Passive Paul and Agressive Andrew

by Mike McGifford

Copyright© 2018 by Mike McGifford

BDSM Sex Story: Paul and Andrew were twins. They did everything together and were just as inseparable as any identical twins. The only thing that set them apart was their personality. Where Paul prided himself on being a perfect gentleman, Andrew prided himself on never taking shit from anyone. Sometimes good things come to those that can't wait.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   BDSM   MaleDom   Rough   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   Spitting   Big Breasts   .

“We can do this, Paul!” Andrew promised his brother. “She’ll never know the difference, man!”

Paul and Andrew Thomas were as close as two brothers could ever be. They shared everything including, unbeknownst to every past female lover in either of their lives, their women.

“Shit I dunno, Andy. This one is ... different. She would be able to tell., I know it.”

“If mom can’t tell after 21 years, this cunt won’t be able to neither,” Andrew assured his brother.

This was an old argument between the two. Andrew really did know his mom could in fact tell them apart, no matter how hard they tried to remain identical. That didn’t mean they hadn’t fooled her enough times over the years, but somehow their mom inevitably knew which of them she was talking to when push came to shove.

“So don’t talk then dude!” Andrew added, trying to convince his brother. He was getting desperate to get in young Melody’s panties, especially after Paul told him how much the nineteen year old got off on a little ass-action and especially them damn bondage fantasies Paul had told him about.

Paul’s hesitation had nothing to do with keeping his brother out of his girlfriend’s pants. In fact he was almost as desperate to have his brother take a romp with Melody as Andrew was to have one. After all, even though they never kept count, Andrew was probably ahead a dozen girls over his contributions since girls seemed to almost fight among themselves for the chance to get with him. That and the thought of being able to fool yet another girl was driving him nuts in anticipation. But this girl just seemed to know shit she shouldn’t know.

“I’m telling you bro, she’s got whatever the fuck mom’s got that makes her be able to tell us apart. How are you gonna keep your mouth shut while you’re with her and even then, I just don’t know if that’d be enough or not. And if she found out...” Paul left the thought incomplete. He didn’t even need to say it. They knew what each other was thinking most of the time. This thought was unimaginable. Melody had one hell of a temper.

“Do you like love her or some shit?” Andrew accused his brother in the beginnings of another attempt to convince him that tonight would be perfect while their mom was still away. Both knew that love had nothing to do with it. They’d each professed love for a number of past conquests yet hadn’t hesitated to share anyway.

This was about Paul being a pussy, in Andrew’s opinion. Andrew loved Paul as much as Paul loved Andrew, yet Andrew couldn’t believe what a pushover his brother was. Hell, he hadn’t even taken this Melody up on her offer to let him tie her up or nothing!

Paul and Andrew were as alike as two twins could possibly be. Even their fingerprints were damned similar. What really set them apart was that Paul was forever trying to avoid trouble and Andrew seemed to find it whenever he looked and most times when he wasn’t. Paul spent his whole life trying not to hurt anyone’s feelings and Andrew just didn’t give a shit about what others thought of him.

Therein lay the secret of how the twins’ mom could always tell them apart. Even without either of them speaking, Adele Thomas could point out either Andrew or Paul, based solely on the way her sons stood before her. Their body language gave them away in moments.

“So?” Andrew asked when Paul didn’t reply quickly enough.

“So what? What difference does that make? I just don’ wanna get caught is all. Melody’s got the tightest ass I ever done, ya know? Shit I just don’ wanna lose that.”

“She ain’t never gonna know bro. In fact, why don’ you just hang out here in the bathroom or some shit and we can switch places when the fuckin’ begins? That way she couldn’t ever know, right?”

“Hey that’s a great idea! Damn, Andy. I wish you coulda thought of that like weeks ago! I’ll call her right now!”

“Hey Mel, it’s Paul. You wanna, you know, like come over tonight?”

“Uh Huh ... Yep ... Sure I can do that ... How much? Shit! Are you sure? Ummm ... okay. See you in about an hour then. Bye sweetie.”

“Damn how can you be so pussy whipped already, bro? How much is tonight gonna cost us this time?” Andy asked with a frown, knowing Melody had hit Paul up for cash again, without even having to hear the other side of the phone conversation.

“Her phone’s got a cracked screen again and she’s sick of getting it fixed. She ... ummm ... well she’s seen a new one and I kinda agreed to spring for it. But she’s gonna pay me back this time!”

“Damn, Paulie. Fuck!” Then a long pause. “Yeah sure,” Andrew finally shrugged in resignation. “So how much this time?” He pressed.

“Three fifty. Better be worth it, right?” Paul grinned.

“Shit! That’s like nearly half what we got. We ain’t gonna be going gambling at all at the rate you’re chewing through it!”

“Hey this is for you, bro. And it still leaves us over six bills. But I can call her back and tell her no, if’n you want? You just ain’t gonna get no Melody-ass if I do. She’s only with me for the cash flow. We both know that. Fuck, YOU know that better’n what I do.” Marty defended his decision.

“Yeah I know, bro. But still. Shiiit. You better tell her she ain’t gonna be sitting for a week once you’re done with her ass, Paulie ... tonight you’re gonna whip the snot outta that thang.”

“You know I could never do that! Oh ... Duh ... yeah, sure. Whatever you want,” Paul’s top lip narrowed and his mouth turned into a grin at his brother. “You gonna tie her up too? You know she wants it, right?”

“For three hundred she’s gonna crawl outta here with all three holes leaking cum and she’s gonna be so bruised she ain’t gonna know what hurts best.”

“You are such an asshole, Andy. And it’s three fiddy. You haven’t even met her yet and you’re already talking about fucking her up. But she did ask for it, so who am I to argue?” Paul laughed out loud this time. “Make sure you leave some for me though. I don’ mind sloppy seconds but a dead fuck is no fun. Hey, can you blindfold her when you’re don’t fuckin’ her too? That’d sure make it easier for us to switch places back and stuff.”

“You wan’ her blindfolded, you do it, bro! I gots me some ass that I’ll be busy plowing and some titties to spank. Hell maybe this one’s special after all. How ‘bout we double team her? She been with twins at the same time before?”

“Shit I dunno! Why the fuck would I?”

“Ah ... you open your cock hole and the question comes out. Hey Mel”, Andrew asked in a falsetto voice, “You ever done two dudes before? Twins?”

“That’s sorta shit’s all you, bro. I couldn’t ask her that. You know that!”

“I know you’re a pussy is what I know. But I still love ya.” Andrew said, slapping his brother on the back. “Let’s see how it goes. I don’t want her getting all bent outta shape by noticing your cock grew another inch in her asshole.”

“Your toothpick is an eighth SHORTER’N mine, asshole!” Paul ribbed his brother back in fun.

“So whatcha think? Should we?”

“Nah, not tonight. I gotta do all the work getting her horny.”

“Spending money on her better get her horny,” Andrew laughed back. “She might be so hot for you after you spend that much dough on her that the idea of a twofer will make her cream her panties before you even get yer fingers in there.”

“Next time, Kay? Baby steps bro. You might not like her that way once you meet her. Fuck her and think about it. We’ll double team her next time, after the game. Hell we might be rich enough to rent like a real suite at the hotel or some shit.”

The brothers high-fived each other then separated to get ready for Melody’s visit.

Melody was everything Marty had described to Joe and a little more. If anything, Marty had described her conservatively. For example, Marty had called her boobs, ‘big’ yet nothing was more of an understatement than that. Melody had a 38H bust to go with a 26 inch waist and 39 inch butt. Jet black hair halfway down her back that didn’t match her thick brown bush, yet looked good atop toned legs that went forever.

Added to the fact that Melody stood nearly six foot tall in heels, then yeah, she was the real deal. Paul’s best ever catch, he thought. He didn’t consider her model material or anything but she was definitely a looker and it wasn’t even her face that had first attracted him. She was a big girl that looked smoking hot to Paul, who first saw her from behind, wearing a pair of those painted on jeans. That’s what had attracted Paul in the first place.

Melody was simply attracted to Paul’s money. Even though Andrew had never met her, his assessment of her had been absolutely correct. She could take or leave Paul’s physique, humor and intelligence. Most guys had those things going for them but Paul ... well she could tap him like an ATM and was ready to move into the bigger league with her demands on his money.

Melody had suspected since the day she met Paul that he was hiding something from her and she hoped it was how he made the money he threw around in her presence. She’d pretty much decided on the spot to ignore his polite deference to her, thinking that it could be fun instead to see what she could get out of him that evening before she kicked him to the curb.

That’s how it had started for her, letting him buy her a bunch of the most expensive cocktails she could choose then taking his hesitantly offered number. Usually she just pretended to save guy’s numbers but this time, for whatever reason, she’d saved it for real. When her car broke down two days later, he was the first person she called and he’d dropped everything to help her out. Part of her felt bad for stringing him along but she justified her relationship with him by reminding herself that he was getting a pretty good deal too.

“Hey babe, you look real nice!” Paul exclaimed, opening the door to his girlfriend. This was the first time Melody had ever actually been inside Paul’s place, yet she really had no interest in how it was decorated or anything other than Paul’s wallet.

“You ready? We can take my car if you like? It’s running real good now. Thanks for taking care of that, by the way.”

“Um, sure,” Paul agreed. He’d hoped he could snuggle with her on the couch and share a few shots with her before they went out to get her new phone but he was willing to roll with whatever Melody wanted for now. As Andrew had said, Paul’s money would get her horny and that’s all that really mattered.

The phone turned into a phone and case and some sort of insurance that moved the cost north of four hundred dollars but once Melody was topless on his couch with a shot glass in one hand and the other holding his head to her nipple, they both seemed fairly content. Actually, Paul was content. Melody wanted to get to the bathroom to rub one out before she did the deed with him.

He just wasn’t the sort of guy that could get her off. He was way too nice, accommodating and ... well ... honorable or something. She’d tried to get him to be at least a little rough with her nipples and here he was sucking at them like he was a baby rather than mauling them like she loved. She didn’t know how much longer she could take his ‘niceness’ before she went crazy with frustration. She’d hoped that telling him what she actually wanted from him would clue him in but nooooo ... the dumbass still wanted to treat her like a china doll princess. She just knew this would be the last time she fucked him. Maybe it’d be fun to cuckold him instead? She wondered to herself, feeling her nether lips becoming moist at the thought of seeing him watching her fuck a real man.

“Hey honey, would you ... you know ... do that thing with your mouth for a bit?” Paul asked hesitantly.

“You Guys always want a suck first. Shit. No problem baby but I gotta go pee pee first, Kay?” Melody said, pushing his head away from her tits maybe a little more roughly than she’d intended.

“Which door, babe?”

“Huh? Umm...” Paul was thinking of Andrew in the apartment’s only bathroom. The flaw in their badass plan suddenly becoming apparent.

Melody was already up off the couch moving towards one of three closed doors. The first was the bathroom and the other two were the twins’ shared bedroom and their mom’s one. Before Paul could even formulate a response, Melody was at his bedroom door and had it open. His tidy room was obviously not a bathroom so she pulled the door closed again.

“Ah Melody? The bathroom is...” Paul was about to say, ‘out of order’ but Mel already had the bathroom door open before he could finish.

“Be right back!” Melody giggled over her shoulder as she entered the room. “Get naked babe and I’ll do my best to swallow you up in just a moment.

In a way it was lucky that the apartment had thin walls. Andrew knew the score and still barely managed to climb into the bathtub behind the closed curtain when the door opened. If Melody hadn’t been looking at Paul over her shoulder as she opened the door, she would have seen him.

No sooner had the latch on the door engaged than Melody was working the belt, button and zipper on her jeans. Andrew, unused to subterfuge, was debating whether or not to surprise his brother’s girlfriend when her muttered words to herself stopped him.

“Why don’t you sit right there Paul and watch a real man fuck me so you can suck his jizz out of my pussy,” Andrew heard.

The words, although muttered under her breath, came out clear and unmistakable – causing Andrew to pause in his unveiling. “Shit yeah. Suck me clean babe then you can watch him torture my tits like you should have.”

Melody didn’t even bother dropping her jeans or sitting on the commode. Her fingers were jammed into her thong and Andrew could even hear the sloppy sound of her fingering herself.

“Fuck, yeah that’s it baby ... See how he twists and pulls my cunt lips Paul? He’s gonna fuck my ass and you’re gonna lick it up like a good little boy. Don’t you dare touch your wiener Paul...”

Andrew interrupted Melody’s muttered fantasy by ripping the shower curtain to the side, anger evident on his face. Melody took a moment to realize she wasn’t alone. She’d been looking at herself in the full length mirror at the end of the bathroom, really getting into the new fantasy of cuckholding Paul, her whole right hand digging at her pussy, her left viciously tweaking one nipple.

“What the... !” Melody finally managed to scream although nothing more came out of her mouth. Andrew already had a fist full of her glossy black hair.

“Gonna make my brother suck man-juice out of that nasty cunt of yours huh? Well baby I gots me a surprise for you! You’re about to get not one but two real men inside you today. That phone was a prepaid model. Paulie prepaid to fuck your holes and fuck you over real good, slut! Gonna make you wish you’d never suggested Paul whip your ass coz your wish is about to come true. We’re gonna totally fuck you over tonight! Get on yer knees whore,” Andrew ordered, pulling down on the fist-full of hair he held.

“Hey bro, get that rope and git yer ass in here. Seems we caught us a good-time girlie. Can’t wait to see if I can poke my dick out her mouth from inside her asshole.”

“Jeez Andy!” Paul said already at the door. “You’re gonna hurt her! At least let go her hair? Please?”

“The cunt didn’t even wanna take a piss. She came in here to rub one out before she let you fuck her. That little bitch was muttering about making you watch a real man fuck her and make you lick up his cum, bro. She’s gonna have to pay for that!” Andrew snarled, pulling down harder on Melody’s hair and slapping her face with his free one.

“Andrew Eli Thomas! Don’t fuckin’ slap her! Shit! I’ll get the rope, Kay? I fuckin’ hope you know what you’re doing bro or we’re goin’ to jail instead of the game tomorrow.”

“Maybe I’ll take the cunt along to suck a little dick and distract the other players tomorrow. Maybe I’ll put her in the pot as a $50 bet then lose that hand intentional like, just so as she can see what it feels like to be owned. You’d like that, wouldn’t you cunt!”

“Let me the fuck up, asshole!” Melody yelled, then more quietly added, “please. I’ll suck your dick for you, Kay?”Then louder again, “Paul, baby ... please don’t let him hurt me.”

“You really said I’d suck some guy’s dick?” Paul asked, disgusted and a little disbelieving as he picked up the coil of rope sitting right on the table, out in the open outside the bathroom.

“Can’t trust this cunt as far as you can throw her bro. Here. Gimme the rope and get her pants off. She ain’t gonna need ‘em again today. Think I’ll send her home naked with some suggestions about what her dear ol’ dad can do to her asshole and cunt, written all over her tits with a sharpie.”

If nothing else, Paul was quick to follow his brother’s orders, ignoring Melody’s continued pleas to let her go. When she realized that Paul wasn’t going to fight his brother and let her leave, she changed tactics.

“Are you really going to let your brother rape me? Are YOU going to rape me at the same time? Are you gonna put cocks in my vagina and butt at the same time while you slap my tits around? Are you gonna make me beg to be allowed to suck your dick after it’s been in my ass? She asked Paul in a nervously aroused tone of voice.

“Hell if yer lucky I might take you out back and hose yer down before we let ya go home tonight. But yer still goin’ with us to the game tomorrow, hear me cunt?” Andrew practically shouted in her ear, putting the coil of rope on the counter and punctuating his words with hard slaps to her huge breasts. “Gonna rip these motherfuckers off before I’m done with ya,” Andrew threatened her nipples, finally letting go of her hair and grabbing and twisting her distended nipples between fingers and thumbs.

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