I Want Us to Swing

by oldgrump

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Romantic Story: She said she wanted us to swing

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She wanted to try swinging, what could I do

I am David Bowyer; 36, an only child. I had been married for 11 years when this story started. My wife Jane (formerly Green) was a prize, 5’ 8” 115 lbs., redhead with the most amazing green eyes and a killer smile.

We did not have any children by mutual decision. I was mentally abused by my parents and did not wish to continue the family name after breaking away from those assholes. Their pet name for me was ‘shithead’.

Jane wanted a career, and was very self-conscious about her figure and thought that having kids would ruin it.

On the day this began, I was at the table having after breakfast coffee, and deciding which of the yard and a bunch of ‘honey-do list’ tasks to tackle that weekend.

Jane sat down; which was unusual; and said “Davie, I want us to try sex with another couple. You are a great husband, but I want to see if there is something about sex with others that we might enjoy.”

I was just dumbfounded, and finished my coffee, put the cup in the sink, and walk out of the kitchen and into the master bedroom.

Jane followed and said; “Aren’t you going to say anything?”

“Yes; I am going to say something. Enjoy the rest of your life. I will pack all of your crap and put it on the porch. Take it to whoever put that crap in your mind. The next time we talk will be across the table with a divorce attorney.”

“What do you mean,” she screamed, “I don’t want a divorce, I am not moving out, I am talking about taking a lover, not cheating on you.”

“Lady, you made four statements there, and you were wrong on at least three of them. You must want a divorce, I no longer am enough. You are moving out, my asshole parents left me this house and most of the furniture; you have no claim to it. Don’t forget the prenup your loving parents insisted on. As for talking about taking someone else as a sex partner, we did not talk, you made a statement. Also as far as I am concerned, even though you told me ‘probably’ before you did it, planning sex with someone else is cheating. Our marriage vows, not suggestions, vows said ‘forsaking all others’.” I was on a roll now. “If we were having problems in the bedroom, why am I just now finding out about them? After eleven years I realized you were not a screamer, but you never asked me to try something different. Did you?”

She hung her head and stated; “No I never said anything.”

“Then this conversation is over; now either help me pack or get out of here. You need to find somewhere to stay after this weekend, because come Monday you don’t live here anymore. Tonight you will sleep in one of the other bedrooms.”

“One more thing. Was I going to be privileged to know who you were going to cheat with?”

“I had not decided,” she said.

“What,” I screamed; “is there a whole list, and how many have you already taken to bed?”

Jane started crying and tried to say something. I just went up to her, turned her around and led her out of the bedroom. Then I closed the door.

We met in high school. I was not what you would call a jock, nor was I a geek. I was, however, an athlete. I ran cross-country and track. Our team was city champion in cross-country and I was an all-state track member in the mile and 1/2 mile runs and the 1-mile relay. We had a great program and were city champs every year I ran.

Jane Green was a shy girl and transferred into the district her junior year. We met in an unusual way, I was a senior, and coming out of a pre-college counseling meeting when I saw Jane was being cornered by a couple of the resident bullies that almost every school has. I hollered at them to back off, and when they turned to tell me to mind my own business, Jane scooted away. That left me to just laugh at the bullies and say “Sure guys, but what are you going to do now that you have no one to bully.” They turned around and found an empty wall staring at them. I just walked away.

At lunch, that day Jane (I found out her name from a friend of mine in her homeroom) came up to my table and totally surprised me by screaming “Mind your own business Asshole. I don’t need anyone’s help. Just leave me alone.”

“OK,” I said, quietly; “I am sorry you did not get to experience those two jerks attention, just ask around about them. I will not interfere again. Are you happy now; if you are, get your face out of my face, and let me enjoy my lunch while I deal with people who have some manners.” I know, I was a jerk, but she pissed me off.

Jane looked at me like I had three eyes and ran out of the lunchroom crying. I finished my lunch and went to my next class. I did not see her for the rest of the day, and just went to practice and afterward went home.

My parents were their usual jerky selves but told me that there was going to be some guests for dinner. You guessed it; Jane and her parents showed up and introductions were made. I shook her parent’s hands and told my parents that I would be in my room until the company left. I was still pissed about lunch.

My mother was mad, my dad was mad, and our guests, except for Jane, were confused. I just said to everyone; “If you need to know why I will not stay here with you all, ask Jane about school today and especially about her encounter with the school’s resident scumbags this morning.” I left, went to my room and locked the door.

That was our first encounter. 18 years later, I wished it could have been the last. Jane spent almost the entire school year trying to apologize, but I wanted nothing to do with it.

Toward the end of April, I saw the same bullies had Jane backed up in a corner again, and as I went by, I saw fear in her eyes. I thought, for just a millisecond, ‘that’s what you deserve’, but I could not just escape the pleading in her eyes that I saw. I just wasn’t raised that way.

I set my books down, and tapped the nearest jerk on the shoulder and asked if this was a private discussion or could I sort of even the odds. I saw the punch coming and when I ducked, then another bastard hit me in the back of the head and I was down for the count.

I woke up in the school nurse’s office and was told to lay still until the ambulance arrived. I asked what happened, and the nurse said; “a girl ran to the admin office screaming that you were being stomped on by four guys in the hall around the corner from the gym. When the hall monitors and principal arrived, all four of the guys were still kicking and stomping on you. They were pulled off of you and taken away when the police arrived.”

I asked what was wrong with me, and she said; “I’m not sure of all of it but you have a fracture of your cheekbone, a possible broken rib or ribs, and possible internal injuries. Just lay still until the ambulance gets here.” That was the last I remembered until I woke up in the hospital.

Jane and her parents showed up the next day at visiting hours, and the first thing Jane said was; “Why did you help me again after I acted as I did before? And then you would not even let me apologize all year.”

I just stared at her for a second and said; “I do not know where you came from, but here most of us do not like bullies. Regardless of what you said to me, I could not let those scumbags do to you what they have done in the past to others. I only thought for a split second to not help. I definitely didn’t know about the other two guys or that I would be knocked out with the first punch. If I had known that I might have thought longer, but it would not have made a difference. My parents are bullies, and I can’t stand bullies.”

“As to your apologies, I neither want nor need them, I just want you to leave me alone. The first time those same two jerks were bothering you; you screamed at me in front of the entire cafeteria to leave you alone. I did, but you didn’t. Then when I tried to help again I got the crap kicked out of me. JUST LEAVE ME ALONE.

Jane started crying, and her parents insisted that she explain about the first incident. As I was a captive audience, I finally heard what was happening.

One of the scumbags, Jerry Cooper, told Jane he was going to pick her up for a date that coming Friday, and Jane, not liking his attitude told him in not so polite words to buzz off. Jerry, along with one of his football posse cornered her and said: “You’re going out with me, be ready at 7:00.”

That was when I interrupted the party the first time. The second time was more of the same, but they said they were waiting for her ‘boyfriend’ to show up to show her what would happen if she said no.

Jane explained to her parents that she was so scared of the two boys and so embarrassed by needing my help that she got mad and took it out on me. Her mother said something about how that must have gotten all over the school. Jane said; “Nope, ‘Sir Knight’ here never said a word to anyone about it and when people asked me I just said it was personal.”

Jane’s Mother was speechless, but not her father; he verbally laid into her for about five minutes before security tossed the whole bunch out.

I was visited by several of my classmates; one, George Baker brought his father with him and the father informed me he was an attorney and offered to represent me in any lawsuits I wanted to file. He also told me that all four of the bullies were from rich families and had started a suit against the school for expelling their loving children. The security tapes and Jane’s account put a quick stop to that. He then told me that the families had made a major mistake because if they had just let it go, I would only be able to sue the guys involved because of there adult (over 18) status. I asked what it would cost me to sue all the families, the school and the school district. He stated that he needed 10 dollars, and 20% plus expenses of whatever we got. He also said that he had heard of my home life and recommended that I file for early graduation and emancipation to act on my own behalf.

I agreed, and he said he would bring the papers ASAP. He said he would do the emancipation first so I could sign the legal papers.

The emancipation was over quickly as the Judge was familiar with my situation and because I was almost 18 myself it was just a matter of a few months.

Mr. Baker had me sign the papers and said that I was being sued for “unprovoked violence against Mr. Cooper; et al”. I laughed and Mr. Baker chuckled. He said that he had secured the security tapes of the attack and that somehow all of the other copies at the school had been misplaced. He also had the school disciplinary and police records of the guys. The suit was going nowhere. He also said that this suit was a preemptive strike against me suing them.

I told him to sue each family individually for $10,000 a day for every day I am in the hospital, out of school, or under a doctor’s care and a flat $2,000,000 for pain and suffering.

Mr. Baker laughed and said; “I will, and I will add that they will also pay me all of my fees. On top of what you get”

I then said; “Sue the school officials for the failure of there duty to provide a safe environment and the school board for the same thing. Oh, let’s say $10,000,000. We will settle all of the suits for all you can squeeze out of all of them.” I added, “Sue the guys for $10,000,000 each against future earnings and settle that one for all of them pleading guilty to any charges brought against them, and after completing their punishment, permanently removing them from the state and no return for even funerals or weddings without my approval.”

We shook hands, signed more papers and Mr. Baker left.

A couple of days later the school district sent several lawyers in to have me sign something. They were extremely angry when I said that I would not sign anything without my attorneys OK. I then told them to go through him before showing up again, or I would have them barred from my room. I also informed them that they could not go through my parents as I was an emancipated minor, and they could no longer sign for me.

Mr. Baker called later that same day and said the school system’s attorneys had talked to him and offered all medical expenses, $1,000,000 plus 5% legal fees. I told him to accept medical, $4,500,000 and 30% legal fees and I will release to them a copy of the security tape. He laughed and said I was “One evil, vengeful bastard.”

I giggled (I couldn’t laugh, it made my ribs hurt) and said; “Nope my parents are married, I’m just not sure who to, or who my father is.”

Later that day they accepted but required a non-disclosure. I signed the next day. Non-disclosure was not a problem, in fact I would have insisted on it if I had thought of it. As an added bonus, they presented me with my diploma as I had met all of the graduation requirements.

The four families offered combined medical, $5,000 per day in the hospital, and or missed school until my class graduates plus $700,000 no legal expenses.

I told Mr. Baker to counter; all medical for my entire life for any and all complications from the injuries split between the four families. Then each family will pay $8,000 per day until I was released from current medical care, $1,250,000 for pain and suffering, and 30% of the total amount of the settlement for legal expenses. For that, they would also get a copy of the missing security tape. I also said non-disclosure was to my advantage so it would not be a deal-breaker, but make it apply to all parties.

Mr. Baker laughed and said, “That ought to work. I still wonder about your birth parent’s marital status, but I like your style.” He said goodbye and hung up the phone.

A couple of days later Mr. Baker came in with some papers and said that families had accepted the deal. I signed the non-disclosure and had Mr. Baker find me a good CPA to take care of the money. A lot of the money was invested in local income properties.

The four thugs signed the agreement with the stipulation that I drop all of the charges and lawsuits I filed. I agreed, but after I signed, I laughed and told them that I had not filed any charges, the school and the local DA did. They were pissed and made several threats. Mr. Baker told them that he had recorded their threats and would file on those threats if the pleas to the charges were not made. He also told them that he knew they or their families had taken the security tapes and records. But we had gotten copies before they did it and would produce them at their trials if they did not fully comply with the agreements. They all pled guilty and got 1 year in the county jail. I agreed with the punishment, and they left the state and I never heard from them again.

I got out of the hospital about 5 weeks later, and my dad informed me that he was suing the school system, the four guy’s parents, and anyone else they could. After getting over the surprise, I just laughed.

My dad asked what I was laughing about.

I said, “Go ahead and sue, but your wasting your the money.” I continued; “I am an emancipated minor, so you can’t sue, but I can and did. I have an attorney and he informed me that the four guys are all over 18, expelled from school and not their parent’s responsibilities. The school has offered and I accepted a settlement and I have it in a trust fund that I will get an allowance from until I am 25 when I can get it all. As I am emancipated, if you let me stay here and eat here I will pay you $350 per month, otherwise, I am moving out.”

He screamed; “You ungrateful cocksucker, we deserve something, you caused us a lot of pain. Just pack up your shit and get out.”

I left later that day. I went to a motel and paid with a debit card my CPA gave me. I found an apartment and moved in until my eighteenth birthday. I then decided to enlist in the Air Force. I served 2-1/2 years and was mustered out when my facial injuries required more surgery. The military did the surgery, but I had a severe vision problem in that eye. They gave me an 80% disability and a medical discharge.

When I got home, I was informed that my parents had been killed in a single-car accident and that I was the sole beneficiary of their estate as they had not designated any heir nor had they disowned me. There was a $150,000 dollar insurance policy on my dad and a $75,000 one on my mom. The policies both had a double indemnity clause. I also got my mom’s car and the house.

About 6 months later, I literally bumped into Jane again. I had gotten surgery on my eye from one of the best eye doctors in the country and was now going to sign up for the local state college. As I was entering the administration building, Jane was coming out. She had one arm full of books and one arm on the door push bar when without looking I pulled it open. She spilled out of the door. I caught her, but her books were all over the ground.

She started to get all angry but deflated when she looked and recognized me. She shouted; “Davy, I didn’t know you were back.”

I apologized for messing her books up and proceeded to pick them up for her.

She wanted to get together to catch up and asked me to meet her at a local lounge/bar that evening.

I agreed.

When I got there, Jane was not there yet, so I ordered a burger and a 7-UP (I quit drinking after getting a vicious headache brought on by my injuries) and waited for her. She arrived about 10 minutes late, and never apologized for it. She ordered her drink and said she had already eaten but for me to go ahead.

As I was eating, Jane filled me in on all that I had missed while I was away. It seems that two of Mr. Cooper’s friends that attacked me were arrested a couple of states over for murder and no one had heard anything about the other two. She told me all about her boyfriends, her breakups, and all of the gossip that I could care less about. After she wound down she asked about me.

I told her about my parents, my military experience, my eye problem and fix, and that while I had a job, that I had enrolled in college and was starting after the next semester. We talked for about an hour and she said she had to go because she had an early class. She told me how sorry she was about my parents and left.

I never asked for her phone number, and never gave her mine; so I was blown away when about three weeks later she called me in the evening. I asked how she had gotten my number and she just laughed and said you never changed it when you took over the house.

She wanted to know if I liked live theatre when I said yes, she invited me to a play that weekend. I agreed, but only if she let me buy dinner. We agreed.

The play was fun, and I got her phone number. We dated regularly, and for me exclusively, for about six months (with no sex), then she wanted to ‘take a break’. I was pissed but chalked it up to the unknown feminine mind. I did not hear from her for several months.

When she called me again I told her I was in a semi-serious friend with benefits relationship and was still p.o.’d about her ‘break’. I was polite but firm and asked her not to call again. I said if my relationship ended, I would call her if I wanted to get back together. She hung up on me.

My ‘friends with benefits’ lady fell in love with someone and left the city with him. I enjoyed her company, her conversation, and the sex was great; but there was very little emotional attachment.

I dated several ladies and continued through another year of school. I did not call Jane. I saw her several times throughout the school year and around the town on the weekends. She always seemed to be with a different guy.

When I returned to the campus the next semester, I heard through the grapevine that one of the professors had been fired for having sex with Jane. I also heard that Jane had transferred to another school.

Semester break corresponded with Christmas. I was surprised when Jane called me at my house. It had been quite a while since she had given me the ‘I need a break’ message. I had gotten past the hurt and anger. We talked for a long time and I finally asked her if she wanted to meet for coffee sometime during school break. She mentioned a small on-campus coffee house at 10:00 the next morning. I said OK and goodbye.

I was there at 9:50 and got a coffee and a seat by the window. I watched as Jane pulled into the parking lot a couple of minutes later. It was before 10:00, but she sat in her car until 10:10. Then she walked in and saw me she smiled, ordered her drink, and walked over and sat down. She never apologized for being late and did not seem to notice that I was steamed.

I finished my coffee, paid my bill, told Jane that she should call me again when she decided to stop playing games. I told her I noticed when she pulled in the lot and that I had better things to do than wait for someone who has to ‘make an entrance’. I left.

Jane called me later that afternoon and apologized. She said she had forgotten about how I felt about punctuality. She asked if we could try again. In a fit of total stupidity, I said let’s try coffee, same time same place. She said OK.

When I got there, she was sitting where I had been the day before. I got my coffee and sat down next to her. I said hi and asked how she was doing. After the usual personal talk, I asked how she was doing at her new school.

Jane got a shocked look and asked how I knew about that. When I told her that the firing of the professor and that she had transferred.

She just looked down at her coffee and said; “Not my finest moment.” she continued, “I was stupid, childish and selfish. I thought that he would be a help to me in school. After his wife and another professor caught us, I found out that he had a different coed almost every school year. I was just the latest bimbo.”

I didn’t say much, just reached out and patted the back of the hand she had on the table. She smiled. I said that if she wanted to perhaps we could go to a movie or to dinner during the break. She got a big smile and said how about this weekend.

We swapped cell phone numbers and agreed to talk later in the week.

We went out that weekend, and it was like nothing had changed between us. We continued going out when the school allowed. After I graduated and started a new job in my home town. I was hired as a dispatch supervisor for a local package delivery company. Jane ended up back in town also so we started dating seriously again. After 6 months, I asked her to marry me and she said yes.

That is when the prenup came into the mix. Jane knew I had some money, but her parents did not. Jane had a small trust fund from a grandfather. Her father insisted on a prenup to protect Jane’s money.

I talked to Mr. Baker and he said don’t sign anything until he looks at it. I told him about Jane knowing I had some money, but not how much. I also said that Jane’s parents did not know anything about my wealth. I wanted the same or better protection then Jane if I were to sign any prenup.

Mr. Green was very fair, and the proposed prenup protected everything that was an individual property or possession. Any assets that we accumulated together would be divided evenly in the event of marriage failure.

The wedding was great, as were the first 10+ years of the marriage. In the last 8 months, Jane started closing me out of a lot of her life; she started going out with some of her coworkers and our sex life went to almost zero.

That is when she sprung the ‘we should try swinging’ statement. Jane was totally surprised by my response to her statement.

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