Three Little Questions

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Small things can change lives if you are open to them.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Romantic   Sharing   Gang Bang   Water Sports   Nudism   .

I never expected what happened as I ate dinner at my favorite neighborhood diner. A woman walked in and began scanning the room. I barely noticed because she wasn’t a particular beauty. When she approached me and asked if she could share my table, not surprising since it was a popular place, I paid more attention. Nodding with my mouth full, she introduced herself as Lucci, spelling it out. She appeared to be fiftyish, kinda stocky with modest tits, short salt and pepper hair, a nice smile and notable grey flashing eyes. She ordered and we began to visit. I finished first but stayed, enjoying the female company, something I got little of lately.

I ordered dessert and coffee for both of us, liking her presence. As I munched the pecan pie ala mode she asked three questions:

“Are you attached?” NO “Do you like women?” USUALLY “Will you fuck me?” THAT one almost got her splattered with pie. I blurted, “WHAT?”

She grinned, anticipating my reaction, “I’m quite horny and haven’t been laid for a while. I like you. If we get a hotel room I’ll pay for it if you aren’t satisfied.”

DAMN! I’d NEVER been directly propositioned in all my forty plus years. She was no Playboy Bunny but I’d learned that looks are not the best indicator of a sexy woman. “OK, I’m game. Let’s find one!”

A block away was an economical place and I got a room quickly. She spent a few minutes in the bathroom as I stripped and got under the covers. Leaving the light on but closing the door almost all the way let me see what I was going to get into. Neatly trimmed pubes below a rounded but firm belly. Protruding inner labia, the kind I liked to suck into my mouth and nibble and tongue lash. Seeing any naked woman in my deprived condition was guaranteed to get me ready and she searched for my equipment as soon as she joined me. Her mouth was heavenly as I tried to reciprocate with my hands for the moment.

Before I blew too soon I moved between her thighs and tasted her sweet pussy, the best I could remember, doing the things I mentioned above to it. She clamped those firm limbs on my head as she came, moaning and complimenting me. I had been told I was good.

After that good bit of warmup fun, she straddled my hips and introduced me to her vagina. It and my penis became good friends immediately, fitting well, but the vagina is very adaptable. She began riding me in amazing ways and I did my very best to make a good impression as I stimulated her erogenous zones. She shivered and squealed with at least two orgasms before I could hold back no longer.

I was panting and I was on the BOTTOM! She raised up after a few minutes resting on my chest, wiggled her hips just enough to notice but without dislodging my shrinking shaft, and asked with a twinkle in her eye, “Whadduya think? Do I have to pay for the room?”

I gasped, “I’ve NEVER been fucked like THAT!

“That’s what they all say. Guess I learned a bit after a few thousand times. A rough estimate of course since I haven’t kept a scoresheet. Kinda wish I had sometimes.”

I pulled her down and gave her a little affectionate kiss, “You sure have. Glad I could be a beneficiary. I’ll pay for breakfast too.”

She lost some of her smile, “I can stay a while longer but not till morning. I have responsibilities. By the way, you are good enough to hook up with again. I’ll give you my special ‘fuck-buddy’ email.

We smooched for a bit and I reaf”firm”ed my manhood. She noticed, “Could we do a scissors position and you do the main effort this time?”

When I expressed my ignorance I learned something delightfully new and, for the first time in years, had a second helping of pussy in such short order. I asked about a return engagement and heard, “I have a busy schedule. Email me so I have my calendar handy.”

Later that evening I pulled out her email and it was “pussyqueen”. I had to laugh and sent her some opportunities.

I was fretting when I didn’t hear anything until the next afternoon and she offered to stop by my place the next day at six. She’d bring dinner if I liked Thigh food. It wasn’t misspelled I figured.

Sure enough, we sat on a blanket and ate off each other’s bodies. Messy but a hell of a lot of fun, especially rubbing our oily bodies together as I tried to “hit the target” with her letting me almost do it for a bit then suddenly becoming a good target.

As I was spurting in her I wondered how often that had happened there since I was in her last, based on what she had said.

“Are you wondering what my pussy has been doing?” she asked with no prompting. “I know that guys do but are reluctant to ask. I don’t mind being open if you can handle it?” I nodded, amazed at her mind reading but figured that this is a woman that REALLY knows men, so she added, “My regular guys are both back and I like it at least once a day. Not fussy about morning, noon, or night and even all three.”

I told her that I was indeed curious and open-minded. “Good! One guy spent last night and I love wake-up bonking. The other stopped by after work, so a couple of hours ago. So that makes you the third for a very nice day.”

“Shit! I couldn’t tell!” Hadn’t had a piece that soon after another guy since I did a married woman in my apartment building right after her husband left for work. She’d deliberately get it wet for me. When I told Lucci about that she wondered if I’d like a threesome sometime. One guy was asking about one and it wasn’t as easy to arrange as I might think. I said I’d certainly consider it I when I knew her better. A little motivational strategy on my part.

Fucking that married woman was the wildest thing I’d ever done but I was only her second lover, nothing like this free spirit. I was captivated. She was right out of my fantasies.

I became one of her regulars and got laid two to four times a week. Once in a while an overnight even. Then I had an opportunity to do a weekend trip so I invited her. If you don’t ask, you don’t get, a saying she’d really validated in the diner.

Wow! I had her for a whole weekend! We had a lot of fun between my responsibilities whether in or out of bed. She explored the place while I attended meetings and fucked me as often as I could get hard. She thought it was good too and put her head on my shoulder and her hand on my crotch as we drove back. “Invite me anytime!” let me know I was getting special to her.

I learned a lot about her during times like that. She taught physics at a nearby college so I was fucking a Doctor. Her “starter” marriage had lasted three years in graduate school. She’d decided that she was not meant for motherhood so persuaded her gynecologist to give her a tubal. Not concerned about pregnancy she’d opened up her sex life and her husband couldn’t accept it. She’d usually had multiple partners going ever since with no reason not to.

I gave her my much simpler history. My “starter” marriage had lasted nineteen years with two kids before I realized that this was the wrong partner. I’d had the occasional affair but nothing stuck. I’d fantasized a lot, reading Penthouse and watching porn but not getting much real action.

I didn’t even think of the age difference any more. She was energetic and must have had good genes so she acted even younger than me sometimes. I also didn’t often think about how her pussy was often occupied by cock that wasn’t mine and that I might have someone else’s wigglers rubbing on my shaft or mingling with mine. I just had to accept her for her and she let me know how important that was. I was falling in love but wouldn’t admit it.

She had a semester break so I booked an adult cruise, something neither of us had ever done. We flew to Florida and got in our little economy stateroom. No matter, we would only use it to fuck and sleep.

When the clothing optional announcement was made we stripped and bravely ventured out on deck. That was the first time I’d ever seen her be shy. She soon laughed when she saw the variety of bodies on display and was just fine with hers after that. I teased her, “From what you said, when you got naked with a new guy they never ran away.” She nodded and laughed again.

The wealth of male genitals on display, even if limp and dangling, set her already trigger-happy libido off and I was dragged back to the cabin more frequently than I was sometimes ready for. Good thing my tongue didn’t have to inflate to be useful. The last time, in late afternoon, made me request a nap while she went back out on deck.

Some indeterminate time later she was waking me up with a blow-job. “I just had some fun,” she crowed. “A really young guy hit on me. Haven’t had one his age since I helped a girlfriend’s son learn about pussy. Anyway he maneuvered me into a secluded place and I didn’t object to his fooling around until his pecker was poking at my pussy lips. Told him I would check with my partner and he should find me at dinner. You better take care of me now or I’ll go looking for him!” I was ready and she squealed, obviously thinking of him.

Toby found us and I was introduced. Since we had to dress for meals I couldn’t tell what he was offering or he what she was used to. He was barely eighteen and here with his parents. Although the conversation was social, the sexual interest was thinly veiled. That popped out in the open when Lucci asked, “Toby would like to take me for a walk. Would you meet me in our cabin in, say, an hour and a half?” I grinned and nodded, figuring how many times around the ship that would be IF you walked all that time.

They took full advantage of the opportunity, indicated by my passing Toby in the corridor just down from our cabin. He nodded but didn’t chat. Entering, the scene was exactly as I expected, a woman with knees up and a reddened drooling pussy, eyes closed in bliss. I sat on the edge of the bed next to her and her eyes opened a little. “Looks like you had a good walk.” She smiled and closed her eyes again.

I laid next to her, naked but flaccid, not having recovered from the busy day and just before dinner. She slept a bit and I snoozed too.

Some time in the night I got that oral attention that wakes one up and my tool was ready again. She moved over me and a blob of semen dripped on my erection. She lowered onto my shaft and smeared it all along the length with the comment, “I’d forgotten how youngster can shoot. Four times even.” Then I got into the hot part and she moved slowly. “Thank you for the treat. I asked him why he came after me and he said I reminded him of his first piece. Whoever it was taught him well since he was sixteen.”

I told her that I wished I had such good fortune but had to struggle with what I could get. I seemed to be making up for it now. I got a big kiss for that, and a good ball-draining. We slept in.

I spotted Toby watching us from afar at the pool and waved him over. “I heard you had a great walk last night.” He nodded, a bit embarrassed. “Perhaps later I can join your next walk?” He looked at me and slowly nodded, glancing over at a grinning Lucci. His uncut soft pecker stirred a bit, I noticed. “See you about three at our cabin?” He said yes and left.

Lucci took my hand, “You are amazing! All my sex life I’ve dealt with men who were jealous or ignored the issue. You just seem to embrace it and I love it.”

I squeezed her hand, “I’ve learned by now that with you it’s gonna happen and I like and enjoy you tremendously so I might as well get something out of it too, besides seeing your pleasure of course. You keep me fucked silly so I’m not out a bit.” She leaned over to give me a deep kiss, rubbing a big breast on my dick.

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