Keeping an Eye Out

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Romantic Sex Story: Watching the neighbor's yard pays off in pussy and more.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Sharing   Polygamy/Polyamory   Voyeurism   .

I’d lived in the rental house for two months before I made a major discovery. The security camera system had been of little concern but one day I thought I’d mess around with it for fun. Besides the usual front and rear views I discovered a much more interesting one.

The neighbor couple were in their later thirties and we’d exchanged a few words. It was summer and getting pretty warm and they had invited me over to use their pool a couple of times. Tom was an average guy and Nikki a well-preserved housewife who looked good in her bikini. Good enough for a single and horny guy like me to fantasize about.

Back yards in the neighborhood were separated by tall privacy fences. My discovery was that one of the security cameras was mounted high in a gable and had a pretty good view of the neighbors back yard. Interestingly, it also had a good zoom and resolution. Hmmm.

Nikki was a stay-at-home housewife so I took an occasional look at my eye-in-the-sky camera. Sure enough, there she was out sunning while reading a book. I flipped the recorder on and later fast-forwarded through.

She was sipping on something and when the sun moved around, off came her top. The book must have been interesting because she’d occasionally tweak her nipples. And there was one episode where she reached under her bottoms and got herself off. That fueled a jack-off session for me too.

Her sun-worship was pretty regular so I’d take a break and watch her live when I could. The powerful zoom showed her nipples standing up and a fair amount of detail about her lightly furred pussy when her bottoms came off too. She’d play with her pussy and occasionally get off.

Those episodes were in the afternoon. Almost accidentally I had the system on in the early morning just before Tom went to work. I was riveted to the screen as a nude Nikki walked out to the divan she sunned on, got on her hands and knees, and Tom stepped up behind her, pulled his cock out and gave her a quickie. He then zipped up and left for work.

Instead of going back in the house as I expected, she sent a text and laid back on the divan, legs in the classic fucking position. A few minutes later the back gate in the fence opened. A neighbor boy, barely eighteen I thought, greeted her, stripped, and quite familiarly began having fun with her body.

They screwed for half an hour in several positions. My hand was working my shaft in synchrony with his plunges into her pussy. It looked like he came in mid-fuck and kept going for a second shot. She kissed him adieu, rested a bit, and went inside, probably to shower. She was back outside at her usual afternoon time.

This repeated about every other day during the week. On weekends she’d fool around with her husband in an irregular, whenever-the-mood-struck schedule. The motion sensing feature worked pretty well for catching that, I discovered.

When I got invited over to swim, it was difficult to keep my pecker down in her proximity. I’d pull my pud before and after those visits.

Since I would MUCH rather empty my prostate into a friendly vagina than my own hand, and it had been many months since I’d visited one, action was called for.

The next time she pulled her one-two fuck routine I was ready. When the boy left I was at the gate and in her yard before she rose from the divan. “Hi Nikki!” was all I said. She scrambled to find a cover up.

Walking towards her I called out, “Don’t bother. I’ve seen it all already.” That stopped her in her tracks and she looked at me with a totally puzzled expression.

Reaching her side, I ordered, “Sit down.” She did.

“Nikki,” I continued, “I watched you have sex with Tom and the neighbor boy already this morning. And it was far from the first time.” I pointed to the top of my house where the eves came together. A look of understanding and shock came over her face.

I took her hand, “I not going to judge you and I don’t want to cause trouble. Since you appear to like sex so much, and don’t limit yourself to your husband, I’d like to partake of your bounty since I’m in a dry spell.”

Nikki found her voice and her poise, “You seem to have this pretty well figured out. Can I see what’s being offered?”

I dropped the gym shorts, all that covered my partially filled tool. She reached over and, with practiced ease, explored it with hand and mouth. Damn that felt GOOD! It rose to the occasion quickly and she made vocalizations that seemed to indicate approval.

Her question locked it in, “Do you want me to shower first?”

I grinned, “I’ve never had ‘seconds’ before, although this would be ‘thirds’, wouldn’t it?” She grinned as she nodded.

She continued, “Any preference for position?”

“I’d like you on top so I can explore your body.”

I laid down and the first touch of her body to mine, other than that brief fellatio, was her wet cunt lips surrounding my mushroom head. Wet as she was, I was soon reveling in the velvet grip of a well-fucked woman. I got very familiar with her tits and ass as she moved. She didn’t kiss me and I realized that the neighbor boy hadn’t had any osculation either. Must be something she kept only for her husband.

When I blasted on her cervix she whimpered, came, and laid on my chest for a bit. I rolled us over and hammered another load into her. Then we showered together before I left. No mention of a “next time”. I just figured I’d try again.

The next time she did the backyard sex thing she smiled for the camera and waved me over as boy-toy finished in her cunt. I got the “sloppies” even fresher and she was still wound up so climaxed her first time right after I hopped on.

We talked when the lust ran down. I found out she’d married Tom early, as early as the law allowed. No kids and no other man until very recently. She’d discovered erotic stories and then porn on the internet. Tom was somewhat open to trying new things, and even talked some fantasies, but resisted going any further than that. His idea of kinky was the backyard quickies.

The neighbor boy took care of their yard and pool and had arrived early one day just as Tom was finishing up. Often her husband wasn’t in her long enough for her to get off so she liked to lay and savor the moment, diddling herself to orgasm after he came and went.

She spotted the boy watching and waved him in, her unrequited arousal urging her towards a frequent fantasy of being ravished by a stranger. The boy was in the right place at the right time and got damn lucky. The guilt passed quickly and she had fun teaching the erstwhile virgin what she wanted from him. Her husband reaped the rewards of her increased libido too.

The gang-banging she was now getting several days a week was fulfilling another fantasy and her husband even commented. She blamed it on hormones.

When asked if she might “visit me” on the days without “yard sex”, I graciously agreed. I mean, what are neighbors for, if not to fuck?

Those hour-long romps let her explore all sorts of things that a kid might not appreciate.

Nikki told ne how wicked she felt when she seduced her husband on his arrival home those days we played, greeting him naked or dressed up in something provocative. As his familiar shaft spread her pussy open, she usually thought how my semen and sperm were waiting to lubricate him just as his did for me on the morning episodes. She ached to tell him so he could share the eroticism of the moment. Direct confession would only cause hurt. What could she do?

We found ways for me to be at their place more often. I worked to find common interest with this good man ten years my senior. I’d bring his favorite beer when I was invited for dinner. Nikki made that happen often and we would play in the pool and eat out there too.

Our hostess wore the smallest bikini she could find. I commented to Tom how good she looked and he beamed with pride and said that she really appreciated my compliments as an “older woman”.

She’d been ramping up the fantasies in their bedroom and got the OK to get a thong to wear as long as Tom was there. He was getting a little uneasy about her exhibitionism. If he only knew!

One Saturday evening we had a cookout with lots of beer and wine. Nikki and I had an afternoon fuck while Tom was gone for a while, but he hadn’t laid her since the night before. She was going to push it to the next level that evening.

We were used to the thong by now and we men were down to small swimsuits as well. Some music was playing poolside, the lights had been dimmed, and Nikki asked me to dance. She rubbed herself on us during the slow ones and got both guys up to enjoy watching her bouncing boobs for the faster songs. We were both sporting bulges in our suits after a while.

I was really looking forward to the next step. At the end of a fast song Nikki looked at her husband and announced, “I’m HOT!” She flashed me a look to see if I got the double-entendre. I grinned.

Going to the edge of the pool she quickly peeled off her suit and jumped in. “Come on in, guys!” Another double-entendre. I started and the wavering Tom decided he’d better not get left behind.

The swimming and diving was pretty innocent and we stayed naked when we got out and dried off. Nikki wasn’t going to let it stay that way. She served Margueritas that were quite strong. Her serving was punctuated with tit and ass wiggles which had the desired effect. When we tried to be modest, she chided, “I want to see if you appreciate my show. Come on, don’t be shy. I’m showing you what I’ve got so be polite and reciprocate.”

She paraded around in front of us, so damn pleased to have the attention. Our sex sticks were good indicators of it too. Suddenly, she straddled her husband and impaled herself on his rod. He let out a surprised grunt but didn’t fight it. I had a great view of his cock being hidden and revealed as she rode him.

After rather few bounces he came loudly. Then she hopped off, pussy dripping cum, kissed him, and announced, “Oh dear! I can’t be rude to our guest. We’ve talked about this and here is my chance!” Quickly, before he could react, she hopped on my rod, his fresh semen allowing quick accommodation.

Tom was spellbound as she began rising and falling on me. His hot wife gestured him closer and paused her ride as her mouth cleaned his semi-firm shaft. Then he positioned himself to watch as we coupled. I lasted a lot longer than he had simply because of my earlier piece of her.

Nikki came twice before I spurted. When she dismounted with a quick kiss, I grabbed my suit and said they needed to be alone. Hurrying to my video monitor, I watched as they scissored, gently fucking and talking.

It wasn’t until early afternoon that Nikki called. “I’d come over but my pussy needs a rest. Tom was after me all night and I loved it. Things are a bit wound up right now but will be OK. Let’s talk, and maybe some other stuff, on Monday after he goes to work.”

I told her OK and I’d watch the camera to see when was the right time. She got the hint and laughed.

Monday morning, after I got a load off in her still tender pussy, we lay coupled and talked. She commented that she’d been having a lot of conversations cock-in-cunt lately. NOT complaining though.

It had been a very emotional weekend for the couple. Maybe the most since the honeymoon. Nikki had already reconciled multiple sex partners for herself, but not really thought about the shoe on the other foot yet.

Tom was working through some new territory. He’d had a brief affair with a married woman before meeting Nikki. It had ended badly when he got overly infatuated with her and she cut him off abruptly. His biggest issue with their marriage wasn’t that there had been a different cock in her special place, since he wasn’t her first, but a fear that she’d want to run off with a younger man.

“I spent the rest of the weekend reassuring him that he would always have my heart no matter how many others had my pussy. I think he is convinced but I’ll have to be very sensitive about that. He did seem to accept that I’d like to fuck you again but we didn’t discuss when or how often. I do need to work that out to a comfort level so we don’t have to sneak around. I’m done with the pool boy, BTW. You two are enough for me.”

The next morning Nikki texted me to come to the pool. “He wants to watch you and me and then get his piece.”

“Hell yes” I replied. “Be right there.”

It went pretty well and I enjoyed watching her get ploughed too. Tom had to leave and I stuck around. He figured I’d want more and she’d told him during their weekend marathon conversation that my interest in being with them was a compliment to them both.

This time I got to do the comfortable scissors screwing. It was great to have my erection buried in her wet and hot gripper, knowing that it had just pulled the male essence out of two different tools. I lazily fondled her still firm tits and rocked my pelvis gently, just enough to tell my cock to stay nice and big. We chatted and fucked for quite a while. I could reach down and diddle her to an orgasm at will. No hurry on my part. This was too good to finish quickly.

Finally, I had to get to work at home so I got on top and slammed us both out a good one. As I pulled on my shorts, Nikki asked coyly, “What time is your afternoon break?” Sure enough, at the time I mentioned, in she pranced with cookies, iced tea, and “me”. Best break in the world!

Late that night I got an email from next door. “Tom was all over me after he asked me what I’d been doing all day. He wanted explicit answers too and fucked me twice. That makes five regular and one extra-long screws. Am I ever a fortunate woman! Sleep well, I sure will.”

I had to pull one with the imagery that got going in my mind! A damned poor substitute though. I wondered, as I fell asleep, how often I’d get to “borrow” this lovely wife, and how long it would last after the thrill wore off.

Kind of as I figured, it was pretty hot and heavy for a while. We were all having fun trying new things as pairs and a trio. But eventually it settled down.

I’d found a church I liked and hung around after service to meet people. Working at home has its social limitations. A presentable and single guy my age draws attention from the more mature single women, so I got regular invitations to family or restaurant dinners without even trying. A quite attractive married one hit on me too but I steered clear. One married woman in my bed was enough, thank you.

I played the gentleman and frustrated a few of the obviously horny young women, but I was not sexually needy. I focused on other aspects of those vying for my attention.

Milly, who hated “Mildred”, a family name, soon looked the best and got invites from me to attend events as a couple. We kept clicking but I still hadn’t made a move on her. On the way to take her home one night she got my attention and said, “I’d like to see where YOU live, if that’s OK.”

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