Analogue Sex

by Benjamin J Conrad

Copyright© 2019 by Benjamin J Conrad

Erotica Sex Story: I realised I was into a caper I hadent bargained for when Elaine covered my head in a latex mask after strapping me down on the workout bench. But then another person appeared and I knew I had a real problemb!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Coercion   Rape   Vignettes   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Light Bond   Sadistic   Oral Sex   .

I was strapped onto a strange low bench in Elaine’s basement and apart from the mask the only piece of clothing I had on were my boxer shorts.

A latex mask completely covered my head, except for holes that exposed my mouth, eyes and nose. A zip up the back kept it all tight. As I struggled against the straps I wondered how I’d gotten into this kinky caper?

Why had I let Elaine talk me into this? I wondered, as she’d strapped me to the bench; one around my chest and two around each thigh; another held my arms above my head. My legs were left dangling. Christ! I was in bondage!

I realised now I’d got more than I bargained for when striking up a relationship with Elaine. It had all begun a while back; on an internet bondage site; where I’d become ‘Hugo’ - to guard my real identity of Josh. Little had I realised I was dealing with a delicious thirty year-old lady; who not only lived in my home town but was also seriously into bondage for real!

Elaine now looked me over with satisfaction, “Now Hugo, how do you feel; are you comfortable?”

I felt like a raw steak ready to be grilled, “OK, I guess ... a bit cold actually.” I mumbled awkwardly through the mask.

Elaine went to a cupboard and drew out a small blanket and draped it loosely over my naked body.

“Okay, there we are; well I guess your good and ready to receive your visitor Hugo. She’s waited so patiently to have you; so I’ll go up and fetch her; OK?”

“OK,” I said, as if I had a choice.

After a short while alone, I wondered if I was a hoax victim? This had all been Elaine’s idea; obviously. She had affectively picked me up on that bondage site and got me into online conversations. Before long she probably realised what a greenhorn I was.

She’d sent me a few snaps of herself and I was blown away with her classy image and almost tasteful tone of bondage. I couldn’t believe such a classy dame would spend online-time with a guy like me. Then she eventually offered to meet me down-town, over coffee; during in her lunch break!

Wow! Elaine was the real McCoy; a stylishly elegant city lady; dressed in a smart grey tailored suit with a kick-pleated skirt; which was all enough to turn me on. When entering that coffee restaurant with her on that occasion, I’d never felt so inadequate.

But I was in the hands of a female who knew precisely how to put a young guy at ease as I drank in her lovely hazel eyes and delicious mouth; and without realising it, I was chatting away as if with my older sister.

She’d casually asked me my age and if I’d done any bondage sex before. I freely told her seventeen and the only sex I’d had had was kids stuff in the backs of cars and such stuff. She’d looked at me almost sadly; yet with warmth in her hazel eyes, “You know Hugo, it seems to me, most young men these days have pretty boring sex lives. They are either jerking off on some porno-site or at best, humping in the back seat of a car. So ... how would you like to experience some real Analogue sex that’s truly stimulating Hugo?”

Her question had taken me completely off guard ... but I managed to respond, “Yeah, well I sure would Elaine!” I croaked, suddenly letting my eyes wander down her stylishly covered body.

Elaine laughed lightly; “Not with me silly,” she said.

“But, you see Hugo, I have this really close friend at work. Oh, she’s so attractive; engaged to be married actually; but their abstaining from sex till marriage; because of his faith you see! So now she craves the sort of sex life I have. In fact she’s desperate for some; if you get my drift Hugo?”

“How...” I swallowed and tried again. “Err ... How old is she?”

“Oh, younger than me Hugo; I believe she’s twenty-five. Now, if I could arrange for the two of you to get together at my place at sometime in the future, would you be interested? That’s all I’m asking Hugo.”

I had to swallow again, before I could say, “Well ... yeah. I’d be interested Elaine ... for sure.”

“I should warn you Hugo, since sharing some of my online stuff with her she’s become pretty kinky ... so there might be some bondage involved?”

My head had whirled at the thought of having my first hard sex with some hot, tied-up MILF.

And now it was about to happen! From the top of the basement stairs I heard Elaine saying, “He’s down there waiting for you Suzi,”

Then another voice, which seemed oddly familiar replied, “I’m not sure about this now Elaine...”

“But Suzi, You know you’ve wanted this! He’s down there, willing and eager. He’s all trussed up, and ready for you!.”I’ll be up here if you need me ... okay?”

Elaine’s friend hesitated so long that I imagined she’d backed out of the encounter; but eventually her shoes came tapping down the basement steps; and when she came into view, I was dumbfounded! For standing a few feet away was Susana Jones; my all-so-pure and self-righteous sister!

Yet it was apparent she did not realise it was me, Josh Jones beneath the head-mask; me, the younger brother who had long wrestled with a strong taboo desire for her!

She merely gave a nervous look before she came and stood beside me. Her golden hair was drawn into in a classic bun, enhancing her elegant neck. Then she adopted a sudden dominant attitude; a different persona.

“So ... What have we here?” she asked disdainfully, pulling the blanket off of me in a slow flourish before her eyes ran eagerly up and down my body displayed for her pleasure.

Her sexy action triggered me and my cock expanded; tenting my boxers.

“Oh my! You are a responsive young buck, aren’t you!” she giggled as she bent to run her finger along my stiffened cock; and then over my lips. It was the most erotic sensation, being my sister doing it. She pulled my boxers down enough to reveal what I had.

“Mmm he’s lovely Elaine!” she crooned to herself as her hands fondled my genitals, “ and surprisingly meaty for a simple lad! Nice nuts too!” She took my ‘nuts’ in her hand and gave them a long hard squeeze until I squealed in agony! “Oh! That’s what I love to hear!” In spite of the pain, my cock was pulsating hard and it was next in line for her amusement. She grasped the top of my foreskin and fully pulled it down; then ran her pointed fingernail cruelly under the rim of the glans; until she’d drawn a screech of protest from my throat!

Susana chuckled with glee and her eyes sparkled with her newly found power. She was dressed in a beige silk blouse that had a soft neckerchief, and a skirt that came down to just below her knees; finished by a pair of subtle two-inch heels. It was a demure corporate office uniform; yet somehow lent itself to a dominatrix image?

“Elaine says you’re a bondage virgin Hugo,” she said, standing by my head and looking down at me. “Have you ever tasted a pussy before?”

Stunned into silence, I shook my head. What was she intending to do?

“Well my simpleton, I think it’s high time you did! Just to break the ice between us; so to speak.”

She slowly pulled her skirt up to her waist and ran her fingers over her thighs before taking off her panties. I looked up and for the first time in my life, saw my sister’s cunt.

“Now Hugo, I want you to take a nice big breath for me; okay?” The bench was just low enough for head straddling and her crotch was about an inch above my mouth. I had just time to glimpse her labia nestled in hair before she dropped her skirt, enclosing me in musky darkness. This was a dream come true.

The hot flesh of Susana’s crotch came into contact with my mouth and motivated by fantasies I’d long held for my sister, I eagerly began swiping my tongue between the lips of her cunt. She wailed something but, between her thighs and the latex covering my ears, I couldn’t make out the words but I knew she was not protesting.

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