A Northerly Light

by Nicolo Parenti

Copyright© 2018 by Nicolo Parenti

Erotica Sex Story: When I remodeled my attic I had no idea it would lead to new hobbies, all centered on my lovely neighbor Cathy. She was the unsuspecting star of my home movies -- and then much more.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Blackmail   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Slut Wife   Group Sex   Interracial   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   .

I don’t know what first caught my eye. Maybe a glint from a mirror, a light flicked on in the growing dusk? Whatever it was, it sparked something that’s been at turns amusing, thrilling and sordid. And not just for me.

We’d recently rehabbed our attic space: paneled, wired and insulated it and generally made it a pleasant office for me. We also added a window in one gable end to let in the soft northerly light. That’s where I set up my desk.

Our older neighborhood had grown organically, with lots and houses of different shapes and sizes. As a result this window overlooks a bedroom in the Hadleys’ house next door, just a dozen feet away and a half-story below. The Hadleys had always seen a blank wall opposite, and my new window was up and away from their usual view. I guess that’s why they didn’t think to draw their curtains. Parts of their room were out of my view, but not many.

That explained the glint. As I glanced toward it I got a little shock — our neighbor Dan was moving around his well-lit room in the nude, just out of the shower. I was in the semi-dark and looking downward, so he didn’t notice he had an observer. Two things popped into my head at almost the same time: A) I really didn’t need to see Dan’s dangly bits, and B) holy crap, did this made me a peeper, a pervert?

Rationalization kicked in pretty quickly: It wasn’t intentional, my gaze didn’t linger on his willie, no harm done, blah blah. I’d just make it a point to not look there any more. I didn’t see how I could casually suggest to Dan that they close their curtains, but maybe my wife Ellen could find a diplomatic way to mention it to Cathy.

Hold on a sec (said my other head) — Cathy. If Dan was strolling around in the buff, did that mean...

And just like that, I really was a pervert.

Dan and Cathy are a little younger than Ellen and I, Dan maybe 31 to Cathy’s 27. Neither of us had kids. He’s nothing to look at, not that I’m anyone to judge, but she’s a fox: 5’7, workout-trim with long legs and high, tight B-cup tits, a cute oval face with a generous mouth and dark neck-length hair. I’ve idly imagined her naked — well, yeah, like with most women under 40 — and gotten tantalizing hints when we’d all been together at the beach.

My work suffered for all the stolen glances. It wasn’t a conscious thing, I’d just be typing away and realize I hadn’t seen the screen for a while. The odds of catching anything during the day were slim, since Cathy often worked outside the house. Dan was sometimes out of town for a week or two doing some systems integration jazz I didn’t understand. Meanwhile I was developing a crick in my neck.

Evenings were different. I won’t say I camped out upstairs, but I did spend more hours ‘on the job’. Ellen just assumed I was on deadline. On one of these evenings my vigilance was rewarded. Dusk was falling but my lights were off when the room next door lit up. It was Cathy, home from work and dressed in business casual. She shucked off her jacket, then stepped out of view. I didn’t realize I was holding my breath until she reappeared, working the buttons on her blouse and the zipper of her skirt.

My hand went to my own zipper, anticipating what I’d pictured so often these past few days. Off came the blouse to reveal a plain white bra. Down went the skirt, showing matching cotton panties under hose. My cock was growing with every pulse ... when she turned away and pulled out some sweats from a drawer. In a moment, the moment was over. She turned off the light as she left. Shit. All that for that. I’d seen more at the beach. I was left holding a dwindling dick and feeling even pervier. Enough, this was a silly waste of time.

I stayed away from the window for three days, almost a record in self-control for me. I felt virtuous. I’d given up smoking and chocolate bonbons, but those were years ago. Then late one night when I really was on deadline the light came on, causing a Pavlovian twitch in my dick. I should tie a bell on it. I reasoned that I needed a break anyway, and what’s the harm?

I clicked off my desk lamp and closed the laptop, leaving me invisible. There was a confusion of movement in the room, two people making bedtime prep. Cathy started to undress with her back to me. This time she unclasped her bra, slipped off her panties and hose, and turned to visit the bathroom. My heart was in my throat. It was just a glimpse but I saw it all — two proud breasts with just a slight jiggle, a small dark patch below a taut stomach, and below that a pair of pendulous pussy lips.

I’d been so intent on Cathy I forgot that Dan was in the room, and now also naked. I casually noted his hairy ball sack, then it was his turn in the bathroom. When Cathy came back I instantly forgot him again. The prize was in sight and my cock was as hard as the three-body problem.

Cathy sat on the edge of the bed with her legs slightly spread. I thought I’d remember that sight forever, like a photograph, and ... shit! Pictures! I scrabbled for my phone camera, making sure the flash was off. I blessed the team that invented image stabilization as my trembling hands (well, the free one) clicked off a couple of stills. And barely in time, as Dan re-entered and doused the overhead light, leaving just the bedside lamps.

The dimmer light didn’t ruin the view completely, but I figured this session was over and prepared to bring my state from aroused to spent. I continued watching as I stroked, assuming that any action would proceed in darkness and under covers.

But I was wrong. Way wrong. Dan sat on the bed next to Cathy and drew her into a kiss. One hand went to her breasts then another found its way to those puffy lips, massaging and opening them to expose her pinkness. As she reclined I noted with approval that her tits didn’t droop to the sides but remained mostly upright. And now Dan was nibbling and sucking them, and she squirmed as his fingers probed her fleshy opening, and his cock was growing from a noodle to a cudgel, and...

Whoa now. I’d only wanted to see Cathy naked, but this was something else — it was making me feel like a voyeur. I went cold. Fuck, fuck. I actually was a voyeur, this is what voyeurs do. I should stop this right now, leave the room, seal off this window, buy a blindfold, move to a remote island. I am not this person, no sir this is not me. But first I had to stop looking. And I couldn’t. I couldn’t even stop taking pictures.

I watched helplessly, my cock a bone in my fist, as Cathy dropped to her knees and, though the view was now obstructed, obviously took Dan into her mouth and started bobbing. I could see her butt crack, a small rose tattoo, a wisp of pubes and a glimpse of those pendant lips with a glistening that revealed her own arousal. I was lost.

She must have judged him sufficiently rigid because she stood to straddle him. She slowly lowered herself onto his now engorged and slippery tool. I saw every inch of him disappear into her. The sight was so intimate and so present that I could almost feel her tight cunt grabbing me, sliding wetly up and down. I was Dan in my mind, as the real Dan reached up to caress her lovely breasts and tweak her stiff nipples, pulling her forward and exposing her asshole as we both fucked into her, getting closer and closer until Bang! I was blowing like Hurricane Hardon.

I wish I could say it was mutual, but when I came back to my senses the two of them were still at it, though not for long. Cathy sat upright, pressing her hand to her mound and rubbing furiously to bring it on, to get over. Her bobbed hair flew as she threw her head back, and even through closed windows I thought I could hear her howl out her orgasm. Dan was obviously right behind, as streams of white began to ooze and mix with Cathy’s copious secretions.

After a couple of minutes Dan fell out and Cathy stepped away, cupping her crotch to hold in their liquid mess. Dan wiped off his cock and turned off his bedside light. Cathy returned and did the same. Darkness signaled that the show was over, thanks for coming, and come again soon. Th-th-that’s all, folks.

During the week I replayed that night often, with a few snapshots as an aide-memoire. I was still conflicted about my role as a voyeur, but with time I felt less like an obvious pervert. I had settled into the part, excused myself and justified my actions. You know, like any perv would. And if I’d had any doubt right afterward, all that was now dispelled — I knew I wouldn’t buy that blindfold. Instead I’d buy a better camera.

Being a tech-minded soul, I cast about for ways to stop this from becoming a time-eating obsession. I clearly could not spend every evening in my attic office waiting for another night of action. For all I knew Dan and Cathy only fucked on odd-numbered full moons. I needed to automate this, at least a little. Oh, how quickly we descend into madness.

I bought a high-quality video surveillance camera and disguised it so Ellen wouldn’t notice it. It’d record as long as it detected motion. Neat. With it trained on the Window of Wonder I could review any action in glossy hi-def without spending all day in attendance. I lined it up and got on with life. It wouldn’t have the immediate rush of live action, but I was pretty sure I’d never have that consuming an experience again anyway.

Over the next weeks I did manage to catch a few brief nude scenes but it was mostly just lights going on or off, or changing for bed. No more steamy sex sessions — maybe they really were waiting for the next full moon. Then one week Dan wasn’t in the clips. I guessed he was out of town integrating some systems. I assumed there’d be nothing to see, unless Cathy used some toys as a substitute. That’d be cool too.

So I was a bit surprised to find a clip almost an hour long waiting on Saturday morning. Ellen was out at a farmer’s market so I decided to review it right then. My surprise soon turned to astonishment.

The clip started as the light came on, time-stamped 1:14 AM. Two figures stumbled into the room, laughing and groping and behaving like wasted kids. One of them was Cathy. The other wasn’t Dan. Not even close.

The guy, I’ll call him Joe just because it’s awkward to keep saying “the guy”, was clearly in lust with Cathy, and she with him. She went to her knees, still mostly clothed, and tugged at his belt and zipper. Joe’s limp but meaty cock popped into view, then into her mouth. I paused the video — a great advantage over live action — to let this image settle in my mind. Also to drop my own trousers.

I watched Cathy suck the guy, I mean Joe, until he was proudly erect. Joe was longer and thicker than Dan, a fact not lost on Cathy as she slurped and gagged on his cock. I froze the scene again to capture a still that showed Cathy’s cute face stuffed to the throat with a non-Dan cock. This would go on the honor roll.

I watched in fascination as Joe grabbed her head and just fucked her skull. No finesse, no care, just naked thrusting. It almost seemed like I could hear the sounds of sex in this silent film. And even though it looked like she was being badly treated, apparently she didn’t mind: with one hand she’d opened her jeans and was wanking her box full speed.

Holy mama, I could not believe this was “my” Cathy. It’s a truism that you can never really know what goes on in others’ lives so I shouldn’t have been shocked, but honestly, I’d have been less surprised if she’d sprouted horns and sung opera. So this was Cathy on a Friday night, hooking up at a bar when Dan was away. Crazy. But I was getting used to it.

During my musings I’d missed a bit so I rewound (yes, I know, it’s just a figure of speech). Joe hadn’t come in Cathy’s throat, saving his load for a better target. Instead they got naked and moved to the bed.

Joe was a brute, not just in the dick but all over, a solid hairy 6 feet plus and 200 lbs or so, all muscles and tattoos. He was still erect but now Cathy was spread-eagled at the edge of the bed, imploring him to return the oral favor. I had to stop for another still. It was truly precious to see my fantasy girl splayed out, dripping wet with her breasts proudly raised, nipples at full staff, with her hulking and turgid lover clearly visible in the frame. Another one for the scrapbook.

Joe bent to his task. His head obscured the action, but he must have known how to eat pussy because right away Cathy was writhing and howling, grasping his head and urging him to more, more, yes right there, don’t stop don’t stop. And while I couldn’t see exactly what was going on, his fingers were plainly busy in her snatch because she was rising off the bed and humping rhythmically on his hand.

Suddenly her eyes flashed open and she tried to twist away from Joe’s mouth and hand. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that his fingers had strayed lower and were now probing her asshole as he continued to slurp and chew at her cunt and clit. It may have startled her at first but it wasn’t long before her eyes were closed again in dreamy contentment. She went limp, accepting, welcoming his anal intrusions. Acceptance turned to greed as his efforts roused her further. In a few minutes she was clutching and straining for release. When it came it was epic. I had to get Joe’s number and see if he gave lessons.

Cathy might have wanted to stop there, so complete was her climax, but there was still the matter of Joe’s horny tool. The night wasn’t over. I had a brief spell as I realized I’d so fully entered into the video reality I’d forgotten it wasn’t that night any longer, it was almost noon. This was intense shit, way beyond what I’d bargained for when I started down this road. That’s not a complaint, by the way.

As Joe moved out of the way I could see Cathy’s fine toned body, limp in satisfaction, her cunt wide open and still reddened with lust. Joe saw the same thing. Even better for him he was right there, with the heat and smell of raw pussy. He didn’t wait long. He hoisted Cathy’s legs and slid his hard member up and down her snatch to lube it enough for entry. He entered.

As ready as she was, Cathy still gasped as his size opened her more than Dan had ever done, or ever would. He eased in without retreat until he was fully seated at her pelvis, balls resting against her ass. She took a moment to realize that it was all in and it hadn’t killed her. Then she groaned and humped to get the motor running. Joe started a slow in and out, gradually increasing the force of his fucking until he’d settled into a pace they both could enjoy.

He must have been bumping her clit on the downstroke because she was making little yips (I could ‘hear’ them) every time he bottomed out. She was tugging at his hips and yelling at him to fuck fuck fuck oh god that’s it I’m there again. He never stopped his relentless pounding as it carried her up and over for yet another climax, and still he didn’t come.

Cathy was in an orgasmic haze as Joe slowed to a maintenance stroke. After she stopped moaning and was about to drift off, he pulled out and said something that caused her to protest sleepily. It became clear what he’d said when after a moment he just flipped her over and pulled her hips up into a rear entry position. I guess he wanted to get his nut doggy style and didn’t much care if she was willing or even awake.

He pushed into her, eased by gobs of her goo. He shifted her into a place that gave good friction and started fucking again. Again! My god the guy, I mean Joe, had superhuman, or maybe sub-human, staying power. Now he didn’t give a shit about Cathy’s pleasure, he just wanted to get off. But even that was enough to get her moving. She reached back to play with her clit as he chugged away. I had to pause again. I didn’t dare touch my dick. I wanted to save that for when the show was over. In fact, I owed one to Ellen — maybe I’d surprise her when she got home.

He hadn’t been in her pussy for long when he started rubbing some of their mutual lube around her asshole. She was too far gone to notice, but the video showed it all. He pulled out with no protest from Cathy and shifted his attention, and his beast of a cock, to her sphincter. It was a little odd to realize that up to now, despite his appearance, he’d been a fairly considerate lover. Not any more.

Cathy tried to scoot away but he’d done this before and soon he’d worked his cock into her about an inch. With short, insistent strokes he pushed in the rest. She was more surprised than hurt. His earlier digital probe, and the rich soup of their lube, had made his entry painless. I took a still. I’m sure I could have imagined my sexy neighbor on her knees and elbows, being ass fucked by a Sasquatch clone, but now I didn’t have to. I had pics.

Joe found his best rhythm and stuck to it, ignoring Cathy’s initial protests and then her eventual submission and grunting pleasure. He was all up in his cock and didn’t know anything else. In just a few minutes he stiffened deep in Cathy’s bowels and with a roar shot the load he’d been saving up all night. He slumped against her and his dick popped out, loosing a stream of dirty semen that ran down Cathy’s pussy and onto her legs.

The rest was just a little stroking that quickly led to sleep. When all motion ceased the clip ended. I had a vague feeling this video was more than just a keeper for my collection, but the thought wasn’t fully formed. It could wait. I heard Ellen come in the back door and figured maybe I could do the same. We weren’t as spontaneous as we’d been when we first married. Maybe she’d appreciate the attention. I just hoped I could last long enough.

She did, and I did. I don’t know what Ellen was thinking as we fucked with an enthusiasm we hadn’t shared for some time, but you know I was mentally grabbing stills from the most incredible porno I’d ever seen, and wondering if Dan would still be gone next weekend. A pervert’s hope.

It was Tuesday when an audacious thought popped into my head. My dark subconscious had been busy with the question of what the video was good for, and the solution it proposed, as you’ve probably guessed, was blackmail. I didn’t need money, so hmmmm, what else of value could I extract from this situation?

Ordinarily, yes, the answer would be “pussy” but as perverted as I’d become during the past weeks, I wasn’t ready to cheat on Ellen. We had a good thing that I didn’t want to jeopardize. I’d fallen into this business with the camera and I was happy to keep it to that. So what did I want? Well, first step was to get myself a victim. Time to call on Cathy. I copied some choice stills to my phone and went off to the Hadleys’.

“Hi, Bill. I haven’t seen much of you lately. C’mon in. Dan’s out of town for another week, so I’m lonely for company.”

“Good to see you too, Cathy. You’re looking fine as usual. I don’t know how you can stay in such good shape. I flab out just looking at a donut. But you, I have to say, your body’s as sweet and sexy as it was when you guys first moved in here, what, five years ago? Six?”

Her eyes widened at my frank approach. This was new for us. Our talk had always been friendly but never suggestive.

“Um, thanks I guess. Oh, I noticed Ellen has some new flowers in the back. I meant to tell her how nice they look,” she said, cleverly inserting my wife into the conversation.

“Yeah, but fuck all that. I want to talk about something else. Something I don’t think either of us would want our spouses to hear.”

She showed a look of mild panic. She’d never heard me say “fuck” before, and the implications were troubling her.

“Wh-what do you mean, Bill? I don’t have any secrets from Dan.”

I gave her my best skeptical leer. “Really, Cathy? Here,” I said, pulling out my phone, “take a look at something I’ll bet Dan doesn’t know about.”

It was the pic where she was gagging on the hairy dick of her Friday night lover. She gave a puzzled look and then recognized herself. She blanched and stumbled against the table, then steadied herself and dropped into a chair.

“Oh my god. Oh my god. What is that, where did you get that? Get out! Get away from me you asshole!”

“No dice, Cathy. There’s more where that came from. Here, swipe left on the one of you sucking that fat dick. You’ll like the next one too.”

Stunned, she did as I asked, but as gingerly as if handling a live snake. The next picture was the one with her spread-eagled just after ‘Joe’ had eaten her to her first orgasm of the night. She looked as slutty as you can imagine: her bush soaked, her tits flushed and a satisfied smile on her pretty face.

She jumped up and nearly threw the phone at me in her haste to erase the mental image. “You spied on me! You pervert, you took pictures of me having sex! I’ll call the police! You’ll be arrested!”

“Will you? Really? Because if you do, those images, and there are even better ones — remember everything you did that night — will be all over the world in seconds. I can take the heat ... can you? And by the way, those aren’t snapshots. They’re stills from a much longer video.”

She was floored, poleaxed, silently gasping and flailing her arms like a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Hmmmm. Why does that sound familiar?

She finally regained some control. “Wh-what do you want? I don’t have any money, there’s no way I can pay you. What do you WANT from me,” she came to a crescendo of panic and fear. I can’t say I enjoyed her terror and confusion. All I really wanted was for her to get past it and realize there was nothing she could refuse me.

“Money? Is that what you think? I don’t need your money.”

“What then? Oh. Oh!” She calmed a little as she thought she had her answer. “You want to fuck me too. You want to do the things you saw in those pictures. Is that it? You want me to suck your cock and let you fuck me?” I must say, it was great to hear those words and that tone. So unlike the neighbor I’d known. She was gaining confidence. We were on ground she knew. Time to rock her again.

“Fuck you? No, Cathy, I don’t want to have sex with you. But I really enjoyed filming you. Such passion, such heat. You have a lovely body, and seeing it fucked so totally by that brute was a delight I’ll never forget. And of course, I don’t have to remember it. I have it all on video. I can watch it over and over.”

She was still pale, but calm and thinking furiously, frantically, trying to get the point of what I was saying. “So you don’t want to fuck me, you just want to watch me fuck?”

“And film it. Yes. If you think about it, this could be something we’d both enjoy. I know you liked that raw, hot sex with a stranger. It thrilled you. You got off like fireworks. I want that for you too. I just want to be there while you get it.”

Cathy was no dummy. I could see the wheels turning in that lovely head. She’d processed this and seen the reality of her situation. She drooped a little in acceptance but then a thought bubbled up.

“But if you just want to see me having sex, why even bring this up? You could have kept it to yourself and gone on filming ... from where, by the way? I guess from your new office? Anyway, what does this get you?”

I told you she was sharp. And she was right, the super-safe play was just as she’d said: wait, watch, wank. It was time to reveal the rest of my evil plan. Muah-ha-ha.

“Well, here’s the thing. I’ve got some good experience as a cameraman now. And like so many of that clan I want the next thing. I want to direct. Think about that. Keep in touch.”

I left her in a silent stew, her brain working over the angles and what all this meant to her. She knew I had no interest in breaking up her marriage or mine, and furtive sex with rough men was already part of her secret life. I believed she’d come to the same conclusion I had: this could be the start of a beautiful relationship. It just had to sink in.

I didn’t hear from Cathy the rest of the day, but when I went to my office one look out the window showed she was thinking. The curtains at the Hadley house were now closed. That phase of the adventure was now apparently over. It didn’t occur to me to turn off the camera, and as it turned out, it was a lucky oversight.

The next morning there was a clip in the inbox. I remembered the closed curtains and was ready to just bin it when I saw how long it was. Too big for just a flick of the lights. I opened it and soon a grin had spread across my face. In seconds my pants were around my ankles.

Lights came on behind the shaded window, then the curtains abruptly parted. There stood Cathy, pimped out in lacy lingerie, her tits held proud by an open-cup bustiere, with garters and stockings framing a freshly trimmed pussy. She looked straight into my window then laid back on the bed, spread for maximum exposure, and brought a buzzy toy into play. She stared at the camera as she ran the vibe up and down her slit, using her other hand to pull at her nipples.

She was turned on, no doubt. Pretty soon the toy was sliding in and out of her dripping cunt. When enough of those juices had reached her asshole she produced a large dildo with all the ridges and ripples of a man-sized cock. Cathy continued to stroke into her pussy while doing her best to fit the rubber monster into her butt. Aaaand ... success!

She plundered her own holes energetically, teasing her clit with the buzzer. Both toys were fully embedded when a silent scream issued from her arched body. She trembled with climax as diminishing waves passed through her. When she could come no more she opened her eyes and looked into mine, via the lens. She stretched over to retrieve a legal pad and marker. On it she wrote large: “That’s a yes. A hell yes.” I shot my own response into a tissue.

Yep, she was smart. She’d looked at the options and figured out that as long as she “had” to do this, she might as well enjoy it.

Ellen was out shopping so I rushed next door. The weird time distortion of watching video from last night made it a little jarring when Cathy opened the door wearing jeans and a blouse, not that sexy outfit I’d just seen her in. Rationally I knew that hours had passed, but little head wasn’t watching the clock. Oh well.

“I guess you got my message,” Cathy grinned. “You were right about my kinks. And seeing those pictures, I realized there’s a kink I’d never expressed. I didn’t know I liked the idea of being watched. But I do, a lot. I couldn’t stop masturbating to the thought that someone had watched me suck and fuck and climax with a strange cock in my ass. I know you said you didn’t want to cheat on Ellen, but I’m telling you, Bill, if you give me a sign I’ll fuck you right now until fuck comes out of your ears. As long as you record it.”

Do you imagine I was tempted? Fucking-A right I was tempted. I reached out a tentative hand, she moved closer, then I heard Ellen’s car pulling into our driveway. Fuck, fuck, fuck. That was close. I had to do better, be smarter.

“Tell you what, Cathy. Ellen’s going out with her pals tomorrow night. If Dan’s still gone, why don’t you come by and I’ll show you the video those stills came from. You can see yourself in action, if that interests you.”

It did interest her, even after I insisted there’d be no sex, just a private screening party. She’d come by at seven. “Bring wine,” I said.

I greeted her with a chaste kiss and she handed me a bottle of an insouciant Beaujolais, which I uncorked. She looked fantastic, braless in a tight tee and painted-on slacks. Suddenly I wasn’t sure I could keep my promises. We sipped in silence. “Ok,” I finally said, “let’s go upstairs and screen your first porno.”

While I loaded up the video she made nice noises about the work we’d done to the attic. She might have been a little nervous but she was clearly on board with the whole idea of fucking on camera. I settled her into a chair and brought the video up on the large screen.

“Now, there’s no sound and no camera motion — I can’t track your movements. It’s just a static scene, with your bedroom window as the frame. It’s crude and a little frustrating, but that lends it a certain classic perversity.”

She shifted impatiently during my nerdy exposition, eager to get to the good parts. I handed her a remote. “You can fast forward, or go back to re-watch parts you like. It’s cued up, just hit play.”

She watched in real time, fascinated that this was her, a star in her own movie, getting face-fucked by an oaf she’d picked up in a bar. I’d seen it before, so I spent the time watching her watching herself getting more and more turned on by the sight of herself getting turned on. Don’t worry, there’s no test.

“What was his name, Cathy? I’ve been thinking of him as ‘Joe’ for some reason.”

She shrugged and kept staring as screen Cathy was being orally entertained. “No idea, we didn’t get to names. Maybe it was Joe. Sure, why not, Joe.” Well, she was no help.

We watched to the end. By the point where Joe was plugging her ass with that locomotive rhythm she had her pants off, thrumming her clit and pumping two fingers into her cunt. She wanted to get off in sync with her screen twin. It was a close-run thing, but she made it. And damn, the office smelled like pussy now. Note to self: air freshener.

I don’t need to tell you I’d gotten off too, and I’d managed to resist her pleas to just fuck her for god’s sake, or let her suck me off, or anything. She did OK all by herself in the end, and my virtue remained intact.

Cathy was now hot to get to the next stage but Dan was due home in a couple of days so all plans went on the back burner. Dan would be as horny as a two-peckered goat after his time on the road, and she mischievously agreed to keep the curtains open so I could see how much he’d missed her. And I thought I was the pervert.

Until then I had a new clip every morning. Cathy was very inventive, keeping us both entertained with her toys and fingers. Then on Sunday, the main show. Cathy mugged for me as she took Dan through the paces, making sure to adjust for the camera. Dan probably just thought she was happy to have him home. She was, of course, but not only for her sake. I almost felt sorry for him, knowing what I’d have her doing soon. Yeah, but just almost.

She came by to review her performance as soon as we were both spouseless for an afternoon, and again I came within a whisker of fucking the shit out of her as she wanked shamelessly in front of the monitor. Cathy really really liked seeing herself on video, and knowing she was being watched.

When I told her what was next she balked at first. I think she’d started to believe she had some choice in the matter, but I scotched that notion flat. As soon as Dan had a few days away she’d be doing exactly what I had planned, and it wasn’t picking up some guy she liked and bringing him back home. We’d already shot that movie.

Instead I’d rent and prep a hotel room in town and kit it out with a few discreet but high quality hidden cams, plus a mic or two to capture the sound that was missing in our home movies. She’d get her orders once we had a firm date. Meanwhile she should find a nice cocktail dress she could wear without a bra. She begged to know more, but I told her to just do it. She seemed to chafe but I knew her pretty well by now: she liked being told to do things, it gave her a mental out.

The days dragged by. What the hell was wrong with people in other cities? Didn’t their systems need any integrating? I’d lined up rentals for the equipment and was ready to book the room for a weekend. I’d planted the seed with Ellen that an out-of-town trip was coming for my work. All that was left was the date. C’mon, Dan. Your wife has a call time. We’re burning daylight!

Two weeks — two goddamn weeks! later we got the nod. Cathy was as itchy as a woolen jockstrap, out of her skin wondering what I had in store for her. I got more window clips of her with her toys but that scene was getting old and anyway it didn’t settle her down.

I spent Saturday setting up mics and cams, checking the angles and focus. Cathy came up at eight as instructed, rolling a small suitcase, dolled up and looking irresistible in a slinky black dress. She was buzzing with impatience. I showed her where the cameras were and what they covered, hoping she could play to them but also hoping she got so into the sex that she didn’t care.

“OK, here’s the deal. There’s a nice lounge downstairs, they get a good business from guys out of town doing, um, integrating.” She gave me a dirty look. “Your job is to get a couple of them up here and fuck them every way any of you can think of.”

“A couple! You want me to do two guys at once? That’s crazy. I’ve never been with two men at the same time. And I...” She trailed off as the scene played in her mind’s eye. Two men meant two cocks. She liked cocks.

“Oh, and Cathy, make sure at least one of them is black. And don’t forget to douche and clean out your ass.”

Her eyes widened even more as the scene in her head shifted. She bolted for the bathroom. “Dammit, Bill, now I have to change my panties!”

I’d booked the connecting room, so when Cathy left for the bar I stepped over there to wait. And wait. I’d checked out the bar scene last Saturday so I had a good idea how many looks and offers Cathy was getting. The hard part would be finding two guys who were willing to share and who met my one criterion.

Around 11 I heard boozy laughter and the tinkling of glasses as my cast of three came onto their stage set. I realized with a shock I’d neglected to install a “spy cam” so I could watch the production live. I was blind for now. Fuck me. Some director I was. Well, at least I could hear a little. Turns out hearing sex isn’t anything like seeing it. The party went on for almost two hours. Even the mental images of Cathy being repeatedly and multiply fucked by two horny men couldn’t keep me from nodding. No spy cam. What a rookie mistake.

It took me three days to edit the four cameras into a single coherent video. Cathy pestered me constantly to see the finished product. She didn’t need to watch anything to know what had happened, but she still wanted to. She liked being the star, the center of attention. Of course I’d seen everything now multiple times from several angles, and just about rubbed my dick bloody along the way. Cathy had been a very bad girl.

I scheduled the premiere for Friday night, when Ellen would be visiting her parents at their cabin two hours away. In a bit of whimsy I set out a bowl of popcorn and boxes of Sno-Caps and Twizzlers. These would go uneaten.

Cathy arrived wearing a loose top and stretchy slacks. She knew they wouldn’t be staying on for long anyway. “Goddammit Bill, what the fuck took you so long. I’ve been climbing the walls. Let’s get rolling here. And what is this shit,” she said, noticing my mini concession stand. “Who can eat at a time like this?”

“OK, OK, easy now. You aren’t getting fucked tonight, you know. This already happened to you. Cool down, baby.” I handed her the remote.

I’d cut the party down to under an hour. Most of what was lost was getting drinks, recharging the semen spouts and so on. Continuity was no problem because all the cams were running full time, I just had to select the best angles. The coverage had been great, though without any hand-held closeups. Regrettable, but a worthwhile tradeoff for stealth.

The door closed behind them. Just as I’d ordered, one of the men was black. He was medium height and stocky but not fat. His white partner was tall and rangy. These weren’t the sales reps or brokers I thought would be all over the lounge. Cathy had snagged what I guessed were utility workers: power line installers, something like that. No suits, but dressed OK and cleaned up for a night on the town. They had no idea how lucky they’d gotten.

They were at least tipsy, and it got better when the shorter guy — I can’t call him Joe but I guess Sam would do — pulled out a vial and tapped a little coke onto the glass coffee table. I knew cocaine from my younger dumber days, and one thing I remembered well was that a person could drink and fuck for hours. Cathy was no stranger, taking a brisk hit on each side.

Sam was a rugged-looking 5’8, solid from outdoor work. His partner, um, Dave, was taller and slimmer, I’d guess 6’1. My request for a black lover was mainly playing the odds, trying for at least one above-average cock for Cathy. And of course I hoped it’d be a stimulating first for her. I guess we’d soon see if that paid off.

Dave gave Cathy a deep kiss, one hand cupping a braless tit and squeezing the nipple erect. Sam cupped the other one and Cathy swung to accept his lips. Her hands were busy exploring the bulges in their slacks. She broke off and moved toward the center of the room, swaying to some music only she could hear. Her hands slithered down her body as the men stood back. She pulled up at her hem a little more on each slither until her soaked panties were visible. She slipped them off.

Sam and Dave had pulled out their cocks at the first sight of Cathy’s neatly trimmed pussy. We’d hit the dick jackpot: Dave was long and meaty with a upward curve; Sam was shorter but seriously thick. They stroked their man-sized hardons as they waited for the next reveal. It wasn’t long in coming. Cathy’s eyes were glued to the two large dicks being stroked just feet away, knowing that they’d soon be fucking into her. I could see her shiver with a small orgasm.

In one fluid motion she gathered the dress from the bottom and pulled it over her head, leaving her gloriously naked and still doing her sensuous dance. She cupped and pulled her breasts, stretching the nipples into taut pebbles. Her gaze never left the cocks. The men took over the stroking and tweaking. Sam’s hand went to Cathy’s crotch, spreading her lips with a rough workman’s finger and finding her pleasure button. Her knees buckled and she went with it, dropping level with their cocks.

Dave got the first lick, then Sam, and back and forth, as Cathy took in more of each dick at every turn until she had Sam at the back of her throat, and kept going. The expression on his face was priceless. A beautiful woman he’d met just a short while ago was naked at his feet and throating his fat penis while his co-worker waited for a turn.

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