Senior Night

by OldBillyBob

Copyright© 2018 by OldBillyBob

Erotica Sex Story: The end-of-the-year tradition in the band is that the senior class band members have an all-night party on the school grounds. There are some adult chaperones, but they can't be everywhere at once. There's a lot of kids sneaking off for some fun. One the adults gets to do a little sneaking, too.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   White Male   Oriental Female   Anal Sex   First   Oral Sex   Safe Sex   .

Senior night – the night when all the soon-to-graduate band kids stay up all night, outside, on the school grounds. It’s their last hurrah, since graduation is only a week away. It’s last hurrah for me as a band parent, as well. My daughter, Kayla, was among those about to graduate, so she should have been here, but she and her mother, my ex-wife, went to the beach as an eighteenth birthday celebration. Enough about them. This is about the ones who came for the party.

The seniors all knew me, since I’d been a chaperone for band trips and Friday night football games for all the years they’d been at school. Several of the girls from the clarinet section had even been over to my apartment for get-togethers with Kayla. Several of them stopped by this night to say hello and ask why Kayla wasn’t there, so I repeated the story several times for those who asked. Some girls stayed longer than others. One girl that sort of latched onto me for the duration of the night was a pretty Korean-American girl named Soo Jin Choi, who went by the nickname Suji. I knew her from the clarinets and also through her parents, Sung Min and Ji Yeon Choi, who own a local dry cleaner I use. Suji has been working there since she turned 16.

Suji has always been friendly to me at band events, but her behavior kept getting flirtier as the night went on. I have to admit that I flirted back. She was cute and slender – about five-foot-one and under a hundred pounds, if I had to guess – with glossy black hair that hung to her shoulders and twinkling almond-shaped eyes. She was wearing flip-flops, tight black denim shorts, a black sports bra and a loose-fitting neon-green cropped tank that showed her flat stomach. I kept sneaking peeks at her whenever I could.

As more of the kids sneaked off to have some fun where the adults weren’t watching them, I jokingly asked Suji why she hadn’t gone off to some dark corner with anyone. She admitted that she had no one to sneak off with. Before I could filter myself, I blurted out that she could sneak off with me if she wanted. She looked at me with a big grin and said that was what she was hoping I’d say.

It seemed like we were both pushing the other to see what the limits were, so I decided to call her bluff. I told Mrs. Cutler, one of the other chaperones, that Suji and I were going to make the rounds and make sure nobody was up to anything dangerous. She nodded without looking up from her e-book and we walked on. Rather, I walked on trying to be as nonchalant as possible, while Suji practically skipped along beside me with her pink “hello kitty” backpack slung across one shoulder.

“You’ve been flirting with me all night, Suji,” I said. “In fact, I think you’ve been flirting with me since we first met. It’s been a challenge to resist you, but I want you, little girl.”

Suji grinned at me. “It took you long enough, Mr. Jim. Do you think we can find a dark enough corner on the campus where we can be together?”

We kept our distance from each other until we rounded the corner by the gym. About ten steps past the corner, the shadows were deep. Suji grabbed my hand and pulled me into the darkness, practically leaping into my arms when she felt we were far enough out of sight. Our lips touched, then our tongues met. Feeling the small firm body of this beautiful girl in my arms also had its effects, one of which was to raise my cock to full hardness in mere seconds.

“Oh, Mr. Jim,” Suji panted after that first kiss. “I’ve wanted to kiss you since the first time I met you in my freshman year!”

I remembered when I met Suji. Each of the band sections had a party during the third week of band camp, right before school started. The clarinet section had decided on a pool party at one of the local pools, and I had volunteered as a chaperone since my daughter was in that section. There were about two dozen clarinet players in the school’s two bands and only about four of them were guys. That meant about twenty young ladies, aged fourteen to eighteen, splashing around in the pool in swimwear. Suji was the only one there in a one-piece suit which, combined with her petite build, made her look like a twelve-year-old. The braces and braids didn’t help.

Suji was also one of the only kids there that talked to me. My own daughter was obviously too cool to hang around with Dad, and the rest of the kids seemed to feel the same way about adults. I had teased Suji about wearing a one-piece suit when all the other girls were wearing bikinis and she had replied that it was the only style of suit she owned because she was a diver on the swim team at one of the local clubs and didn’t go to the pool much otherwise.

Although the suit was modestly cut, there were some things that it couldn’t disguise. Suji, even at fourteen and almost flat-chested, had prominent hard nipples that poked out against the front of her suit. The suit also emphasized her pussy by showing a cleft between her plump outer labia that I could have lost my index finger in.

Her admission of desires that dated back to our first meeting explained how she had behaved toward me for the past four school years. Whenever I was present for a band event, usually as a chaperone because it was a sneaky way to see my daughter outside of the court-ordered visitation and custody, Suji would hover around me.

A few more kisses, and she pulled her loose tee and sports bra over her head, revealing round A-cup breasts with perfectly centered nipples the size and color of chocolate kisses. I took one in each hand, reverently, and massaged them, rolling her hard points around with the palms of my hands as I nibbled at the junction of her neck and shoulder. She whimpered and shivered with desire while her hands grappled with my belt buckle and the button on my shorts.

Suddenly the night was split with lightning, followed by almost immediate thunder. Shit! That was close by!

“Put your shirt back on, Suji,” I ordered her. Much as I hated to see those perfect little boobs covered up again, I was back in chaperone mode and concerned about the safety of the rest of the band members scattered across the school grounds. We ran back to where Mrs. Cutler was, finding her furiously packing up her lawn chair and picnic basket. Several of the kids came running up as well, looking for instructions from their chaperones.

“Mr. Harris already told you what to do if the weather turned bad,” I shouted above the rising wind. “You need to go home as soon as possible. Those of you who didn’t drive yourselves here, either get a ride from someone who did, or Mrs. Cutler and I will be available to get you home. Check in with Mrs. Cutler to tell her you’re on your way home and she’ll check you off the list.”

I had to repeat the instructions several times as stragglers arrived from farther corners of the grounds. Some of them looked as though they dressed in a hurry. Amazingly, all twenty-five of the kids were accounted for within ten minutes. It had barely begun to rain when the last of them dashed toward her car, leaving only Mrs. Cutler, Suji and me.

“I need a ride, Mr. Jim,” Suji said. “My parents went out of town and won’t be back until sometime in the evening.”

“OK, Suji,” I said, trying not to sound too eager as my cock rose back to attention. “Let’s go. Good night, Mrs. Cutler. Be safe getting home.”

“You too,” she replied. Suji and I were soon seated and buckled in.

“Do you want me to take you to your house, or did you want me to take you home with me?” I asked, hoping that the little bit of fun we’d had in the parking lot wasn’t just a tease.

“I want to be with you,” Suji replied. “I have wanted to make love with you since I first met you, and this may be our only chance.”

My question was answered. I turned toward home as the rain began to pour down furiously. I felt fortunate, for a couple of reasons, to have an attached garage. First of all, we’d stay dry on our way into the house. The other reason was that none of my nosy neighbors would see me sneaking in with such a young-looking girl. It was about two in the morning by then, so I suppose that seeing me sneak her in would be less likely than seeing me sneaking her out on a Sunday afternoon.

We were in the house soon enough, and Suji wasted no time resuming the kissing we had begun back at the school. We worked together to rid her of her tee and bra, and she was starting to struggle with the snap on my shorts when I scooped her up off the living room couch to carry her back to my bedroom. She made me stop and let her pick up her backpack.

The reason for that became apparent once we were in the bedroom. Suji had apparently been planning for this to happen tonight or was at least hopeful. She had a three-pack of condoms and a tube of K-Y in her backpack.

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