The Government Invite

by Marduk

Copyright© 2018 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A rather attractive woman who has been invited to a government function seeks out a companion that not only leads to the function but also opens the floodgates for a sexual adventure

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   Petting   .

Rick didn’t know of the invitation to the governor’s residence till he was asked if he would accompany one of the women in the section of the volunteer organization he was engaged with. It certainly came as a surprise for although he knew the woman, her name was May, he really hadn’t engaged her in any of the conversations that occurred in the day to day activities and when she asked him to accompany her he did think that she had reached ‘rock bottom’ in seeking a companion, for although he had a good reputation with the women in the establishment, it was only on a colleague basic, he hadn’t ever engaged any on a more intimate nature, like taking one out for a meal or such like and certainly not on a more intimate arrangement. However, as he studied the woman in the seconds after she has asked him if he would go with her he thought that apart from her face, regards beauty of any sorts, she was very plain and certainly wouldn’t attract any interest. However, on the other hand her body was more to his liking for he liked plump women with heavy and sagging tits and a nice round and large bottom that was in proportion to her height and weight. ‘I wonder if she has a forest at her groin’, he thought as he agreed and her face lit up like a turned on light; he didn’t know how lonely she was and how she longed to be accepted and secretly has desperate she wanted to be fucked.

“You best tell me more about this invite”, he said as they had coffee which he had invited her to, much to the slight smiles of the other volunteers for it was a bit of a ritual that he had been involved with since joining this area of volunteers. ‘Why did you invite her Rick’, he was asked as the coffee was ordered. ‘She is certainly not attractive and you haven’t taken any interest in her before’ his companion whispered. He waited till the order was taken before replying. ‘She asked me to accompany her to a do that is associated with some government function that is put on to thank volunteers for their work, nobody else was interested so as I have accepted therefore I invited her to join us this morning.” He concluded. His companion was silent for a second and just before they reached the table he whispered. ‘Are you going to fuck her?’ The question rated just a smile.

What his companions thought of the woman certainly wasn’t shown, she was accepted and by the end of the ritual was as involved in the discussions as the others and as they left the goodbyes were genuine. “Thank you Rick”, she said as she almost smothered him so close was she as they walked towards where his vehicle was parked as she had come by bus and had accepted his offer to drive her home. The closeness of the woman and her eagerness for his company did make him wonder if he had been missing out in not engaging her earlier, she wasn’t that attractive but physical facial looks hadn’t been his first point of call with a woman anyway, it had always been their tits and she did have a decent set on her, so his companion whisper of ‘are you going to fuck her’ was very much on his mind when they reached the vehicle.

“Are you in a hurry”, he asked as he unlocked the vehicle. Only for a second was there hesitation then she answered as she pushed herself against him. “No I am not, have you something in mind?” Whether she suspected his reply but when he suggested a cuddle in the back seat she was in almost as soon as he opened the back door. She fell onto him like a ravishing lion and it only took mere seconds of time for her tits to be bare, her thighs open and his finger was giving her cunt a massage that had her dribbling saliva. “It will be a bit crammed”, he said as he worked his trousers down and freed his throbbing cock and encourage her to give it a stroke before saying the words that her whole being craved to hear. “Let’s fuck”.

It was a smorgasbord movements in such a crammed space for his cock to find the lips of her cunt, but finally with a few grunt, cunt and cock came together and as he thrust, sending his entire length up her she reacted with not only a rather auditable explanation of pleasure but her whole being erupted like a miniature volcano and if he hadn’t been up to his balls he may have been thrown off, but he was in and now the fucking began. In and out his cock went, pushing her hard against the back of the seat and she gripped him pushing her backside up to accommodate the plunging cock. He sucked and moulded her nipples, stretching them with his lips and all the time her gasps and grunt would have been heard if others were close at hand, however, for these two that situation was the last thing to be considered as he emptied his load and May rose to receive it, a cunt full of the hot essence of his balls. Slowly he withdrew although May kept pushing herself up so that his cock didn’t just fall out for she was determined to keep it in. Finally he fell back. “That was the best fuck I had in ages and to think it was a crammed fuck, cripes you must be great in bed. With her thighs still spread and her tits still wobbling she smiling said. “When you take me home and if you were not in a hurry we could just fuck the day away”. He only smiled but it would be late that afternoon, totally exhausted when he left her home for he hadn’t come across a woman so randy and so eager for a cock and even when he serviced her backside, in her case for the first time her reaction was the same as it was in the car, total desire in fact almost worshipping his cock and desperate for it to be totally up her or in your mouth, for him he was on cloud nine.

The government house due was a pleasure, although it was the first time he had ever attended such an occasion and instead of suspecting a ‘toffie’ sort of atmosphere, it was very relaxed and May had done her best to make herself attractive, she had applied the cosmetics to not smear her face but to give it some beauty and her dress left nothing to the imagination, she wore it to be noticed and with her tits almost falling out and the backless gown she received many a desirable grin but she made it clear that Rick was who she wanted to be with and as for himself there was no way he was going to be diverted, even though there were other women present who were very attractive, but would they fuck, that he didn’t know whereas May would fuck and after all that was the reason he was with her, to fuck her.

Fuck was very much on May’s mind and when the visit was over, even in the car park, she sucked him off before they departed and once back at her unit ... well there was no words to describe the desperation for engagement, they fucked in every room, he rode her like a jockey and she responded with such enthusiasm it became a question ‘who was fucking who’.

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