Krystal Kleer

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: German exchange student profoundly affects not just teen's life.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Romantic   Polygamy/Polyamory   First   .

How little we really know when we are “young, dumb, and full of cum”. I was a horny sixteen-year-old boy when a German exchange student came to spend her first year of college with us. It was my mother’s idea, figuring it would be help with the housework. Dad always went along with Mom’s ideas for the home.

None of us expected someone so gorgeous. Blond, dark eyes, with face, shape, and aura like she could be an erotic model. When we met Krystal at the airport there were raised eyebrows on our side. God, she was lovely! Much prettier, and sexier, than her pictures had suggested. Dad and I had that instinctual male attention reaction and I suspect Mom had a bit of jealousy flare.

Her English was good but accented of course. For me, that added to her already substantial allure. I struggled to avoid fawning over this vision. I was younger so she wouldn’t be interested in me anyway.

She stared out the window as we drove, taking in her first sights of the US. I carried her bag to the bedroom she would use as Mom fixed lunch. Jet lag hit her after that and she had to nap. I beat off in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet seat her lovely ass had recently graced.

When she awoke, I took her around our property which was pretty private. We had forty acres, mostly wooded with a beaver pond. Our house was on the highest point and had a view in most directions. Our new “family member” was enthralled, living in a very densely urbanized city with its bustle and noise. As we stood silently by the pond, watching the birds flitting about and listening to leaves fluttering in the breeze, Krystal took my hand and said softly, “This is wonderful. Maybe like the Garden of Eden was.”

An electric shock travelled from that hand, through my chest and down to my crotch. I twitched and she turned to me, “Are you OK?” I nodded and we began walking back, still holding hands. I later learned that it was not intended to be romantic, just a way of connecting more common in her country.

The next day was work for Mom and Dad. Krystal and I, not in school yet and being teenagers, plus her still shedding jet lag, slept until long after they were gone. I was in the shared bathroom in my boxers shaving off a few whiskers. I’d left the door open as I was used to. All of a sudden, entering quietly on bare feet, there was Krystal, bare all over! She went to the toilet, put down the seat and took her morning pee as if I wasn’t even there. I sneaked glances as discreetly as I could and my boxers tented so I pushed against the sink to hide it.

She wiped and flushed and then went to the other sink and washed her face. After drying it she smiled and said, “Looks like something thinks I’m sexy.” I turned beet red and she caught herself, “Oh, I forgot that you Americans make such big deals out of natural functions. I was behaving like at home. I’m so sorry!” She left and came back in a robe, asking, “Can I help fix breakfast?”, like a regular visitor.

Her robe was not well secured and I got lots of clear glimpses of her gorgeous breasts as she moved around and bent over to take bites of food. Yummm!

After we ate we took the old pickup truck into town. I had taken an AP class at the college so showed her around campus and she got registered. Then we went to buy the books she would need. After a quick tour of the town including a stop at a building supply place for some things Dad wanted me to get, we headed back.

Krystal wondered if we could go swimming at that beaver pond. There were some towels in the truck but we’d have to swing by the house to get our swimsuits, otherwise we could drive to a place much closer. She said that in Europe they often swim without suits on many public beaches so she didn’t see any reason to waste the time. I didn’t either!

Once again my hormones were on overdrive. Although the cool water and her being covered by it helped me keep a little bit of self-control, that disappeared when we got out after our dip and she asked me to dry her off. When she reciprocated I was at full attention but she seemed to pay no mind so I relaxed.

As she lay on her back in the sunshine with her eyes closed I got to take a really good look. She apparently didn’t shave her pubes which were fairly sparse and blond but a little bit darker than on her head. She asked me to wake her if she fell asleep because she didn’t want to stay out too long and burn. I spent the time memorizing this luscious apparition.

When I woke her up we moved to the shade and she wanted to talk. “Do you have a girlfriend?” I told her I didn’t. She then asked, “Would you like to have sex with me?”

Does the sun rise in the east? I’d been struggling with various scenarios about how to be a master seducer and here she comes out and asks me! Shit, why am I so tongue-tied?

“Are you serious or just teasing me?” was the best I could do.

“I have a boyfriend in Germany but it has been a week since I was with him and I have a woman’s needs. You are very nice and good looking and I think we could enjoy each other.”

She had explained earlier that Germans are very practical about natural things which explained her behavior in the bathroom and I guess certainly applied to this situation. I’d better say something positive before she thinks I’m not interested so I stumbled out with, “You are very attractive and I would like to also.” But then I just sat there and didn’t do anything.

Before the delay got too long she asked, “You have not done sex before?” When I indicated she was correct, she said, “I’ve never had a virgin before and it will be nice to be a teacher. I have learned much from many partners and will enjoy passing it on.”

Getting that indication of considerable sexual experience popped my pecker to full attention and she moved closer and reached for it. I damn near blew out my balls being touched by another person, let alone a gorgeous woman, for the first time. She rubbed me gently and sensed when I was at the point of no return, quickly leaning over and taking my mushroom head in her mouth as I let go.

When I finished and she made sure that she had all of it, she sat up and smiled. “You taste good. Thank you. Now let me show you how to make me feel good.”

Just like a teacher she talked me, my fingers, and my mouth all over her body. I was erect again before we got to third base and damn near blew another load without even being touched as my mouth explored that brand-new territory between her thighs.

With her hand on my erection and positioning her crotch over mine, she stared at my face as she lowered herself onto it. I didn’t need any prompting to pull my hands up to her magnificent mammaries that were staring me in the face. I don’t know how to describe that feeling but if you ever been there you will never forget it. She moved expertly until the stimulation gave both of us the release that we eagerly sought.

“Mmmmm! That was very nice and I thank you,” she said as she let me soak inside of her. I was just amazed, thinking that the guy was supposed to thank the girl for a favor rendered. Maybe our culture had it all wrong?

I figured I’d better say something too, “I’ve wanted to do that for a long time and knew would be good, but not how good. I will never forget this moment or you!”

She smiled at me and said, “You seem to be speaking like this might never happen again. I like this every day, or at least every other one. At home my parents accept my need and my boyfriend often stays overnight. How is it here?”

“I don’t think my mother would be pleased. I’ve never heard her ever talk about sex or even mention that she has it with my father. I think he would be envious of me but accept it. We will have to be discreet.”

I was still inside her and felt myself swelling up again. So did she and expertly rolled us over without disconnecting. This time I got the exercise and she held my hips to show me how to stimulate her the best and I was successful.

We went back in the water to rinse off and headed home, getting there before my parents. I got us each a beer, which I was allowed to have at home, and we sat out on the back deck. I learned more about her background, this time relevant to our new level of relationship.

She was allowed to start sex when she was old enough be interested and was put on birth control promptly. There were partners pretty continuously since then, some more romantic and some more practical. Her current boyfriend and she had discussed marriage when she returned to Germany.

I asked, “But you are being unfaithful with me, aren’t you?”

She smiled as she answered, “Not really. I told you we are practical. He does not expect me to go a whole year without, nor I him. I have a sister who is seeing that his needs are well cared for. She has always liked him and is delighted to help out since she is in school and does not want the extra time and effort that comes with dating.”

Krystal answered lots of questions about her school program at dinner that evening and she and I went out for a walk after dark. It was a clear and moonless night so she saw more stars than ever before in her life. The shocks that I got holding her hand at first now became a warm glow.

As we returned to the house, we entered at the lower level in the back. The ground drops off from the front of the house to the back so what would be a basement is at ground level under the deck. There is a bedroom with a full bath down there which can be used as guest quarters. It is adjacent to a small common area with a mini kitchen so it really provides an independent place for someone to reside. Krystal was established upstairs because she was to function as part of our family for all practical purposes.

My hormones were guiding my actions which she understood when I led her into the bedroom and threw down a towel on the bed. Our coupling was short but sweet and then we quietly exited and went around to the entrance where we had departed.

I awoke in the middle of the night with a major hard on but resisted the temptation to slip into her room and tear off another piece. Besides the risk of getting caught, I wasn’t sure if that would be imposing and I sure didn’t want to offend her!

Over the next few days before classes started, that issue got resolved gracefully. Since she seemed to like being direct, I told her, “Since I don’t know how often you want sex, and I want it all the time, I will leave it up to you to initiate, if that is all right. If you want anything to change, please let me know.”

Since we had the spare time now, something that might become more precious when classes began, she took me and my word and my “lessons” were frequent as she gauged my recovery time. As she told me, “I have not often had such easy access to a lover so I am taking advantage of it since you clearly like it too. You are learning quickly and I am enjoying our times together, I want you to know.”

Although she was pretty noisy when we had privacy, she was also able to slip into my bedroom and couple quietly with me. Those were slower and more tender and I learned that doing it different ways was great. When classes started that was sometimes the only way we could put our parts together.

I was beginning to have a few dates with classmates, mostly to attend school functions. Since I was not being driven by hormones like my peers, I was much more the gentleman and less aggressive. As I reported to Krystal, one girl even asked if I was gay and just took her out as a “cover”. Since she apparently wanted some intimate attention, I gave her some hot kisses and fondled her while she fondled my erection as proof that girls could turn me on. I just explained that it was better to not get into trouble and since we weren’t in love, physical intimacy wasn’t appropriate. She bought that and we became friends.

Not surprisingly, Krystal was approached by many young men at school. She had anticipated this and had a cheap engagement ring that she sported to dissuade them. One young man though, an exchange student from Belgium, had such a common cultural background that they spent time together. He invited her to events more and more frequently, and on weekends nights she might not be back until after midnight.

She would slip into my bed and whisper to me about being with him as we joined. I sensed that some feelings were developing between them. Not love, but certainly more romantic than those she had with me. She did not ask my advice, nor did I feel I could give her any.

One night I was in my bed reading when she texted me to meet her in the downstairs bedroom. We’d used it several times for meetings. She was still dressed and we sat on the bed. She wanted to talk.

“I had sex with Mark tonight. We were drinking more than usual and lust took over. He is handsome and charming and it was good. I know that you expect me in your bed when I come home so I needed to talk to you first. I would like you to have sex with me, but I must be open with you first. I have had sex with two men a short time apart before, and I like it, but the second man sometimes does not or I just don’t tell him. Some think it is a special sexy treat. I didn’t anticipate this or would have talked to you first. How do you feel?”

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