Naughty Nudist Nookie Game

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Dominating wife makes a guessing game out of her naughty activities at a nudist resort. The consequences are delightful.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Sharing   Slut Wife   FemaleDom   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Cream Pie   Nudism   .

Brenda and Bill’s 25th wedding anniversary was on the horizon. Brenda was giving it a lot more thought than Bill and had realized that their sex life was stale and in need of rejuvenation. At 45, she was still interested and some changes in her hormones seemed to make her a bit hornier than she’d been for a while.

One evening at supper she broached the subject, “Bill, we’ve got to start planning our anniversary. While I’ve enjoyed the things that you picked out for us to do in the past, I want to do something really different for this big one.”

Bill looked up from his smart phone and asked, “Okay. You have any ideas? Why don’t you take responsibility for arranging this one.”

That’s exactly what she wanted to hear so she responded right away, “A woman I work with told me about something that really was good for their marriage. There is a naturist resort about an hour from here that they have gone to several times and love it.”

Bill blinked and blurted, “Naturist? You mean running around naked? I don’t know if I could do that. Could you?”

Pulling her top off, her braless breasts swayed. They were big beauties, sagging a bit but only from their own weight. “You’ve always like my girls and they’re in pretty good shape so I think it would be fun to show them off. Are you ashamed of your pecker? I’ve always thought it was a nice looking one.”

That got to his ego so he said, “Okay. You arrange it then we’ll give it a try.”

They synchronized their two weeks of vacation to fit around the anniversary and Brenda got the contact information from her friend as well as a referral code which was necessary since the place was careful about their membership.

Brenda hadn’t shared everything that her work friend had told her. This wasn’t a family-oriented nudist resort. Kids weren’t allowed unless of legal age because “adult activities” were common although not too blatant.

As they were packing, Brenda quipped that she wouldn’t have much laundry to do when they got back. The only thing besides travel clothes were some walking and beach shoes although a hat might be a good idea. Lots of sunscreen though. As the time for their vacation approached their sex life did pick up and every two or three days Bill climbed on his wife and she got a barely satisfactory screw.

Having the code to get through the gated entrance, the curious couple came to the registration office and a young woman with a pair of lovely hooters was standing behind the counter. Bill’s eyes were locked on them so Brenda filled out the paperwork. Payment was by credit card in advance. They were given a map of the grounds and directed to a little duplex cabin down the beach. The resort was on its own private lake and had a long sandy beach which had been carefully created.

Their unit consisted of one large room with a full bath and places to put the belongings that they had brought. Nothing fancy but the biggest bed they’d ever seen, notably larger than the king-size they had at home. Brenda grinned when she saw Bill staring at the bed. Clearly a playground.

“Okay sweetie, let’s get naked.” The moment of truth arrived. Brenda stripped right away while Bill dawdled. “I’m not gonna wait for you honey, I’m going to get some rays down by the water. Just find me.”

She took some sunscreen and a towel as she went to find a place to show off her body. While a little more padded than when she got married, that had just enhanced her womanly curves and she was, as Bill said, “built more for comfort than speed”. She looked around at the variety of body shapes on the two-dozen people already at the beach. That was awfully interesting. Her body was as good as at least half of them. Being average wasn’t bad.

Little while later Bill found her. As he walked up she commented, “I thought you’d have an erection seeing all these tits and pussies moving around.”

He looked a little embarrassed and said quietly, “I jacked off so I wouldn’t get that way.”

Brenda acted angry, “You mean you wasted an erection on a cum shot? If you’d said something you could’ve fucked me before I left the cabin.” That really made him look embarrassed. She finished with, “If you don’t take good care of my pussy, it seems some attractive young men around here might be interested.”

She did notice that there was a surplus of men, a number of whom were young and looked hung. They were probably resort staff because of the ID badges around their neck. Right then one of them came up to her and asked if he could get her something to drink. She noticed he addressed her and not Bill and stood with his dangling cock right in front of her eyes.

“What kind of beer do you have?” Hearing their favorite, she asked for two. Damn it was hot watching his muscular buns move as he walked away.

His tanned pecker and balls also swayed nicely as he returned with the drinks. She’d repositioned her legs so he got a clear look at her fur trimmed twat which she had shaved to a nice triangle like an arrowhead pointing towards her pussy. Her femaleness featured prominent inner labia opening out like welcoming flower petals. Staring at his circumcised cock at eye level, she thanked him and licked her lips, making sure that he noticed that gesture. He grinned and said he would check on their needs later. She thought, “I wonder what kind of needs he is allowed to check on?”

They lounged away their day and returned to their cabin at the same time as the couple in the other part did. Introductions were made and they decided to sit at dinner with Marcie and Mike. This married couple also lived reasonably close but in the other direction.

This pair was about their age. Marcie was a slim redhead with C-cup tits that stood out proudly on her slender chest. Her hips were narrow and her pussy completely shaved. Mike was almost a foot taller than she and had been a football player in his youth. His sturdy body was in reasonable shape. The new couple discovered that these folks had been coming there for a number of years and offered to guide them in activities or whatever. Just ask.

Brenda was very interested in the “whatever”. Her work friend had also confided that a lot of sex between unconnected couples happened at this resort. The young men staff members were selected for their equipment, their sexual skills, and their stamina. Many of them came back year after year and she had her favorites. When Brenda had asked for their names she said just try them all and you’ll decide which ones you like the best. “Shit!” thought Brenda, “How the hell do I get to do that? Oh well, I’ll see what happens.”

Every night after dinner there were social activities planned and unplanned. Her work friend had told her that, weather permitting, sometimes couples went down to the beach and found a private place to have some hot fun. For starters though, there was a dance in the main building with a disc jockey who played only slow tunes since unrestrained tits and peckers didn’t work well for fast dancing. Besides it was a good way to rub your body on some new flesh.

As soon as they got there, Mike asked her to dance. He liked to dance close and she could feel his pecker inflating up against her pubes since he was a bit taller than she. Her tits were mashed against him and she knew he could feel her nipples as they firmed up. When the first dance ended, he didn’t let her go and they went into a second. This time he started whispering to her, “Your tits feel really good. I think that my appreciation indicator is letting you know that.” She nodded, a little bit embarrassed but also getting aroused.

She looked out and saw her husband with Marcie up tight against him also. After that dance the men went to get some more drinks before returning to the table, their love-hoses still partly swollen as were many of the male dancers.

Brenda was asked to dance more times that evening than in the last several years. Her tits were some of the best in the room and when you’re naked all the guys get to notice. Several them asked her if she’d like to go for a walk with them. Correctly realizing that they would be walking only long enough to find a place to get horizontal, and she wasn’t quite ready for that with strangers, she deferred saying, “Maybe at another time”.

She did notice that sometimes she would see Marcie dancing with someone besides Mike and then she wouldn’t see her for a while. Then, during one of the few times she was sitting at the table she saw Marcie and a man reentering the dance room. Marcie came over the table and looked a bit flushed, kinda like she’d just been fucked. Marcie was grinning as she sipped on her drink. When her husband sat down next to her, she leaned over and whispered in his ear and he got a big grin also.

The young staffer who’d served her at the beach asked Brenda to dance and she got wet just rubbing her body on him as they danced. His rod didn’t get erect and she was disappointed but realized he might be well fucked by that time of the day. It was stimulating to fantasize they were horizontal dancing. Married or not, she’d probably not be able to refuse if he asked.

She saw Marcie head for the exit with one of the staffers too and had to acknowledge what was definitely going on. After that dance she got a strong drink and sat down next to Mike. Unsure how to open the subject, she tried, “Marcie seems to be having a good time without you.”

He turned as smiled, “That’s why we are here. She has me all the rest of the time. She’s only being borrowed.”

Brenda didn’t know how to deal with that. Mike seemed quite unconcerned and when Marcie reappeared he was smiling as she kissed him. They bid everyone goodnight, departing holding hands.

Taking Bill’s hand, she indicated she wanted to leave too. When they got to their cabin the sounds of vigorous coupling came through the thin wall between units. Thumps and moans were clear evidence of a hot time going on. Brenda was dripping from all the thoughts running through her mind and attacked Bill. He was pretty turned on too and his mouth full of tit made conversation difficult. They added their own noises in reply.

Mike and Marcie acted just like any other long-time married couple the next day. The guys and gals had different options for activities so they separated after lunch. Bill needed something from their cabin and, as he approached it, saw Marcie emerge with a man he didn’t recognize. She smiled and winked at him as they passed on the path. He caught a whiff of sex too. He turned and watched her slim ass moving so nicely as she walked away, already hard thinking how he’d like to get between those slim legs for a while, even if she’d just fucked some other dude. He had to beat his meat to get it to go down before returning to Mike. He kept all that to himself though.

As mentioned, the guys and gals often spent parts of the day separately. Bill and Mike ended up down at the beach, drinking beer and watching the T&A parade and the occasional sporting activity like beach volleyball. Bill asked how long they’d been coming here and what they liked the best.

Mike replied, “We’ve been coming here for the past three years. The kids are gone and we wanted to recapture some of the excitement of our earlier relationship. Marcie was a hottie when I met her and I missed that. She’d been fucking a lot before me but has been a straight arrow wife as far as I know. When we got here it was quite stimulating, as you are aware, and we opened up to each other in ways we hadn’t before. She loved me but wanted to have some ‘strange’ sex like when she was younger. It would only be here and just for fun. She said it would only be fair if I could too. It was easier for her to get laid than me and I enjoyed her sexuality secondhand for a while. She fixed me up with a couple of women that were like her and we would get together at the end of each day and share stories while we fucked. Our sex life the rest of the year is just great too.”

Bill took over, “I saw her coming out of your cabin with a guy and wondered if you knew. I guess you find out later, right?”

“A few times I have watched and that is the most incredible experience ever,” added Mike. They opened more beer and Bill had a magazine in his lap hiding his erection.

Marcie and Brenda had a similar conversation and Brenda wondered if her own pussy odor was noticeable as she asked for hints on how to get that happening for her. Marcie’s advice was mainly to keep bringing the subject up and not to ask for permission. That would be male-chauvinistic. Just let it be known to her husband how important it was to her and was no reflection on him. If she was persistent and loving, pussy power would prevail and the fun could commence.

The novice couple watched the antics of Marcie and several other women. Their own sex was spiced up by their observations but neither revealed their personal feelings. Bill thought Brenda might be dropping hints that she’d like to try the kind of thing Marcie was doing but he wasn’t sure he wanted to encourage it, even though some fantasies kept creeping into his mind. As he buried his bone in Brenda he wondered how he would react if he knew she’d been banged recently.

Monday morning, early, Bill had to pull his dick out of his loving wife because his phone had that special ring from his boss. There was a crisis at the plant and he was urgently needed. Making apologies as he put on the first clothing in a week, he gave her a quick kiss and said he’d call her later.

When he called Brenda later that day to say that the problem could take two or three days to resolve, she asked if he’d be back at the resort for the night. When he said he’d have to work too late that night and be there too early tomorrow to make the trip, Brenda acted annoyed, “This past week has gotten me wanting sex more than ever in my life. I can’t just turn it off like a switch. I’ll just have to ask Marcie how I can get a temporary replacement. Enjoy sleeping alone ... I probably won’t be!” and she hung up. Bill had to jack off twice to get his eyes closed when he finally got to bed.

Bill’s team worked hard and got the problem solved late the next day and he called to tell his wife that he was on his way. It went to voicemail. All the way there he wondered if she was getting laid thinking he wouldn’t return that night.

He pulled in near midnight and found Brenda sleeping alone in their bed. That was comforting. He stripped and got under the covers with her, seeking relief for the rigid shaft that had tented his pants the whole drive.

Fondling her pussy to see if it was unusually wet woke her up. As he tried to copulate she said, “Whoa there! We have to talk. To make up for your absence during our special time away, we are going to play a game. Since I own the prize, I make the rules. To have access to my pussy, you must correctly guess a question that I devise. Do you understand?”

Feeling penitent for the interruption in their vacation, he nodded. Brenda continued, “OK, for the prize you must correctly guess the number of times it has fucked since you left.”

Bill was paralyzed with shock. What a hell of a question! First the subject matter and secondly, how the hell could he get it right? He stared at her body for a moment. No noticeable difference. He thought through a few other things and then, tentatively, guessed, “Two?”

“Nope. You lose. As a consolation though you can jack off on my pussy if you want.”

His hardon hurt so he accepted his fate. Brenda lay back and opened her twat, watching to prevent a surprise entry. Bill bent his rod down as far as he could while kneeling between her thighs and it took few strokes for his cream to spurt out and splatter on her labia. He said nothing as he laid down and went to sleep.

Hoping that the “game” was over, Bill reached for his wife in the morning but she slipped out of his grasp. “One more day for you to get it right. Maybe you’ll do better being around here.” What a tease!

Mike knew about Brenda’s game and brought Bill a beer when he was sitting out at the beach moping because he’d guessed wrong the night before. “Hey Bill,” handing him the cold one, “I think you need something hotter than this, right?” Bill nodded so Mike continued. “According to the rules of this game Brenda is playing, it’s her pussy and you don’t get if you’re wrong.” Bill nodded again. “But there is no prohibition about other pussy, is there? After all, she’s not being monogamous so why should you have to be?”

That pulled Bill out of his funk and he stared at Mike who grinned as he said, “Marcie thinks your nice and wonders why you haven’t hit on her yet. She’d spread in a heartbeat for you.” Bill went wide-eyed at the words he just heard.

He’d been too much of a nice guy who wouldn’t fuck a friend’s wife but was being told it was alright. Shit! He’d quietly lusted after her for days. Where was she now? He asked Mike who answered he didn’t know but try the cabin because she often took men there. He commented that it was hot to fuck her on the wet spots right where she’d done others.

Bill was walking fast in a flash, his tool filling in anticipation. He stopped in his side of the cabin to take a piss and heard sex sounds from the other. Bingo!

When it quieted down he sat on the porch. A little bit later Marcie and a guy emerged. When she saw Bill she sent the guy on and came over to him. “Waiting for something?”

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