it. This included a modern kitchen with a small breakfast nook. The former music room had been made into a master bedroom with an attached bath. The living room, sun room and dining room had also been modernized. The upstairs was a mess. Where they had envisioned four rooms with private baths there existed six bedrooms that had not changed since the early 1900’s. There was a single bath with antiquated plumbing. Walls had to be taken out and rearranged, plumbing updated and expanded, new flooring and ceilings had to be installed, as well as windows that didn’t leak when it rained. Despite Mel’s hefty earnings, the monstrosity was eating up money faster than he could get it.

Even though work on the remodeling had slowed nearly to a stop, they continued to fuck their way through the downstairs rooms. The master bedroom was taken care of their first night in the place; the master bath the following morning. They initiated the back parlor as Abbie leaned out the window watching their next-door neighbor weed her garden. Mel pulled down Abbie’s shorts and took her from behind.

Mel went down on her in the breakfast nook in appreciation of Abbie making him his favorite peanut butter and bacon sandwich. The next day she sucked him off in the garage after he changed the oil in her car. The living room was taken care of when they got naked and she sat on his lap, riding his cock while they watched “Dancing with the Stars” on the black and white TV.

One morning before leaving for work, Mel was talking to his mother on the telephone in the sun room. As he sat on the window sill listening to her plans for the weekend, Abbie got on her knees in front of him. She unzipped his trousers and pulled them and his shorts down. While he tried to act as if nothing was happening she ran her tongue around the crown of his dick, licking up the pre-cum oozing out. Then holding his cock-head in her lips she opened her blouse and pulled her bra down, releasing her big boobs. She carefully laid his rod between her girls and pressed them together, bouncing them up and down around the trapped organ. “Uh Mom,” Mel managed to say, “I gotta get off here and get to work. I’ll call you later from the office.” He bit his lip as his mother continued talking. “Yeah,” he said. “Love you too. Goodbye.” Then he gasped, “Oh god baby, you’re gonna make me cum.” Abbie hoped he’d hung up on his mother.

Looking up at him she said, “You like that honey? You like fucking my tits?” Silly question as his cum was bubbling out of her cleavage at the time. Abbie released him from her boobs and took him back into her mouth, savoring the salty/sweet fluid she’d learned to love.

When he finally finished pumping sperm into her mouth she tucked him back into his shorts and said, “Now honey. Go to work and make lots of money so we can get the rooms upstairs finished. I’ve got plans on how we can use them - before we rent them out.” Little did she know how those plans would be changed.

On his drive to work Mel was having trouble keeping his mind on his driving. He’d decided he could take a long lunch and make it home for a nooner. As he was thinking about what he was going to do to his loving wife he had trouble keeping his car going in a straight line. He was only slightly over the yellow line. In fact, he’d have been okay - if the on-coming driver hadn’t been similarly distracted. She also was only slightly over the line. They both died instantly in the head-on collision.

Abbie’s grief was almost totally debilitating. She had never even considered what life would be like without Mel. For a month she just was in a fog, barely acknowledging what was going on around her. Their families had been supportive, but finally they had to get on with their own lives. One thing she had not considered was that during his career in the insurance business, Mel had accumulated a number of policies, all of which paid off double because he’d died in an accident. She hardly noticed the number, and size, of the checks that she received. Their attorney made sure the monies were properly invested and set up a regular payment to her for day-to-day needs. Abbie was not just a widow, she was a rich widow.

Abbie was used to having sex, and lots of it. After several weeks she began to realize that she still craved the sexual stimulation. One night she finally gave in to her body’s needs. As she lay in bed she thought about all the ways Mel used to do her, and the things she had loved doing to him. As she relived them she let her hands wander over her body. She pinched and squeezed her tits, sending familiar tingles through her. It wasn’t the same as when Mel had done it, but it felt good after weeks of celibacy. She felt herself getting wet and excited. She let her fingers slide down until they were teasing open her pussy lips. She closed her eyes and sighed as she teased her clit out of hiding. She rubbed it with her thumb as she worked her fingers around in her cunt. Finally, she was gasping in her first orgasm for over a month.

“Baby, that was so hot. I loved it.”

“Thank you Mel. It was nice. I’m glad you liked it.”

“I really did. That’s just what I - what we, needed. Thank you for sharing that.”

“And thank you ... Mel! Mel, is that you?”

“Of course, Honey. Who did you expect?”

“But it can’t be. You ... you’re...”

“Dead? Yes, I am. But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy watching you get off. In fact, I wouldn’t have made it back here if not for that. It seemed to have been the trigger.”

Abbie finally opened her eyes and looked around. Sure enough, sitting on the side of the bed was her beloved Mel. Naked. With a large erection - which he was stroking with his hand. Abbie reached over and tried to grasp the organ she missed so much. Unfortunately, she grasped only air as her hand went right through the cock. “I’m sorry, honey. You can see me and hear me now, but you will never be able to touch me.” He stuck his hand out as if he was going to grab her tit, but his fingers went through the flesh and she felt nothing. “I can’t touch you, either. But I can do this,” he went on, stroking his cock harder and faster. Abbie watched fascinated as her late husband jacked himself off. Soon he was making those noises in his throat that told her he was approaching orgasm. “Oh god oh god,” he cried out. Abbie saw the organ twitch. Then, instead of the white cream she expected, a cloud of tiny bubbles shot from him. As he throbbed more masses of bubbles out, they floated up and disappeared through the ceiling.

“What the hell was that?” Abbie asked in her confusion.

“I guess that must be ghost cum,” he said. “That was my first time and I didn’t know what to expect, but I was pretty sure a dead guy couldn’t produce sperm.”

“But bubbles.”

“Yeah. This afterlife thing is weird.”

“You’re telling me,” Abbie agreed. “But why, uh, why are you naked?

“Why not. I’m a ghost. My clothes didn’t die, just me. I know it’s not like you see on TV. Since I can’t touch anything concrete, there’s no way I can wear clothes. You’ll notice I’m not really sitting on the bed.” Abbie realized that he was actually sitting a few inches above the surface.

“And why do you have that?” Abbie said, pointing at the penis which was still big and hard despite what had apparently been an orgasm. “It usually takes a while for you to get it back up.”

“Well, this is the way it was when I passed over - died, that is - so this is the way it will stay, no matter what, apparently.”

Seeing the sheepish look on Mel’s face, Abbie said, “I think there’s more to that story. Come clean now.”

“I was kinda ... uh ... thinking of what I was planning on doing with you when the accident happened.”

“And that caused a hard-on?”

“Yeah. Sort of.”

“There’s more, isn’t there.”

“Uh, yeah. Did anyone say anything about my clothes after the accident?”

“There was something about your pants, but I wasn’t paying much attention. I’d just lost my husband, you know. Wait. I remember. Your pants were unzipped and pulled part way down. Oh my god!” she exclaimed, suddenly realizing what had so distracted her husband that he’d hit another car head on - and why his ghost had a hard-on. “You were jacking-off, weren’t you?”

“Yeah, I guess so. But I was thinking of you, dear.”

“So, now it’s my fault?” As much as she missed her husband, Abbie was still pissed off by what he’d done.

After he pleaded guilty to killing himself through his own inability to control his carnal desires, she finally calmed back down. It was hard to stay mad at a dead husband. Especially a naked one sitting on the edge of your bed.

“I wish you could touch me. I really need to be made love to about now.”

“Alas, those days are over. All we can do is watch and encourage each other.”

“How long? Are you going to be with me the rest of my life?” Abbie asked, not sure what answer she wanted. She was glad to have Mel to talk to, but she had imagined that after a period of grief her life would return to a new normalcy. She even hoped someday to get laid, which would be hard with a dead husband hanging around.

“I’m not sure. I know I need to move on, but I have this feeling that there’s something that must be accomplished - finished - before that can happen. I just don’t know what it is.” The two of them, the live wife and the deceased husband, sat without speaking for a long while. Then Mel went on, “One thing I know that needs to be finished is this house. We had lots of plans and you need to complete them.”

“You mean the renovation and running a B and B?”

“Yes, that. There’s no reason you can’t afford to have contractors complete everything that needs to be done. Whatever else that may have happened, money is not a problem anymore.

They talked about what needed to be done to prepare the house to be a bed and breakfast. Mel had a specific general contractor in mind. Soon the house was full of construction workers. Abbie became inured to having a dead husband as a consultant. She was relieved to find that no one else could see or hear him. She did start to get a reputation for mumbling to herself, however.

As the weeks went on the renovation went quickly. There’s nothing like lots of money to make contractors hurry things along. And downstairs, Abbie and Mel regularly masturbated for each other, both wishing that they could touch as well as observe. Usually Abbie brought herself to a nice orgasm, then she’d watch as Mel coaxed bubbles out of his dick. Sometimes she’d position her face above the phantom organ and when he reached his orgasm she’d open her lips and let the bubbles drift up into her mouth. Of course she couldn’t taste or feel anything as they drifted right through her. But despite everything they did, Mel never lost his hard-on.

Finally, the work was finished and Sam, the general contractor, was prepared to take Abbie through the rooms upstairs. “Let me show you what we’ve accomplished. I think you’re going to really like it. As Abbie started after the young man toward the stairs, Mel caught her eye.

“Wait a minute honey. Tell Sam you’ll meet him in Room Number One in a few minutes. There’s something I want to talk to you about first.”

After Sam went upstairs, Mel told his wife, “You remember that the renovation was only part one of our plans for the upstairs rooms, don’t you?”

“Sure. We’re gonna rent them out, too. We’ve pretty much got the groundwork done to operate as a B & B. That’ll be up and running in a few weeks.”

“That was part three. Part two was...”

“You mean having sex in every room? We can hardly do that now, can we?”

“We can’t. You can. I can watch.”

“You mean you want me to fuck other people in our house - while you stand around waving that thing in the air?” She was slightly taken aback at the suggestion. But also more than slightly turned on by it. She needed to be fucked for sure. And the thought of her husband watching only made it more exciting.

“That’s right. And I think you should start in Room One with Sam. He’s been eyeing you for weeks. I’m sure he’d love to get in your pants.”

“So you want me to go upstairs and screw this nice young man? Like in your fantasy? The one where you watch me fuck another man?”

“You got it. Although in the fantasy I got to fuck you too, but this is as close as we’re gonna get now.”

“Well hell, let’s go seduce us a contractor.”

“Honey, you are really a special person,” Mel said approvingly.

When they arrived at Room One Sam was standing in the hall. With a flourish, he opened the door and escorted Abbie inside. Mel followed, walking through the door Sam had closed behind them. “What do you think?” Sam said.

“Oh Sam, it’s beautiful. You’ve even refinished the bed from the basement. The old four-poster had a new mattress on it and was made up with an antique looking quilt.

“I hoped you’d like it. And check this out,” Sam said, showing her the closets and the attached bath.

“It’s exactly like we’d planned,” Abbie said. “And I really love the bed,” she added, walking over to it and pulling Sam after her. Then, turning to the young man she stepped closer, their bodies nearly touching. “You’ve managed to bring our dreams to life. But there’s one more thing we planned. Something I want you to help me with.”

“Anything,” Sam said. “What do you need?”

“You,” Abbie said as she put her arms around him and pulled his body against hers. She looked him in the eye and, with a smile, said, “We planned on christening the renovation right here in this bed.” As she said it she slid her leg between his.

“Oh yes. I can help with that,” Sam said, pressing his hard dick against her thigh. Then she kissed him. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Mel slowly stroking his spectral erection. Breaking the kiss, Abbie stepped back and, grasping the hem of her skirt, pulled it off over her head. She held out her hands, presenting her nakedness to Sam who nodded in approval. So did Mel. Abbie turned and pulled the quilt down and off the bed. By the time she had climbed up on it Sam had his shirt off and was pulling his pants down. Abbie laid back against the pillows and watched as Sam’s shorts came down, letting his erection spring out. “A real one at last,” she thought.

She spread her legs and said, “Come here, baby. I need it bad.” Sam bent over the bed, his face over her crotch. Then he leaned forward and covered her pussy with his mouth. “Oh yeah, good, feels so good,” Abbie murmured as Sam worked her over with his tongue. “Oh shit yes!” she cried out as he forced his tongue into her. She was vaguely aware of Mel standing by the bed, watching another man eat his wife’s pussy.

As good as it felt to have Sam go down on her, Abbie needed more. She grabbed the sides of his head and pulled his face up. “Get up here. I want you in me.” She didn’t have to ask twice. Sam crawled up between her legs. She felt the tip of his cock against her pussy, then with a lunge she shoved it completely into her. “God, god, god, yes!” she mumbled. Then she kissed him open-mouthed. It had always turned her on to taste her sex on Mel’s face, and it did the same as she sucked her own pussy-juice off Sam’s lips. It felt so good to finally have a cock inside her - one that she could feel - as Sam drove repeatedly into her cunt. When she finally reached her climax she came with a scream. Then she screamed again as she felt Sam’s warm cum spurting into her. With a man lying on top of her, she couldn’t tell where Mel was but she smiled as she saw a stream of bubbles floating through the ceiling.

It actually took a month to get the business up and running. Abbie was so busy she hardly even thought about sex. Of course having been thoroughly fucked after months of abstinence helped tide her over.

The first week they were opened three rooms were rented out. Room One was occupied by an older couple who were house-hunting following the man’s relocation to the home office. In Room Two was Phil, a former co-worker of Mel’s who was in town for a series of meetings. Room Three was rented to a woman from the U.K., Lacy, who was an executive in a London firm doing business with Mel’s old company.

The first two days Abbie was run ragged. She was just learning how much work was involved with actually having guests in the place. And of course having a naked ghost hanging around was no help at all. By Thursday she’d finally gotten into a routine that made life easier. On Friday the couple checked out, as did Lacy. “But I’ll be back in a fortnight,” she said. “And I wouldn’t think of staying anywhere else.”

That left Phil, who wasn’t leaving until the following morning. When Phil finally went up to his room, Abbie sat down in the kitchen and was enjoying a hard-earned glass of wine when Mel walked in through the door, the closed door. “Drink up, sweetie. We’ve got Room Two to take care of.” When Abbie gave him a blank look he went on. “Our project, remember?

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Room number Two. Phil. You need to get up there so we can cross it off our list.”

“Our list. Oh yeah, the sex thing. How cum it’s ‘our’ list when I seem to be the one doing the fucking?” she asked, although she realized that wasn’t much of a sacrifice for her. “Besides, what makes you think he’s interested?”

“He’s up there right now getting ready to jack off. He does it every night. I’m sure he’s thinking about you.”

“He is married, you know. He could be thinking about his wife.”

“Have you seen his wife? Who would waste a perfectly good fantasy on her?”

He had a point. Abbie had seen Phil’s wife. It wasn’t that she wasn’t attractive. She would be, if she didn’t frown so much. ‘Tight ass’ was the best anyone could say about her. Or ‘bitch.’ And it got worse from there.

“Well, I’m pretty tired. But ... I might be interested.”

Abbie knocked on the door, then quickly opened it. “I’m here to turn down your bed,” she said. “Oh, I guess I’m too late,” she added when she saw Phil in the bed, the sheet pulled up to his chin. She also saw the sheet tented out in the middle. Phil’s hand was under the covers and it looked to Abbie like he was holding his dick up.

Quickly Phil pulled his knees up, disguising his hard-on. “Sorry,” Abbie said. She closed the door behind her and walked toward the bed. “But maybe there is something I can help you with.” Abbie sat down on the edge of the bed and put her hand on Phil’s knee, gently pushing it down until his erection was exposed. “Oh yeah,” she said, “here’s something that needs attention.” She grasped the hard organ through the sheet and gave it a soft jerk. Then she reached up and pulled the sheet down, revealing Phil’s naked body. He still had his own hand around his dick. “I’ll take care of that,” she said, replacing his hand with her own.

Phil just lay still, as if he didn’t know what was happening. Abbie glanced up to where Mel was standing. “Suck it, babe. He’ll love it.”

“So will you,” she thought. Aloud she said, “I love a man with a good, hard cock.” The she added to herself, “A live man with a dick I can touch.” She bent over and ran her tongue around his crown, then licked down the length of him until she was kissing his balls. Running her mouth back up the length of him she found his cock-head covered with the slick fluid oozing out of him. She rubbed his pre-cum around on her lips before she looked Phil in the eye and licked the spunk off her lips. Glancing sideways, she winked at a smiling Mel.

“That’s so hot, Abbie. Suck it, suck his dick. Deep throat him, I’m sure he’s never had that before,” Mel said. Abbie opened her mouth and dropped it over Phil’s dick until it was poking against the opening to her throat. She hesitated, using her tongue to stimulate the organ in her mouth, then she dropped her head, forcing the cock completely into her throat, her nose pressing against Phil’s belly. Phil moaned as she shook her head before she pulled back.

Abbie lifted her head, releasing Phil’s cock from her mouth. Looking him in the eye again, she asked, “Do you want to cum in my mouth, Phil? I’d like that.” Still in a daze, Phil just nodded.

“Do it, honey. Make him cum,” Mel said. Abbie smiled, then took the organ back into her mouth. She began stroking the lower half of the rod while she bobbed her head, stimulating the top half with her lips while she rubbed her tongue around the crown. She felt Phil’s ball sac contract and suddenly her mouth was full of his spunk. He throbbed several times, shooting more of his cum across her tongue. “Baby, you give the best head,” Mel said.

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