The Girl With the Dirty Undies

by Second Edition Harry Lime

Copyright© 2018 by Second Edition Harry Lime

Erotica Sex Story: When she needs income, a girl will go to extreme measures to become solvent.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Group Sex   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Squirting   Voyeurism   Size   Prostitution   .

Betty McCord was not what could be described as a “hot number” by any stretch of the imagination. She actually went through the first three years of college with zero dates and was never even propositioned by one of the randy college boys to drop her drawers.

Still, she had that bedroom look to her pretty blue eyes that some found intriguing even if they were put off by her tasteless and shapeless wardrobe that made her look more like a ripe pear rather than a luscious strawberry hanging low for easy picking.

Betty hated the thought of her detested lack of success in pinning down any male for standard humping duties. In a way, she was not like all the other girls willing to open their knees to remain on the “popular” list at the nearby fraternities. She knew for a fact that the sly college boys carefully hid their records on the data kept on all those girls that just had to have it on a regular basis.

In point of fact, she was one of the girls that had been assigned a big fat zero for rating because none of the guys had ever reported her actually coming across with any female goodies under any circumstance of normal close relations. Out of a pool of several hundred nubile pussies, there were only a half dozen or so that were assigned that rating of a complete “dud” when it came to sex.

Betty was definitely not a virgin.

She had been the sex doll for her older brother’s best friend Josh ever since her sixteenth birthday and he had shown her most of the erotic humping positions that would bring her to a proper orgasm just like a regular married woman. She was eternally grateful to Josh for his careful training because he was a very detail oriented person and he would give her a hard spanking each time she didn’t live up to his expectations of satisfying performance. Her brother sometimes would watch her training sessions and he constantly patted her on the top of her head and told her,

“You are being a very good girl, Betty!”

She found his approval strangely comforting because it affirmed her perception that she was just as sexual as any other teenaged girl and she was doing things correctly if the truth be known.

Unfortunately, Betty had been discovered in the “down on all fours” position experiencing a strong orgasm when her parents came home unexpectedly and found both their children and the older boy Josh naked on the fluffy white carpet doing what came naturally.

There was a bit of an internal scandal for a short time and Betty promised her mother that she would not open her knees for any boy unless she told her first. The keeping of that promise in college was the primary reason she was marked down as a sexual “nothing” in the little black books on campus.

In her senior year, Betty’s father was laid off from his employment of almost twenty years as “redundant” and was told there were no funds in the kitty for any sort of pension. As a result she was faced with the prospect of either finding alternative school funds to complete her last year or quit and go find a full time job in a dwindling job market and a shrinking economy. She elected to find a good source of income and went down to the nearest pussy bar and asked politely,

“Do you have any need for a new stripper, sir?”

The older man looked her over carefully and regretfully shook his head in the negative even though he did see possibilities that might be well hidden under her shapeless outfit.

A much older and slightly faded blond at the door taking the entrance fee of five dollars for all males and females for free told her,

“Here, hon, this is my number. Call me and I can show you how to make at least a thousand dollars a week and you don’t even have to know how to ride a pole.”

The woman seemed sympathetic and she called her after dinner that evening.

“Well, honey, all you have to do is get the panties I give you for free dirty with you normal juices and the like and I will pay you twenty bucks for each one you give back to me nice and dirty. All I need is a photo of your pretty face holding up the dirty things and act like you find sniffing them a real turn-on.”

She thought about it and asked,

“How many do you expect back each week?”

The woman told her it was up to her and how much time she put in on it, but her best girl was dirtying up fifty pairs of undies a week and seemed to have a high demand for her scent and sexy perfume.

Betty did a quick calculation in her head and realized that was the thousand dollars a week that the woman had mentioned.

She responded by telling the woman,

“I will be over and pick up a box of fifty and I will see if I can dirty them up in seven days.”

The woman told her when she picked of the carton of fifty pairs of new panties that it would be easier to get a couple of male partners to work them into her pussy and her brown eye to get them nice and dirty. She handed her a list of men’s names and telephone numbers and told her,

“These guys will do it for free because they get off on it. You don’t have to let them get up inside you and don’t ask them for money because that would be illegal.”

The first twenty-four hours she only had about four pairs of panties nice and dirty and she realized she did need the use of a hard dick to get them dirty a lot faster.

Betty picked the first name off the list and a man answered,

“This is Judge Adams. How can I help you?”

She was a bit shocked because it was a real live judge and she knew they were pretty harsh sometimes when people did something wrong.

“I need someone to help me get my panties dirty, sir.”

There was moment of silence and then he replied,

“Ahh, yes ... I remember now ... from the Romper Room. Where do you live? I will be right over and help you dirty up some of them this very evening.”

Betty figured he must be safe what with being a judge and all and it was only later she found out that he was actually a truck driver and that “Judge” was his first name and not a title.

That evening, the horny Judge put Betty through a dozen different positions that her brother’s best friend Josh had shown her and trained her to perform with satisfying perfection. Her overjoyed male contributor sprayed her new panties with oodles of creamy spunk that dirtied up the undies in a way that gave them scent of sex recently performed. She added her own special contributions of liquids that insured an adequate level of filth and dirt that made them special to those fetish lovers that favored using their nose to lead the way to satisfied release.

The next night, the Judge showed up at her door with his professed “brother” John. Just like the randy Judge, the new panty corrupting assistant was more than eager to have Betty perform her entire gamut of sexual positions help increase their production of properly dirtied undies.

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