Woodland Week

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Romantic Sex Story: Spurned woman seeks inner self and finds a lot more.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Sharing   Incest   Voyeurism   Nudism   .

Dawn’s heart was broken. Her long-time boyfriend, the one she’d hope would become her spouse, had dumped her for a big-titted opportunist who saw his financial potential and went for his gonads.

They’d been together since she was twenty and he certainly didn’t have blue balls although she realized that their reasonably frequent sex had been rather vanilla. Her b-boobs on her slim frame were attractive enough that she got looks if she dressed lightly, but were not the hangers of her competition. Nor was her crotch so much used as that one, from what she heard through the grapevine.

She’d held on to virginity until eighteen and her first had abandoned her after two weeks and a half dozen rides. She remained celibate until almost twenty-one when she met her recent ex-lover.

She had vacation time so took a week and journeyed to her brother’s house. It was situated at the edge of a large state forest which she’d explored alone and with her ex numerous times. It had a perfect site for what she needed. She knew the way to a glade at the edge of a small lake with a strip of sandy beach. There had been a camping weekend there with her ex which had been fun and was a good place to expunge the memories of him.

Her plan was to spend five nights in her tent. On the third morning her brother was to replenish her supplies at a drop point near her campsite but without making contact. She expected to spend the entire time communing with nature and uttering not a word to a human being.

The weather couldn’t have been better. By the time her camp was set up the temperature was pleasant and she removed her clothing, enjoying the dappled sunlight through the trees. She meditated, read, waded in the water, and napped. It was soothing to see the forest birds and creatures emerge as they got used to her presence. The stars and moonlight were wonderful and she slept peacefully for the first time since the breakup.

By mid-morning she could become a naked nymph again. Opening her eyes from a long meditation she saw a hunter at the edge of the clearing, quietly watching her. His stealth in pursuit of game had allowed him to get close. He showed no aggression so she beckoned him closer, still in her sitting-with-legs-crossed pose. She indicated by signs that she would not speak and offered him coffee. He sat across from her and sipped it in wonderment at this delightful sight in the forest.

He was older with a trim beard and kindly eyes which stayed fastened on her attractive form. When he asked a question, she would answer with a not or shake of her head. It was a “twenty-questions” situation after a while and both were enjoying it.

Finally the coffee was gone and he asked, “Is there anything I can do for you?” Head nod. “Can you let me know how?”

Dawn moved over to him and unbuttoned the fly of his hunting camo overalls, then maneuvered his partially filled maleness out into the light. She kissed and gave it a few quick sucks.

Getting the message, the hunter stood up and quickly undressed, revealing the sturdy and hairy body of a well-kept fifty year old man. His organ-of-interest pointed out thickly from his abundant pubes. Still sitting, the nymph resumed her oral attentions and he closed his eyes and groaned.

Sensing impending release, he gently disengaged her and moved her to supine on the blanket. Feasting his eyes and soon his mouth on her blushing crotch, she was quickly making sounds of a carnal nature. When her shivering stopped, she pulled him to enter her eager genitals.

Her noises arose to a high pitch as he entered and reentered with this thick plunger. His primitive releasing sounds coincided with hers and the act of intimacy was completed.

They rested for a while until he withdrew and dressed. “Will you be here tomorrow?” got a nod. “May I return?” was also affirmative. He kissed her and went in search of his original quarry.

After rinsing herself in the lake, she meditated, often fingering the seeping semen as she relived the sensations, reveling in the feelings of femaleness.

The next morning he arrived and there was a replay but moving more quickly to the desired outcome and employing a different coupling position. She sat atop his thick plug and her breasts got the attention they desired.

Awakening from a post-lunch nap, she saw a fisherman wading towards her along the edge of the lake. Once again, he could not pass by this vision in the woods. She offered sun tea and in a bit, some oral succor. This man was younger than herself and his erection was longer and stiffer than the previous one, pointing skyward. The coitus was quick and then he continued fishing, saying he would return.

Indeed he did, having filled his creel and filling her “holder” with a longer and more thorough “wielding of the rod”. He cleaned and left enough fish for her supper and promised to return the next day as well.

She laid under the stars that night, reliving the visits and fingering herself to orgasms as she visualized the sperm the two men have left.

The third morning it had been arranged that her brother would leave food supplies a short way from her campsite. As he arrived at the drop point, he heard sex sounds drifting through the leaves. Curious, he stealthily followed them to his sister’s camp. His eyes opened wide as he saw what must be her legs in the air and some hairy buns, balls, and legs pumping between them. He watched until the man ejaculated and then he slipped quietly away. He would have some serious questions when she returns!

The fisherman arrived for lunch and nookie, then some post-nap “nature worship” before he too departed. More fresh-caught fish for supper.

An hour before sunset she heard someone coming along the trail. She adopted her “wood nymph” persona once again and smiled at the handsome man with birding binoculars around his neck. This time she offered whiskey neat, and he learned to communicate her way. He offered to show her some birds while he watched her pert ass and body move as she preceded him down the trail.

She didn’t seem to find the bird with the binoculars so he stood behind her and guided their pointing. His erection could be felt on her back as she pressed against him. She wiggled slightly, trying to size it up.

When they returned to her camp, she pointed to the fish and the campfire and he said, “I’d be honored to share them with you.” Her pussy twinged, thinking of their meal’s source.

Her latest visitor was a good cook and they enjoyed the meal, then they sipped again from the whiskey she had packed. As the sun set they snuggled under a light blanket and just stayed close as the stars come out. By now she had communicated that he be sans clothes too and they gently caressed each other under nature’s most awe-inspiring display. Civilization was far enough distant that the Milky Way was beautiful before the moon came up.

When the peaceful glade was bathed in moonglow, Dawn turned to her as-yet-named companion and kissed him deeply. With tongue, her intention was unmistakable, especially when her hand searched for and found his full maleness. Her welcoming fragrance was obvious as she positioned herself for a comfortable scissors coupling under the blanket. He was skilled and her pleasure noises spurred him on.

She was delighted that he showed no urgency. Her previous couplings have left her well satiated but the presence of a new partner was quite stimulating. It was just romantic as hell and many new memories were replacing those of her former boyfriend. His final urgent thrusts and the flood of heat inside her were deliriously joyful.

After a quiet time he announced, “I cannot stay but will return tomorrow if you wish.” She nodded and kissed him deeply before she moved to her tent. Her thoughts of the day just concluded are just what she needed for a deep and dreamless sleep.

The hunter awoke her and he has brought breakfast. It was cool so she dressed and they enjoyed the repast. His question, “May we make love again?” elicited a nod and she led him to the tent and removed her garment. The blanket outdoors had special memories now that she did not want to disturb. Lying on the bedroll, she welcomed his thickness and concentrated on their pleasure. When they were satiated, he dressed and asked again, “Will you be here tomorrow?” She shook her head and he hugged her, “I shall never forget the beautiful maiden of the woods. May you have a good life.” She nodded and kissed him farewell.

The fisherman was also guided to her bedroll and stayed with her after he gifted her with his seed. His youth brought back his potency quickly and they coupled for a long time. Again, mixed feelings on his departure.

The birdwatcher brought dinner; some steaks to grill and wine to accompany them. They stayed dressed since the day was cool and overcast. She was very disappointed that the stars would not be visible. The lake was warm though and she indicated that she needed to bathe, partially to remove some signs of her earlier activities, and wanting to be fresh for him. They dried each other quickly and hurried to the blankets under the sky and next to the campfire.

Dawn was glad that it would be awkward for him to taste her crotch, as much as she would have enjoyed it like she did with the hunter that morning. However, the way her still-nameless birdwatcher caressed her outer parts with his hands and then inside with his penis made up for it. He fitted her better than anyone of her experience and knew exactly how to stimulate her. Was he a mind reader or had she found her perfect man?

He whispered, after a glorious orgasm, that he could stay the night if she liked. A powerful hug and deep kiss answered that question and they coupled more than they slept.

In the morning, sipping coffee, she surprised him, “My name is Dawn. What is yours?”

He smiled, looking over her shoulder at the sun peeking up in a clearing sky, “How appropriate, mine is Robin Starr. So nice to complete the formalities.”

She saw movement over his shoulder and there was the hunter. Seeing she had company, he waved and departed as quietly as he had arrived.

The erstwhile nymph explained the basics of why she was there and behaved the way she did. Robin was fascinated and said that he had been without a partner for a long time and had stopped looking. He laughed, “That seems to be how the universe works.”

Dawn finished with, “This is my last day here and I will return to my brother’s house this afternoon. It’s warm enough to swim, so let’s enjoy the lake.” They played and teased and he even briefly entered her while they were immersed. “Take me back to shore and do me right,” she said softly.

This time, in the bright sunlight, she rode him and marveled at his good looks and skills. This was the finest man she had ever been naked with. Could she keep him? That was her only concern. Moving slowly up and down on his delicious penetrator, she asked, “Will you help me take my gear back?”

His answer, “I’ll help and stay with you as long as you’ll have me.” brought tears of joy and a powerful orgasm. Reluctantly they dressed and gathered up her gear and stopped to glance back at the edge of the clearing, both thinking they wanted to return.

Her brother was pleased to meet Robin, saying he was a face he had seen in their small town. Robin explained he was semi-retired after selling some technical inventions and had moved there about a year earlier seeking an escape from the city to pursue nature studies. He quipped, “You never know what natural treasures you might find in the woods.”

After making plans to get together that evening, Robin set off to find his car. Dawn’s brother wanted to know about her time in the woods. Had her goals been accomplished?

“Oh, and how! I only wanted to release my failed romance and was blessed with a better and completely unexpected one,” she gushed.

“I saw you making love when I brought the supplies in the morning as I was supposed to,” her brother said.

When what he said sunk in she got very quiet, “That was NOT Robin. He came in the evening.” She blushed with double-entendre as well as the revelation.

Her brother grinned, “Wow, you really went ‘back to nature’! I’m impressed. Maybe I need to go out there and hope some hot women wander by. I haven’t been laid in ages.”

She grinned back and teased, “What can I do to keep your cooperation?”

“Probably if I did what I saw out there, I couldn’t speak about it,” was his half-serious reply.

She stood up and began taking her clothes off. “I’ve wanted to screw you ever since we played doctor. Now I have an excuse. Why are you so slow showing me what you’ve got as a grown-up?”

He was paralyzed as her words soaked in but made up for it quickly. Lying on her back she ordered, “Taste me. Robin was there about two hours ago. I think he tastes good so tell me what you think.”

Her brother paused but not for long. She was squealing as he expertly tongued her and his hands reached up to explore her tits. Just before she came she pulled him up and he sank deep into her sopping snatch. She came immediately but kept humping back as they rutted with long suppressed lust.

He panted, “Inside?”

“Hell, yes! Put your sperm in with all the others.”

“How many kinds?”

“Three yesterday and only one so far today. Oh, oh, oh, I feel it and it’s so good.”

It was an hour later when Dawn awoke to her brother’s recovered rod moving again. She rolled them over and took charge, milking all the pleasure she could. When they finished he asked, “What’s gotten into you?”

She burst into laughter, “Four new cocks for starters! But more seriously, I think I’ve been transformed into the nymph of these woods. They are not guided by religious strictures, but by Mother Nature’s. It has felt so good and right to give joy with my body. I belong here and want to continue my calling. Does that make any sense?”

Her brother pondered what he had heard and offered, “I’ll study that more but you make me wonder about your plans.”

She hugged him, “I don’t have to head back home until tomorrow night so that will give me a chance to sort them out a bit more. I’m not sure either. This has happened so fast.” Her phone dinged, “Robin is coming back tonight. I’m sure he’ll want to stay over. Is that OK?”

“I’m sure I’ll get aroused if I hear you two going at it. Other than that, how could I refuse my loving sister?”

She grinned and grasped his once-again refilling pecker, “You seem to appreciate me more than ever. Would you like me to move here? I could probably get a job at the county hospital and save on rent. Or would I be trading rent for ‘services’?”

He took her from behind this time and grunted out, “With Robin around, how often would I get such promised ‘services’? What about those other guys?”

She swatted his ass, “If you keep up the quality, no problem. The other guys don’t know who I am. Now get me off so I can clean up. I’ve got some things to do today besides fuck!”

Dawn had a nice dinner fixed when Robin arrived, bearing flowers and wine. After the repast, they adjourned to the back deck facing the woods that now held special memories. Dawn opened the conversation as they helped finish the two bottles of vin.

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