An Office Rivalry

by Panthers70

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Erotica Sex Story: Teaching a work colleague a lesson she will never forget. (A story by Rachel_t)

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Rape   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   .

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It is posted with the permission and on behalf of the author Rachel_t. All the credit goes to her.

Rachel hated Morgan. If you were to ask her why she despised the new girl she could not give you an answer, all she knew was that she did.

Rachel and Morgan worked at Kingsmeadow House, the main HR department for the local hospital in the lovely area of Surrey. they were part of a team that maintained hospital staff ordering efficiency and made sure all the accounts were correct and everyone got paid. Such a close group of staff meant that everyone got on with one another, except the two popular women of course. It was a well known fact that Rachel thought of herself as queen of the office, she had been there five years and was known as the eye candy there. She was 27 years old, had long flowing blonde hair which fluctuated between straight and curly, blue eyes that always got what she wanted and a figure to die for. Slim body with long legs that always were shown off due to the very short skirts that she insisted wearing every day that got the attention of many a man in the office.

This morning however Rachel had even more swagger in her step, she had brought out her better clothes for today. A shorter skirt than usual with tights that made her long legs get even more attention. A light blue button up shirt that showed the slight outline of her bra and heels that gave her those extra few inches of height over her co-workers. Make up was immaculately applied and why not, today was a special day. Today was the day the manager announced who would be taking over as division leader. It was a job that Rachel didn’t need to have, after all she already had money thanks to her wealthy parents and posh upbringing. She just wanted the job to have more power over everyone else and to make sure Morgan stayed in her place, below her.

As Rachel made her way through the office she heard the sound that drew anger and hatred from her, she heard Morgan’s voice. Morgan had joined the company a few months ago after moving to the UK from her home of America and right away Rachel couldn’t stand her. Whether it was that annoying and oh so cheery American accent or her stories about when she was a cheerleader and her trophy cabinet filled with accomplishments that Rachel had never even conceived someone could have. Perhaps it was the attention she had got from the first day from the men, Rachel had been used to having all eyes on her, now it was diverted to this attractive blonde with a equally amazing body who had more personality and a natural happiness that the snobby Rachel lacked. Or perhaps it was that damn letter jacket that she always insisted on wearing every single day, did she still think she was in High School?

“Hey Rachel” called out Morgan and without missing a beat Rachel turned to face her nemesis with the biggest fake smile she could muster. Morgan was wearing a cute looking dress with her long seductive legs exposed and a white shirt that made her look not only smart and professional but very attractive. Rachel was almost impressed in how the beautiful and confident American girl carried herself and suppressed an element of envy at her shapely body. However that moment was destroyed by the dark blue letter jacket that she had draped over her slender shoulders.

“Oh hi Morgan. Ready for the big day. Its office shakedown today, new management and new duties for everyone.” Rachel replied trying to keep her grin from falling into the scowl she would normally reserve for, in her mind, the little girl in front of her.

“Yeah, I’m really excited about this, everyone has been saying about how you deserve it and I’m really looking forward to working with you on this. Maybe you could teach me everything you know and then I can move up the ladder with you?” Morgan exclaimed, her smiling face a positively glowing picture framed by her soft blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. She really did look quite beautiful and for the briefest of moments Rachel actually felt bad that this girl was going to be kicked out the office and transferred to another division as soon as she was in charge.

“Hmmm, maybe I will.” Muttered Rachel as she made her way away from Morgan and headed towards the office of the manager, Paul Hatherway. As she was walking one of her closest friends, Tom caught up to her and started his own conversation into why Rachel was so against Morgan. It was a almost daily ritual, he would have an idea why Rachel didn’t like the popular, beautiful new girl and Rachel would give a sarcastic reply.

“I think the reason you don’t get on with her is because you and her are more alike you than you want to admit.”

“Oh yes! We are both blonde, quite attractive and female. Wow, we might as well be sisters! Lets go out on a shopping trip together. Yay!.” Rachel exclaimed in as sarcastic attitude as she could muster complete with fake excited clapping. “That girl is nothing like me, she is just a common American who hasn’t learnt her place in British society yet, and I’m top class.”

“God, you really are a snobby posh rich bitch!” laughed Tom as Rachel walked into Paul’s office, giving him the finger as she went.

Rachel and Paul chatted for about ten minutes about nothing in particular, just general small talk and office chit chat until he got to the main topic of conversation. His first words were not what Rachel was expecting. “So tell me, what do you think of Morgan?”

“Ah, well, she is nice. She seems to be liked by everyone here and can do her job well. Why do you ask?” Stammered Rachel, trying to be as diplomatic as possible.

“Well I’ve decided to give her the position of Managing Supervisor for the division. She has proven to be a real people person. She has made such an impression in the office and the staff really like her. As you said her work is very well done and she really wants to make headway in this company. Besides we both know you don’t really want the extra responsibilities and you always say how you don’t need any extra pay. The bonus will really make a difference to her.”

Rachel had stopped listening as he droned on about how great Morgan was and that she will make this place better and expected Rachel to support her in this transition. When Rachel left Paul’s office all she could think of was how much she hated this place and everyone in it.

Word of Morgan’s promotion spread like wildfire over the office and for the most part Rachel stayed out of everyone’s way. The last thing she wanted was to see that overly happy face belonging to the stunning girl that was now her boss. She thought she had gotten away until the familiar sound of an American accent getting way over excited caught her attention.

“Hey girl! Have you heard the news, I can’t believe it! This is the greatest day of my life, apart from when I was crowned Homecoming Queen, or when I won the Cheerleading competition for the fourth consecutive time. I couldn’t have done this without you! You’re my best friend here and I want to celebrate with you. Lets go out for drinks tonight?”

Rachel had to use every last ounce of composure to save herself from slapping the woman and ripping that obscene jacket from her and telling her what she really thought of her. Instead Rachel just kept that fake smile on her face and while her devious mind went to work replied with as much sincerity as she could come up with.

“That sounds amazing, Morgan. I would love that, lets dress up really well for tonight and show everyone why we are the best looking girls in this building. How about we do a bit of fancy dress? Pull your cheerleader uniform out which I know you still have and I will be a sexy nurse and lets have a lovely time. I will pick you up if you want, save you getting the bus.” Rachel exclaimed trying to match Morgan’s enthusiasm and hopefully convincing the now even more annoyingly attractive blonde girl that she had her best interests at heart.

“That’s great Rach, I can’t wait for this. We are going to be drop dead gorgeous!” And with that she ran off leaving Rachel standing there in mock excitement. Once Morgan had gone Rachel dropped the smile and the expression on her face was replaced with a contorted look of anger and evil.

“Bitch.” Was all Rachel said before making a few phone calls to a select group of friends.

Chapter two Part two of the story. I hope you enjoy it and thank you for all your comments about the characters, they are all taken on board and I really appreciate you taking the time to read my story.

Rachel looked at herself in the mirror one final time before deciding she was perfect enough to head out. She was wearing one of those sexy nurse outfits with the white and red look to it, obviously she had made sure that the top few buttons were undone and showed off her wonderful breasts. Her legs were covered with white stockings being held up by suspenders and high heels to again give her the feeling of height and superiority over everyone else. She had curled her hair and applied some of her favourite makeup consisting of a collection of blues around the eyes to exentuate her natural look and topped off with a dark red lipstick so the focus was where it belonged, on her face.

She checked her phone to make sure no one had tried to contact her with a change of plans and thought back in her mind the previous few hours of manipulation to the gentle Morgan’s psyche. She had done such a convincing job of making her feel that they were going out to a exclusive wine bar that Rachel felt bad that she would be missing out on such an event, even if it was totally in her mind. These thoughts disapperaed in a flash as she recieved a text message from a contact in her phone only described as Bob consisting of just two words ‘Message recieved’. With a grin that could only be described as cruel Rachel picked up her car keys and closed the door, on her way to pick up her best friend.

Rachel was driving her Porsche towards the area of town where Morgan lived and grew more restless with each passing moment. Roadworks had delayed her arrival and everything hinged on perfect timing however her fears were put to rest when she saw the sight of a cheerleader all kitted out in blue standing on a corner underneath a street lamp, the irony was not lost on Rachel and let out a smirk as she pulled up next to her nemesis.

“Hey Morgan! Get in, sorry I was so late picking you up, had traffic problems. Wow! You look so hot and amazing I could just take you myself.” Rachel exclaimed with false excitement while trying to banish the disgusting thought of contact with the girl from her mind.

“Oh Rachel, you are just so kind. Thank you for picking me up and in such a beautiful car as well, must have cost you a fortune.” Morgan said while sitting in the front seat next to Rachel.

As soon as Morgan slipped in Rachel was drawn to her wonderfully tanned legs which made Rachel’s naturally pale ones look inferiour to the American beauty. Morgan had really gone all out to make herself the centre of attention. She was wearing a dark blue and white stripped cheerleaders outfit of which Rachel had no doubt was her actual cheerleaders costume that she had won all her competitions with, give it to someone like Morgan to maintain her perfect figure years after leaving college. She had a very short skirt and blue underwear which was impossible not to see in the position she had sat down in. Her legs, the target of Rachels’s gaze were perfectly shaped and had the golden tan of someone who had been brought up in a sunny enviroment. Rachel traced her legs down to her ankle socks and trainers before looking back up towards Morgan’s face, stopping momentarily to see that she was wearing that stupid letter jacket and were those pom pom’s sticking out one of the pockets? Please, she can’t be that much of an idiot thought Rachel looking into her beaming face framed by her blonde hair. She really did look the perfect cheerleader bimbo and Rachel gained a certain amount of pleasure thinking how her night was going to progress.

“I’m sorry to have to spoil the mood and talk about work, but I got a message from Paul as I was about to leave.” Rachel started as Morgan put her seatbelt on. “He wants us to quickly pop over to Site G and pick up some of the buildings work that the contractors left behind. Normally we wouldn’t be asked on our night off but its needed for tomorrow morning. Don’t worry, it will only be a minute of our time.”

“Ok, well if it’s going to be of use then we can afford five minutes.”

“That’s the sacrifice of being the boss I’m afraid.” Rachel laughed looking at Morgan’s beaming face full of pride and happiness.

Site G was the unofficial description for what was formerly Sutton Downs Hospital. It had been closed down a few months before Morgan had started working for the compnay and she had never been there. It was totally abandoned, most of the equipment and furniture had gone having been sold off to various other NHS Trusts in the area but Kingsmeadow House was still in charge of the building until it had been bought by a new developer.

Rachel and Morgan pulled up in front of the imposing structure and as they stepped out a cold chill blew through the air causing Morgan to pull her letter jacket closer around her body.

“Let’s get inside and get this over with so the real fun can begin.” Rachel said rushing Morgan inside the doors and down the dimly lit corridors until they reached the central administration area which Rachel said had what they needed.

Rachel entered the room first and called for Morgan to follow her in. The first thing that struck Morgan when she entered was that it was already illuminated with lights and that there was a dirty matress laid out in the middle of the room.

The second thing that struck Morgan was a sharp hand to the back of her head sending her sprawling to the floor.

“Oww, what the hell was that?” The confused cheerleader asked as she tried to gain her composure while sitting on the matress she had fallen into. The eyes of the man who had struck her gave nothing away. He was quite a hard looking brute, tall and with average build. A skinhead and a goatee beard on his face and tattoos covered his exposed arms as he stood over the now fearful girl. A sinister smile growing broarder on his face as he ran a finger over a particulally nasty looking scar on his left cheek.

As Morgan looked around she noticed two other men start to move out of the shadows and into the light. One a black man who seemed the biggest of all and the other was another white man who was easily the shortest and had long straggly hair which covered his sleezy looking face. His eyes were on the young defensless cheerleader and Morgan thought she saw him lick his lips a few times while taking in her impressive beauty.

“What is going on here? Who are you? Oh no, Rachel! Where is Rachel? What have you done to her?” Morgan cried out, tears starting to form in her eyes at the thought that something horrible had happened to her.

“Relax dear Morgan.” Morgan turned her head to see Rachel standing in the opposite corner of the room. A smile on her face that Morgan had never seen before and which chilled the American girl to the bone.

“Tonight we are going to put right what has gone wrong. To make you see that in this place we have certain levels of order and you my dear sweet friend are just not good enough to be here.” Rachel started walking towards the men continuing as she went. “Tonight you are going to be treated exactly how you deserve to be treated. You will see yourself how everyone else sees you and you will beg for it to be over before I and only I let you go. These fine men and me have a relationship that goes back many years. I would like you to meet Bob, Rufus and Sebastian, or as I like to call them, my Enforcers.” Rachel laughed out loud as Morgan looked from one man to the other, noticing them staring at her body and suddenly feeling very naked in her revealing cheerleaders outfit.

The Enforcers, even the name sounded ominous and that was what Rachel wanted. To scare this bane of her life to the edge and then push her over it. Rachel had known the men for years since her days at University, they were the sort of men that did things for money that others wouldn’t even think of. Rachel had lots of money, they had no morals so it made a perfect association. Rachel had used them before in the past when some of the tennants in the flats rented out by her parents had needed ‘convincing’ to leave. Word was that they had connections with several nefarious groups but if Rachel didn’t know about it she couldn’t be asked so she was fine to keep it like that.

“Why are you doing this? I thought we were friends.” Sobbed Morgan looking into the merciless eyes of her supposed best friend.

“Because I hate you. I always have since you came into the office on that first day, looking all sexy and taking the attention away from me. You arrive every morning looking so damn happy and talking in that accent of yours, making everyone laugh at your stories and I hate it. That old fool Paul hired you thinking with his cock instead of his head and when he made you manager I couldn’t allow you to stay. Now it’s time we let the fun really begin.” Rachel said as she approached Morgan and with a simple tug ripped the letter jacket from her defenseless body.

Rachel proceeded to put the jacket on and felt a sudden thrill pass through her body as the fabric touched her body. She had distracted the gaze of Morgan while she had taken her jacket that the poor girl didn’t see the three men start to remove their clothing and proceed to stroke their long hard cocks that had sprung to life seeing the cheerleader stripped of what obviously was something of importance to her.

“Look at me, I’m a cheerleader!” Shouted Rachel as she pulled out the pom poms from the pocket and intentionally gave a bad dance in front of Morgan while taunting the frightened girl.

“Gimme a S! Gimme a L! Gimme a U! Gimme a T! What is Morgan ... SLUT!!!” Laughed Rachel as Morgan fully burst into tears just before the Enforcers leader, the skinhead Bob grabbed Morgan’s head and shoved his cock violently into her shocked open mouth. The first that Morgan realised what was happenening was when she smelt his sweaty flesh enter her nose and the disgusting taste of his obviously unwashed cock.

Bob proceeded to force his cock deep into Morgan, shoving it right to her throat before holding it there and then retreating to give Morgan a chance to breathe before repeating the process over and over, violently fucking the girl with his rapidly growing manhood as he waited to unleash his first load of salty cum deep into her mouth. He had never fucked a cheerleader before and when Rachel had presented the chance for him to take his anger out on a American girl he jumped at the opputunity. His eyes closed he grabbed her head and began moving it at his pace, the stupid slut was going too slow for him, did he have to do everything he thought as he opened his eyes slightly to see Rachel still dancing her cheerleader dance. God if only she wasn’t paying me, thought Bob before resuming his vicious face fuck of the now gagging girl on her knees.

“How come you get to go first?” Asked Rufus as his black cock had grown to twice the size it was when it was limp.

“Because I’m the boss and you pair of twats are just here for my sloppy seconds.” Bob said without even opening his eyes. “Tell you what, make yourselves useful and get this slut’s clothes off. I saw some scissors over the other side of the room.”

Rufus nodded to Sebastian who shot over and picked up the shiny medical scissors before bringing them back and took them to Morgan’s cheerleader outfit. The blade slide over her top and with great pleasure Sebastian started cutting strips off of the uniform. As the scissors worked their magic Morgan’s cheerleading shirt started becoming more like rags as the leftover shards of fabric fell by the sides of her body. Morgan’s eyes darted from side to side as she realized what was happenening to her beloved outfit and the mixture of shame and sadness washed over the poor girl like an ice cold shower.

“Take a look at them tits Bob.” Rufus said as her light blue bra started becoming more visable and the heaving bussom of the beautiful cheerleader began to rise and fall as Morgan tried to catch every breath.

Bob looked down and what he saw was enough to finally push him over the edge. With a roar of triumph he started to unload into Morgan’s waiting mouth. The salty hot taste pumping into Morgan’s throat was much more than her mouth could take and she was forced to swallow the first few loads that invaded her before pulling her face away getting the other remaining ropes shot over her face and into her hair.

“See, I told you she was a slut, look at the way she gobbled that up.” Said Rachel to no one in particular, it was more to just be a stinging blow to Morgan that she was still there.

Morgan had collapsed onto the matress and while trying to process what was happening didn’t realise the pair of hands that had started to slide up her thighs towards her dark blue underwear. With a nasty grin Sebastian pressed his face under her skirt and started to smell around taking in the mixture of fright and Morgan’s natural scent.

“I tell you something guys, she smells of strawberries this one, the amount of cream I’m about to give her we will think it’s Wimbledon down here!” Laughter broke out at Sebastians bad joke as he took the scissors to her skirt, cutting it from her slim tender waist and then finally cutting away her underwear so that she was now totally naked. All three men took a moment to take in her beauty and what beauty it was. Totally tanned, not an ounce of fat on her and a perfectly shaved pussy that would soon be the target of assault for the now horny rapists.

Without thinking Rufus pushed the others out of the way and practically lept upon Morgan causing her to cry out in pain. His hands spread her legs wide apart and his cock started to rub against her opening. His body lining up to invade the cheerleader as he pressed his lips on her neck and started suckling her, Morgan knew this was wrong but had always been sensitive to her neck being kissed and this made her involuntarily open herself to her invader. Before she realised what had happened Rufus had started to push his huge black member into her pussy providing it with everything it needed to make himself at home inside the young girls body.

“Oh fuck, this is one tight little bitch! Hey, Rach you sure she ain’t no virgin because she certainly feels like one!” Rufus called out to Rachel who didn’t seem to be paying too much attention to the plight of her work collegue as she tried to pick the lettering off the jacket.

“Oh please, take a look at her. She has probably had more cock inside her than you’ve had hot dinners. Look into her eyes, you can tell she is loving it.” Rachel replied, not even bothering to look up.

The only thing in her eyes however was fright as the evil black man had his way with her soft body. She didn’t deserve this, she was a kind-hearted woman who always saw the best in people and now she was on her back on a filthy matress in a deserted hospital led there by her friend being violated by these eveil men. Her body hurting as Rufus forced his way deeper and deeper into her. Calling her every derogitory word he could think of as he continued to fuck her harder and faster paying no attention to the tears running down her face.

“Yes you slut, you fucking whore! I bet you love this, some stranger filling your tight cunt right up. Wait until you wake up when I’m finished with you, chances are you are going to have a black little baby growing inside your worthless body. Yes slut, you fucking love this as much as me.”

Morgan’s world started to fall apart as she felt not only the feeling of her insides being ripped apart by the monster but the realisation that he could be right, she could be pregnant after this and no one would care about it. The brutal assault was going on and on and Morgan tried to ignore the passage of time, the seconds turning to minutes. Her thoughts were shattered when she suddenly felt a warm liquid shoot over her chest and the grinning smile of Bob finishing shooting his second load over her body.

“Sorry slut, couldn’t resist claiming those tits as mine.” He said while draining himself off and wiping the remains into her hair as she tried to shut out the outside world and lock herself away in her own mind where she hoped they couldn’t reach her but it was not to be. They had already won and they knew it. That was when Morgan felt the final betrayle yet it was by her own body as she suddenly felt herself react to the throbbing cock inside of her. Morgan had always been easy to arouse, a fact that her ex-boyfriends had loved about her but now she felt her body loosen as she was being forced into orgasm by Rufus who himself had noticed the sudden change in her movements and felt her legs involuntarily squeeze him closer. A fact that he pounced on in a heartbeat and made the now beaten girl know it.

“Guess what guys, she is fucking starting to love this! What a total slut, she wants me to make her my little bitch. Oh boys I’m in fucking love here!” Rufus cried out as he reached his climax and proceeded to fill Morgan’s tight pussy with his potent seed, making sure nothing escaped the now spent former cheerleader as he pulled out of her.

Morgan’s moment of freedom was short lived however as the greasy looking Sebastian drove into her not caring about the damage he could cause or that she was seriously in pain, ignoring the trickle of blood eminating from her all he wanted was to fuck this cheerleader slut who reminded him so much of the girls from his past who would rather run him over with a car than speak to him. He pressed himself up as close to Morgan as possible smuthering her with his stagnant smell of sweat and stale beer as he proceeded to kiss her lips and force his tongue into her resistant mouth.

“Fucking hell Seb, calm down mate, I just splashed that with cum only a few minutes ago!” Bob called to his friend thinking of what that formerly beautiful imaculate mouth had swallowed at the beginning of this ordeal.

Sebastian didn’t care, he was going to make this his night. He didn’t care he was the third man to do something to Morgan, he just wanted to make her pay. The dirty man continued to drive his cock into Morgan, his hands grabbing at her now pert breasts a result of her body finally giving into the treatment it was getting, even if her mind was screaming at her to not let them. Sebastian took his nicotine stained fingers and forced Morgan’s eyes open so she could look deep into his as he picked up the pace. She saw the look of someone who hated the world and everything in it and part of her that still had reason felt sorry for the man. Her thoughts were lost as he started slapping her breasts telling her to beg him to cum.

“Fucking beg me you bitch! Beg me to cum in your worthless body! Make me cum before you do or I will fucking take it out of your arse!” Sebastian shouted, spit flying from his mouth onto Morgan as she tried to make him happy to make this end.

“Please, please cum in me.” She whispered at first hoping she wouldn’t have to embarrase herself further.

“I can’t hear you slag!”

Louder Morgan said the words he wanted to hear “Please cum inside of me! I beg of you! Make me your whore and cum in my worthless slutty body!”

With a laugh that would echo through her head the rest of her life Sebastian shot what must have been weeks of potent, hot cum into Morgan before pulling out letting a few ropes land on her smooth tummy and thighs. He continued to laugh as he moved over to the other men giving a final spank to Morgan’s arse as she tried to move away from the situation she had endured.

Rachel stood up from her chair she had been sitting on and proceeded to make her way towards Morgan. The closer she got to the crying mess of a woman she thought of everything that had led them to this moment and she glanced over at the Enforcers who were looking back at what they had achieved congratulating each other on a job well done. Rachel stood over Morgan, her nurses uniform a symbol of caring and compassion twisted and contorted into a mirror image of anger and revenge as Rachel considered the creature below her and she had to know. She had to know what was so appealing about Morgan. She had to know why men wanted this American stranger so much that they would do anything for her.

Rachel crouched down, morbid curiousity filling her entire body. She knew she would cross a line in her mind, something she was disgusted by the practice of it but she had to know.

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