Call Me Christy Too

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Man's son dates a lookalike to Dad's favorite porn star. She knows about it and plays the role with skill and enthusiasm.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Sharing   Swinging   Big Breasts   .

I stood there stunned! My twenty-year-old son had brought home a girlfriend he’d been dating for a while but I’d never met. I didn’t know she was there until breakfast when she appeared from his bedroom in bikini panties and a clinging top.

He introduced us, “This is Christy Too. That’s not her real name but the one she wants to use with you.”

She spoke up, “I’m sure you’ve figured out why I’m using that name. Your son told me about your secret computer video folder that he’s known about for quite a while. When he told me how much I looked like your apparently favorite porn star, I checked it out and agreed. What’s cool is that now I’m role playing her. I see you noticed my makeup and hairstyle. Now look at these.” She pulled up her top and I almost creamed my shorts ... they were big beautiful hangers, the size and shape of my fantasy woman!

When she dropped her panties to reveal a furry patch just like in the vintage videos I’d jacked off to many times, she was smiling wickedly. My shorts were bulging and she watched with amusement.

Then the clincher, “I’ve been practicing with your son how to fuck just like her and I want to demonstrate my new skills.” As she took my hand to break my paralysis and headed towards my bedroom, I glanced over at my son.

He was grinning as he said, “Have fun. We’re just fuck-buddies and I am in on her plans.”

It was like she memorized one of the videos the way she came after me like I was a porn stud. I’m 43 so I couldn’t look that part but I sure tried to act it. Ten minutes later she’d sounded like she’d had a couple of orgasms and I sure had one, giving her a creampie, just not the pull-out-and-shoot kind.

As I laid under her, still keeping my hands full of those magnificent mammaries, I had a chance to realize that I’d probably just been sliding in my own son’s cream and had shot my stuff in to join his.

Christy was a mind reader, “Pretty hot, huh? I’ve fucked more than one guy in a row before but never a father and son. I wonder if the original Christy ever did. What do you think?”

Being asked a direct question, I stammered out a, “I ... don’t ... know. You sure are amazing. Do I get more?” That last part was prompted by my willy refilling right inside her talented twat. That was a novel experience for me.

“You’d better! I want lots of payback for all the time I put into this. Let me call your son in because I want a video of our next fuck. I might just become a porn star for real. Bet there are a lot of guys who have the same interest you do. What a fun way to make money!”

Brent filled a video card with raw footage of me bonking her and then I took over the filming of him having lots of fun inside her too. I could tell her orgasms were real, being easily triggered. I fell asleep as he took her home. She had even thanked us for a wonderful time and was eager to see the edited videos.

We sat on the porch later and had a cooler of beer handy as we shared thoughts of what else we’d shared that day. He was in awe the way it had turned out, giving Christy most of the credit. “I know she dates other guys so sharing her with you wasn’t a problem. Maybe she had such a good time we could keep her busy enough that she’d be all ours.”

I had questions about how he’d found my video stash and what possessed him to set up this scenario. He explained and said he felt bad I wasn’t getting laid, or even trying to, since Mom had passed. He’d rightly figured that I couldn’t resist Christy. She told him she’d given mercy fucks before but this would be a lot more interesting. It SURE was!

By the next Saturday night Brent had edited the video into two segments, one with each of us. Christy brought along a girlfriend who called herself “Buffy” and sported a monster bosom very similar to one of my other favorites. The girlfriend was very curious about the previous weekend’s adventure.

As the videos played and the drinks I served took effect, both girls got naked and insisted that us guys do likewise. Only halfway into the second one where Brent was the star, Buffy was riding me reverse cowgirl so she could see the screen while my hands were overflowing with breast meat. She leaned back to whisper in my ear, “This feels so good. If your son’s cock is anything like yours I want to feel it too. Christy was cool to invite me to see her in action. It’s OK to shoot in me. I let all the guys do that because I like the feeling.” I observed that her IQ wasn’t on a par with her bust size but that would not matter in this kind of interaction.

Christy restarted the first video and asked Buffy to trade dicks. She squealed her delight and Brent had his hands even fuller than they had been with Christy’s ample bosom. I could tell that Brent hadn’t shot into the cunt I was now filling but I let my blast go in synchrony with the filmed one. My rider twisted around and planted a long tongue kiss on me. When it finished, and her pussy quit clamping on me, she whispered, “You’re special and I want to do it with you a lot.”

We stayed paired like that for the night and Christy did give me some rest breaks. I’d forgotten just how horny a young woman could be. Brent’s mom had little experience before our wedding but really got into copulation during the honeymoon. Neither one of us had any reason to stray and now I missed her so much, something I shared with Christy when she asked. She held me close and loved me in ways that reminded me of my late spouse. She even offered that I could use my wife’s name but I declined.

When we parted in the morning she said she had a commitment that night but invited me to dinner at her place the next. Buffy was at our place that night again and just came to my bed before and after being in Brent’s without asking. I was a bit surprised because she was acting pretty lovey-dovey with my son that morning at breakfast. I was offered her charms again before she left and I was too polite to refuse ... sure!

When I spoke to Brent about it he smiled and said she loved the idea of doing two men who were so related. She’d done some brothers the same way and there were three of them. He did feel that they clicked and she had cancelled with someone else last night to be with us.

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