Punished by the in Laws... Again

by RonBo

Copyright© 2018 by RonBo

Erotica Sex Story: You should read Punished by the In Laws first. Jason comes home to his pretty wife. He is very horny and Katie takes care of him. They go over his parents house for Sunday dinner and Katie's punishment continues with her husband watching.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Wife Watching   Incest   Mother   Son   InLaws   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Spanking   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   .


“I’m ready Kaitie. I am naked and my cock is already hard as a rock.” Jason rasped.

Katie began her story telling her husband how his father had witnessed her giving her father his weekly cock suck. She heard a groan over the line knowing that Jason was already enjoying her confession.

“Dad saw you giving him head?”

“Oh yes Jason. When I went to dinner at their house they confronted me.”

“Oh, were they mad?”

“The story gets better from here. They decided if I didn’t want them telling you I would have to submit to their punishment. I didn’t want them to think less of your for knowing about my Daddy’s blow jobs so I told them they could punish me if they wished.”

“Punish you how?” Jason gasped, working his cock with his clenched fist. “Tell me.”

“They gave me a spanking Jason, and it hurt like the devil.” Katie moaned as she was slowly rubbing her erect clit.

“Which one spanked you?” Jason blurted out while rubbing his precum along his excited shaft.

“They both spanked me Jason. First your mother used a brush on my panties, then your father used his hand on my bare bottom.”

Jason stopped rubbing himself as he was close to cumming already and wanted to hear more. He was very excited! “On your bare ass?”

“Oh yes, your father wanted me completely naked for my punishment. He took off my panties and bra himself. It was embarrassing to say the least.”

Jason was touching himself again. Very lightly to keep his orgasm at bay. “Over his lap? Did he have an erection?”

“Oh yes. I could feel his big cock through his pants. His cock is even bigger than my father’s. It’s eight or nine inches long and so thick I could hardly fit it in my mouth.” She was rubbing her clit harder now and teasing her nether lips with the fingers of her oher hand.

“Your mouth?” Jason could hardly believe his ears. “You sucked my father’s cock?”

“Twice and I swallowed his cum. I also licked your mother’s pussy.”

“I can’t believe it. Oh. Oh. I’m cumming.” Jason loudly told her as his cock spewed forth a large amount of his seed in several powerful spurts. When he calmed down he said. “Are you making this up for me.”

“No baby. It’s all true. I think they want to punish me again. Your mother said once wouldn’t be enough to chastize me.” Kaitie was cumming as she finished her story. “I wish you were here Jason. I need your cock stuffed in side of me.”

“I’l be home Friday baby and I’m going to fuck you silly and pour a gallon of my cum down your throat.” Then added, “I want you to shave your pussy for me before I get home. I want you to look like a ten year old bad girl for me that needs to be punished. I think I want to spank you just like my parents did.”

“But Jase, I think they want to punish me again before you get home. They will see my smooth cunt if that happens.” Katie was touching herself again. The thought of Jason’s folks seeing her freshly shaven cunt was turning her on. “You don’t want that to happen, do you?”

“Yes!” Jason blurted as his hand slowly resurected his cock, hoping for another cum.

They hung up as soon as both had achieved their respective orgasms. Katy went to the bathroom to follow Jason’s directions.


Katie stood totally naked in front of the bedroom’s full length mirror admiring her hairless pussy. She hoped that the in laws would punish her again. She especially wanted to see Jack’s expression when she showed him her bare cunt. She hoped that Jack would approve and make a comment. That would arrouse Katie.

The next day she received a lunch invitation from her mother in law who made it clear that she was to be punished again. She was told to wear her blue sundress with nothing underneath per her husband’s request. Katy hung up the phone and immediately fell onto her back on the bed to facilitate her masturbation while reliving her time, naked accross her father in law’s lap while he punished her ass with his hand.

Promptly at noon Katie rang the doorbell. An anxious Jack answered the door before her hand was off the doorbell. Jack looked her over, noticing her hard nipples through the thin blue material of her sun dress. Looks like she is as turned on as I am. Jack thought as a leering smile crossed his face.

Jack took Katie’s hand and led her to the living room where his wife Celeste was waiting for them. Celeste wore only a sheer black bra and matching panties. She wanted nothing to get in the way of punishing her daughter in law. “Take off your dress Katie so we may begin your punishment.”

Katie reached down and grabbed the hem of her thin dress and slowly pulled it up. all the time watching Jack to see his reaction when she exposed her bald pussy. Jack let ou a loud groan when he saw his daughter in law’s smooth pussy, her glistening juice already making her nether lips shine with her excitement.

“Holy crap!” Jack moaned as he stared between Katie’s legs. Katie pulled the dress over her head exposing her bare tits and erect nipples.

Celeste finally spoke as she stared at Katies naked body and freshly shaved pubes. “What a slut you are little girl. You certainly deserve a good spanking today. Did you shave for your father in law’s pleasure?”

Katie wasn’t sure what to say so she just nodded her head submisively. Jack was softly rubbing his massive cock through his thin pants already thinking about another blow job from the young woman’s talented mouth. Celeste had a different outlook. “Get on all fours girl. It’s time to punish you for your wanton behavior.” She already had her hairbrush ready for the young woman’s upturned bottom.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Celeste alternated blows to both naked cheeks until she counted ten strikes. The imprint of the brush raising welts on the poor girl’s bottom.

Jack had removed his clothes while watching his wife spank Kaitie. He sat with his legs apart, his nine inch cock at full attention. Even though he wasn’t touching it his cock was weeping with a large bubble of pre cum evident.

Celeste looked at her naked husband and said. “Little slut. Relieve your father in law with your mouth He needs to unload his big cock before he continues with your punishment.”

Katie did as she was told. She crawled to Jack, her mouth salivating at the thought of putting Jack’s enormous erection in her hot mouth. She loved sucking cock. and Jack’s big one was a treat. Her cunt was on fire as she opened her mouth wide enough for her father in law’s big prick to fit. She stuck out her toungue to clean his pre cum before allowing his cock to enter her wet mouth.

“Oh Katie. Your mouth feels wonderful wrapped around my cock. Suck me good little girl. Make me cum.” His daughter in law used her very best cock sucking technique to bring Jack off, swallowing his load of cream while Celeste watched.

“Over my lap for your spanking Katie.” Jack ordered. As she did so Jack’s softening cock began to harden once again. Her ass is going to get a good spanking and then she will have to suck me off again. Jack mused as he guided the young girl into the proper position with her bare buttocks in just the right position for her punishment.

SLAP SLAP SLAP Jack’s big hand came down hard spanking both of her cheeks with his large hand. When he completed ten swats to her naked posterior Jack told the sniffling girl to get on all fours and suck him off again. He was hard as granite again. Prior to Katie arriving Celeste had offered Jack a blow job to “take the edge off” but Jack had decined hoping to cum three times in his daughter in law’s sweet mouth.

With Katie on all fours Jack had to aim his cock down to enter her waiting mouth. He knew this second cock suck was going to last longer than the first. He enjoyed watching his cock sliding in and out of her mouth. Her lips tighten around his staff increasing the older man’s pleasure.

Katie felt something at the entrance of her sopping wet pussy. She hoped her mother in law was going to lick her to an orgasm but she felt something at her entrance and looked back. Celeste was completely naked and was wearing a harness with a large rubber cock which she was trying to slide into Katie’s cunt. Katie grunted as Celeste drove the ten inch rubber phallus to the hilt.

I’m getting it from both ends ... and loving it. Kaitie thought as her mouth and cunt were used by her in laws with the enthusiasm of two sex fiends enjoying their daughter in law’s submisiveness. Kaitie came once, twice, three times while Celeste pounded her pussy with abandament. Jack used both hands to pull Kaitie by the hair to his groin grunting as he unleashed another cum load down her throat. The excitement of watching his wife fuck Katie’s hot cunt was too much for him.

He withdrew his softening cock from Katie’s mouth watching as his wife continued to use her rubber cock on his daughter in law’s gushing pussy. Celeste pulled out of Kaite and told her. “Suck your cunt juice off of my cock slut.”

Kaitie did as she was commanded using her mouth on Celeste’s dildo like it was a real cock. “Now eat me.” Demanded her mother in law. With the rubber dick resting on her head Katie put her mouth on Celeste’s wet pussy and lapped it until Celeste groaned with an intense orgasm. “Enough!” Celeste moaned as she pulled away from Katie and her exciting toungue.

As Katie dressed, with her father in law’s eyes never leaving her, Celeste told her. “Jason will be home Friday. You two come for Sunday dinner.”

Katie knodded as she dropped het breasts into her bra. At least I won’t be punished anymore. Or so she thought.


Jason had called her from the airport. She showered quickly to prepare his welcome. She decided that she didn’t need underthings She dug through her closet and found a simple white blouse and the short plaid skirt that Jason liked so much because it made her look like a young school girl. She slipped on a pair of white tennis shoes and pulled her hair into a pony tail to complete the schoolgirl look.

She heard a car door close. Then the click of Jason’s key in the lock. She stood still as the door opened. Katie knew how much Jason would appreciate her ensamble. Her nipples were hard pushing out the almost shear white blouse material obscenely, in anticipation of what was to come.

Jason closed the door with his back as he looked his wife over. He had been half hard all the way home in the back seat of the cab anticipating sex with Katie. She hurried to him, getting on her tip toes to stick her tongue in her husband’s waiting mouth. Both of his hands caressed Katie’s braless tits through the thin material of her blouse as she unbuckled his belt, unsnapped his pants and lowered his zipper rubbing the back of her hand against his rapidly hardening erection.

Katie dropped to her knees caressing his stiffening cock as she looked up at her husband saying. “Fuck my mouth Jason. Fuck it good.” As she engulfed her husband’s hard prick her mind was screaming. Fuck my slut mouth Jason. Fuck my cunt mouth!

Jason complied. He took hold of her pony tail and commenced to fuck her hot mouth as hard as he could, his stiff six inches touching her throat with every forcefull thrust. Katie was enjoyng his roughness for the first time in their relationbship. Maybe her spankings had brought out new needs for the young woman.

He groaned as his head turned towards the ceiling, holding Katie’s nose tight against his pubic hair as he unleashed his cum load down her throat.

Jason kicked off his pants as Katie took his hand and led him towards the bedroom. In the bedroom Katie raised her school girl skirt to her waist letting her husband have his first view of her freshly shaved pubes, her pussy lips exposed and wet. He pushed her back on the bed and crawled between her legs, groaning excitedly as he spread her nether lips and licked her slit all the way up and grabbed her clit with his lips.

“Your father saw my bald cunt first. He groaned and apparently liked the look. But, your mother called me a slut for shaving and thought I did it just for your father’s enjoyment.” Katie groaned as her husband’s rapidly moving toungue concentrated on her puffy clitorous bringing ever so close to an orgasm. “They spanked me again you know. “She continued. “ When I was sucking your Dad for the second time he shot his load down my throat while he watched your mother fuck my cunt with a harness and ten inch dick attached. She ordered me to suck my cum off her rubber prick, then I had to eat her pussy until she came.” Katie was orgasming as Jason licked her like a mad man.

Jason was so turned on that his cock exploded and sprayed the bedcovers with his juicy load of cum. He had wanted to fuck his wife but he couldn’t hold his climax back. She would have to suck him to another erection ... after he rested.

Supper that night were ham sanwhiches and red wine. Then they made love twice before finally falling asleep. Somewhere between fucks Katie told her husband that his mother had invited them for Sunday dinner. In Jason’s dreams that night he imagined that his parents punished Katie again while he watched. He woke with a hard on Saturday morning and woke his wife with his cock in her bald pussy.

SUNDAY DINNER Celeste and Jack were happy to see their son and Jack couldn’t keep is eyes off of Katie, smirking as he noticed how her tits were jiggeling every time she moved. Jason had convinced her to put her clingy red dress on sans underwear. He wanted to see his father’s reaction and wasn’t disapointed as Jack’s eyes took in his daughter in law’s obvious nakedness under her tight dress. An idea popped into Jason’s mind and a mischievous smile crossed his face.

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