Prom Expectations

by bagofbones

Copyright© 2018 by bagofbones

Coming of Age Sex Story: Everyone knows whats expected after the prom, don't they?

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Rape   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   School   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   .

Date rape. It’s probably the most under reported crime in high school, usually due to embarrassment. No victim wants to be known as “that student that was raped.” Also if the perpetrator happens to be in sports, it seems harder to get people to believe you. That’s me. Eighteen years old, 6’ 3”, 175 lbs., blond hair, blue eyed Senior and the catcher on the varsity baseball team. Actually I am pushing 6’ 4”, my published height was taken at the beginning of the year and I am still growing. You would think that I wouldn’t have problems getting dates, even dates that put out. In my entire 4 years of high school, I have only had 3 dates, all disasters.

I’m not bad looking, don’t have an acne problem and not an ounce of fat where it doesn’t belong, but I have two issues. The first one happened in the second week of my freshmen year. It’s funny how one incident can follow you for so long.

When I entered high school, I was just pushing 6 foot. I had not put all the muscle on that I have now and only weighed about 125 lbs. A senior from the varsity football team and 2 juniors from the junior varsity team decided it was their job to tease the new freshman. I really don’t even remember what they called me, string bean or bean pole or something like that. I took exception and asked the senior if he enjoyed getting blow jobs from his junior boyfriends. I was told later that one of the juniors actually took the first swing but the fight only lasted about 30 seconds. Result, a senior and two juniors in the hospital, and I got a one week suspension for showing a lack of restraint. The idiots probably should have done some homework on me before they picked the fight. I have two black belts, one in kendo and one in taekwondo.

The two things that kept me in school and out of jail were that witnesses said that they started it, and my other issue. You see, it did not look real good for three football players to be trying to beat up a freshman girl. From that time on, I had a reputation that I just couldn’t shake. I intimidated everyone, students, teachers, hell even the school resource officer who was an ex-marine went out of his way to be very nice to me. It did not help that I kept growing and putting on muscle. I was literally the biggest girl on campus and there were only a few guys that were taller than I was and they were mostly on the basketball team.

The story of my fight got retold and enhanced throughout my time in school. I had even heard one version where it was 6 guys and I beat them all half to death. Is it a wonder I can’t get dates?

My first date was half-way thru my junior year. I was asked to a school dance by a senior. I am sure he only did it on a dare. Neither one of us could really dance. Also, he was over 5 inches shorter than I was and the dances that we did attempt were pretty clumsy. I was actually hoping that he would attempt to at least squeeze my ass or try to cop a feel of my tits but he was too scared. The date ended with him disappearing and me having to call my mom to come pick me up. As bad as it was, I really enjoyed having him hold me during the slow dances. I ended up masturbating like crazy that night thinking about what could have happened if the dork had actually stuck around to take me home.

My second date was even worse. A girlfriend of mine needed me to go with her to chaperone her date. Her mother would not let her go out unless it was a double date. She provided me with a blind date for the occasion and I don’t think she told him who he was going out with either. We were going to go see a movie then go out for burgers. Her boyfriend drove and picked up my date first, then my girlfriend. I was the last to be picked up and to say that my date was surprised was an understatement. I think that if he hadn’t already been in the car and wearing his seat belt that he would have pulled a runner. When I got into the car I could see that he was already sweating. We said hello to each other and went to the movie. I tried to get him to at least hold my hand during the movie, but he decided that that was a signal for him to pass me the popcorn. By the time the movie was over and we had eaten, I was depressed and he looked almost catatonic. When I got home I didn’t even play with myself. I just went up to my room and cried myself to sleep.

Up until my third date, I was still technically a virgin. Of course I had plenty of experience with various vegetables, from carrots to zucchinis. I had also been given a vibrator and a dildo by my mom. She knew how horny I was and about my problems finding a guy and I think she felt sorry for me. She also took me to the doctor at the beginning of my junior year and got me put on birth control pills.

My third date was my senior prom and I was not going to take any chances with this one. I was going to get laid no matter what it took (how prophetic.) I started my research about a month before the prom. I called in all my favors with the guys on the baseball team and my few close friends. I was on a mission. I had to find a senior who wasn’t going out with anyone, wasn’t covered with acne, was at least 5’ 9”, and last but certainly not least, was rumored to have a sizable piece of equipment.

That last requirement turned out to be the hardest to verify. I couldn’t just come out and ask them how big everyone’s cock was, and the guys on the team could only give me info about other jocks. That left three quarters of the student body to be verified only by rumors heard by my other friends.

I ended up setting my sights on David, a new kid that had transferred in from out of state for the last semester of school. I had first noticed him in my English class. He was 5’ 10”, brown hair and brown eyes, pretty good looking but very shy. Nobody had really gotten to know him, he did not seem to talk to other students and he always sat by himself during lunch. I watched him for a couple of days and saw him checking out some of the girls during lunch. There was a noticeable bulge in his pants whenever it happened (amazing how nobody seems to pay much attention when a 6’ 4” girl drops something under the table and has to spend a couple of minutes trying to find what she dropped.) Unfortunately, I never caught him checking me out.

About 2 weeks before prom, I sat down in front of him at lunch. Up to that point, I wasn’t sure if he had heard any of the stories about me. It became immediately obvious that he had heard of me when he looked up from his lunch and gave me his best deer in the headlights impersonation. I gave him my best smile and asked him if he had a date for the prom. It took him a while before he started breathing again. He said “I don’t date, my parents won’t let me go out with anyone that is not in my faith.” Shit, I was fucked. I didn’t really have a backup plan to find another victim, I mean date, and I had already paid for the prom tickets. I had so many plans for this guy that I had to come up with something to get him to go out with me.

“You are eighteen and an adult, and this is your senior prom. You’re telling me that you can’t even take someone to a dance without permission?” I said.

He sat there and thought about it for a bit. I could see him turning it over and then getting angry. I was getting ready to abandon the whole thing when he spoke. “You are right. I should be able to make my own decisions, but I don’t have tickets and I heard that they were all sold.”

I told him that I already had tickets and that I would be able to pick him up and take him back home afterwards. He told me that tonight he would tell his parents that he was going and talk to me again the next day at lunch. I was elated. I don’t think I really noticed anything else the rest of the day until I was at the baseball game that night. It was the last game of the year and I hit two home runs, including the game winner. The next day he met me at lunch and seemed much more relaxed. He told me that his parents were strangely not bothered by him going to the prom. When he told them that I was picking him up they only asked that he bring me inside to meet with them beforehand. He also asked me not to bring up the fact that I had asked him. He was embarrassed about it and had told them that he had been the one to ask. I told him that I was fine with that and we made plans for the night. I did ask him to do one more thing. I told him for his own good, that he should probably not tell anyone beforehand that he was taking me. He said he understood and that he had heard some crazy things about me. I laughed and told him that some of those crazy things were actually true.

We continued to meet up with each other for lunch every day until the day of prom. We got to know each other and I found out that he truly had never been out with a girl before. He was easy to talk to and I really started liking him. Every night I would work myself over with whatever was handy, thinking about what I had planned for prom night and hoping that David would be everything I had dreamed about. In my mind I had everything planed. This was going to work out perfectly. Of course they say that no plan withstands first contact with the enemy.

The night started out ok. I went to David’s door and rang the bell. I don’t think that he had told his parents anything about me because when his mother opened the door she seemed to be looking at my navel. She was only about 5 feet tall and she slowly started tilting her head up. It was almost funny as she finally looked into my eyes with a shocked expression. She recovered quickly and asked me in. I was wearing a fairly conservative, long sleeve blue dress that didn’t really show much skin. I had actually picked it out before I knew anything about David because I wanted to try and hide the fact that I had bigger arms and muscles than most guys. I think that his parents approved of my attire and they took some pictures of him putting on a corsage. I told them that David was taking me to dinner after the dance and that we would be back fairly late.

Actually, I had told David that I was going to be taking him out to dinner, he just didn’t know what was on the menu yet. We headed downtown to the hotel ballroom that the school had rented for the prom. We actually had a pretty good time and I saw a lot of my class mates staring at us throughout the night. I don’t think anyone really believed that they would see me there that night, especially having fun. I found out later that there had actually been an effort made to get me voted the prom queen as a joke, but I think that too many people had seen the move Carrie and had second thoughts.

When the dance started breaking up I sprang my surprise. I told David that my parents wanted us to come by my house before we went out to eat so that they could take some pictures and meet him. He didn’t think it was unreasonable since his parents had already done the same thing. When we got to my house it was dark. I put on my best confused expression and said I was surprised that they had already gone to bed. I told him to come in anyway and that maybe they were just upstairs watching TV.

Of course nobody was home. My parents always went over to their friend’s house on Friday nights and didn’t come home until 3 or 4 in the morning. I’m pretty sure they go to a swinger’s party since I have sometimes been awake when they came in and mom would often be in just a robe or someone else’s cloths. It was a perfect setup. David, myself, and an empty house. What could go wrong? I told him to sit on the couch and I would go upstairs and find out what was going on.

I went up the stairs and into my room. I had practiced getting out of the dress but was pretty nervous. It took almost a minute to get it off then I put on a sexy red bra and a matching pair of red panties. I hung the dress in the closet, then went back to the top of the stairs. David was still sitting on the couch with his back to the stairs.

I crept down the stairs and made it all of the way to the back of the couch before he noticed me. When he turned and saw me standing there in my bra and panties, all of the color left his face.

He said “This can’t happen. I made a pledge. I pledged to be a virgin on my wedding night.”

At this point I think I had just stopped listening to what he said. I had a goal and it was going to happen no matter what. I walked around the couch and his eyes followed me. I slowly sat down in his lap, I didn’t want to hurt him. That would ruin the rest of my plans for the night.

“No, no, this is wrong. Please take me home right now.” He said.

I could actually feel him getting hard. Even though his mouth was saying no, his body was saying yes. I reached behind my back and unhooked my bra. My breasts are only a B cup, but that’s still very noticeable on a frame my size when they are almost poking you in the eyes.

“David, I will be happy to take you home, but you have to do something for me first. You see, I am still a virgin and I really need you to take care of that for me.”

He looked at me and said “I don’t want to do this, it would be rape.”

I almost stopped. I should have stopped. He had said the magic word. Was I raping him? I had never considered that he would not want to have sex with me. But then I felt his very hard cock poking me in the ass. His very hard and very large cock. I couldn’t ignore that, I had a mission. My mind just went on cruise control.

“David, you really don’t mean that. Just go with it. I am going to make you feel so good.”

He groaned as I pushed a nipple into his mouth. He still had not moved his hands from the couch but he actually started to suck on my tit. He finally brought his hands up and touched my arms. His eyes were closed and he started getting a bit more aggressive with the nipple in his mouth.

I gripped one of his wrists and started to get off of his lap. “Let’s go upstairs. I think we will be much more comfortable in my bedroom.” I said.

My nipple popped out of his mouth and he looked at me even more frightened than he had been before. I think he had just realized that he was not going to be able to get out of this. The grip I had on his wrist and the stories that he had heard about me told him everything he needed to know. I pulled him up off of the couch and led him up the stairs to my room. I closed the door then told him to take off his clothes.

He slowly took them off. When he dropped his underwear to the floor he just stood there. His cock was everything I had hoped for. Even though he was not fully hard, I could see it was bigger than the 7 inch vibrator that I had in my drawer, but shorter that the 10 inch rubber dildo that I kept under my mattress. I slid my panties down and knelt down in front of him. I had been practicing with my dildo and he groaned as I took about 5 inches of his cock into my mouth. I looked up and saw that he had closed his eyes.

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