Did You Have a Hard Time Tonight?

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Escort wife gets quizzed by boyfriend who later becomes husband. Many carnal adventures await him.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Sharing   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   Prostitution   .

Molly came home early. It was only 11 pm. Her husband was watching TV but turned it off to fix her favorite bourbon and water and give her his full attention. He asked the question in the title. Her reply, “Yes and no, honey. I’m home early.”

She was a statuesque redhead with long hair and blue eyes. A shape that had grabbed men’s attention all her life. A very sexually desirable woman who had the libido to match. Jeff, her husband for the last two of her twenty-four years sometimes wondered why she had chosen him from the many suitors who courted her. She had once explained that it wasn’t for his male equipment, for there were many with larger, or his skill in using it, for many had demonstrated equal or better. It was the parts of his personality that matched hers better than any other of the many men she had considered.

He remembered when they first began dating. She kept it platonic longer than he wanted but one evening she invited him to her apartment for dinner. His hopes were up.

When they finished the delicious meal she had prepared Molly took him to her couch and said there were some things he needed to know before they could go further in their relationship. She wanted that but was heeding the advice her wise mother had taught her many years ago. Honest might cause discomfort but that was far better than the pain dishonesty caused.

She went to get them an after-dinner drink and returned nude. She sat across from him, concealing nothing and spoke, “I want to have sex with you but my work has an impact on that and you will need to make a decision to accept it or walk away.” Jeff got a puzzled look on his face. She continued, “I am what is commonly called an ‘escort’ but my agency is very exclusive and professional. Unlike many sex workers, their clients are thoroughly vetted and I get to choose them using photos and bios. If at any time I’m not comfortable I can take them off my list. I am available three nights a week and occasional overnight and multi-day assignments. Questions?”

Jeff was stunned, “Why are you dating me?”

She reached for his hand, “Because I need an emotional relationship like anyone else. These clients are often very physically satisfying but you know people need more than that. I started this a year ago and my boyfriend at the time couldn’t handle it and I’ve been looking ever since. I feel you and I have great potential or I wouldn’t be revealing this to you. I know you must be wondering how in the hell it could work. I learned long ago how to separate relationships when I had more than one boyfriend at a time. When I am with a client, I AM with them, and likewise with you. You would never know about my work unless you ask, I promise.”

Another question from Jeff, “You would actually enjoy sex with me after ‘them’?”

“I know from experience that I would be eager for it because it would be so much more satisfying deep down inside. Some men have even found the situation quite erotic.”

“Do you use condoms?”

“I told you my clients are carefully screened and regular medical clearances are required, so ‘no’. I’m going to clean up the kitchen so you can absorb this. I’ll be in my bed. You can join me or just leave to give me your decision.”

She waited in the bed for a short while after finishing her cleanup when the door opened and Jeff silently undressed and got in with her. She murmured, “I’m SO glad!” and reached to touch his body for the first time. “Just relax while I get acquainted with your body and then you can do mine.

Starting with his ears, her fingers, lips, and tongue explored him more thoroughly than even his mother had done. He was fascinated with the process. As she reached his groin, she even did things with his testicles in her mouth he’d never thought of. Finally, when his erection was about to explode, she took it in her mouth and her tongue set it off. When he finished she swallowed and gave him a kiss without tongue.

“Now you do the same with me.”

With the example she had set he delighted in his first time ever getting to know a woman’s body so thoroughly. Just as he had, she made appreciative noises as he reached erotic zones. When he worked his way to her crotch, he paused. She said softly, “It’s clean” understanding his concern. Still, as he pushed his tongue between her petal-like inner labia and into her vagina, he couldn’t help but think about other men pushing their penis in there fairly recently. He did notice his cock stirring though. Then he recalled some girlfriends that were non-exclusive but he had not known how recently they had been laid.

Molly pulled his head up to kiss him deep and long as her hand guided him into her depths. She held and caressed him as he plunged over and over until she shook in pleasure and he erupted deep inside.

“Mmmmm,” she hummed as he laid on top of her. She seemed pleased, he thought. She added, “I needed that!”

After a bit she rolled him over and sat up on his still pretty firm shaft. He fondled her perfect breasts as she rode him slowly, savoring the pleasures of every movement. After each had another climax, they slept snuggled.

At breakfast Molly said that she’d like to get together with him day after next, a Saturday. “Can you come about three o’clock?” she offered. What she didn’t say was that she would need to sleep in after her Friday night client who she expected to be with quite late.

She had an outing planned to a museum and then supper at a casual but good restaurant near her apartment. By the time they returned to her place she’d be rested and horny. She would be extra sensitive to his reactions and encouraged him to share his feelings as she went through this adjustment phase. It hadn’t happened often because she had rarely opened her inner self. Perhaps she should take some time off from her work to let them bond better.

Although Jeff seemed okay and the lovemaking was very satisfactory, when she told him that she was due for a vacation and would like to plan a short get away with him she could clearly observe his anxiety level drop.

He knew of a secluded cottage at a small lake about an hour’s drive away and was pleased to find that it was available for the three days they could both manage.

It was a bit like a honeymoon might be, Molly thought. It was secluded enough that they could skinny dip and hang around naked in the sun between going fishing in the little boat and paddling the canoe that was there. It was during the week and the lake was so quiet that they got brave and canoed naked to a little island where they spread out a blanket for a picnic and sex in the sun for dessert.

The drive home was quiet and Jeff declined an invitation to stay a while when they arrived at her apartment. His anxiety had reappeared, she thought, probably because she would resume seeing clients again. They had not talked about it at all since her first revelation. Perhaps the elephant in the room had to be acknowledged without further delay.

She texted him the next morning telling him the location of the key to her apartment and asking him to be in her bed at midnight. Even his following these instructions would be a test of their relationship.

He was there, sitting up and sipping on some bourbon. As she undressed he got her a glass. She sat next to him as they sipped. She noticed that he did not have an erection, the first time that had happened when he was naked with her before intercourse.

She spoke, “May I be direct with you?” He nodded so she continued, “I have just come from being with my favorite client. We had intercourse twice and I had an orgasm each time. Even though he and I have done it many times together, it did not match any of what we did last weekend. That’s why wanted you here, to bring me full satisfaction by being made love to, not just fucked. I think you know the difference from what you told me about your prior relationships.

“I need for you to accept me as I am right now. I have not showered or cleaned myself so that can truly happen. Will you love me as I am?”

That was a breakthrough she could tell as he pounded in her freshly inseminated vagina, moaning and talking and laughing and crying all the way through it until he practically screamed as he ejaculated. She had been quiet all through this but when she felt the hot spurts she said, “You have pushed his out of me and filled me with your sperm. I love it!”

He kept on moving and kept his erection and ejaculated yet another load and she shook and moaned in her orgasm. He cried and held her and said he never wanted to be without her, no matter what.

They did a lot of things together and, as in any normal relationship, sex is only a relatively small portion of how they spent their time. As their relationship matured he got to understand her sexual history, how and why she was who she was.

Molly told him about growing up on the farm with the guidance of a wise mother. How she had done her explorations during high school and college, learning her likes and dislikes as well as developing her screwing skills. While she only took her clothes off for guys that she felt some connection with, nothing seemed to ever go beyond being good friends with benefits.

She’d gone to college without any particular goal in mind and found that working while in school was a lot of effort. She made friends with a slightly older woman at college who worked for the agency and began arousing her interest. Eventually she went and talked to them and realized it was something she’d like to try while she was young and unattached.

She was exactly the kind of woman they were looking for and her interview with one of the male escorts clinched the deal. Taking her mother’s advice, she would bank half of her earnings by payroll deduction and had the time to look after making wise investments.

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