Descend of Pride

by StarryHorizon

Copyright© 2018 by StarryHorizon

Young Adult Sex Story: Roommates trick her into losing her virginity.

Caution: This Young Adult Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Teenagers   Coercion   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   Humiliation   Gang Bang   Interracial   White Male   White Female   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   First   Pregnancy   Voyeurism   Small Breasts   .

“I swear, it was as thick as my wrist! Have you ever had one of those hotdogs they sell at the mall downtown? I swear you could’ve drizzled some mustard on top of that thing and they would’ve looked identical! I’m not even kidding!” The teenager raised her hands up to try and wrap her fingers around the imaginary girth of the object she was describing.

“Really? No way, Kathy! So you... ? All the way... ?” Her flustered friend looked on from the other side of the couch.

The TV show running in the background was all but forgotten. The crude exchange had taken priority. There was simply nothing more exciting than gossiping, especially if it involved talking about their latest conquests now that they were old enough to have hook-ups on demand. That brief phase while they were old enough to do anything they want, but not yet burdened by adult responsibilities.

“You can bet your ass I did, I’m still sore after we spent the entire night fuhhh-”

Her speech was abruptly interrupted by a book that came flying from the other side of the apartment. It brushed her cheek and tumbled to the ground mere inches away from the television screen. Katherine immediately raised a hand up to ease the dull ache that suddenly emanated from her tanned cheek, and stared at the source.

Standing there in the hallway was another teenage girl, whose emerald eyes glared something fierce.

“Gross! So gross! Both of you! If you keep on living like that, you’re going to have a real problem finding a good husband.” Unlike her two unruly roommates – who wore nothing but a shirt and panties – she was dressed very conservatively. “You won’t even find a boyfriend if you are all used up. I’m just trying to help! Come on, just ... behave like normal girls?”

She was dressed from head to toe. Wooly socks, sweat pants, and an oversized shirt. Even her facial features were somewhat concealed behind a cute pair of glasses. Her dark hair was bundled up into a simple ponytail and easy to maintain. Despite her attempts to hide herself from the world however, an unusually attractive girl was hidden under that façade. It was ironic that she was the one behaving all prim and proper.

The three girls had been brought together by sheer coincidence, all of them were recent college freshmen and originally lived too far from their desired university to endure the daily commute. However, nearly all places that were close enough were rundown flats for horrendous prices. They had been lucky that a new apartment complex had been constructed just a few months prior. The rent would be far too expensive by itself but the landlord didn’t mind having multiple occupants sharing the costs, and the rooms.

That’s how the three completely different souls from different upbringings, ended up in the same spot. It hadn’t been easy for any of them.

Anna’s dainty fingers lingered on another book but she hesitated to toss it just yet. Even the first throw was more of an impulse, one which she already regretted. Peaceful solutions are so much better. It’s how she had been raised.

“Can’t you just save your talk about boys for when you’re in private or something? I don’t want to hear about ... genitals or stuff. Please? I asked you like ... a dozen times already. Please...” She lowered her eyes in defeat.

She was only trying to help them! It didn’t make sense to her that someone would willingly engage in sexual acts without being married first. Anna had been the last one to move into the apartment just a month prior – roughly a week after the other two girls – and it was an intense change.

This wasn’t at all like what she was used to back at home. She raised her hand up to tightly grasp her necklace, a silver cross that she cherished more than anything.

Katherine scoffed at the remark. “This place is in private, silly. Last I checked, this is our home too. This is private. You should be thankful I don’t mind you listening ... if it weren’t for your constant bickering. How do you think you were born? Even your own parents enjoy fuc-” Once more she was interrupted by a rapidly approaching book, this one however barely graced the couch before it tumbled down. It hadn’t been thrown with any real seriousness.

“I don’t wanna hear it!” The teenager quickly covered both her ears before stumbling off to her room. “Nope, nope!” her soft voice accentuated each word as she walked off and loudly shut the door behind herself.

“What is her problem?” Mai was the second girl who had joined the apartment, and didn’t have any problem with Kathrine’s carefree attitude.

Both girls enjoyed getting laid. The more the better. Sex was the perfect release for the stress of studying. It was a blessing that they no longer had to worry about their parents when bringing guys home. As far as they were concerned, Anna was the only troublemaker they still had to deal with just because of that girl’s strict morals. Always judging. Always spouting religious crap.

“Honestly I don’t think she even had sex yet. It’s so weird and awkward with her around.”

“Kind of, yeah,” Katherine agreed.

She leaned to the side to grab a handful of snacks before redirecting her attention back to the TV. The show didn’t even register to her mind, she was distracted.

“Isn’t her entire family like that? Super obsessed, evangelical crusaders? The dad visited once and complained because I was wearing hot pants. Get outta here, who is he to tell me what to wear? Hell, I’d go celibate for a year if only it would mean that I get to see that girl barefoot and pregnant long before she’s even got a boyfriend. She’d flip her shit, and her family would ditch her faster than stale milk.”

It took her a moment to notice how Mai’s attention had suddenly piqued upon hearing that thought. More than that, it was a thrilling idea and would make for one hell of a prank. The two girls looked at each other with wicked smiles, and a twisted thought came to be.

Back in the bedroom, Anna was lying on her bed while staring up at the ceiling. She felt torn between what to do next. There was plenty of schoolwork left to study and she still had a few more letters to write and send back home, and she also felt obligated to keep at it with her attempts to help her new roommates. It was common sense, really. Sexual intercourse was meant to be a special bond with someone you love, the young teenager struggled to fathom why anyone would do that with a stranger.

On top of which, all three of them were neck deep in trying to manage their new schedules and classes. College was a real drag compared to high school.

Anna sighed.

So much to do.

Nobody really understood the pressure she was under. She not only had the urge to do everything at once, but also to do it perfectly. Anything less than that would be a disappointment, both to her and her family. She had expectations to live up to.

Her little world had opened up so much, and it still seemed to grow further with every day. Her hand moved up to grasp her necklace again, clenching over the small metal cross. It returned some of her strength and faith. She had promised her mother that she could do this. There’s no going back. So she rolled onto her back, grabbed another book and went right back to studying. As long as problems are taken one at a time, it’s impossible to be overwhelmed. Anything can be done.

Needless to say it came as quite the surprise when the other two girls – Katherine and Mai – burst into the room just an hour later. Anna raised a suspicious brow at the duo. After an argument, everyone tended to just ... avoid each other for a day or two. The change of heart was unexpected.

“What, why the big eyes? We came to make peace,” came Kathrine’s prompted response. “Come on out of your little cave, let’s have some fun together.”

The teenager reluctantly got off her bed. This had to be a trap, she simply knew that. It wouldn’t have been the first spiteful prank by her roommates. Her expectations couldn’t be any lower. Though upon being guided back to the living room, she was surprised to see a Monopoly set all prepared and ready on the table! It used to be one of her favorites spare time activities to play that board game, if only her brother hadn’t beaten her at it nearly every time.

“You like that one, right? Your dad mentioned it when he visited. If you don’t wanna play it, then we—”Katherine was interrupted before finishing the sentence.

“No! No, no, this is awesome! I love it!!! How did you even know ... oh right, yeah. Awesome!” Her green eyes sparkled in excitement. “I thought you hated me! I’m sorry,” she apologized for her earlier outburst. “Are you sure this is all right?” It was a huge turn of events. Maybe everything was going to work out after all.

“Of course!” Mai gave her a reassuring pat on the back. She barely managed to conceal a sly grin. This was going to be child’s play. “Why don’t you and Kathy pick some play pieces already while I go grab us some refreshments?”

What the religious girl hadn’t expected was what came a few minutes later. She was all hyped up and eager to begin, when Mai returned with a tray full of cocktails. At least they looked like cocktails, Anna had never visited a bar but she’d seen those drinks in movies ... plenty of times. Tall glasses with an orange liquid in it and an orange slice attached to the rim, others filled with a white liquid, a piece of coconut and an paper umbrella sticking out of the glass.

“Those look ... fabulous!” Anna’s tone was nervous and uneasy. “But that’s alcohol, isn’t it?” she inquired carefully, trying to sound polite. “I don’t really do alcohol...” This was her opportunity to mend the relationship with her roommates, she didn’t want to mess it up. They might even become friends.

“Nonsense, you’re gonna have a great time!” Katherine took the initiative, it’s no secret that she enjoyed those fruity sweet cocktails and everything that came after. She rolled her dice to get started with their board game, and then pushed one of the drinks towards their naïve roommate.

Anna glanced down at the Piña colada; a creamy drink, ice-cold and with an overpowering taste of coconuts and tropical fruit. It’s almost impossible to tell it even contains alcohol, but while that sweet flavor tended to linger on the tongue, it was easy the underestimate just how much of a kick the drink had.

Her petite fingers grasped the glass and she gingerly raised it up to her lips before doing a little taste test. Just a small dab, a droplet which she gathered with her lips and then rinsed off with her tongue.

“Mmh!” She poured a little more into her mouth, and her eyes opened wide. “This is alcohol? Seriously? This is ... kinda nice!” She greedily drank more while the sugary flavor intoxicated her senses. “Oh wow, this is a thing. I love it!”

“And nobody will ever find out,” Katherine reassured her before passing the dice to Mai.

Half an hour later while in the midst of their match, the doorbell rang and Mai happily slid off the couch to investigate. Neighbors constantly asked for some salt, flour, or other neighborly favor. It wasn’t anything unusual. But this wasn’t a surprise. When she opened the door, she faced two friends she often went out with. Ryan, a pretty buff guy who studied psychology together with Katherine – and Mike who was just about to finish high school. Mai pointed the way and while the guys entered the apartment, she quickly readjusted the air conditioning – things were about to get heated.

A startled gasp escaped Anna when the two strangers entered the room. She’d never seen either of them.

“Oh hey, glad you guys could make it!” Katherine stood up and greeted both with a warm hug. “We had a little change of plans here, I guess we won’t be able to go out today, but we totally don’t mind you joining us here? For a while? We even have drinks and all that,” she added while glancing at the assortment of cocktails on the table. Suddenly the amount of drinks made a lot more sense. Both of the giddy, excited girls stayed away from the couch and instead retrieved some chairs from the kitchen to get comfortable in reach of the board game. Which coincidentally meant that both guys sat down on either side of Anna ... on the couch. She nervously took another gulp of the drink. She felt trapped between them.

“Can’t you sit somewhere els-” the awkward teenager was abruptly interrupted by a hush from Kathrine.

“So how are you guys doing today?” she asked while swiping all existing cards and pieces off the monopoly board and rearranging things so that they could start over from scratch. She chose to completely ignore that Anna acted uneasy.

Mike shrugged in response. “I dunno, still a little down.” The slender guy lowered his gaze to the board to try and distract himself. Anna felt her eyes oddly glued to him, he wasn’t emitting the kind of macho aura that most men had. He wasn’t very muscular, certainly not as much as the other guy.

“Yeah? How so?” Katherine shuffled the cards and gave each player new pieces to play with.

He leaned back with an exaggerated sigh and crossed his arms behind his head. “Come on, you know why. I had my heart broken just a few months ago, that shit still hurts.” Anna couldn’t help but flinch at his use of swear words, but she felt compassion for him. He did seem a little down. If only she weren’t so incredibly shy she might be able to muster the ability to say a few words of encouragement – then again what did she know about relationships?

They began playing again, and she gradually noticed two more things. For one, her body was beginning to feel all fuzzy and numb after drinking two of those sweet gifts from heaven. Her head felt mushy and full of static. Secondly, she felt seriously warm. Her roommates had been wearing just shirts and underwear the whole time anyway. The two guys had already removed their jackets and sat there in just pants and wife beater shirts. It was a casual atmosphere. Anna was the only one dressed in multiple layers of clothing.

Throughout it all, the guys finally introduced themselves by name and mentioned a few more details about their life. Anna was stoked to hear about it all, soaking up all that knowledge like a sponge.

When she wiped the first traces of sweat off her forehead for the first time, Katherine used this newfound opportunity to sneak around and to approach her teenage roommate from behind the coach. It was time for a very special favor. She leaned over to peer over her roommate’s shoulder and reached out to grasp the bottom edge of Anna’s sweatshirt. A quick tug upwards removed the piece of clothing before the girls even realized what else had happened.

Suddenly, Anna found herself sitting there, topless, wearing a shocked expression instead of her two layers and a bra. She felt a fresh breeze of air to caress her upper body, including her bare nipples. To her dismay, she found that along with her sweatshirt, her regular shirt had also been dragged off ... and her bra had slid up enough to reveal her small, perky breasts.

Anna was slow to react, given the intoxicating drink. The rest of the group appraised her thin, teenage body.

Katherine smirked, looking down over Anna’s bare chest. Her pert breasts were an A-cup, maybe a B at most. This hadn’t been part of the plan but it was oh-so-perfect.

Anna however was horrified, her arms shot up to cover her small chest and she made a quick attempt to stand up only to have Kathrine’s hands pushing down on her shoulders, forcing her to sit back down on the couch.

“Noo!” Anna squealed in protest. “Let me go I gotta fix this I can’t believe you’ve done this ohmigod this is the most embarrassing moment in my life and I’m going to die!” She blurted out the entire sentence with a single breath. She was mortified! Her hands managed to cover her breasts but it wasn’t nearly enough to make her feel at ease. This was terrible. A disaster.

“Relax,” both guys spoke up simultaneously, and she suddenly grew aware of how everyone in the room was staring at her as if she was the crazy one.

Katherine suppressed a laugh while reaching down to help the dazzled girl readjusting her bra to hide those mosquito bites.

Her breathing slowly returned to normal while she kept glancing left, right, above, observing everyone’s reaction or lack thereof to the accident. The silence was broken by the little plastic dice as it rolled across the board game.

“Yes!” Mai chirped happily. “Time to get rich, oh yeah!”

And so, it was quickly forgotten that anything had even happened. Anna helped to suppress the memory by having another drink. This one had a strong aftertaste of alcohol which was barely concealed by the sugary flavor of an energy drink.

Everyone else could clearly see the results of her drinking. Anna had extremely pale skin, which made the alcohol-induced flourish of red spreading across both cheeks and her chest stand out even further. Even her tummy was colored a bright red and her intoxicated state was obvious to anyone with a pair of eyes.

Mike’s hand had found its way to her thigh, and was lightly stroking the sensitive area over the fabric of her pants. She could feel his touch affecting her – making her feel weird. She didn’t even know why she hadn’t slapped his hand away. The drinks, the adrenaline from the earlier accident, the heat, it was all affecting her. It was like her batteries had been drained completely.

Once they got close to finishing the game, she was just about ready to pass out on the spot. Everybody else was happily chatting about their fresh experiences with college, but Anna couldn’t handle herself. Her vision was a blurry mess and she could barely even concentrate on the board game anymore. There was an entire stack of paper money in front of her that she couldn’t even think of using.

When Mike moved his hand off her thigh, she was just about to stand up and excuse herself when she watched him removing his pants. It was then that the drunken girl noticed that the other guy – Ryan was it? – on her other side had already done the same as well. The heat was nearly unbearable, but she was the only one who hadn’t stripped down to her underwear.

It was a vicious cycle too, the warm temperature made it tempting to drink more of the chilled drinks, which in turn got her increasingly hot and bothered. She needed to close her eyes, for just a moment. Her vision turned black and she couldn’t tell how long it took for her to open them again.

“Don’t fall asleep on us, you’re meant to be the center of attention tonight,” came Kathrine’s voice suddenly just a few inches away from Anna’s face, it was like she had appeared out of nowhere! She also suddenly noticed that Mai was no longer sitting in her chair, instead she was straddling Ryan on the couch and heavily making out with him. The entire atmosphere had changed.

Had she passed out for a moment? It must’ve been a long moment. She was still in the middle of the couch all right, with something happening in all directions. Her gaze wandered forward again and she observed Kathrine, who was crouching down just in front of the couch, between Anna’s legs.

Kathrine’s hands moved around Anna’s hips and grasped the waistband of those unladylike sweat pants. With great ease, those nimble fingers began to pull and gradually remove that pesky layer of clothing. It was followed by an audible chuckle. It left Anna even more dazed and confused for a moment before she glanced down and realized the reason for the impromptu entertainment. Unlike her roommates, she didn’t own any seductive lingerie like laced thongs, black tangas, or any of that lewd stuff.

Anna’s involuntary strip revealed an old and washed out pair of bikini style panties, a dull and bleached pink cotton fabric that looked several years old. It even had the barely recognizable shadowy outline of a mermaid princess across the front with a small Disney logo next to it. Those panties were quite clearly bottom of the drawer material, something nobody would wear unless it’s a desperate laundry day. Then again, the inexperienced teenager probably hadn’t anticipated that she would end up drunk on the couch, dressed in nothing more than a bra and her underwear, while two guys and two girls had the opportunity to ogle her petite body. Nobody was supposed to see her panties. Ever.

A very long second passed before she had the presence of mind to cover her crotch with her hands. “I think ... I think I gotta sleep,” she mumbled. Her soft voice lacked conviction and energy. Her entire body felt heavy, as if someone had parked an entire friggin’ truck on top of her.

“Hey, are you sure this is okay?” Mike interjected while eyeing the girls. It was clearly not in Anna’s interest to go further, which didn’t line up with what he had anticipated.

“Come on, just get your dick out. Your relationship ended, what, a few months ago? Right? Just think of how good it would feel to be inside this cutie,” Katherine suggested lewdly.

He couldn’t deny that it was very tempting. He hadn’t gotten laid since his break-up. In fact, he hadn’t even masturbated. There was a couple months’ worth of cum churning in his balls. He took off his boxers pretty much on auto-pilot and his stiff dick bounced into view.

Katherine took the cue. She slung an arm around Anna’s small frame and rolled her onto her stomach. Anna weakly let Katherine position her. She felt like a docile rag doll. It was her first time drinking more than half a glass of wine and it clearly had an effect she hadn’t anticipated. It also didn’t help that she ended up drinking so much, so quickly. The situation was out of her control.

Anna found herself with her upper body resting on the couch and her knees on the rough carpet. She felt her panties being manipulated, then the unfamiliar feeling of warm air on her bare sex.

Katherine’s voice came from behind her. “This has got to be the toughest sale, seriously. How can a girl be this much of a virgin?!” she ranted.

Katherine observed Anna’s small patch of wiry pubic hair. Her thumbs, however, wasted no time digging right in, navigating to the center of that sparse copse of hair to apply pressure to the feminine folds of Anna’s untouched vagina.

“Found the goods!” Katherine reported. A gentle pull helped to finally push those lips apart, revealing the slightly moist, pink interior of the teenager’s pretty little cunt. A pristine treasure. If this girl would put even a tad bit of effort into her appearance, everyone would easily recognize that she’s a ten. Full score. She had the looks, and a pretty pussy to back it up.

Not like that made much of a difference to Mike, who moved in position behind the girl. His erection already had a fat droplet of pre-cum oozing out of the tip, his balls were aching for release. It didn’t matter that she’s a college freshman, or religious, or that she’s a bit of a nerd. The only important part about her was that tight snatch between her legs. It would feel so fucking good to dump a load inside a girl again.

As for Anna, she was decidedly confused by the turn of events. She clearly felt the warm air caressing her nether regions, but she also was still aware of the snug waistband around her waist. She wasn’t naked, or so she told herself. Everything was in order. At least until she felt something blunt nudging against her vulva. It felt both soft and hard at the same time. It was fortunate that she hadn’t drunk more alcohol, her intoxicated state was fading, albeit slowly.

She grew more aware of her surroundings. “What’cha doing back there?” she slurred drunkenly. As soon as she said those words, Kathrine’s digits applied more pressure to pull the vaginal opening further apart.

Anna flinched. The sharp pain from between her legs was strange and unfamiliar, until the realization broke through her foggy brain: Her hymen was tearing! Panic set in as she finally realized that the game was long over, everything was over, this was dangerous and certainly not what she had signed up for.

Her initial shock grew into a desperate groan when something fat and long suddenly tunneled into her delicate lady parts, stretching her open. Parts inside her that she never even knew existed were suddenly filled by something meaty and thick. Her partner was barely average in size, but as far as she was concerned it felt like someone had just shoved an arm into her unprepared womanhood.

She gasped, tensed up, and made a futile attempt to wriggle her crotch forward but the couch prevented her from escaping. Her insides were burning up. What just happened?!

“Sto-stop! I don’t ... I can’t ... this is too fast!” she murmured, pushing herself up and trying to squeeze her thighs shut.

But a persistent hand pushed down on the small of her back, forcing her knees to slide further apart. Adrenaline filled her heart, sobering her up incredibly quickly as she felt the object starting to move back and forth. It was surreal. Both of her small hands were clenched into fists before she had the presence of mind to look back again. There was Mike just behind her with his hands on her supple hips. To Anna, it felt like a strange combination of dancing with him and wrestling. He used her curves for more leverage to drive into her. Just by his side was Kathrine, her hand on Anna’s back. She seemed to be whispering sweet nothings into his ear.

With her lips to Mike’s ear and staring right at Anna, she spouted cruelties. “Yeah, fuck me that’s hot, you popped her cherry real good. She hasn’t even realized that it’s her first fuck, she didn’t even get to tell her virginity bye-bye.” Katherine laughed for a brief moment, after which she gave him a determined slap on the ass. “Get in there. Open her up wide! Crack that little honeypot. Is she tight? I bet she’s tight as fuck.”

Mike gritted his teeth and picked up the pace of his steady thrusts into the thin, naive Anna, who could only grunt softly in response.

For a short moment, the room was a medley of the smooching lips of the teenagers passionately kissing on the couch, the squishy wet sounds that emerged from Anna’s freshly deflowered girly bits, and her desperate sighs. Those lips of her cunt had stretched into a nice oval shape to accommodate the first dick of her young life.

Her body wasn’t nearly as stubborn about the issue as her mind however. Her insides were warming up, snugly wrapping around the veiny appendage and clenching hard. Her body was at just the right age for baby-making and craved the imminent injection of fresh, warm spunk. Her pussy was more than happy to oblige and open up.

Anna’s first fuck was at least partially as her parents would’ve hoped for. She wasn’t married which they would’ve utterly disapproved of ... but she was taking that cock bareback and without a sliver of protection. Their strict religious beliefs did not support condoms or birth control, or any other method of protected sex. Her parents may get their first grandchildren significantly earlier than anyone would’ve expected.

Mike plunged deeper and Anna felt his invader grow harder.

“Ah!” she gasped.

A sharp pain filled her loins. He had just reached the core of her femininity, way deep inside her pussy, and it certainly wasn’t a pleasant experience, for her at least. Any experienced woman would’ve realized that her cervix had just been rammed. At that point, any sane woman would’ve called for a break to demand the use of condoms. But not Anna, no. The awkward teenager remained quiet and unknowingly took the risk of receiving an injection of cum straight into her unprotected womb. She was about to witness her very own insemination.

Mike plunged in fully and moaned in bliss, relishing the warmth of being balls deep inside this beauty. Her snatch was snugly embracing his raging-hard cock and her soft, wet labia were kissing his crotch. It was amazing and any issues he’s had on his mind before were all but forgotten. He held fast, his grip tightening on her hips. This effectively spread her ass open wider and Mike used his thumb to slide Anna’s worn panties further out of the way. He looked down into her tight sphincter, watching it dilate, then tighten in time with her clenching cunt.

“Fuck her harder!” a familiar voice whispered into his ear. Katherine still had her hand on his butt, pressing him into Anna. “What are you waiting for? Show her what she’s here for, to take your hot load.”

Mike felt a primal need take over his mind. He drew back and plunged forward, hitting Anna’s depths again, eliciting a grunt from the small teen. She had the most amazing pussy he’s ever been in, and he wasn’t going to waste it. He began pounding into her without abandon.

Katherine smiled and squeezed Mike’s ass as he began pumping into Anna with vigor. He seemed to be a man with a purpose.

“You should fill her up,” Katherine said softly. Her voice grew louder as she added, “that’s it! Come inside her!”

At that, Anna’s ears perked up. “Nuh-no! I can’t this—is too much! Not inside, no no!” she pleaded, shaking her head back and forth weakly as she began struggling more fiercely.

Anna twisted her hips from side to side, almost managing to dislodge his cock after a particularly shallow thrust. The truth was beginning to hit her but it wasn’t the time to sulk, she had to take action before things got even worse.

Katherine gave Anna a sharp slap on the ass, halting her squirming, protesting wriggling. “Relax babe, we’ll get you some morning after pills if you play along. If you don’t, he’ll creampie you anyway, and it will be up to you to visit the pharmacy with a pussy full of cum. That would be sexy too. I don’t care either way...”

Simultaneously, her partner pace picked up, as if eager to dump his load. Anna moaned uncomfortably and her grip tightened on the couch cushions.

“Just shut up and take his cock. We’ll get you those stupid pills,” Katherine’s voice was sharp and harsh.

His crotch impacted with the perky cheeks of her bum with each push, slapping against her, claiming her. She almost hadn’t noticed that the pain was fading ... and was being replaced by a more warm sensation, a weird ache that felt just right, somehow.

Anna didn’t even notice her swinging cross pendant as she rocked back and forth with Mike’s thrusts.

She struggled to decide. Play along? Or fight it? Her thoughts wandered to a completely different place when that heat in her loins grew, accompanied by a pulsing that thumped against her insides somewhere inside her tummy.

She looked down and placed a hand on her belly, as if she could feel the depths of Mike’s invader. She saw his balls swinging wildly, knocking against her pubic mound and occasionally slapping her little unexplored clit.

“Ohh ... ohhh! I think I ... I think I am ... I am having an orgasm?!” she questioned breathlessly, almost excitedly. For a brief second she felt like a grown up, like she had felt some super-secret thing that nobody had discovered before her.

But it wasn’t her who had just peaked.

Mike thrust in deep and groaned in pleasure, his grip tightening further on the abused girl’s hips. Without further warning, his cock began leaping and throbbing, snugly embraced between Anna’s stretched labia and he unloaded.

“Ah! Ah! Ahh!” Mike sighed, each expression in time with a thick spurt of semen.

He had saved this load up for months, he realized as he filled Anna’s fresh pussy. He had meant to give his pent-up ejaculation to his ex, but instead, it ended up overflowing every inch of this naïve teenager’s little cunt, where it would ooze and dribble into every corner and stain her forever.

Katherine saw Mike’s cock throbbing as a creamy ring appeared around his embedded shaft. “Yeah!” she squealed in delight. “Fill that little cunt, fuck a baby into her!”

Anna was dazed. “Huh-?” So close, she had been so damn close to reaching that elusive height of pleasure, she was certain! But those distracting words had all but ruined her orgasm before it formed. “Baby? No I told you I-”

“Morning after pills, idiot! I told you! Play along! Don’t ruin the mood!” came the immediate scolding. “Make it worth his time, squeeze down on that dick!”

Anna remained vaguely aware of the bouncing, throbbing appendage within her womanhood. Fresh disappointment was setting in quickly as she realized that it hadn’t been her pleasure that she felt moments ago. It was his erection in the midst of his orgasm. Worse yet, she began to feel oddly ... wet on the inside. The only other time she felt this way, was when she spotted a cute guy at school.

But this was different. She didn’t feel excited or aroused, and this wasn’t her own wetness. It was his ejaculate. His ... cum. And there was much of it, lots and lots, his dick kept spitting more into her. Her cunt was like a little vacuum, drawing out every last drop of his semen. She involuntarily shivered as she felt that awkward heat of his spunk warming her loins.

Mike had pumped ten or so spurts of virile sperm into her receptive twat. When he pulled out, Anna’s battered pussy still gaped and clenched, and a small trickle of cum oozed out. It hung thick and sticky in her pubes before the underwear was slid back into place to seal her shut. A damp spot formed when the fabric touched her freshly used slit and the material soaked up every trace of leakage. As simply as that, she once more looked almost virginal. But her hymen was gone, and she had a pussy full of potent seed just waiting to seep through her cervix and into her womb.

She was completely out of breath. A cold shiver ran down her spine, she hadn’t even noticed how sweaty her back had gotten. Her white skin was glistening while she allowed her upper body to completely rest on the cushions of the couch. Her knees felt sore from being dragged across the carpet so much, and her abused pussy was echoing the steady rhythm of her own heartbeat. So this was what it’s like to have sex.

“All right, sweet! Next! Let’s do this!” Katherine clapped and grinned in glee with her gaze moving to look back at Ryan and Mai.

She was still straddling him, her hair surrounding both of their heads. At Katherine’s instruction, Mai dismounted Ryan. His tight boxers were tented and there was a large wet spot atop his bulge. Whether it was from Mai’s leaking pussy or from his own precum, no one could tell. It only took Mai a quick spin and tug to free his raging erection.

Mai offered a reluctant sigh at the sight, but deferred to Katherine’s cruel plan. Ryan stood from the couch and replaced Mike, crouching behind Anna.

“She’s good, then?” he questioned Katherine, pausing with his dick in hand.

His religious lover-to-be stole a quick glance with wide open eyes to see the larger appendage so dangerously close to her prized treasure. Not like she had much treasure left to guard in there, her hymen was long gone ... and she truly felt curious about the hint of pleasure she built up earlier. Not to mention she was pretty much being blackmailed into it anyway, there’s no way she would dare going to the pharmacy for something as sex related as an emergency contraceptive.

Katherine nodded excitedly, and Anna felt curious fingers once again displace the thin barrier that her panties presented.

“Just ... just don’t come inside me, okay?” Anna was shocked at her own words. No this wasn’t her, it was just the alcohol talking. It wasn’t her curiosity; it was all the fault of the alcohol. Her hands moved in to tightly grasp her cushion. This was going to hurt. She knew it. She’s going to hate it. Oh lord...

And then he placed his spear at her entrance and pushed in, his cockhead found its mark in the midst of her sparse pubic hair and that tiny hole swallowed his crown. He popped right in, penetrating her cum-lubed pussy. A second guy had become one with her body.

“Ohh!” she cried out, tightening her grip. But it wasn’t pain, it was pleasure that sparked through her crotch like electricity! There had been an emptiness within her belly and suddenly it was being filled by just the right thing. It felt incredibly right.

She tried to focus on that very thought. It was the right thing to do. Both of her roommates had sex all the time, and they seemed to have a good time with it. There’s got to be something amazing about it, she just had to let it happen. Her intoxicated mind clung to any reason that would let her avoid the truth – that she had been fucked and that she was already in the midst of letting a second guy use her as well.

For her second rodeo is was much easier to remain quiet, to be used. She could simply blame it all on the drinks she had. As her second lover pushed deeper inside, she also began to feel just how ... wet and sticky she had become on the inside. She had heard of cum, of course, but had never seen it. Ironically she suddenly found herself still not having seen it, but feeling it inside her body, inside her vagina. It was all gooey and gross. A part of her naïve mind was almost thankful that she didn’t have to see it. It was all safely tucked away inside her lady bits, and after taking advantage of some emergency contraceptive, there’s not even a reason left to worry.

“Ahhnng!” she groaned bitterly.

It only took a single strong push and suddenly he had buried his entire root inside her snatch. His heavy, drooping testicles were rubbing against her vulva but that wasn’t what she was concerned about. The smooth crown of his erection was kissing her defenseless cervix, nudging against the soft and overly tender part of her womanhood. She squirmed anew but on the contrary to her expectations ... it felt good.

It reminded her of the first encounter that had cost her virginity, and that rampant mixture of joy and pain that had managed to draw her so close to the brink of a climax. That elusive peak of pleasure that everybody always talked about. The entire goal of having intercourse. A singular purpose, like an animal.

“Nnh ... ahnn...”she moaned in tune to his thrusts, accentuating every push that buried his length inside her. Every inch of his manhood, every vein, she was aware of it all.

She felt dirty and used, but most of all she felt her heartbeat. Rapid. Strong. Thud, thud, thud.

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