Helping Out My Sister's Boyfriend

by Second Edition Harry Lime

Copyright© 2018 by Second Edition Harry Lime

Erotica Sex Story: Sometimes a sister is needed to help a girl get over the hump. No sacrifice is too big for this helpful sister.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Humiliation   Spanking   Orgy   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Safe Sex   Squirting   Voyeurism   .

I would be the last person to protest the fact that I was probably the plainest girl in Sundown Junction, Nevada. Now that would not be an unusual thing considering the fact that most of the State of Nevada was pretty plain and boring except for the centers of sin called Las Vegas, Reno and the ever popular Lake Tahoe. The entire State was surrounded on all sides by a bunch of other boring States that didn’t really get interesting until one crossed a vast desert or a high mountain range to reach civilization.

Our town was a small town.

The only high school was mostly a boring place filled with boring young people like me that didn’t have much to say because we were just so darned bored.

One of the highlights of Sundown Junction was my beautiful sister Veronica with her stunning ass length black hair and her hard to control butt cheeks that seemed to still be moving even when she was just standing there pretending she didn’t see all the men and still-growing boys ogling her budding breasts, her perfect smile and the way her flat tummy sort of came together in a “V” that signaled the core of “Veronica”, “Victory” or “Vagina”, whichever was uppermost on your mind.

I would like to think that my Veronica was as pure as the driven snow.

Unfortunately, I had the misfortune to being in the school bus with her when the entire backfield was in motion with her replacing the football. Those four boys were the State Champion Varsity Team and they knew a lot of different ways to get a touchdown. My Veronica was like a ball of fire just sucking those boys dry and looking for more.

I have to be honest and confess that I spent the entire time just watching Veronica take care of those four brave young men.

I was one of the fill-in cheerleaders that they usually but in the back row to make the squad look like we had our fair share of nubile females when competing against the other town in the league.

The only other one on the bus besides the bus driver, an elderly man called Scotty that was missing most of his front teeth and had a shaky hand like he had palsy or something worse, was our field goal kicker, Miguel.

Of course, there was no chance that poor Miguel was going to get a shot at nailing my Veronica because he was not really one of us and I suspected he was really one of those “illegal aliens” that were supposed to be taking jobs away from honest, hard-working Americans like us valid citizens up in Sundown Junction. I had to be honest about it and say boys like Miguel and the other ones that were usually found out on one of the farms working their ass off or standing in front of the Home Depot parking lot didn’t seem like a big threat to me and most of them were learning English as fast as they could and, even as a native speaker, I had to agree the grammar was a bitch.

I had been going to classes with Miguel for a couple of years now and he never bothered with me much but that was sort of par for the course with most of the boys in school. I was never one to shine much in the feminine or sexy way and a lot of times on the football field, guys would think I was a boy and not a girl if I didn’t have my cheerleader skirt on and showed my legs. Miguel was really a soccer player and he was able to kick the football almost the full length of the field with his soccer style and was about as accurate as one could get with making a valuable field goal when we were playing some of the stiff competition from downstate.

He was sitting next to me watching Veronica’s stunning lips around one of the backfield player’s cocks doing that thing that all the boys seemed to love far too much. I had never been invited to join that that sort of fun because the guys at school had the impression that I was “religious” or the sort of girl that didn’t get involved with such foolishness. Besides, I figured a lot of the boys thought half the time that I was another guy and they didn’t want to chance being thought as “queer” if they were using my mouth in such a manner.

I guess that Miguel was sort of lonely being this far north and away from his family and friends all speaking that lingo that they talked down there because he was looking real intently at my sister and kept fondling his big lump down there below his belt. I never had had a real close-up look at a guy’s equipment except in photos and videos that one finds all over the place these days. Anyways, that crazy Miguel pulled out his business and I was stunned at the length and the girth of the thing and the fact it was already leaking at the pee hole only it wasn’t pee it was that pre-cum sticky stuff that helped it slide into girl’s pussies if the action got hot and heavy.

I knew my sister Veronica had gotten a lot of practice in taking boy’s things in all her openings and she wouldn’t deny it but she did her best to keep it a secret because in a small town, a girl’s reputation is the most valuable asset she really had.

It seems kind of strange what with me not even knowing Miguel’s last name, but he put my fingers around his shaft and motioned me to pump him like I was milking a cow without one of those mechanical things that did all the work these days.

It was a new experience for me because I wasn’t popular for that sort of task and about all I ever got to do along those lines was playing “spin the bottle” or sitting in the dark of a movie and letting some boy feel me up like I was a toy doll with budding breasts and real female pussy with a lot of curly hair down there. Most of them went straight for the forbidden zone like greedy guys in a candy store and didn’t slow down long enough to give me an actual kiss on my lips that involved some tongue action and lots of saliva being shared. I thought that sort of “feeling up” was kind of romantic and my Veronica was pretty expert at it because she was so beautiful when she smiled and took the gum out of her mouth.

I was sitting on the bus watching my sister get spitted on both ends by two pairs of horny boys and all I had was the smallish Miguel to take in hand.

Eventually, he got around to feeling me up the standard way all over with his fingers in every hole. I didn’t mind his explorations because I was a bit worked up myself just watching Veronica sucking and fucking at both ends.

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