Sandy Cleans House

by falcon29

Copyright© 2018 by falcon29

Erotica Sex Story: We hire some help around the house.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Fiction   Sharing   Wife Watching   Group Sex   Polygamy/Polyamory   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Nudism   .

For a lot of reasons, my wife and I needed help. Specifically, we needed help cleaning our house. I had spoken with several companies who did the job, but they all have ‘deals’ and programs to set up regular visits, and the price tag is always too high for what we need.

We both have health issues, mine being specifically disabling, since I can spend only ten minutes or so on my feet before I need to sit and restore.

“You know,” my wife began, “I think I know somebody who might do what we need. I met a girl – Sandy – who needs some cash. She kicked her boyfriend out and needs some fast money to help pay the rent.”

“Do you trust her?” I am always careful to avoid scams and thieves.

“Well, I don’t know much beyond what I just told you. She needs the money and will probably jump at a hundred dollars or so.”

“I guess if one of us is here while she is, it would be okay. Invite her over for an afternoon and we can talk to her.”

So that’s what we did. My main contributions to our life are cooking and doing the dishes. Maintaining the kitchen, in other words. dinner, etc. So I fixed some snacks and she came to meet me. Now, we’re in our fifties. This girl was barely 25, if that. I felt as if I should check her ID before I let her have a glass of wine.

But for our needs, she seemed to be all right. We made the offer and she accepted gladly. She showed up the next Saturday with a bucket and brush in hand. Janet was at work, but I let her in and she started working.

She didn’t ask any questions, and I didn’t pay much attention to her work, other than seeing her as she scrubbed at the stove in the kitchen. My ‘station’ is normally at the computer, which is on the desk in a corner of the kitchen. I noticed several things about her.

I already knew she was attractive, brown hair and a quick smile. Her laughter was totally open and not in any way embarrassing to her. I noticed how round and plump her butt looked as she bent to scrape some spot on the floor.

She was wearing a tank top without a bra, I also noticed, and shorts, with sandals on her feet. In our part of the country, it gets hot in the spring and summer.

I saw that Sandy was suffering, sweat dripping on her forehead and dripping into her eyes. “Hey,” I stopped her when she came back to the kitchen. “Why don’t you take a break, have some ice water and rest a while? We aren’t paying you by the hour.”

She stopped and grinned at me. “Can I have a slice of lemon in my water?” I laughed and stood to get her a drink. Glass in hand, she asked what I did on the computer all day.

“Oh, this and that. I read news, recipes, and stuff. I play games and write stories.”

“Stories?! Can I read one?”

It was my turn to blush. “Well, no, I don’t think that is a good idea. They’re ... well, they’re erotica. Sex stories, you know?”

“Oh, wow! Now I really want to read one!”

“Sandy! No. I think I’d better keep them to myself.”

“Oh, please? Just a short one.”

“Why are you so eager? They’re just stupid stories that come out of the deep parts of my mind. Janet’s never read one, at least recently. She read one I wrote a long time ago. But I only do this for myself.”

“Come on. You seem pretty normal to me. They can’t be too bad.”

“You can’t imagine ... No, I don’t want to talk about this any longer.”

She was quiet a while, gratefully drinking her lemon water. Then she looked up at me. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have nagged you.”

“Oh, it wasn’t nagging. I’m just shy about what I imagine sometimes. Don’t you feel that way?”

“Yeah, I guess I do.” She laughed. “Some of the things I think ... well, I definitely wouldn’t want them to get out.”

“See? It’s just like...” I took a risk, but decided it was okay. “Well, if you weren’t here, I would most likely be sitting here without pants, and maybe without this shirt. I don’t see a reason to wear clothes except for comfort, and, unfortunately, in public.”

A pause and a couple of sips. “So you’re a nudist?”

“Well, at home anyway. Janet doesn’t care, but she wears clothes most of the time. I never had the drive to go to a nude resort.”

“Wow. That’s cool. I see where it would be good. Sometimes after a shower I stay naked a while. It feels good. I don’t want to shove my body into clothes, since it’s so clean and fresh.”

She went back to work then. I returned to my computer. After a while, Sandy called to me from the hall. “Mike? Can you hear me?”

“Yeah,” I waited. Then,

“Do you mind if I take my top off? I’m getting really sweaty.”

“Hey, this is a ‘clothing optional’ house; knock yourself out!” I called back. “Maybe I’ll just take my pants off then, if you don’t mind.”

I heard a giggle and then, “Well, like you told me. You might as well.” So I did. I kept my unbuttoned shirt on. It’s just more comfortable where I sit under an A/C vent. A couple hours passed. I thought she must have been doing a really good job on the bathrooms. Just then was when she came back to the kitchen.

I stayed facing the monitor as she helped herself to another glass of water, slicing the lemon herself, too.

When I did turn my chair around, I was greeted with a topless Sandy, wearing only her pale green shorts. I could see the sheen of sweat on her breasts and down her sides.

She, in return, was treated to a view of my crotch, shaved recently, and my dick lying quietly between my thighs.

“So how do you feel?” I asked her. “Is this the first time you’ve done this?”

“No, we – my friends and I -- sometimes get down to panties, or nothing when we get together. How is it for you, goin’ commando with me here?”

“It’s ... different. Of course I’ve been naked with girlfriends or women before. But that was a different situation. I’m comfortable, I guess.” I took a breath. “So are you finished? You’ve been busting your butt all day.”

“Yeah, I guess, unless there’s something else you want me to do.” As she ran down the list of what she’d done, my dick twitched because I could think of some things I’d like her to do, but the twitch was not so much that she would notice. My mind was running movies all on its own.

“No, I mean there weren’t real instructions. You cleaned the floors, did the dishes, wiped and scrubbed all day.” I got up to deposit my empty beer bottle and get a fresh one. I offered Sandy one and she accepted. I went back to my chair.

We sat and drank our beers. Janet came home. It took her a few minutes to adjust to our partial nudity. After laughing she made some joke.

Sandy went to retrieve her top and get ready to go. I explained the situation to Janet, promising a more detailed explanation later.

I paid Sandy when she came back. Janet made a point to tell her she really didn’t care about her being nude with me. “As far as I’m concerned, you can work naked if you want. Mike explained the nude lifestyle to me a long time ago. I understand it, I just don’t usually join him.”

“I like it!” Sandy grinned. “I’m comfortable with Mike now. Maybe you should join in sometime.”

“Honey, it’s been years since I wanted to display this body.”

“Why?! There’s nothing wrong with you! Stop hiding it in the shadows!” I was out of the room while they had that conversation, but Janet filled me in later.

Sandy left soon after that. Janet came back from walking Sandy out and announced she was going for a bath. I acknowledged her and she left the room.

She came into the kitchen. She was wrapped in a towel. I kissed her and played with her butt a little bit. My hands felt steamy flesh under the drooping towel. I kissed and loved on her and she loved me back.

“Does this still excite you?” she asked as she stepped back and opened the towel fully.

“Come back here! I wasn’t finished.” She smiled and stepped back within my reach, the towel now a shawl. “Sweetie...” I said, between licks and kisses, “I love this body! I love you too, so much! Don’t ever doubt that.”

“Well, did having Sandy’s naked tits bouncing around excite you?”

“Of course it did! I’m a male, not blind or gay, and it was something we did after a long discussion.” I filled her in on the conversations I’d had with Sandy. “Just so you know, I didn’t get a hard on.”

“I wondered. Sorry. I trust you, Mike. But...”

She moved closer and spread her legs apart. I knew she was horny, so I was happy to oblige. I kissed and licked my way to the prize, waiting eagerly there between those steamy thighs. Having no pubic hair to impede my progress, her clit was soon getting sucked. Janet gasped and moaned as I delivered my very best tongue lashing. I used my teeth at times, gently nibbling her tender, dripping folds. She rose to her tiptoes when she came. Her hands were clamped tightly to my shoulders or she would have collapsed.

I leaned away and smiled at her, my face smeared with her pleasure nectar. “Bedroom?” I suggested.

“Yes! Bedroom now!” She was by then pulling on my shoulders, she pulled me to my feet and led me down the hall.

We spent a good hour loving each other. Few words passed, only actions. When we make love, I just can’t imagine a better place to live. It’s like a private bubble, apart from everything else. The only thing in our minds is what we are doing. We try to do the hundreds of little (and bigger!) things that give our partner pleasure.

When we came out of the bubble, we talked. Janet asked was if she could read the stories I’d written lately. I thought about it a while, but then told her she could, bearing in mind that nothing in the stories had anything to do with our life.

“I mean, sometimes I write in first person, but that person is not ME. It’s all fiction.”

“Okay. But, surely there must be some you see yourself in...”

“NO!” I interrupted her firmly. “No. If that’s what you think, you can’t read them.”

I was still hugging her nude body to myself. My dick was erect, but it was only a distraction from our conversation.

“All right. I accept that you write about things you’ve read about, but not because you want to try them out. Is that close?”

I thought about that. She sat on my lap and I petted her thighs and between them, stirring our juices there. “Yeah, that’s pretty much it, but I do use things from life at times. If you read them you might recognize some elements I’ve used. But please don’t judge me for it.”

“No. I see what you’re saying. I won’t judge you. Maybe I’ll even find something that sounds like fun. For us to actually try, you know?” My erection was trapped under her ass. It was becoming painful.

“Okay,” I said. I got her off my lap. My dick was glad about that as it sprung up. I got a flash drive from the drawer and handed it to her. “There are enough stories on there to keep you busy a while.” She took it, kissed me very completely, and left.

Two weeks later, Janet told me Sandy would be coming that day. “Jeeze! Nice to have some warning!”

“Oh, you’ll just sit around naked and she’ll clean. Maybe she’ll even work naked for you.”

“Yeah, well, she’s a kid. If she wants to try nudity, I don’t care. And, YES, seeing her naked would excite me. But she probably won’t do it anyway.”

Janet kissed me goodbye, leaving for her work. I fried an egg and had a sandwich for breakfast. I had just cleaned that up when Sandy called from the front door. “Hey, Mike! Are you up?”

“If I wasn’t, I’d be kind of pissed at some young bimbo waking me,” I growled as she came to the kitchen. “Have a cup of coffee.” She did and sat in the same chair she used the first day.

Her eyes took in my ‘bottomless’ state and looked at me. “It doesn’t bother you that I just looked you over that way?”

“Well, no, given the circumstances, Sandy. Being nude, it’s a given that people will look, and you’ll see them. But, unless sex is in the offing, anything more than a brief glance is rude. The last time you were here, I enjoyed the sight of your perky tits. Scenery, that’s it. Nothing more. Of course, since it would be just you and I here, we’d necessarily would see each other more through the day.”

She nodded then and I noticed she was wearing clothes more suited to going out than for cleaning. When I mentioned that, she said, “I have a date later. I can only work until 4:00. Then I need to clean myself up and go. So, I think I will do as Janet suggested, and work naked today. Then, if you don’t mind, I’d like to shower and dress for my date. He’s picking me up here at 5:00.”

“That’s fine with me. I’ll just be here at the desk mostly. Do whatever you think needs attention and try to enjoy it. I’ll fix us some lunch in a little while, okay?”

“That would be great, Mike!” she said with a big grin. “Thank you! I’ll just go and strip now. See ya!”

She disappeared down the hall. The next time I saw her was when she came to clean in the kitchen. She was nude, as announced. She hadn’t even left her panties on, if she had any on in the first place. Her butt looked better without them anyway. She shaved or waxed her pubes, since it’s almost required these days, as I’d suspected anyway, due to her youth.

She grinned at me when she came to dump my trash can. “This is great!” she said. “I love the way you live.”

“So do I,” I replied. “I just wish the world felt the same way.

She took a break and we had lunch and talked.

“Think about it Sandy: you’d go to the grocery store nude. The other shoppers would be nude. No sensation, just living life as we do now. The only difference would be the lack of most clothes.”

Sandy was looking off in the distance, picturing, I thought, things the way I’d just described.

“Wow. That would be weird. There would be bodies tat you never want to see, though, too.”

“But you’d keep that kind of thinking to yourself. But the point I’m trying to make is that it’s just life the way it is. You judge people that way now, don’t you? You just shut up and look away.”

She nodded and seemed not to notice that she had let her legs sprawl as she sat talking with me. In fact, they were more than parted a bit. As I said, she was more or less sprawled. Her entire slit, swollen folds included and inner lips emerging. I had most of a hard on myself. It was mostly caused by the conversation, but sitting with a naked young woman had its effect. More so now that I noticed her posture.

She seemed to come out of her trance and quickly closed her legs. Fortunately, I had already been looking away.

That morning the house climate was nice enough that I was as naked as Sandy was. I went and poured a cup of coffee and she was gathering the dishes. We bumped hips a few times and laughed, though it felt good to me. Her tits jiggled as she washed the dishes that didn’t fit in the dishwasher. Her tits were larger than some, but were still small enough that she didn’t really need a bra. Having her with me naked was feeling more natural as the day wore on. There was still a sexual undertone to this, but it was secondary to the comfort being nude gives me.

A few minutes after Sandy went to shower for her date, Janet came home. “I need a bath!” she said.

I laughed. “You’ll have to wait unless you want to join Sandy in the shower. She just went to clean up. She has a date tonight.”

Janet thought a few seconds. “Well, I’ll at least go get out of these stinky clothes.”

She left the room. I glanced at the time. It was still only 3:45. Sandy had finished earlier than expected. It was a good half hour before I heard their voices approaching from the hall.

When they came in, I was surprised to see they were both still naked. They both obviously were freshly showered. “I thought you had a date to get ready for, Sandy,” I said.

“Yeah, I do, but I still have time,” she said. “I need to cool off some anyway.”

They sat on towels on the couch and continued their conversation. It seemed to me they were closer than they’d seemed earlier. I suppose showering together had that effect. Then those eyelid movies started again.

A little later Sandy went to get dressed and Janet fixed a cup of coffee for herself. She offered me one. “No thanks, honey. I would like another beer, though.”

She set the bottle next to me. “I need to tell you some things after Sandy leaves,” she said.

“I bet you do,” I laughed. “I’m eager to hear.” She play-slapped my shoulder and went to make her coffee.

A few minutes before five o’clock, Sandy emerged, all shined up for her date.

“Wow!” I said, seeing her first. Janet turned and I watched her look Sandy over. Women do those things. Men look and see the woman, they don’t analyze her, like how she’s dressed or how her makeup is done. Janet approved also. A honk outside announced her ride had arrived. She hurried out and we were alone.

Janet came and sat by me. Snuggling up, she nuzzled my neck. Just as it does with her, it turned me on and her hand stroked my rising dick. I turned my head and my lips met hers. I bent to suck her nipple and she gasped.

“We better go to the bedroom,” she said. “Otherwise I’ll have to clean this couch, towel or no towel.” I smiled and we stood. My hand slid to her mound and I found she was nearly dripping. Without another word, we hurried to bed.

She flopped to her back and pulled me on top of her. I was more than glad to let her guide me to her slit. I pushed in slowly, but she goaded me to fuck her. I obliged. She came almost immediately and begged me not to stop.

After two more orgasms for her, I couldn’t hold back any longer. I blasted her cervix with my load and we gradually slowed to a resting position. “Wow. I guess being naked around Sandy got you going, huh?”

She giggled low in her throat. “Well, yeah, but...” I rolled off her and she continued. “I have to confess that it was the shower, more than anything that got me going.”


“Oh. Yeah. You know how I’ve always said I had no interest in sex with a woman?”

“Yeah... ?”

“Well, I learned why two women might feel that getting together without a dick in sight can be fun.”

“Go on...” I urged her. My flagging erection reversed itself and I waited, eager to hear. I was still inside her sweet pussy and she noticed.

“We started out just washing ourselves. It was sensuous to just be there with her. Then she offered to wash my back. The way, she washed me, more like massaged me, felt wonderful. It was different than when we shower together, Mike.”

“How so?” My mind was running a hundred miles an hour, full of pornographic images of my wife and the younger sweetie, all wet and slippery.

“It isn’t that having your hands washing and rubbing me isn’t one of the best things in the world. But Sandy’s hands felt ... somehow sexier. I rested my hands against the tile and she rubbed and kneaded my muscles. When she had a hand on either side of my hips, I guess I moaned or something.

“She let out a chuckle and slid them down too cup my ass cheeks. I could tell my twat was already wet, apart from the spray raining down on me, but as she squeezed and scratched at my butt, I thought I must have been dripping down my thighs. Honey? Will you please get us something to drink? I’m parched. And I still have a lot more to tell you.”

I reluctantly gave up my berth in Jan’s body to go to the to the kitchen for a bottle of wine and also the icy Vodka bottle from the freezer. I grabbed two glasses and nearly ran back to the bedroom. As I poured wine for her and a small shot of Vodka for myself, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Janet had a hand between her thighs.

I settled next to her again, both bottles within reach. “Okay, honey, go on, please.”

“Okay. Well, after my response to her butt rub, Sandy felt bold enough to slide a hand into my butt crack. I automatically responded by leaning forward and arching my back, virtually offering my ass for more. She slowly slid the edge of her hand down deep, across my ass hole. ‘Oh,” I said.

She asked me, ‘Do you like that, Janet?’ I could barely allow myself to admit out loud that it felt good to me. After I did that, she moved closer to me and slipped her other hand around to squeeze my tit and play with the very erect nipple she found there.”

I refilled our glasses, allowing myself a larger splash of the Vodka. I tossed it back and waited. Janet took a long drink of the wine and looked at me. She glanced to my crotch and grinned to find me as hard as ever.

“I guess this must all be boring to you, isn’t it honey?”

“Oh, yeah!” I said. “You can see how bored I am!” I poked her ribs and she jumped, giggling.

“When she grabbed my tit, I straightened up, her hands didn’t stop what they were doing. Instead of the edge sliding between my cheeks, though, I felt her using her fingertips to play with my ass. When I stood up, her tits pressed tightly against my back. She hugged me to her and rested her cheek against the side of my head.

“She whispered, ‘Have you ever made love with a woman, Janet?’ I shook my head. ‘But I’m starting to wonder why now,’ I told her. Oh Mike, I wish I could tell you how just saying that – admitting I liked feeling her hands on me – made me feel. It felt like a weight lifted from me. A weight I hadn’t even realized I was carrying. It’s like my eyes were opened, like a revelation; an epiphany.”

I watched her rubbing herself as she talked. My dick was already throbbing, but the sight caused it to twitch against her thigh and leak some fluid. She chuckled. “So I guess you don’t mind that I was playing at sex with Sandy?”

“Oh, stop it. Hell no, I don’t mind. How much more happened, honey?”

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