Betty's See-thru Dress

by Second Edition Harry Lime

Copyright© 2018 by Second Edition Harry Lime

Erotica Sex Story: Betty makes the faux pas of not wearing any undies when she wears her almost sheer ankle length dress that makes her look stark naked in the right angle of light. A client brings it to her attention after ogling her for hours from every angle and up close enough to touch. She does the only thing she can do to make a proper apology and drops down on all fours on the fluffy white carpet with the dress removed in complete submissive surrender to prove she was not a tease so many others.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Workplace   Slut Wife   Humiliation   Light Bond   Rough   Spanking   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Safe Sex   Sex Toys   Squirting   Voyeurism   Hairy   Public Sex   Nudism   .

My name is Betty White and I am not some teenager with an untalented pussy or some stay-at-home mom with distaste for cock in general like it was medicine to take before bed like a good little girl.

My husband Ralph and I have been married for almost ten years and we don’t have any children but it isn’t for want of trying all sorts of options to increase our chances of having a little one that we could brag about to relatives and friends. My own mother accused me of using pills and contraceptives to keep from the added expense of the patter of tiny feet on the carpet. I had insisted that he put every available drop of his sperm into my vaginal tract even though he had fantasies about using my mouth and butt as alternative entries to get his nut.

I suspected he was doing my sister Louise in those other non-baby producing places because he was partial to her teenaged body and the way she acted when his nervous cock was in close proximity to her and when they both thought I wasn’t looking and didn’t have a clue.

I worked for a real estate broker with rich clients and he sort of had a corner on the market in our neighborhood because he was related to the original builder and provided insurance to the homeowners from the date of the original construction to the present day. His name was Billy Bob Booker and he was about as macho as a man can get without being sent straight to jail. He had made me bend over his desk that first day in the office and I was so embarrassed when he saw my “granny panties” of beige that were as sexless as could be and still be worn by a female to keep her pussy warm. It didn’t seem to bother him at all and he initiated me into his way of doing business and “closing” a sale.

Since I didn’t have my license as yet, all I could do was show the properties and get the buyers to sign on the dotted line to bring the paperwork to him for his approval. Each time I brought him a contract, we celebrated by irrigating my anal canal with his spunk and he would spank me and tell me that I was a “good girl” with lots of potential for selling real estate on my own.

I felt real guilty about my submissiveness around my boss, but I didn’t think my husband would mind very much since Billy Bob was only interested in doing my ass and never once went near my pussy in a very gentlemanly way that met with my complete approval.

Things were all light and happy until I was sent to show a nice two story house to a buyer that wanted to see the size of the bedrooms. I could understand that because sometimes the written square footages were not truly indicative of the look or the feel of the bedroom when one was standing with full attention right inside.

The man’s name was Adam and he had a funny moustache that made me wonder if it would tickle if he put it between my legs.

Adam seemed a quiet sort and he stayed behind me every step of the way around the interior of the house. The second time we went up the staircase; he coughed politely and spoke words that startled me from my reverie about moustaches rubbing one’s pussy in a deserted house’s bedroom with a fluffy white carpet but no bed.

“Excuse me, Mrs. White, or I guess I should call you Betty since you already told me to do that and I don’t mind at all. I wanted to advise you that your dress is terribly “see-thru” and I can see all your private areas like you didn’t have any clothes covering your beautiful body.”

I didn’t quite know how to respond to this outburst and was silent for a couple of moments realizing how close Adam had been behind me all over the house and up and down the stairs with me bending over to show him the oven and veggie bins in the bottom of the Fridge.

I summoned up what was remaining of my feminine dignity and replied in calm and even tone,

“Thank you so much, Adam, I must apologize for my shameful display of skin. I had no idea that my dress was so thin as to appear like it was see-thru and I hope I did not offend you with my nipples and my female parts and butt crack that were all pushed on you without any intent or knowledge on my part.”

He looked at me standing in the middle of the bedroom on the fluffy white carpet and he assured me that he very much enjoyed viewing my nipples in all their glory and my pussy mound with the dark hairy covering with my cunt hairs outlined against each window we passed like female brushes covering my feminine folds. Then he surprised me by saying,

“I could only see your brown eye when you bent over because your beautiful ass cheeks were full and tight. But when you leaned down, they gaped open and I could almost see your puckered circle like it was waiting for some attention on a boring day.”

Those words struck me as a bit provocative, but in all honesty, I had to admit that I had made a major faux pas by not wearing a bra or panties, or even a thong that at least covered my anus under the see thru dress.

“Adam, I hope you don’t think me dreadfully forward, but could you tell me exactly what you see when I stand in front of the bay window with my legs spread open?”

He straightened his pencil thin tie and adjusted his glasses to sit back tighter on his cute nose.

I suddenly had an image of his moustache tickling my vaginal opening and his pointed nose rubbing my clitoris like it was a long lost pussy-eating buddy that just returned home.

“Well, Betty, your pussy lips or “camel-toe” as I like to call it are quite puffy and it looks like you like to let things grow wild down there almost like a jungle or a forest with hidden treasure.”

I knew that he was actually seeing my naked form and I am certain that I blushed like a school girl because I remembered how close he had followed me up the stairs so many times and never once complained about a second look.

“Thank you, Adam, I believe you completely and only ask if there is anything I can do to make up for my bad behavior and in making you uncomfortable since you are a happily married man and have no need for my foolishness in your busy schedule.”

He looked at me and reached out to tentatively cup my breast with his gentle fingers like a customer checking a piece of fruit for ripeness and firm touch. It sent a little shock wave straight down to my quivering feminine folds and I dropped down to my knees and lifted my dress so he could see my naked body without the silly see-thru dress getting in his way at all.

When Adam mounted me like I was his personal bitch dog, I sighed in relief because he was bigger than I expected and I needed something of substance inside me to fill me up on a lonely day like this one.

After that we didn’t say much but the room was filled with yells and shouts of joy from both of us as we explored those forgotten little corners that seldom got visited in the middle of the night.

I remember that I asked him to spank me and he didn’t disappoint me in making me feel contrite for my shameful actions in that twelve by sixteen empty room with fluffy white carpet from wall to wall. The light from the bay window played on my naked hips and my bouncing buttocks being pounded by Adam’s weight that made me docile hoping for a whole lot more.

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