by Tony Tiger

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Erotica Sex Story: Losing their last parent helped them find each other.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Cuckold   Sharing   Slut Wife   Incest   .

Rob hardly recognized her at the airport arrival entrance. It had been ten years since he last saw his sister Renee. Their family wasn’t big on reunions, or much else for that matter. Actually she was a step-sister, his dad marrying her mother. Now her mother was in hospice with little time left.

His dad had died a decade ago and that was the last time he’d seen Renee, at the service. In the meantime, his marriage had gone down the tubes too. But Renee still hung on to hers, the last he’d heard.

Living just a day’s drive away, he had a car while Renee had to fly from the other side of the country. He’d already checked into the extended stay place which they decided to share to conserve their not-plentiful resources.

“Damn, big sis, you look great!” were his words of welcome as she slid into the passenger seat.

“Good to see you too, little brother.” They were less than a year apart so it had always been a joke. Rob was a foot taller and fifty percent heavier but she had him on age.

It wasn’t far to the hotel so they dropped her stuff and she spruced up a bit before walking to the hospice. Mom as barely conscious but smiled as she saw her daughter. They hugged and cried, then tried to converse. It was difficult. Lots of pain meds don’t help coherent thought.

At dinner the siblings tried to get caught up with each other. When she hit thirty-five, Renee had looked at herself in the mirror and didn’t like what she saw. Pudgy and unattractive, her husband rarely showed any interest in her body. She’d enjoyed a nice one growing up and more than one young man got to find out just how nice it was. Even five years into her marriage, when her husband’s lust was slowing down, she’d had no difficulty getting a guy she worked with between her legs as often as she wanted some variety.

She wanted that girl back and had taken diet and exercise seriously, now back to those original specs and attracting male interest. But not her husband’s unfortunately, in spite of seductive efforts on her part. He’d gone to pot, both the belly and the smoking kind. So she was glad to get away except for the visit’s reason, of course.

Rob was in reasonable shape physically but still had emotional effects for his wife’s desertion for another woman. That was two years ago and he hadn’t had any interest in another female relationship, throwing himself into his work. He’d accumulated a ton of personal time.

They spent some more time with Mom, then picked up a bottle of whiskey on the way back to the room.

He got some ice while Renee got out of her travel clothes and put on a nightgown. He’d gotten ready for bed too, sleeping in boxers. The suite had a small couch in addition to the two beds so they sat close together and toasted memories.

Their parents had married when they were twelve and they had both been angry about that for a while in the manner of confused adolescents. Things smoothed over by the time they were seniors in high school. Marriage came and separated them geographically.

The memories and the toasts went on for quite a while, both having lots of feeling bottled up and now someone safe to express them to. The whiskey loosened Renee up and she was tearful with unexpressed grief, past and present. Rob put his arm around her and she put her head on his shoulder and cried. Her hand gripped his upper leg and her full breast was against his side. He felt his underused cock start to fill at her touches. Damn!

He broke free, claiming the need to pee which was at least partly true. Then he noted the time and said he needed some sleep, having gotten up quite early to get there. He had to help a very tipsy sister to the bathroom and to her bed. He kissed her forehead goodnight.

In the dark of the night he felt her climb into bed on the side he was facing away from. She had done that in the room they shared early on when she was upset or scared. This time though, her thinly covered breasts pushed against his bare back. She didn’t have any back then. Her arm went over him, around his waist. He made no sign he was awakened.

In the early morning he awoke and sensed that she was still snuggled against him. More noticeable was her hand inside his boxers, wrapped around his morning wood. Damn it felt good to be touched! She was snoring lightly as he extracted himself and rubbed one out on the toilet before relieving his bladder’s tension.

No mention of the nighttime activity was made as they went through their first full day there. Besides visiting with Mom the siblings met with counselors and case workers to make sure that all arrangements were in place. The only thing of any value was a long-standing trust for their father’s life insurance money. It would come to them automatically anyway.

That evening in the room went to storytelling. It started with reminiscences of childhood but, as the whiskey bottle got emptied, moved to what had happened during the last ten years. Feeling trust, each opened up with tales of trials and mistakes. Rob divulged his feelings of abandonment. Renee told of hers while still married and how it led to her affair. Rob had questions about that and better realized her current lack of sex which was much like his own. Perhaps that was what led to last night?

Suddenly, Renee popped her head up off his shoulder and asked, “Since we weren’t really related, did you ever want to have sex with me while we were growing up? I’ve heard that lots of step-siblings do.”

Rather tipsy, Rob didn’t even think before replying, “Hell yes! I used to jack off when you’d even be in the shower naked. I even did this morning.”

Renee was startled at that and grinned, “You DID! Tell me why.”

Rob explained about his discovery on awakening. Renee shook her head, “I know I’m horny! Sorry I slept through it all.”

She slugged down the rest of the drink, stood up to face him, pulled her nighty over her head and clad only in some cotton panties, said, “Is this what you wanted to see when we were younger?”

He nodded vigorously so she, emboldened, pulled down her panties and slowly twirled around. “And this?” After a pause, “My, my, I’ve got your attention,” referring to the tent in his boxers. “My turn for a show.”

She reached down and fished his rod through the front opening and grasped it for a moment. “Seems a bit bigger that my husband’s equipment, and definitely better looking. Stand up and drop those drawers so I can get the whole picture.”

He turned around slowly as she whistled. “You’re making me wet. I’d love to suck it but I think we’ve gone far enough. I’ve felt your cock, though, so you can feel my breasts to keep it even.”

A few minutes of fondling later she put her nightie back on and headed for the bathroom. It took her a lot longer that just taking a pee and Rob thought he heard some soft moans.

In the wee hours she was in his bed again. He turned on his back and she found his soft cock quickly. She was naked, her breasts against his arm. He quickly rose to the occasion and she moved down to engulf him in her mouth. It wasn’t long before he whispered, “I’m going to shoot.” She gave a muffled reply and kept on. After swallowing, she asked softly, “I’d like the same kind of pleasure.”

He was out of practice but her musky smell and her quiet cries let him know he was succeeding. She shook with an orgasm and then they snugged and slept face to face. The morning was a repeat before they showered and headed for the hospice.

After lunch, when Mom was sleeping, heavily sedated, they went back to the room. No words were necessary as they stripped and spent an hour doing everything except penetration. Renee showed her brother sliders and he put his fingers up her ass and vagina at the same time. They peed in front of each other. Then it was time to go back to hospice.

Mom was in and out of coherence, between her illness and the pain-killers. It was frustrating and sad. They stayed as late as they could.

Renee was silent during dinner and not in a good mood at all. When they got back to the room she declined a whiskey. Rob started to sip his when she started talking.

“I’ve been doing a lot of thinking today about my life. I guess this is forcing a sense of mortality I’ve tried to ignore. I’m almost forty and looking ahead to at least that many more. I want to be sure that they are as good as I can make them.

“I’m not drinking tonight. While I don’t regret how it loosened me up to do things I’ve long wanted to with you, anything from here out needs to have no excuses.”

He looked at her, not quite sure where she was going, “What exactly are you talking about?”

Renee took his hand as she answered, “Brother dear, I want to fuck your brains out. I’ve wanted to do it ever since I found out that was what my pussy was made for. I’ll regret it the rest of my life if we don’t enjoy what we both want from each other.”

While still dressed, she held his cock as he emptied his bladder, then comingled her pee with his before flushing. Rob wiped her.

They were naked in bed in no time. Rerunning an abbreviated version of last evenings oral and tactile fun as an appetizer, they were soon both ready for the main course. Rob wanted her on top, his favorite position. She was delighted since her husband didn’t care for it but her boyfriends had.

Starting with a slider as they kissed, he could feel her pussy leaking lubrication. She looked at him intently as her hand guided the cock head to split her labia and begin its inward journey. She was so wet it was one smooth non-stop trip until their pubes met. As she leaned over so he could cup and toy with her tits, she began hip movements very different than the up and down he expected. His wife, the only other woman he had ever copulated with, was very basic in what she wanted to do.

This was wonderful. Rob got lots of sensation without creating any urgency to ejaculate. His work on her breasts set off a small orgasm and she kissed him fervently as it rippled through her. After a long time he asked, “Can I cum in you?”

She growled, “You’d better!” and her pussy grip tightened and the up-and-down soon had its desired effect. His groin tensed repeatedly with pleasure as he fired shot after shot. They rolled on their side, still coupled, and smiling like maniacs.

“I feel SO good,” was the first thing she said post coitus. “I just realized that the man I had the affair with could have been your twin brother. I’m sure that is why he got in my pants. He could have me again anytime too. He was a damn good fuck. Oh, I had my tubes tied while I was fucking him. Knew I didn’t want kids with my husband or anybody else.”

The phone rang. It was hospice saying they’d better get over there. Mom died holding their hands two hours later.

They coupled in grief. Crying over the loss and at the same time grateful that it was a relatively peaceful passing.

Two days later the very small memorial service had been held and all the loose ends wrapped up. Renee was tearful as she kissed Rob goodbye at the airport. “You better know it won’t be anywhere so long before I see you again,” were her parting words. “We will keep in close touch from now on.” He nodded.

It was less than a week later when she called. Rob had been brooding over her absence and was delighted when her name showed up on the phone.

“Hey, big bro, you got room at your place for an immigrant?”

He was sure surprised, “What’s going on?”

She seemed very happy he hadn’t immediately said “no”, but she didn’t really expect that anyway. “It’s like this. After what we had, the single lousy fuck I got from him in a whole week made up my mind where I belonged. I told him I was leaving and he didn’t put up a fight, the jerk. I’m packing my car and headed your way. It’ll take two days I think. Have clean sheets on your bed when I get there.”

“Come on. Baby! Plenty of room for you in my bed. Keep me posted on your ETA so I can get off work.”

She pulled into his driveway at 3pm and at 3:05 he was balls deep. Her car didn’t get unpacked until after dark when he couldn’t get it up any more.

Renee reported that her husband didn’t want a divorce, just a legal separation, because she was coming to live with me and not another man. He hadn’t figured it out and she wasn’t going to tell him. He wasn’t interested in other women apparently, having become more or less asexual. He wanted to live in the house and kept her as joint owner.

That was just fine with her being so far away from him. She and Rob would just behave like boy and girlfriend shacked up. The wedding rings got put in her jewelry case.

Finding a job was easy for her and they settled in to a lusty relationship, having many years to catch up for. It was like being newlyweds.

Then came the fateful phone call from Renee’s still-husband. He wanted to see her and Rob ASAP. He had only a few weeks to live. They quickly made arrangements for travel and arrived to find the address they were given was for a hospice.

He was sitting in a chair and greeted both of them warmly. He told them that he was in late stage prostate cancer. He’d ignored the warning signs for too long. Addressing Renee, he said, “I think that must have been why I was such an inadequate husband during the last period you lived with me. Have you and Rob been enjoying each other like we couldn’t?”

We both stared at him and Renee spouted, “What makes you think that?”

“It was easy. You came back from the funeral all bubbly like you used to be with me. You’d shared a room and are not related. Anybody would fuck under those conditions. When you moved back with him that confirmed it. I’m honestly happy for you both.”

He then went over his funeral arrangements but also how his attorney had set everything up to go smoothly to her in a trust. She was grateful and he seemed pleased he’d gone a good thing.

Rob narrates:

He died a week after we left so we drove one of our cars to the memorial service. We stayed in the house that was now Renee’s. It was modestly sized but located on forty acres bordering a beautiful and lightly developed lake. Renee told me that it was secluded enough she could spend all day naked outdoors without a worry. I could hardly believe that she walked away from this to be with me.

We left the car there and flew back. Our next trip would be with a small rental truck and the other car. I’d never lived anywhere else but it took no effort to convince me. Never an apartment again.

Although the guest bedroom was smaller than the master one, it overlooked the lake with a balcony, but most importantly didn’t have the memories for Renee. Many of her friends knew about me but we had to maintain a fiction anyway. The guest room was nominally mine.

Renee told me that the house was paid for and the trust had enough money we didn’t have to work if we didn’t want to. She was going to do some meaningful volunteer work. I was warned that if I decided to just hang around the place I’d better find effective ways to stay in shape because she had high expectations for our sex life from now on.

When I commented that I might need some help, she reminded me that Bill, her stud who looked like me, had been at her brother’s funeral. I retorted that could be quite interesting. She looked at me kind of oddly but did mention it when we were tipsy and screwing down on the boat dock one night.

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