Kelly's Party Room

by Rick Kittle

Copyright© 2018 by Rick Kittle

Erotica Sex Story: Hotel room relaxation after a party ends in un-protected group sex for a night that Kelly would never forget

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   True Story   Cuckold   Sharing   Rough   Spanking   Group Sex   Cream Pie   Big Breasts   Hairy   .

After spending all evening at a 40th with her fiance and a couple of friends Kelly thought nothing of having a long warm shower when she got back to the hotel room. Her partner Frank had invited in two long term friends John and Matt in for a couple of beers, and she could hear the boys talking sport while the taps ran and she washed herself.

Eager to get in the conversation Kelly stopped to dry herself off, looking in the mirror at her 26 year old naked body. Kelly was short at 5 foot 4 inches in height but was extremely curvy with large natural hanging breasts that always seem to draw attention. A small waist with rounded buttocks and thick thighs finished off her curvy figure.

While Kelly might have thought there was plenty of room for improvement there was no doubt that many man found her sexy, something Kelly worked on with her flirty nature from time to time. Keen to relax with another glass of champagne Kelly wrapped the hotel robe around herself and went back into the main room, sitting on the bed and flicking on the television to drown out the noise of the others chatting.

Laying back her robe tightly would around her waist it was only a small part of cleavage and her legs below the knees that were visible. Still in a champagne fueled trance Kelly took no notice of the joking and carrying on that was going on around her. The boys were starting to go quiet though as John was nodding and agreeing with Frank, standing up at the end of the bed where Kelly was laying back watching a movie.

With the three of them in the room, Frank, Matt, and John, Kellys attention wandered but was soon triggered when John unbuttoned his jeans and slid them off over his ankles.

“Its ok Kelly” Frank blurted, its just been a long time for John and I told him he could lay alongside my beautiful fiance and maybe just touch her a little. Kelly put her hand over her robe as if to protect herself as John continued to undress, transfixed as within moments his body was completely naked in front of her, dominated by a large curved erection that must of measured seven or eight inches in length. “Oh you can’t!” Kelly yelped at John, but Frank interrupted “Come on Kelly, you got the boys all excited when you went and had a shower and came back in just your bathrobe, and I told John it would be ok he could just touch you a little, nothing more, just a bit of fun! Just lay still honey and let him see what I rave about so much. He won’t hurt you.”

As John, totally naked, and with a throbbing erection that hadn’t been near a woman in two years lay down next to Kelly he leaned over and kissed her on the neck. Pensive at first, Kelly decided to enjoy the harmless fun as John worked his lips over her neck and shoulders, gently pulling back at the robe, with each little tug exposing more cleavage, and the soft white 38 inch D Cups that lay splayed to the sides of Kellys chest. John gasped as her large pink areolas were exposed ‘Oh man these are so beautiful!’ he exclaimed. Around 3 inches in diameter, with erases sized nipples Kelly’s areola were dark against her pale white skin, and as John discovered when he put his mouth to them they were extremely sensitive. Kelly gasped ‘Ahhh no’ as he worked his teeth lightly over their tips, marveling at their fullness and the blue veins that ran through her large breasts like soft rivers. Both Frank and Matt were now sitting in lounge chairs at the end of the bed, one in awe of another man seducing and touching his 26 year old fiance, and the other in anticipation of things to come.

Frank mouthed Kelly’s breasts hungrily, suckling the entire nipple into his mouth, gently biting at them while Kelly writhed in between a mixture of pleasure and light pain. All the while his other hand worked further down the robe, tugging at it, pulling it apart exposing more of her chubby belly and within moments her thick things and hairy pubic mound. While John couldn’t see this the other two had a birds-eye view of Kelly’s now naked body, the robe laid open like a wrapper, her sex on full display. John guided his hand down onto Kelly’s tummy and as he kissed and licked her breasts he begun to rub at the top of her mound, slowly working his fingers down. Kelly started to pull back, but Frank assured her ‘Its ok baby, let him be, relax’ and like that Kelly’s legs parted just a little and John took his hand onto her labia feeling its warmth and moisture.

Slowly working around the entrance John managed to put the tip of his finger onto the inner part of her vaginal lips, which was already moist and tacky from the fondling. Kelly shuddered when she felt this, but kept her eyes tightly shut. John pulled his finger up to his laps and tasted her musky secretion. It had the smell of sex and made John even harder, his erection now pressing against her thigh and oozing a trail of seminal drool onto Kelly’s white soft skin.

Eventually after a few minutes of teasing John managed to open her vaginal entrance enough that he could drive a finger inside her and coat it in her thick discharge which he would then work up and spread around her clitoris. With each of these rubs Kelly would shudder, and within a few cycles was starting to writhe her hips in time with Johns actions. It was a tingling and excruciating experience for Kelly that she had never felt as she opened her body for this unknown man, spreading her legs wide and exposing her by now swollen and puffy labia to both Frank and Matt. Eyes shut she started to moan as John increased his speed but just like that he stopped which caused Kelly to open her eyes and notice that John was trying to roll over on top of her.

“You can’t I have no birth control” Kelly exclaimed to which John countered “I will try and stop if I can, its been so long, please.” Kelly was powerless as John rolled across her, his large hooded penis leaving a snail-trail of precum across her thighs. ‘I will be careful’ he said as moved up between her legs, wrapping one arm around underneath her hips and grabbing under her right arm with the other. In the perfect position John lined up his dribbling erection with Kelly’s vagina, the purple head of it parting her lips and oozing large amounts of precum onto her opening.

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